Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hanukah and some Christmas!!

Happy Thursday to you all! Wow--I got so many responses on my new blog!! I'm glad you all like it as much as I do :o)--it certainly represents me well! And it was so much fun working with Veronica--if you have the chance to do your blog with her--you'll love her!!

So while I was sitting here uploading and editing my photo's I got into a mock/serious argument with my hubby and thought I'd share (he'll love this, LOL)! Do any of you argue over the thermostat and the lights in your house? OMGoodness this is an ongoing battle in our house, hee hee. I like the house warm which means when I'm at home during the day I want to be comfortable, not freezin' my tail feathers off ya know and NO I don't wanna wear extra clothes like an eskimo (said to hubby everyday in the winter)---and sometimes I have to sneak the fireplace on & turn it off before hubby gets home--LMBO! He's such a stickler for the temperature in the house and we have programmable thermostats, but I'm always overriding the program :o) which hubby doesn't like (now granted I don't waste electricity or gas, but a gal's gotta be warm & our bills have never been outta hand)! I KEEP reminding him that natural gas is half the cost it was last year, so you know what that means??!!! MORE FIRES in the fireplace, LOL!

Moving onto lights--I like light and the sun. If there is no sun, then there MUST be ALOT of light in my house! If I'm on the main floor in the great room (which is our family room, kitchen, eating area & foyer) I want those lights on, not just in the family room but the ENTIRE room and/or any room I can see from there must be lit in some way, hee hee! And yes we have those energy efficient (yuck I hate them cuz' they have to warm up before they light all the way) bulbs in every room thanks to the hubster! I will leave the kitchen (no lie, ask my mom--she's seen him in action) to use the powder room for a minute & come back & he'll have turned the darn lights off in the kitchen--omg! Like he saved 1/2 cent on electricity for that one minute--UMMM NOOOOO! He follows me around when he's home & we have a "War of the Light Switches" whenever he's home!! LOL! The kids just laugh & I do too MOST of the time, but it can get seriously annoying!! So just curious if this happens in your house as well--here at ScrapBitz you can tell ME all about it :o)!! (And NOTE to hubby--NO, you do not get to speak your side of the story on MY BLOG--ha--LOL)


-7 Kids College Fund is getting some cute new lines of stamps in for the holiday season. In 2 Stamps preorders can be seen HERE. And Tab has Ladybug & Friends stamps coming soon as well!

-Don't forget to stop by the Pink Cat Studio blog HERE to join in on the fun Betty Bio/DT Contest! The DT make their own Betty's (in their likeness) and you have to match them up with the DT gal (mine is so easy, come on, just look at this blog & you'll know which is mine, hee hee)

-Today Mo's Challenge DT has a fun challenge for you up on their blog HERE! Stop by & join in on the fun!

-Still time to enter for my Charity Blog Candy--all the details are HERE!

Pink Cat Studio Digi Stamp Release

So today Melissa (owner & designer extraordinaire) of Pink Cat Studio has more holiday lovely Digi Stamps for ya (she's been busy) over at the Digi Store HERE!! I will tell you now, that I don't celebrate Hanukkah--we celebrate Christmas but I have always been very open about all religions and belief's with my children--I believe in a little bit of everything. So I had to do a little research on this Jewish holiday to make sure I didn't muck it up any (sorry if I did). I couldn't help but want to use this cute image of "Lily Dreidel". I used the traditional colors of blues, whites, silver & gold for my entire card. Lily was colored with Copics and then I added silver Smooch to her flowers and belt--the dreidel got touches of gold Spica pen on it. I used my Shimmery Silver cs from PTI and embossed it for the back panel along with my favorite Dovecraft holiday paper. I made my own hatpin using some beads I had on hand, made a double bow w/ my Bow Easy and some Primas stacked up & topped with silver glitter dots. Isn't she lovely!!?

Second card is another CAS card (Clean & Simple)--I'm just loving coming up with ideas for these, hee hee! I wanted something that was elegant, made a statement but was easy to mass produce! So I embossed my white cards with the CB embossing folder "Morocco"(a new fave) and printed out this lovely digi stamp "Bird Star of David". Simple but lovely! I colored with Copics and then added some gold Inspiration Paint on top with some stickles on top of that so it's super sparkly! I wrapped some pretty & sparkly PTI gold ribbon around the corners to finish it off!

