Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big News 4 U!!

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend to you all!  Hope you have something fun planned! I will be playing catch up with work and projects most of the weekend since I've been gone for a week. I would have posted while I was away but between spotty internet in the mountains of Vermont & being exhausted every evening I just didn't, LOL!

We had a wonderful time in Vermont--the wedding was beautiful and we had a great time catching up with family that weekend in Stowe.  On Sunday evening we left Stowe and headed to Stratton Mountain where James' uncle has a vacation home (I say that with a laugh because it's more like a mansion home, lol)!  Before we left Stowe we stopped at bunches of stores for fresh maple syrup, cider and glass blown ornaments (so pretty)--we also stopped at Ben & Jerry's factory to get some yummy ice-cream and I had to see the Von Trapp Lodge (we watched the Sound of Music movie hundreds of times when Alexa was little).  I have a HUGE slideshow of pictures to share with you all below that will fill you in on all the details!  James and I got engaged in Vermont over 15 years ago & hadn't been back in 12 years when I was pregnant with Riley so it was nice to re-visit some of our favorite places.  We hung out in Manchester, VT a lot eating at the Equinox, visiting the Hildene Estate (Lincoln's son's place), and hiking.  We hiked up an elevation of 2000 ft to reach the Lye Brook Falls which was stunning--the pictures below don't show how really high they are and let me tell you that my body is STILL sore from that high hike, lol!  Then we drove up Mt. Equinox as well which is about 3800 ft above see level--you can see clear to Montreal from up there, really pretty.  And of course the weather was in the high 70's with not much humidity--a nice break from the 100 degree weather & humidity here in Virginia I tell ya!  But the 11 hour drive is NOT FUN but Vermont is definitely worth the visit.

Slideshow of Vermont pics:


-SCACD has the NEW HOLIDAY Lockhart stamps in stock HERE !  They are fabulous!  And check out those fabby NEW Kaisercraft paper pads as well!

-My friend Terri (my CHA roomie) is NOW carrying Copics in all of the sketch colors at her store Stamps Alive!  Thru Saturday, August 21st she is having a fantastic special--buy 10 copics and get 2 FREE!  See HERE for details! (check out her other great deals while you're there too)


Okay so wanna know what my big news is?????  LOL!  As most of you know I have an online classroom where I teach you how to use Copics in every way possible called Color Me Creative Classroom.  I have also been adding new classes by new instructors including Cricut Classes by Marti Wills and upcoming classes on using Distress Inks by Angie Hunt among some others in the works (exciting huh?)!!  There will be new project oriented classes coming this fall as well by me and others teaching their craft so look for those soon too!

NONE of this affects my design team work!!  I will be on the road between 2-5 days a month ONLY, not the whole month, lol!  So I will still be blogging & posting just like I usually do!!

But the BIG NEWS is-------the Color Me Creative Classroom will be going ON THE ROAD! Yep, I am going to be traveling to every state in the US to teach very soon!!!!

BUT--I need your help to do this!

If you have a local craft or scrapbooking/stamping store (or other local gathering place) that might want to host a few classes, contact them and/or contact me to let me know as well.   I need to know where the best places are in each city/state and if the people there are interested in learning TO COLOR with COPICS!!

I will be planning out a teaching schedule according to places that have the space and the students who want to learn!!  I have a flyer and info packet that can be used for advertising by the store that I can send via email to anyone who is interested--they can be pointed to the CMC classroom site HERE as well.
Sometimes it is easier to learn by being taught in person and I've had enough people ask that I've considered it and want to do it.

It will be up close and personal and we will be covering a lot of information in each class--YOU WILL NOT LEAVE the class with questions, we will conquer your coloring issues in CLASS!  (The only month I am excluding from traveling is December & early January due to holidays)

THIS IS NOT A CERTIFICATION CLASS!!  I do not teach certification classes --- I will go over the basics of Copics (tips, tricks & info) in the Beginner's Class only along with a packet of information handed out in each class that will list everything you ever need to know!  I am teaching COLORING TECHNIQUES---I want you to know how to use the markers to color effectively and be successful with coloring!  I am not worried about teaching you certification issues so that you can sell the markers or get a special certification blinkie!  I am teaching YOU how to color so it will show in your artwork and crafting!  A blinkie doesn't mean much if you're still frustrated by the markers or feel you just need some extra help with your coloring skills!  Sometimes it is easier to learn by being taught in person and I've had enough people ask that I've considered it and want to do it.  It will be up close and personal and we will be covering a lot of information in each class--YOU WILL NOT LEAVE the class with questions, we will conquer your coloring issues in CLASS! 

I will be teaching at least 2 classes (at a minimum) and possibly up to 4 classes per place I visit over 1-2 days!

