Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stamping Pals!

Hi & Happy Thursday all! I have to say "Sorry" for not posting today--I'm just worn out and needed to take a day off! I've got lots to catch up on and get done before I leave next week! But I'll be back tomorrow with a project for ya!

Make sure and stop by the Follow Your Heart blog today for a great tutorial. The tutorial is on making a corner bookmark like I made yesterday by DT Aud! So make sure to check it out!

I'll share a couple fun pictures of my 2 cairns with ya though!! These are my 2 stamping pals that you hear on most of my tutorials, LOL!

Casey, my 8 year old cairn! My big baby #1 or "Tater Tot" as I call her!!

Baylee, my 2 year old cairn or Lil' baby #2 or "Betty Bop"!

How can ya not love those lil' faces, hee hee! After coming in from the rain they both jump up onto our family room couch & plop down (so naughty, lol) & look at me like "This is what you get for taking us out in the rain, lady!!!?"---LOL! I love them to bitz!

I also wanted to thank my blog friend Sheri of Twitterpated with Paper for giving me this award--thanks so much & I really appreciate it! I'm going to skip the 7 things ya need to know about me, cuz' you all probably know more than you want to know about me, LOL! And I'll pass this out to everyone who visits me everyday--you all are sooo worthy of this award!!!

Have a great day & see ya tomorrow!!




  1. Awwww, your little furbabies are so cute!

  2. A well deserved rest my friend!! I don't know how you keep up the pace of creating that you do!! Blessings and hugs!

  3. cute pups babe! hope you get some rest! You sound as tired as I feel!!!

  4. Oh, how CUTE!!! They have the sweetest faces and little black noses! Those EYES! I bet they are spoiled to pieces! I LOVE them both!

  5. Your fur babies are so cute! So happy to go check out the bookmark tutorial. Enjoy your day!

  6. Hello Suzanne,

    They are so cute!!!!! I love them. Our dog is a little bit bigger:), pics are on my Blog. Everytime whem I watching a tutorial, I hear the dogs, lovely!!!!


  7. Your two critters are adorable. I have one critter. She thinks she should sit on my shoulder while she naps. Do they think they should help qals? Can't get any papercrafting that way!

  8. Thanks for the pics of you craft helpers. What cuties. We had a carin when I was in high school and when Scottie passed my parents got a Westie. Such cute faces.

  9. Your pups are adorable. We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I just love dogs!

    Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Now I have to go try that out.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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