Last project is a gift within a card--a one-stop shop! I picked up these fab BoBunny Favor Circles from Taylored Expressions (she's out, but I found some HERE)--I also got the heart ones, I have so many ideas for these, hee hee! So I decided to create the card around the favor box! These two cuties are "Lily & Billy Hot Cocoa"--aren't they adorable & drinking my favorite winter beverage (well next to the Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider-yummo)! I filled my Favor Circle with yummy marshmallows and then on the inside of the card are 2 Hot Cocoa packets--1 for the recipient and 1 to share!. The papers are from Imaginisce Polar Expressions--perfect with these images and I added a bunch of snowflakes to the top; sentiment is from PTI(Tea for Two) bent up in the middle w/ dimensionals--too cute.

Both of these images were colored with Copics, then I added white Sparkly Fluff to Lily's fur trim and blue Sparkly Fluff to Billy's trim! Some diamond glaze on their mugs and then I used Liquid Applique to make the marshmallows in their cocoa puff up--too cute! These would be perfect for a friend or a child for the holidays--I'd love to get one of these myself, hee hee!

Hope you liked the projects today! Now make sure & hop around to the other PCS Digi DT's blogs to see all their fab projects for today (Maria, Tori, Vicki, Inge, Alicia, Kerry, Emily, Mackenzie, Tracey, Kristen)! And of course you can buy all of these HERE at the store!

See ya tomorrow!


  1. I thankfully do not have to worry about the cold part here in Florida but man the light thing is just out of this world. Like why can I not have a light turned onto the highest setting so that I can have bright light. He will turn it to the lowest on a 3 way bulb. Hello~~those other two setting are for letting you know you need to change that light bulb! Or at least that is what I think!! The highest blows out that means if I do not have a new bulb already I had better get one. I am still sortof gonna work but look out world I am only going on half stride!

    So that is easy and yes follow like a puppy turning off lights! Hello I was going right back in there!

    Denise Wells

  2. We have the temperature problem in our house too--- I hate, absolutely HATE being cold!!!! I am constantly 'adjusting' the thermostat to make me more comfortable, and have even gone so far as to put a small space heater in my craft room. Hubby just doesn't get it--- our hands can't play if they are to cold!!!

    Love the new cards--- the marshmellow one is a real treat! Any kid would absolutely LOVE getting those....those under the age of 100 anyway! LOL

  3. Love all your beautiful creations, Suzanne! I especially love how you coloured Lily and Billy for the marshmallow treats! Lily looks so cozy in her coat.

  4. Hi Suzanne. I have the light problem in our home..My husband is part bat..He loves the dark and thinks that window blind are to keep people out and lights are just for decoration. I however love & NEED bright light..I want the 3 way bulbs on the brightess & the drapes open(even if it is raining). If I am sleeping I want totally darkness, but at no other time! OMG....your cards are soo cute. I love the little girl. She is adorable and the idea of the cocoa & marshmellows is just adorable. Have a great day, Lisa G

  5. OMG, what adorable cards. I LOVE the marshmallow one, you put so many little details into it... oh my. Fabulous job as always!!

  6. Oh Suzanne I just had to chuckle. My hubby and I have the thermostat battle almost every day, especially in the summer. Now I am a hot natured person and I like my house to be really cool, hmmmm maybe past that as you could probably hang a side of beef in the room. LOL So truly I do like it to be 70. Well when hubby is gone it is 70!!! When he is home he puts it to 74 - 75. Way too hot for me and if mama gets hot, her buttons are hot too. :-) But on the other hand, in the winter, he keeps the house on 68. I say ok buster if you can stand 68 in the winter, why can't you stand 70 in the summer. If you are cold at 70 degrees you have to be freezing at 68. LOL So yep, the battle of the thermostat is still an ongoing battle. Oh and yes, he does the same things with the lights as your hubby, but maybe not quite as bad. Love the I'm going to have to go check and order some more stamps!! Hugs, Pat J

  7. Adorable cards Suzanne! You did a fabulous job, thanks so much!!

  8. Hey Suzanne! You're funny! Me and my hubby have a similar problem and I'm EXACTLY like you! I'm always dressed covered up with a thick sweat shirt and sweat pants, socks and if I could craft with mittens, I would use them too! LOL! I think it's a man thing to have the house blizzard cold. Uggh! We have two seperate central AC, one thermostat regulates upstairs and the other downstairs. I can get away with over-riding the thermostat upstairs because my craft room is upstairs and my husband's office is downstairs but not at night when it's time to sleep. When I go to bed, I'm covered from head to toe and bundled in thick blankets but in the middle of the night, the heater kicks in and I wake up sweating like crazy. . .I'll remove all my warm clothing but a few hours later, the AC kicks in because the house gets too warm. I can't win!