-A Copic Introduction/Beginning Coloring Class -- 5 hours for $85 (30 min. break)
-Intermediate/Advance Copic Instruction -- 4 hours for $75 (30 min. break)

Each class can be between 15-20 students (a minimum of 15 students to hold a class is a must) depending on the space that is available.  Once I have a schedule completed I will post it up on a special website  where you can find out information and payment info for each class!  Copics WILL be supplied for use along with paper and images!  (anything else is optional for you to bring if you choose)

Each participant will receive a goody-bag filled with some useful Copic supplies (markers, inkpad, paper samples, images & some of my other fave goodies) and coupons to some of your favorite stores as well as a few surprises!!   You will also get a packet of useful information to keep showcasing all the info you need to know about Copics and detailed coloring instructions to take home.

What do you think?  Anyone interested?  I'm ready to get on the ROAD and come visit YOU!!  Email me to let me know your thoughts  (subject line CLASSES)!!!


  1. happy news indeed. here's hoping you'll be coming to an area new me:)

    Glad you had a fun mini-vacation

  2. That is great I will see what I can do for you here in AZ at my LSS !

  3. WOOHOO!

    I am so happy about the NEWS and hope very much you will be in my area, so I can take a class!

    How exciting for you too and what a wonderful way to meet so many of your greatest fans!

    Best of LUCK! This is VERY GOOD and BIG news!


  4. Suzanne, What a great idea. I would love to see you here in Ohio. Maybe I should try and work on that. Never enough hours in the day I tell you!

  5. Loved reading about your time away - and I'm really interested in joining one of your classes - any chance of you coming to Australia to do a class!!! LOL! We'd love to have you down here!

  6. WONDERFUL!!! You will get a chance to see Mt. Rainier in person. I am excited.

  7. I was in Vermont once back in the 70's. We went to the Von Trapp Lodge for lunch and actually got to meet Maria Von Trapp. It was so cool to see this old lady drive up in her baby blue MG convertible. I even have her autograph.

    Seeing your photos makes me want to go back.

  8. OMG...I just found this site today and am loving all the tutorials...I am new to copics...but can tell it's easily addicting!! I don't have an LSS close by otherwise I would try to get you here...but I certainly hope that whereever you visit in Illinois I can make the trip!! Wouldn't want to miss it!! :)

  9. Great news!! Do you think you might make it to Canada one of these days??? I'd love to take one of your classes!! :)

  10. Great news, Suzanne!
    I'm glad you spent a wonderful time in Vermont! The pictures are awesome!
    How lucky the crafters are in the USA to have a chance to go to your classes! Any chance of you coming to France? Well, I'll keep
    Have a wonderful day, Suzanne!
    Silvie from France

  11. Ok that's great news, but not for me :) I am in the Netherlands....

    Wow I like the idea for Distress Ink classes van Angie, she is very talented.

  12. I love your pitcures
    Thanks for sharing
    HUGS Linda W.

  13. Suzanne, thats great news! Congrats to you. It's gotta be a joy to craft for fun and then teach others. I'm sure you'll do well and meet lots of fun people.
    My favorite store is Archiver's and they have some classes, but it would be awesome to have one of your Copic classes there. :o)

    Here's their site

  14. So glad you got to spend time alone with hubby, Suzanne. The places you visited were gorgeous!

    I would love to attend one of your classes! Although there isn't much here any more. My LSS is tooo small to hold any classes. I may just have to go to AZ with Charlene to attend one & get to meet you IRL. heeheehee

    Huggies ~


  15. Would LOVE to have you come to Phoenix, AZ area!! I don't know of any LSS but this sounds awesome!

  16. WOW, I love your vacation pictures. Looks like you had tons of fun. What beautiful country! As for you being in my state, Oh I so hope you are able to come close enough so that I can take one of your classes...It would be a dream come true! I will email you right away. Our local scrapbook store had to close last April for family reasons, so we really don't have anything here. :( I am addicted my internet shopping. But to have a Copic class here or close. WOW! Hugs, Lisa G

  17. I am soooooo excited. I hope that you can get to the SE part of Washington State, however if you are only going to be in the Seattle or Portland area then I will do my best to travel over to one of them to meet you. Our only LSS is closing on the 19th or I would have you here. Once my disability comes through I am going to be doing all of your classes. I would LOVE to be certified. Love you, BTW your pics are great.

  18. Hi Suzanne...oh, that would be fabulous!!Anywhere around Vancouver,BC would be great! I am still practising!
    Hugs Noreen

  19. OHHHHHH I know I must be dreaming, but please don't wake me up. LOL A chance to take classes with you!!!! Oh my gosh. I'm working on a place right now as I type. LOL Girlfriend, you have made my year!!!!!!

  20. Awesome! I would love for you to come to Canada (Ontario) in the Hamilton or Toronto area. There are a few stores that I am SURE would love to have you lead a few classes! I haven't made a card in a few weeks because I am vacationing in Newfoundland with my family (I hadn't been here in about 25 years) to attend a family reunion! I will be heading home tomorrow (Sunday) and will hopefully get back to making cards and posting some pics of our time in NF too!

  21. Hope you have a class in Sacramento california.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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