Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whatcha' Doin'???

Hello my blurfing friends (that's blog surfing, hee hee)!!  How are you all this sunny Tuesday morning?  I'm up and all about today--got ants in my pants and lots to get done, LOL!  Tonight I will be sending out all the NEW Sept/Oct pdf subscriptions for Through The Craftroom Door publication---yay!  And if you get the paper copy they were sent out today so you'll have them in your hands very soon!  I will also be having a Live Chat at my CMC Classroom tonight at 8:30 pm EST and you all are welcome to stop by--it's always a lot of fun, make new friends and talk Copics & Crafts!

And now I have to have a small rant--LOL! You're free to skip this part but it always makes me better to type my frustrations out now & again :)  I took the kids school shopping this weekend as you know and my lovely daughter really likes Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister stores.  I think she does this to torture me in a way that is not at first apparent to myself, lol!  Those stores STINKKKK--and the music is too LOUD!!  Am I just an old fart?  Why do they insist on spraying those disgusting, obnoxious colognes thru-out the store---do they NOT want the parents in the store?  Cuz' HEY we're the ones paying for their overpriced clothes KWIM!  As a paying parent that doesn't like migraines and EVERY SINGLE SENSE overloaded upon entering I need them to STOP!! Blech, makes me sickie poo everytime we enter and I know I embarrass my daughter (ummm big surprise, lol) by holding my nose & making gagging noises thru-out the store, but HEY I'm trying to prove my point to the OBVIOUSLY non-smelling & non-hearing folks that work there!  Enuff said!!  LOL--thanks for listening!

**Okay--I edited and uploaded 3 NEW Copic QuikBitz Videos on hair coloring!  I have 2 more to come along with a separate copic coloring video in store for you later in the week.  See below for links & videos and I hope you enjoy them!  (they will also be linked on my Tutorials/Templates page above)**


-See yesterday's post for some great-smelling Blog Candy, hee hee!

-The CMC Copic Classes On the Road are still ongoing!  I have a new location up for pre-registration in Ontario, Canada in November at the Stamplicity Store!!  Visit the website at www.cmcroad.com for details!

Whatcha' Doin'?

Okay, so yeah sometimes I think I live under a rock, lol!  I just discovered this fabulous site called "Tiddly Inks" by artist Christy Croll.  I knew she drew some of the images for Stamping Bella but had NO idea she had her own fabulous shop with tons of cute digi stamps!!  Well a few fell into my cart of course and I just love the little girl images--they are perfect for showing copic coloring techniques too!  So this cutie is called "Whatcha' Doin'?" and I used her for one of my Copic QuikBitz Videos below on hair coloring!!

Isn't she a cutie--I just love her!  I paired her up with some new & fun papers by Cosmo Cricket called "Togetherness", lots of fun patterns in this pad!  I inked the edges of my image again & used my SB's nestabilities to mat it.  The ribbon and cs is by PTI--I also added a scroll from my fave Marianne Designs dies and then added some pretty flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts (love this company for paper flowers, highly recommend them)!  The bow was made with my Bow Easy tool and then I added another flower to the center and some pearls to finish it off.  I love the happy & pretty color combo!

And yes, she's colored with Copics and then I added some stickles to her cute hair bow!  (Copics Used: E25,E31,E50/ Y15,Y11,Y00/BG13,BG11,BG000/E11,E00,R20).  Make sure to check out the videos below including one on how I colored her hair!  Hope you enjoyed this post today!

**If you subscribe to have to access the videos directly from my blog!!**  Also I apologize if the volume is not loud enough for you--I am speaking about as loud as I can for ya, so forgive me for not being a super loud gal :)!!  Make sure to turn up BOTH your volume on your computer AND the volume control that YouTube gives you on the video---that should crank it pretty loudly!!