    Oh, don't get me started with the lights. Just to let you know, I'm like you and my husband changed all of bulbs to the energy efficient lights. Uggh, I hate them! I LOVE lots of light too!

    Sorry this comment is so long! Love your cards especially that marshmallow holder! Oh my gosh, so cute! Beautiful job on your coloring too! You did awesome with this week's release!!


  9. You're so funny, Suzanne! But, it's kinda the same story with me and my DH over here in HOT Hawaii. Whenever I go into the living room, I turn off "A" fan or ask him to turn off "just one fan" (we have AC only in the bedrooms/my craft room) that he has going from every which direction. I hate when a fan blows directly at me--I swear I can catch a cold from that--so it usually ends up where he'll be telling me to "go back to your craftroom" and I'd glady go back since I came out only out of guilt because I thought I should at least spend a little time with him...LOL! But the funnier thing is I get to go back to an air conditioned room while he's hot (and now bothered) in "his" room--aww heck he has the big screen and the remote, if you know what I mean. Oh my, I didn't mean to ramble on and on...Back to the important stuff--I love your cards!!!

  10. Love you new blog layout!! Fabulous! Wonderful creations as always too!!

  11. I am just like you Suzanne, I don't celebrate Hanukkah but am open to all religions!! I also had to google to find out what the items were used for. I think you did a fabulous job with your creations! Wonderful coloring as always!
    Jodi =)

  12. OMGoodness, we are more alike than I thought! LOL! I swear my hubby and I fight about this almost daily. He follows behind me and turns off all of the lights and turns down the A/C since it's hot here most of the year. I try to turn off the lights downstairs if I am up, but I get so tired of finding my lights off in the morning when I am trying to get everyone ready for school! Arg! Love to hear it's not just me fighting the fight! LOL!

    Your cards are AMAZING this week! Completely LOVE your cocoa idea! I never thought to put both of them on there. Are you using the same template for that card that you used for some of your previous cocoa posts? If so, do you have a template in one of those? Love to try it out! :) Is SU the only place you can get those clear circle packs?


  13. Duh, Ignore my question about the party favors! LOL! I went back and re-read your post and found the info - she only has the heart ones left... :(

  14. After reading all the comments so far, it looks like we are all in the same boat! I simply can't see properly if the lights aren't on - how am I supposed to colour or read or do anything if I can't see. I go to the washroom and when I come out again, he has turned of my craft room light as well! I was always told it took more electricity to turn the lights off and on again for that short a time than to leave them on - have things changed THAT much!? AND yes the temperature is the same too!
    Cute cards as usual my friend!
    Hugs, Candy

  15. First...LOVE the new blog look!!

    Next...great creations as always, especially love the first ones. That blue is just so pretty!

    And last...your DH and I would get along splendidly. I am a stickler for the thermostat and lights now that I'm paying part of the bills LOL!! I drive my fiance crazy!

  16. I grew up when heat and electricity was dirt cheap. Therefore, our home was always warm and we rarely had to wear a sweater inside the house. With a house of 4 kids, there were always lights on in every room, so I guess my parents did not feel they could stem the tide, so to speak.Now, I must confess that I live and have lived in the Central Valley of California, for over 40 years. (But contrary to what people think, it does get cold in the winter.) When I got married, I found out that there was another side to this lifestyle! My hubby was constantly telling me to turn off lights and if I left them on longer than he thought I should, he would remind me or if he went by, turn them off. Bugged the heck out of me to return to a dark room! As for heat, we kept the house reasonably warm, but we were also very active with our own kids, working, cleaning house etc. and didn't seem to notice the cold creeping in. However, now that we are both retired and living the less active lifestyle, we BOTH are on the same wave length for heat! So, it is working out for us, at this stage of life...however, I do cringe each month when I open the utility bill...

  17. Same argument here with my hubby, but we are on opposite sides of the fence. I am hot all the time, he is cold. I can only remove so much clothing and be decent, but he on the other hand can add blankets and sweatshirts. This year we put in a new chimney and a wood burner and I have not turned my electric on yet (NE Ohio) I am making a real effort to shut lights and TVs off for a change too.

