Saturday, January 29, 2011

And this is how I roll.......................!

Well Hiya & Happy Saturday to you all! Boy do I have a tale to tell you AND GUESS WHAT???? It's ALL TRUE!!!  So as most of you know a blizzard/snow/ice storm blew thru the DC area on Wednesday and I WAS SUPPOSED to fly out Thursday morning with my pal Marti to LA for CHA!  At 10 pm that night I am packed and ready to go and fixing a late dinner for me & hubby because it took him 6 HOURS to get home from work because of the storm.  The storm was so bad that some people spent 10 hours in their cars, abandoned their cars, ran out of gas---it was BAD!  Hubby gets home and I get an email saying that my Southwest flight has been CANCELLED!  So I freaked of course and called Marti-O who was already in bed.  They couldn't assure me that I would be able to fly out Thursday morning from Dulles sooooo I HAD to be in LA Friday to teach a class so THIS WAS NOT AN OPTION for me 'kay!  So hubby is on the phone with Southwest and they have a flight out of Norfolk, VA on Thursday morning--Norfolk is 3.5 hours south from me and in the blizzard it was 6.5 hours!  Hubby says "can you be ready to go in 45 mins"----UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I guess, LOL!  So 45 mins later we are in the car driving in a blizzard, roads closed, vehicles abandoned EVERYWHERE like a friggin' obstacle course.  So I arrived in Norfolk at 6:30 am, airport is deserted and no snow to be found---great!  Runway goes right off over the water--not so great, lol!  Get on the 8:50 am flight for $300 EXTRA to Chicago --flight has 22 people on it and 3 Fed. Air Marshals----WHAT????????  One behind me, one in the row beside me and one in front of me---am I being escorted to Chicago??? LOL!  Well it made me feel a bit safe so I stretched out with my pillow and coat and was asleep before the darn plane took off--if you know me you know that that is HUGE!  Usually I'm a nervous wreck but I was so exhausted I didn't care if we crashed right in the darn water at the point, LOL!  I arrive in Chicago at 10 am (chicago time) to snow and ice on the ground and DELAYS everywhere---OY VEY!  But my flight is on time.  Meanwhile Marti-O calls and she was able to get a later flight out of Dulles that morning and is meeting up with me in Chicago to fly to LA.  I get on the plane (full house this time) and save her a seat--no Marti, no Marti, still no Marti.  20 mins after boarding the plane she gets on, LOL, her flight was late and she had to run to make it!  We both crashed and slept the whole darn way to LA.  Get to LA and no luggage for Marti--didn't make the plane, LOL!  Thank goodness my bags did because all my class stuff & copics were in my luggage and I would have seriously laid an egg if it hadn't arrived KWIM!?  1 hour later we finally get Terri (my roomie) to pick us up at the airport and then thru a series of bad turns arrive at the hotel 1.5 hours later (the airport is only 15 mins away okay) LMBO!  We check in, settle in and grab a quick bite to eat and then we all die in our beds by 9 pm (midnite my time).  Well okay, Marti died at 7:30 pm LOL! At 11:30 pm the hotel phone rings and rings and when we finally wake up  they want to let us know that Marti's luggage has arrived-- AT FREAKING 11:30 PM, are you KIDDING ME?  Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo we are SLEEPINGGGGG & we'll get it in the morning people!  At 5:45 AM the FREAKING HOTEL FIRE ALARM GOES OFF NO LIE---scares the living daylights out of us and you can hear people leaving their rooms and the hotel.  BUT NOT US--I said "they will have to come up here and drag us out if its a real emergency cuz I AIN'T going out in the LA street at 6 am in my  jammies---NO WAY JOSE!"  The alarm continues to go off for an hour and then shuts up finally.  By that time I'm awake and cranky but I get ready for my class at 10 am.  Class starts and at 11:30 the banquet manager comes to tell me that they power in the hotel MIGHT be shutting off for a few hours!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME---HELLO WE NEED LIGHT TO COLOR---DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  So we broke for lunch, came back STILL NO power--power finally came on at 1:30 after I pulled out my McGuyver skills & tied the curtains in the room back with my Ipad power cord and phone cords, LOL!  Class finishes and we head out to dinner---Terri wants to show us around LA---so we saw the GREAT parts of LA & the not so great parts, LOL!  But it's always an adventure and I figure if I don't die or stroke out from it all I'll just chalk it up to another fun adventure in Suzanne's life, LOL!  I'm hoping the next few days are BORING, I'm really good at boring and calm stuff KWIM!  So this story is to be continued for you all on Monday..............................