Tiddly Inks Hair Color Video/Copic QuikBitz:

Copic QuikBitz Hair Coloring Video #1:

Copic QuikBitz Hair Coloring Video #2:


  1. superb card !!! great coloring!!
    greetings, martina

  2. OK I AM SOOOOOOOO WITH YOU IN THE STINCKY HOLLISTER ANF A&F STORES!!!!!!! My dd shops there all the time and before i get inside the store i hold my breath in.Yeah so i'm walking around with big cheeks holding my breath.Giily hicks is pretty good though so i try pushing her to that store lol! That's a sister store too.
    Yeah so i'm with ya ugh!

    HI SUZZANE((WAVING))!!! wow this such a cute littlew girl!! My little girl says that A LOT!!!!!!,"WHATCHA DOINGGG" Oh she make sure the end lasts up to a min or so loL! ugh so tiring sometimes loL!ANYWAYS this little girl is tooooo cute i love her! You sure colored her up so precious.The colors on the card are yummy!!! LOVE IT !!!RubyM:)

  3. WOW Suzanne this is stunning colour work on Christy's little cutie. I love this image!
    love emma xxx

  4. Super cute card Suzanne. Thanks for the videos. They are awesome demo. Love the sparkly hair bow on the image, awesome card!

  5. I just discovered this site as well and I love it! Her images are so amazing!

    I agree with you about the noise and smell from those stores! My husband and I avoid them whenever possible!!! Thankfully my daughter doesn't shop at them.

  6. Thanks for the videos Suzanne! I think I'll just stamp a bunch of hair images and practice, practice, practice!

  7. Cute card and love the videos! Thanks so much for doing those!! Now for Hollister and A&F.......OMG, I hate both of those stores because of music and smell AND in Hollister parts of ours is so dark, you can't see what the heck color you are looking at! Usually I embarrassed my kids so bad ranting about the atmosphere in there, our visits were short! LOL

  8. Love the videos! Love the cute card!

    I also hate the smells in those stores. Makes my allergies/ asthma so bad!! Wish they realized some people don't care for the overly perfumed store vibe. As for the music I just role with it.LOL!

  9. Funny about the store and smell! We were in a sporting goods store (name unmentioned), and I actually asked the salesperson to lower the music...it was so intense that it was beginning to make me sick. Another customer with the sons thanked me...I explained to the salesperson later that I have Meniere's, and we struck up a really nice conversation. Well, anyway...I LOVE your coloring. Don't often let you know, but this was so helpful, Suzanne! You are a star! I have a couple of images that I've not tried yet...but maybe I've screwed up my courage after your video. Thanks!

  10. Suzanne, this is so lovely....wow. :) That is an undersatement to say the least, but WOW!

    I am so sorry about the trauma with the shopping....LOL Ahh, the things I have to look forward to. LOL

  11. I'm there with you as well about those stores... they are not meant for us "old folk"..especially there lighting...

    Your card is adorable, didn't know about those either so will definately check it out. and thanks for the video's will check those out as well..

    Have a great day!!!!

  12. Thanks for these wonderful, helpful videos! I'm so anxious to learn all about Copics! Your card is fabulous with the wonderful color combo and flowers! That shopping trip had to be annoying, but soon enough your daughter will tire of that nonsense too, trust me :)

  13. Oh I know what you mean about those stores...I leave with a headache every time! UGHHH!

    This card is sooo adorable! Fabulous design and ohhh the way you colored her hair! WOW! Thank you so much for the helpful videos...YOU ROCK, GF! :)

  14. Hi Suzanne,
    OK being that there is only 1 Hollister and A&F store here in Alberta I wasn't sure if they thought us Canadians had a poor sense of smell and hearing but the eyesight of a cat to see in the dark or if it was just me. LMBO
    Glad it's not just me. :)
    I'm off to check out your new videos.

  15. Absolutely GORGEOUS card today Suzanne! I soooo love her!!! Adorable!!! Thanks for the tips in the coloring hair videos! I picked up some GREAT tips! You ROCK! thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with all of us!!!
    Love n Hugs~

  16. PS - I agree 120% with you on the stores! Hubby and I keep walking past both of those stores in the mall and my hubby even says they STINK!!!! ha ha! And the music...outside of the store is enough to give me a migraine!