  18. OMG,I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! Where to begin ... yep, I like to be warm and cozy - why can't THEY (you KNOW who "they" are) ever understand!??? Keep us warm and the world is a much better place.

    Your cards are always sooooooooo amazing Suzanne! Seriously! You are my favorite designer and wonder woman! :) Awesome job with these two cards... it's so cool that you actually did research on the image! I love it.

    You're the best!
    hugz, Mary

  19. Ohhh...I almost forgot - I LOVE, love, love your new blog design! How totally perfect! I think I NEED to contact the person who did this! I laughed sooo hard when I saw the little frisky white puppy and kitty on the zebra stripe print chair - how perfect is that!?? lol

  20. Suzanne, I am sorry to have to agree with your hubby, lol. I want to save money and hate the high gas bills throughout the winter here on Vancouver Island, BC I made him buy a controlable thermostat and he has not programmed it yet. It is usually way too warm in the mornings. I say if you are cold put on a sweater and wear slippers. You don't need to be sweating in bed, that is why we all have duvets. I spend most of the year sweating and I hate being too hot, so I like it when I can just put on a blanket and sit on the couch to watch tv. But my hubby does follow us all around the house turning off lights when we are not in the room. Lately I have been lighting candles to watch tv by.

  21. HA!! This is SO my house that you are talking about!! My hubby has to have windows open and fans on every night to sleep, so I'm so cold that my teeth are chattering by the time I get up every day! My craft room is in my basement, so I'm constantly sneaking over the the thermostat to up it a degree or two to try and warm up my room! And the lights are the same thing too... I LOVE light, windows open view to the neighborhood, etc... first thing my hubby does when he gets home is shut every blind in the house! Drives me CRAZY!!!

    I ADORE your new blog--- the zebra fade is fantastic and it looks great! Adorable cards this week, the PCS cards are just adorable!

  22. Lol - luckily my husband and I agree on temperature. Before his recent PCS to AR, we lived in Florida and kept the house at 76 all year.

    However, we do NOT agree on lights. When I moved into our house in Fl, 6.5 years ago, he had TINT (yes, CAR TINT) on all the windows in the house. So it would be dark. Yeah...all that tint soon came off the windows.

  23. Love Love Love your new blog! Love thos new digi images, too!

  24. Howdy Neighbor! I live outside Winchester. We are so close, yet so far away. :)
    YES, temperatures are a problem in my house too. I have MS. One of the problems with MS is heat intolerance. Our thermo is set at 68 all year round. Hubby freezes. He just layers up and does hmm... grump about it from time to time. I get cold too and I just put on a blanket over my legs. If I'm up moving around I do not get cold. Just watching TV. Even making cards in my studio requires a ceiling fan! The lights? Well I'm the one going around turning off lights all the time. I think it's 'cause my Dad was after my bro and I from birth! oh well... we are all blessed to have something to grump about. Right? I wouldn't trade my DH for anything.
    I would love to hear about your furbabies!
    Linda in Stephens City, VA

  25. These projects are AWESOME!! Love the marshmallows! I thought the light/temp argument was a standard in the marriage contract and we are required to argue about these things! LOL! I also like lots of lights! I don't ness. need them on in surrounding rooms...but unless I am sleeping, I need a bright room. I go back and forth with the temp. The thing I realize is that hubby thinks I should the temp down a bit during the day....uuuuummmm...easy for him to say, his rear end is at work! I am the one here with a COLD rear end! LOL!

  26. Suzanne, your projects are beautiful. I love, love, love the marshmellows. You work is always amazing to me.Fanastic projects.

  27. OH yes! It's like I wrote this email. Back when we had a house it was awful. I froze and had to light a wood fire--ugh! The layers oh my. You could barely find me under slippers-socks-sweaters. Now that we're in a condo on the 3rd floor under a 4th we can steal heat. LOL. Hope you get a little personal heater or something! Brrrr. heehee.

    And your cards!!! Oh my Goodness these are lovely! I am SO excited that Pink Cat has digis and their Canadian to boot, EH? ;o) Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

    AND love love love your philosophy about all religions. I grew up with that openness & feel so lucky to have a genuine respect for all faiths. :o)

  28. love the cards - that hat pin is gorgeous too!

    had to chime in - our battle here is water. hubby will TIME OUR SHOWERS to save on water. i actually sat down and figured it out and it came to like 42 cents a month we would save - NOT worth it. he drives me insane pounding on doors and yelling to get out of the shower.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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