Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Booty!

Well Happy, Happy Monday to you all and last day of February!  Wow this month just flew right by me thinks, LOL!  I'm happy to be home--I got home late on Friday night from San Diego and slept like a dead person.  Saturday I went to lunch with hubby (kids were out with friends cuz they missed me soooo much, ha ha ha) and then over to the Apple Store!  Yep, Suzanne bought herself a NEW Mac Book Air--only 2 lbs and it will SAVE my shoulders and neck when I'm traveling.  My other laptop while it is great for editing photos and such it is just wayyyy TOO BIG and heavy for me to carry on & off airplanes all the time.  So I've been saving up for the Air and finally was able to get it---I'm so excited and I just love it.  I also indulged and bought hubby and me each a New Touch Nano (mine is red & snazzy)--his is for when he exercises and mine is for the planes.  Sometimes you have VERY annoying yakkers behind or in front of you that feel they NEED to have everyone in the ENTIRE plane hear their conversations for 7 HOURS--OMG!  Drives me insane that's for sure so this new Nano will help me drown them all out, LOL!  I also am starting to keep a journal on my Ipad called "Suzanne's Traveling Adventures"---its a collection of all the things that happen to me when I'm traveling and all the interesting people I meet.  I got about 25 people in the Denver airports to sing along with me to John Denver songs on my Ipad---it was definitely a YouTube moment (Alexa would've died, lol).  Good times!  When you spend that much time traveling you might as well have fun right?  I also met a real cowboy that was about 7 ft tall from Montana---his name was Clyde, hee hee.  This was only his second time on a plane and he was a weeee bit nervous but really nice.  I also shared a cab with an Apple executive so I gave him an inquisition about the new Ipad, LOL---gotta do it while I had him in a locked location.  But he was really nice and picked up the cab fare (and he was old enuff to be my dad, yes, lol).  But I figure I get to travel and I love to meet people and its always fun to talk and find out all about people---I have NO problem striking up conversations with anyone, LOL!  That's all part of the adventure as far as I'm concerned!  And to "Tammy Wright" who said she is a Southwest Airline Stewardess---watch for me soon on my way to Phoenix and Salt Lake City, LOL!  I'm flying down to Florida this Thursday for 5 days of classes, fun & sun---can't wait!

My New Mac Air Book and 2 Nano's ;)
My new baby!
Our cat Tucker (aka Trouble) made a new bed of my Mac Box, LOL!


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Baby Booty!

I made this shabby chic baby set for my stint on the Dirty Dozen DT for Splitcoast Stampers last year--you have to join the SCS Fan Club in order to see Dirty Dozen projects.  This was one of my favorite projects I had done and so much fun too.  I created a Welome Baby card and matching baby booties that could be used as ornaments, decorations or favors. 

I used papers from Prima (last year's line)--I loved the vintage prints and soft pinks and creams.  Perfect for a new baby girl!  I used some MS border punches for the pretty paper lace and inked all edges with creamy brown ink and my Inkssentials Blending Tool.  The pearls were all made with Viva Decor Pearl Pen (cream).  I tied a bow with wide cream satin ribbon and added some cream tulle as an extra touch.  The sentiment is by PTI and stamped in soft pink ink (sorry it didn't show up well in the pic).

Aren't these paper baby booties soooo cute?!  I just love 'em!  You can find a printable template for them HERE---there is also a pattern for boy booties too.  I used the same papers and inked the edges, Viva Decor Pearl Pen accents and buttons from PTI finish them off.  I think they would be cute tied to a baby shower present or for favors stuffed with little candies at a baby shower.

Hope you enjoyed this project today!  I will have NEW projects and challenges allllll week this week so stay tuned, LOL.  Even though I'm off to FL I will have lots going on here at the blog :)  Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. ohhh welcome back dear!
    Your project is so sweet!

  2. Sweet creations! Sounds like your trip was a good one! Glad you got the Air. I love my Macbook and will move on up eventually, lol! I would love to know what you use on your I Pad for your journaling. I have tried several things and haven't landed on a favorite yet. Have a great day!

  3. OHHHH.... these projects are sooo adorable!!! Love the vintage feel to them... just beautiful!!!
    I can relate to the yakkers on a plane, we flew to Alaska once and I had to listen to the lady next to me the WHOLE time!! And then she spilled her drink on me and didn't even know it!!! Oh the joys of travel!! But you can save all your wonderful adventures and write a book!!!! Have a great week!!!

  4. Excellent card Suzanne! Just gorgeous, beautiful colours. Like you, I love a blether with the best of them when travelling - for some reason I'm a magnet for Londoners when I travel. They hear me talking and say 'you're Scottish eh?' and normally they decide they're my best friend after that - very strange! But I do loves me a bit of banter so it's great! I look forward to reading your travel journal! Lyns xx

  5. I love the card and the little baby shoes are just to die for.

    I totally get you on the plane ride and people wanting to talk to you. I believe that is the reason as soon as I get settled on a plane I shut my eyes so they can't talk to me and when I do wake up I immediately put in my ipod.

  6. I love the card and the baby shoes are just adorable.

    I know exactly what you are talking about and that my be the reason as soon as I get settled on the plane I go to sleep and when I wake up I immediately put in my ipod.

  7. Enjoy your new toy!!! As for those booties they are gorgeous and a perfect gift for a baby shower


  8. Suzanne, you sound just like me, my kids are always asking me "Do you have to talk to everyone you see" and I answer them yes LOL! Love the card and booties, so cute!
    the PaperTemptress (and a devout follower)!

  9. Oh, how lovely! Such soft, gentle colors.

  10. What an adorable project! And I talk to people all the time too! How cool to meet someone from Apple! so do we need an iPad 2 now as well!! And congrats on your new toys!!

  11. Congrats on the new apple stuff. I won a nano at work last December and got to take it on a Christmas trip it was wonderfully easy to use and I love it. I wish I had a little Air too. Your card and booties are as usual very sweet. I downloaded the girl booties pattern but could not find the boy bootie pattern, did I miss something???? TFS

  12. Sounds like a great trip. I am too shy to talk to people and know I miss a lot because of it but... That is great your keeping a journal of your adventures. Cong on the new tech gadgets. Any news when WA state or Oregon will be on your list. I keep looking ;{ not finding it.. Great project I love your work.

  13. Sounds like you had a blast on your trip, Suzanne. You are sooo cute! I could just picture you leading a John Denver singalong. LOL Too cute!

    Speaking of 'cute'....OMG.....those booties are darling! Love the pretty, soft colors.

    Hope you get some rest before your Florida trip.

    Huggies ~ Sharron♥

  14. Welcome back and how cool meeting a real cowboy and the fun thing is that he doesn't travel by horse, lol
    Precious baby booties and love the elegant card. It's a great set :o)

  15. Glad you're home safe and sound. Thanks for the template for the booties...the package adornment is a great idea. The card was sooo perfect for the booties too!

    My son just told me he got his brand new Mac Book Air yesterday and he is sooo happy with his. Now this make Mom with a Mac Mini, son Mac Book Air and daughter holding out for a Mac before school starts back this summer. She's holding out for a iPod Touch offer to come around!!!

  16. Oh, VERY CUTE! Perfect little shoes! I wish I was traveling with you! It would be such a fun adventure! Maybe someday I'll run into you at the airport. Who knows! lol


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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