Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Color R Your Stripes?

Happy Thursday to you all--the weekend is almost here!  So today I'm going to talk about being Plugged in or Unplugged okay, lol!  Are you a techno-phobe or a lover of all things techno?  Is your whole family consumed by techno gadgets?  I ask because I read the best article in the Wall Street Journal about families being TOO plugged in!  I have to admit that sometimes our family is wayyyy too plugged in with Ipods, laptops, tv and phones!  But we have pretty strict rules in our family--no techno gadgets after 10 pm for the kids except on Friday and Saturday evenings and never allowed in the bedrooms at nighttime.  And NO phones/Ipods at the dinner table EVER! The article described how one family couldn't even hold a conversation with each other at the dinner table because they were so used to being plugged in.  We certainly don't have that problem--we eat dinner together as a family regularly and some of our dinner conversations would roll your ears back, LOL--we talk about everything!  I do think that our country is too plugged in and our kids are not learning essential social skills because they talk 90% of the time thru texts and emails instead of face-to-face.  And I'm not a huge fan of Facebook/Myspace for the teens as they spend too much time on it and bullying is very prevalant on those sites.  My kids have accounts but I have access to them so I can make sure the talk is "clean" and above board, if not its cancelled--that was the agreement.  I would admit to checking my Iphone and emails too often as well but on the weekends we try to stay unplugged as much as we can and really spend together time.  And emails and cell phones have made us so accessible that work hours are all hours for a lot of us==at some point we'll all have to take a stand and cut back a bit but it can be hard, lol!  So do you find yourself too plugged in?  I wanna know :)


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Stripes the Zebra!!

So today I get to share some sneakie peekies of the NEW Releases for Kraftin' Kimmie stamps (also available for those in the US here)!  I am so thrilled to be guest designing for them this month!  These new releases will be available for purchase on Sunday and there will be a fun Blog Hop as well!  I got to use one of Crissy Armstrong's new stamps for Kraftin' Kimmie called "Stripes the Zebra"--it's like she made him just for me, hee hee!  Since I LOVE, LOVE all things zebra (hence the blog artwork, lol)!  I had so much fun with this card and hope you like it too!  See more sneak peeks and details at the Kraftin' Kimmie Blog here!

I used a fun Cuttlebug folder (zebra patterned, 15% off ) on the red cardstock in the background--then I took my stardust Stickles and put them on the embossed areas.  I like the sparkle and how it really picks up the pattern without being too bold or distracting.  The black/white paper is from my scrap bin.  The border is from a MS border punch and the circle cut is a Spellbinders nestie (lacey circles-yes my fave).

Let's do it together again friends ok?  Say "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, he's so cute"!!! LOL!   I colored this cutie up with copics (W9 thru W1/E42,E41,E40)--I used the warm grays this time to create the black tones, sometimes its fun to mix it up :)  To make him more dimensional I cut his back legs off (LOL) and then popped the front part of him up on dimensionals.  His paws & eyes got a thick coat of diamond glaze to make them nice and shiny.  The butterfly got colored with the feathering technique and then a coat of stickles for some pretty sparklies!

Hope you enjoyed this post today and now you need to hop on over to the Kraftin' Kimmie Blog to see more sneakie peeks and details about the NEW Release!


  1. You've hit a hot button with me this morning. The mere fact that I am commenting probably says I'm too plugged in, but in general I think many people are (too plugged in I mean). My husband recently read something that said one of the things that is disappearing is our privacy and you can see why. Our kids are on facebook, post videos on utube, and twitter when they sneeze. And it's not just kids that are caught up in the craze. I've even heard that some schools are now considering not teaching cursive writing, because our kids don't really need to know how to write that way. I can't imagine a world with no signatures or handwritten journals. I hope that by handmaking things like cards and scrapbook pages I can slow down this "progress" and teach my grandchildren the value of the things that are not digital.

  2. What an adorable card Suzanne, glad to see you feeling a little better. As a family we are plugged in but not overly, like you my grandkids have rules...2 hour limit on the computer daily if at all, none on Sunday no phones at dinner. Phones allowed at school only for emergency. My DIL is very much linked to their every move on that computer whatever they do is emailed to her. None of us have phone internet except my son

  3. You are so right about being plugged in... Michael (fiance) is a computer guru by nature and by career! So I have learned more and more things about all the goodies that can accompany the computer! I must say that the next purchase will be an IPAD and Michael wants one of those new Micro Thin Mac's(can't remember the exact name! LOL! Apparently didn't listen to closely that time! LOL!) Anyways... Your card is awesome! I love this zebra with the butterfly on his nose! Will have to check into the new releases! (I know that you don't mean to be an enabler; but my wishlist sure has grown since I met you! LOL!) It's all good stuff though, so it is just fine with me! Beautiful job as always! Thanks for sharing him with me! Hope your dad is doing okay and hanging in there with all the tests! Happy Creating! Sara

  4. Another beautiful card. Loved the Zebra. It is sooo CUTE!
    I agree about being too plugged in. I am not on Facebook, Twitter,and I limit my time on the computer. My cell phone is a convenience. I don't want it to become a JOB. I admire you for the way you deal with the techno age with your kids. Good for you!
    Thank you for your great blog pieces. I love reading them.

