Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wish Shoe Well!!

Hello everyone & Happy Tuesday to you all!  I am back from Nashville and semi-rested up, LOL!  I had a great trip down to the South--I enjoy the South so much, I just know it's going to be my home someday.  All the ladies were fabulous and I had so much fun teaching, going to dinner with some of the gals (waving hi) and just chatting.  And big huggies to my friend Jessica Deidrech for taking me around Nashville to see the Grand Ole Opry and Franklin, TN (home of Tim McGraw & some yummy crab-egg benedict, lol). Nope I didn't kidnap Tim but that's okay---I just wanna give him a big ole hug one of these days!  It took me about 9 hours to get home--so I got home around 2:30 am yesterday morning.  The ride was uneventful--just me & the truckers, LOL!  I ate something, hubby helped me unpack the car and then I fell face first into bed, hee hee.  The kids have off school today for a teacher workday, but I'm working all day as I have tons to get done before I leave for CHA on Thursday--egads, I'm already worried about getting everything done.  UNBELIEVABLY hubby folded & put away all the laundry I had done before I left, cleaned the kitchen & laundry room and stocked the fridge.  Well okay--he stocked the fridge with junk but at least he tried, LOL!  Him & the kids ate snacks and watched the BUMMER football games yesterday while I was heading home.  I'm NOT watching the SuperBowl this year (sniff..sniff) since I don't like either team much, BUT I will be watching the Black Eyed Peas perform :) at halftime!   So off I go to work on projects and hopeful the kids don't interrupt too much with fighting and/or whining today as is the usual for me when they are home!  I have a few pics to share below--I'm waiting for some of the gals from class to email me more pics to share with you all!

Nashville Pics:

Wish Shoe Well!!

Thank goodness for all my projects from my wonderful stint as a Dirty Dozen Gal on SCS last year---they are going to save me in a pinch, LOL this year!  THIS project has NO stamps on it--GASP! LOL!  But it sure was fun for me to create--this is one of the last projects I created for the Dirty Dozen/Fan Club Gallery and the theme was "Creative Invitations" and it was my most FAVORITE!  I love, love shoes (and purses too)--I won't tell you how many I have but I love a cute shoe!  I saw this tutorial on SCS and just fell in love--you can see it HERE!  But I couldn't stop there--I had to add the invite in the shoe and then create a matching shoe box for it too!

So my invitation is for a "Bachelorette Party" or "Girlfriend Party"---wouldn't these be so fun to send out to your girlfriends as invites.  Imagine how exciting it would be to open something like this---I would LOVE it!  The fun paper I used is by Crate Paper--I loved the Asian feel to it but very elegant at the same time! It was also double-sided which I highly recommend you use when using this template so the inside of your shoe is pretty too!  I created the buckle with a Sizzix die I had and then for the toe of the shoe I layered some Primas and a pretty Prima Pearl Center.

Here's a side view of the shoe--isn't it fabulous?  I would sooooo wear this :)  I had plans this past Christmas to make some for my trees but I ran out of time (gee who woulda thunk it right, lol)--but I really want to make some this year to hang up.

Since my theme was "Bachelorette Party" I made up a fun lil' ditty to put on the inside "One Last Fling, Before She Gets Her Wedding Ring" and then the invite details.  How did I do it?  I printed out the shoe's sole template on white printer paper---then I created the wording in my MS Word program and made sure it fit within the sole of the shoe by printing it out.  I cut the sole out of my matching cs and then lightly taped the shape OVER the printing I had done and ran the whole thing thru the printer again--that way the printing ended up right on my inside-sole of my shoe and I just used Scor-Tape to attach it.

This is the matching shoe box---I just used a basic box template and then changed the size of it to fit my shoe.  The border trim was done with a beautiful MS border punch and then attached to the underside of the lid with more Scor-Tape.  The ribbon wrap is a belly wrap around the box so it can be easily slipped off---I decorated the top of it with some more pretty Prima flowers & a bow.

And this is what the shoe-invite looks like all bundled up in tissue paper inside the box.  At the side is the belly band that wraps around the box.  Such a beautiful and elegant way to present an invitation to those who are special in your life for a super-special event!  And I must say it was soooo much FUN to make too!

Hope you enjoyed the post today!!  See you tomorrow :)


  1. Absolutely a wonderful gift to the bride maids! It would be a wonderful gift to any girlie girl woman! LOL! You are so talented and I am so happy to be hear reading all of your tid bits about your trip and family! It make it seem like we are in the same room! Have a great day... I hope you get lots done! Happy Creating! Sara

  2. Suzanne!! Can´t find the right words in english, just one: "STUNNIG" and an absolutely fantastic idea. The box matching with the shoe is perfect!!! You are an inspiration!!:))) I love!!!!
    Have a marvellous week!!
    Love and hugs

  3. Wow Suzanne, this invitation is really amazing!! Love your idea :)
    Hugs Anneke

  4. Oh my word!!! This is sooo beautiful!! I so wish my daughter and her significant other would get on with it and get married... this would be SO cool to do!!! Don't see it happening soon, so I'll just file this away in my little ole' head for the (hopefully) future! Glad you had fun in Nashville and it looks warmer there than Ohio!!! LOL!! We'll be there Feb. 19, so I hope it gets even warmer!!! Love that shoe!!!

  5. Suzanne that is just to cute and what a perfect fling invite that would be !

  6. Glad to see you arrived back home safe and sound. This is such a wonderful way to do an invitation! I love the paper that you used.Oh I just love to come and see what you create!

  7. This is super!! What a great idea. Now to find shoes just like them.

  8. This is so cute and a great way to send an invite.

  9. How cute is this!!!! You are so darn creative...love it!

    Glad you got back okay, love the Nashville pictures. Too bad you missed Tim, his loss..... :) I too am a real hand bag person though, and have been giving away some of the ones I'm not using to my family who are enjoying them.

  10. Wow and Wow, that is some invite. I love it. All I can say is it is so amazing and a wonderful job to boot. Thanks for sharing and for the great inspiration. Love it!

  11. WOW, what a wonderful project. You knocked this one out of the park.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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