Monkey Fun!!

Today is my last project as a Guest Designer for Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps (sniff..sniff) and I've had such a great time working with the stamps this past month.  They are always so much fun to color and use!  Today is another fun Kraftin Kimmie Challenge and today's challenge is to "Reuse & Recycle"!  I pulled out one of the new stamps by artist Crissy Armstrong called "Cheeky Monkey"
for my Valentine's Day Project (find Kraftin' Kimmie stamps in the US HERE)!  This one I made for my hubby and I found this super cute Chocolate Monkey at my Wegmans and he inspired the whole project, LOL!  Aren't they CUTE??

So for my recycled part of my project all of my cardstock and ribbon were from my scrap bins.  The patterned paper is Bo Bunny and I liked the browns in it with the reds and pinks---perfect for a guy's card.  The hearts were cut out with my SB nesties and then embossed.  To make the fun rings around my image I used my circle nesties--a large one and then a smaller one and looped them around the image.  I liked the whimsical look it gave the card.  The pink cs embossed with hearts was done with a CB folder as well.  That cute sentiment is from PTI and punched out with an SU "Word Slot Punch".  A fun chocolate bow and rhinestones finish it off!

Isn't he a cutie-pie?  He's colored with Copics---I colored him in dots instead of soft blending so it gave him some fun texture me thinks.  (E37,E35,E31,E50,E51)  The leaves got a coat of stickles for just a bit of sparkle--not too much bling for my hubby :)  Make sure to hop over to the Kraftin' Kimmie Challenge Blog to see all the fun DT projects and join in the fun too!

Hope this post gave you a smile today and that you have a WONDERFUL weekend!  I'll be back with a post on Monday or Tuesday (depending on my state of mind, LOL) and then I head home on Tuesday!


  1. Oh good lord Suzanne-- That is an insanely crazy trip... i think I'd be in a chair rocking back and forth all weekend!! Glad it ended up okay and you have a fun memory to look back at-- now that you aren't in the middle of it! HA! LOVE the monkey project-- a big chocolate monkey-- what guy wouldn't love that!!

  2. pretty card ! love the tiny circles !! great job,

  3. Oh my - my blood pressure's gone up just reading your story. lol. I hope the rest of the trip is cool, calm and collected and free of any more mishaps....or fire alarms....or loss of power....or delayed flights. xL

  4. Suzanne, that was freaking insane!!! No laughing matter for you, but it sure made me chuckle reading your story. Have a ball down there and have a safe trip home!


  5. oh Suzanne you haven't half given me a giggle this morning. What an adventure.
    Smashing little set too, cute as a button
    Have a great weekend
    Anne x

  6. hey Suzanne.. what a nightmare!!! glad it all worked out in the end and you could teach your class. thanks God you had you ipad and cell phone powers cords with ya!! hehe

    anyway, your card is absolutely adorable and I love the circles you made with nesties.. it is great idea!!

    ps.: cant wait to the story continues on monday.. hehe


  7. Yikes! What an adventure! Adorable card.

  8. Oh My Gosh Suzanne! I am so surprise that you are in one piece! I would have cried until they called the men in the white coats to come get me, after all of that! I love your card! The monkey is awesome and the chocolate monkey is cool! I would have never thought they made chocolate monkeys! I hope things get much better and are BORING for you! And that you have a better trip home! Hugs to You!!! Happy Creating! Sara

  9. OMG I am just dying here reading about your travels ! I hope the rest of your trip is uneventful somewhat...glad to see you are able to make light of it and have a good time,

  10. Soooooooooo cute Suzanne!!!
    Have a marvellous weekend!
    Love and hugs

  11. OMGosh, Suzanne! What a wild time you've had. Hope it all goes smoothly from here on. Have fun in L.A. Oh, and welcome to sunny California!

  12. Isn't life interesting sometimes? Hope the snow and ice are gone by tomorrow as hubby is winging his way from Houston to DC at noon! We used to live there so if he gets there and gets "stuck" at least he has friends :-)

  13. OMGosh Suzanne, I read every word you wrote and was totally exhausted by the time I finished! Amazing what you went through and still survived the nightmare! Thank goodness you arrived safely! Hope your return trip is uneventful. Love your card BTW! Have a great weekend!