  5. Well, as you can see w/ my card using Stripes, mine are pink, LOL!!! AWESOME preview ,lady! This is super fun!

  6. Albsolutely adorable Zebra, love the double ribbon you have on the side...

    I agree with you about the plugged in part. We have the same rules in my house. although my kids are older, no texting, phone calls, or TV while we eat dinner. And yes, that is our biggest rule, having dinner as a family.. And our conversations are just as intense, amazing what we Can talk about. As kids get older, it is our only face time... Unfortunately, the 20 year old sometimes can't join us because of his work schedule I make it special when his schedule does allow it... I remember once being in Atlantic City and the family next to us all had there cellphones out not talking to each sad.

  7. There is always an article debunking the way of the teenager. My generation was supposed to be the downfall of civilization because we liked wasting time on computers and playing nintendo. lol But we kinda got to go with the flow or get left behind. I had a friend when I was a teenager, who's parents wouldn't let her use a computer because it was a waste of time and she should be studying instead. Well, she ended up being a teacher but she has difficulties because she is afraid to turn on a computer. The technology got way past her comprehension before she even touched it.
    In a way, each generation shapes the next. The new generation has social skills that are far more advanced generations past. They are just not face to face. My niece keeps in contact with at least 100 people a day. I could never do that.
    Okay, that was way too heavy and I've written a book as a comment. lol
    I love your card btw. I don't have any Kraftin' Kimmie stamps yet but I definitely have to get some. They look so fun to color. Have a great day!!!
    Hugz, xxx

  8. This is cute, great card !
    greetings, martina

  9. Super Cute!!!! Love the Zebra. TFS

  10. Hey Suzanne!

    I am WWAAAAAAYYYYY too plugged in! It's crazy, I actually read an article too about people being too wired all the time. It really struck a nerve with me so I have put a bit of a ban on myself to be messing with technology after 9.30pm - we'll see how much I stick to it!

    Your card is GORGEOUS! That zebra is just adorable! I NEED that stamp. I also love zebra print, my purse is zebra print with a huge charm on it!

    Well Take Care love! Lyns xx

  11. Absolutely gorgeous card Suzanne, you have coloured Stripes in beautifully! Xx

  12. This is an issue close to my heart Suzanne. My 17 year old son and his girlfriend never phone each's all text messages and to my DH and I it's so bizarre. No wonder you hear of stories of the Y Gen breaking off relationships via a text message...they live their whole life that way. We have rules like you re no phones at the table, not in bedrooms at night and my 2 teenagers do not have FB accounts....yet. Apparently they're the only teens in the WHOLE world without them (if you believe what they say;-))but we believe they are dreadful time wasters....and they have enough other technologies distracting them from their main focus which at their age should be school. It's a battle to not be consumed by these new technologies....I know my husband struggles to find a balance with his work/home life and the ever ringing mobile encroaching on family his credit he does a pretty darn good job. Good luck trying to stay a little "unplugged". I love Mary Anne T's comment about trying to hold on to a little of the "old" ways with our papercrafting. xL

  13. Very cute card. I love his little face. Edna

  14. Hey your card; your zebra is way too cute!!

    As for being too "plugged in", I'd have to say I'm not. I go on the computer to check things, but, I don't use any internet apps on my phone, I hardly text on it either, and I refuse to do Facebook or Twitter - mainly for security issues as well as my time. I think the less amount of info we put out on the internet about ourselves, the better. I've had friends with too many ID theft issues and also worked in a bank where I dealt with that as well, so I'd rather stay off a computer if I don't need to be on one and play elsewhere......

  15. totally true post Suzanne, I agree with all you say. My boys have a time limit set on them for playing their games console and I would never dream of letting them use gadgets at the dinner table!
    Have to admit that I proabaly spend to long blog hopping though but that is for reserach purposes lol!

  16. I'm on holidays right now at a beach town in Australia called Kiama. Here in Kiama there is a natural phenomnen (sp), a blowhole, which is truly amazing. We have a house at Kiama and have been here since Christmas and have been going to the blowhole at least once a week and having a picnic dinner it's that gorgeous. anyway, one night we saw a family of 4: dad taking a photo, mum sending a text message and 2 kids playing DS while they were standing at the blowhole lookout! Just crazy!

    Anyway, love your card and that stamp is too cute!

  17. Yes I am plugged in and sometimes I just stop for breathing purposes.(L0L) Going back to the summer... I introduced my hubby to the computer, a couple of years ago. There used to be conflict with who gets the computer when I got home from work. He's retired now and I feel he has all day to use the computer. Enter iPhone 4/my daughter's iPad this more arguments...I have others ways to get where I want to go when I want to. Yes there advantages and disadvantages...thanks goodness my kids are grown and out of house! Both my kids are great resources when I need help of my iPhone.

  18. Mr Zebra is adorable, the pop up is sooo darling...see you next Saturday!

  19. Love, love, love that cute zebra, Suzanne! I'll say "aaaaaaawwwwwww" with you now.

    I agree wholeheartedly about our kids & grandies being too plugged in. Drives me nutso when they're connected to their phones instead of being connected to a real live person right smack dab in front of them. OY OY OY

    Huggies ~ Sharron♥


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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