  17. Loved your rant!!! So glad to hear someone else has the same complaints as I do! When we visit new malls, I can SMELL whether or not they have those stores soon as I step inside. They are too loud, too smelly and too dark! But what do I know? I suppose it's a marketing strategy!!?? It hasn't stopped me from spending my money on their products for my kids.

    Thanks for sharing the videos. It's great to watch the execution of your beautiful cards!

  18. Suzanne she is just darling... I so need to finish my lessons... I just can't seem to get the hang of it..:-(

  19. What an adorable card and image and your coloring is superb as always.

    Thanks SO much for doing the hair videos - that's my biggest frustration!

  20. Super cute image. I'll have to check out the store. And yes I hate too much noise and smell in stores. There are people who are allergic so they drive those people away.

  21. So wonderful card Suzanne,I love the image and the colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  22. What an adorable card, Suzanne, she's so cute and that's the perfect saying with it too!!

    Great videos, as always; good examples for the different hair styles. You always manage to fill our needs for different situations before the expectation arrives! How perfect is that???

    I also went to the flower store you recommended and of course had to buy some. Definite bookmark for that website, thanks for the referral!

  23. The card is TOTALLY ADORABLE, but I really have to comment on your A&F and Hollister complaint..you are not alone. Not only is there way to much perfume and loud music..but Hollister is almost dark. Do they think if it's dark you won't be able to see the crazy price tag?
    Now, I will only shop these stores online in the clearance section. Luckily, my son doesn't mind online shopping and my daughters are in college and buying their own clothes now.

  24. You find the absolutely BEST images. I just love her. The colors are superb and so happy. I can just see her leaning over a booth in a diner/restaurant, looking at the family behind her, saying "Whatca doin'?" FABULOUS!

  25. Love this sweet image..

    Love the new videos....

    Love the cards....

    I'm a happy camper and LOVE all I learn from you!!



  26. I'm only the Grandma, but I take my granddaughters shopping and Hollister bugs me the most. Like you said, the smell is awful and the noise lever really bad. I usually wait outside the door while they shop, then go in to pay. But that's another story as they are so slow about even taking your money. Oh well. Love your new hair tutorials. Edna

  27. Thank you Suzanne....I always learn so much from watching your tutorials. You make it look so easy and are so pleasant to listen to. The card is adorable and I love the yellow/aqua color combo!
    Thanks again

  28. Absolutely love this stamp! And as usual you have done such a great job making her look as sweet as she should. As for the store thing, I absolutely agree with you, I personally refuse to do business there anymore as it gives me such a headache that it isn't worth anything to go in ;) Thanks for the new videos! Now I have something extra to do in my spare time tomorrow lol.

  29. I love her digi images and can't wait to see how you colored her hair. The card looks amazing as always

  30. My daughter drug me into both those stores this year *she is 11. I hadn't been there in some time as my sons are grown 21 and 20. But as much as I hate the prices I do love the smell I must confess. Don't throw any stones please..)

  31. I love this little girl from Tiddly Inks and you have colored her beautifully. I watched your video and it's great! Thank you for sharing your coloring talent! Hugs, Cami

  32. such a cute card and beautifully coloured. I am off to watch your video now x

  33. Suzanne
    Cute card.
    Writing letters to the top dogs of those stores sometimes helps.
    I once wrote a letter to a very large company about their offensive advertisement on TV, and believe it or not they pulled it.

  34. Wow great card, beautiful Suzanne!


  35. Lordy, Lordy!! I know exactly what you mean! I think those stores spray that stuff to mask the awful smells coming from the dies in the clothes themselves!! I hate going into the teeny bopper stores to be smacked with that formaldehyde smell on the way in! I can't wait to wash it all when I get home 'cause it stinks up my daughter's room! This card is too darn cute! Hugs,

  36. Suzanne, I just wanted to thank you for all the help you've given me in all your great tutorials. I have learned so much.I hope someday to be as good at coloring with copics as you are. Dee in N.J.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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