  14. My goodness, it sounds like a real nightmare! I'm so sorry you had such a bad time getting there. I hope the rest of your trip is calm and fun.

  15. Hi Suzanne. Can you say "Pains, trains and automorbiles?" lol...I am glad that you and hubby are both safe. What an ordeal. Man! Your James is a sweetheart for getting back in the car after the long drive he made to get home. I hope that you have a great time for the rest of the show. Can't wait to see more on Monday or Tuesday. Take care. Hugs, Lisa G

  16. Wow! What an adventure getting to L.A., Suzanne! Oh, wait a minute, the adventure doesn't stop once you get there, does it?!! You have one super great hubby to get you to a plane. That guy deserves that super cute card/monkey chocolate and a whole bunch more!!

  17. OMGosh Suzanne!!!!! To coin a phrase from a friend......LORD LUV A DUCK!!!!!!!! But aren't you glad you're in so. Cal. right now with our beeeeeautiful weather! Right???? LOL Made it all worth the trouble! Right???? LOL

    Sorry I wasn't able to go to attend the class.......sniff, sniff........just no moolah & as it turned out my nephew (who I haven't seen in years) came on the was all good.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit here. I'm out in the Inland Empire......over an hour east of LA........towards Palm Springs. I've been waving to you as you fly by. LOL

    Happy Huggies & love your cute monkey card.


  18. I KNEW the weather would trip you up.. LOL what and entertaining story for me cause I was hearing the aftermath. Glad all worked out well for you!! Been following the circut FB pix's sounds like cha is so much fun.

  19. WOW Suzanne!!! What a trip!! Glad you finally made it there. Hope things continue to only get better for ya!!
    Have an awesome time out there!!

  20. OH MY GOSH! What an experience. You can laugh now, I'm sure, but that was some trip. You could not have scripted a trip like that. But, thank God you all made it and wil laugh about it when you are home safe and happy. Thanks for entertaining us a bit. ha ha
    Your card is the it. Cutie little monkey also. And great coloring.

    hugs to you

  21. OMG Suzanne! I don't think Hollywood could come up with a better sure to pitch it while you're there!

    My goodness; well I hope your weekend is better and that the flights home are boring! Have a great time, at least you don't have to worry about the snow in LA! (we got dumped on too; hubby and I both spent hours cleaning it up!)

  22. You crack me up! Bring some sunshine home with ya with all the goodies!! Hugz xoxo

  23. Rest now, relax, and sweet dreams!!!! It's one day and adventure at a time.

  24. Suzanne what adventures you are having! This is one trip you will be telling about for very long time :o)
    Love your monkey fun.
    Save travels.
    Hugs, Candy

  25. Oh Suzanne! Talk about stress!!! I really hope the next few days are boring and relaxed for the two of you. :)

    Love your projects, cute chocolate monkey.

    Debbie Meijer

  26. Oh my gosh Suzanne, so glad you made it safely! Next year after all of the stress has passed this trip will give you a little giggle. Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly, as well as the ride home! I LOVE your project, of course!

  27. wow what a time you had, hope your journey home is much calmer x

  28. Sweet Mother of Pearl!! What a crazy trip! The things you'll do for your craft, huh?! Well, I hope your blood pressure's gone down and you are enjoying LA! Soak up some rays from me hunny bun, and say hi to all the krafty peeps!!

    What a cool thing to find...a chocolate monkey!! haha! And the Cheeky Monkey card to go with it....perfect!! Love the hearts and the rings you added around the main image!! Awesome!!

    Big hugs!!

  29. I have to say that it had to be a true story because no one could have made it up!! LOL I hope the rest of your CHA experiences are not quite so adventuresome.

  30. OMWord Girlie~~you got GUTS!!! I think i would of rescheduled or somethin!!!!
    Glad you are safe and sound :)
    Great card by the way--I am sure hubby will love it esp the choco monkey:D

  31. It is Sunday afternoon Suzanne and I was laughing....sounds like a normal trip to me! lol I hope your not freezing today I am south of you and I'm sun got my wool socks on and sweats! Cold I tell you cold!

  32. So in resume you have been monkey'n; around...whiling or not LOL
    hugs girlfriend!

  33. Holy smoke Suzanne...what a CHA adventure you have had, sure hope the rest of CHA was pure fun and LOTS of talking (he-he!)!

  34. OMG that sounds like quite the adventure. Glad you eventually made it in one piece. Cute card!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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