Friday, September 28, 2012

Whip It Good!!

Happpppy Frrriiiiiiddddayyyyyy ….yeehawwww it’s the weekend!  And I have NOTHING planned, well nothing big anywho LOL.  It’s a football weekend and we hope to finish moving Riley down to the basement tomorrow.  His bedroom is becoming my 2nd studio…it will be my mixed-media-painting room only and is right across my current craft room.  I cannot wait hee hee…a whole closet to store my goodies so I can clean out my craft room a bit.  I have to strip the wallpaper and then paint the room and get my desk put together for in there.  But bit by bit it will get done, I’m not in a huge rush…but will be happy to have the space.  So Riley will have a bigger room downstairs and a BIG bed for his BIG self now LOL!  Seeing his 6’3” self in a twin bed at night cracks me up…he’s a tad too big for it now so we got him a bigger bed.  We have a kitchenette down in the basement, along with an 80” big screen-tv, pool table and bathroom so of course he thinks its like his “teen-bachelor pad” so he’s way excited! 

Tonight we have a BIG HS Varsity football game against our 2nd rival (we beat the pants off the other one last week yay) and tonight both teams are undefeated…so it’s a biggun!  I’m off to the Tractor Supply Store today to buy 20 cowbells for the Tusky Terror kids to ring tonight…I’m gonna get meself a HUGE one LOL!  Last night Riley’s team was supposed to play but because of terrible storms it got cancelled in the first quarter…the boys were disappointed but they’ll get their chance soon again. 

Thought I’d share a few pics with you---one is my daughter, she likes to photograph herself with her phone LOL but this was on our way to see Luke Bryan a few weeks back.  She is obsessed with SnapChat where you take “selfies”…that’s pics of yourself for those NOT in the know Winking smile  The other one is two pic frames I have of my son….one is his current HS football picture and the other I found behind another picture, its when he was in 2nd grade playing for his MD football team.  Wasn’t he a cutie?  Awwww, I have these pics side by side in the family room now and I must say they made me cry (you know I rarely cry cuz I hate it). Riley walked by and I’m like “hey look at these pics, aren’t they cute?”…he says “Mom are YOU crying…you are SO weird…you really are a freak if you are crying over pictures!”.  LOL oooohhhhh how I both want to hit him and hug him at the same time these days….teen boys…what else can I say!!

alexa1   rileyfootball


Just Whip It!!

So today the SCACD DT has a fun hop to show off the new releases for Susana Loves Stamps Line—Eyes of Adventure & Fables.  I got to use cutie “Adventure Eyes” which was one of my faves…I like that she’s a bit kick-ass spunky fun traveler-girly!  All of these new stamps are fab and you are sure to find a few that you need!  I decided to give this one a bit of a “Girl-Style Indiana Jones” treatment! 

The hop starts HERE since I am the end of the hop or you can find all the details at the store blog HERE!  For those that are international you can buy them at Quixotic Paperie as well!

The papers are by My Minds Eye and you can see a huge selection of 6x6 paper pads HERE (most are new and some on sale…whoot)!  I distressed all the edges and inked them.  Within the paper pad were fun accents so that is where the tiny tix and circle sentiments came from…I just cut them out and inked them!  Then the twine got wrapped around and tied off with a button.

She got colored with Copics:  BG72,BG11,BG10 / E44,E43,E42,E41,E40/ E11,E00,R20 / E59,YR20,E50,E31 / B97,B95,B91.  Then a nice coat of Stickles on her tank top…HEY she may be in the wild but she’s gonna do it with some BLING on LOL!  Let me also mention that this stamp comes with a cute lil’ map stamp as well that you can use!! 

That’s it for me today…hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll see you back here on Monday with some new Gina K Releases!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Smile to Get By!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday to you all!  Hope you all had a great weekend…I know it was beautiful weather here in VA and up in CT.  I have to say though I got up on Saturday in CT and walked outside…and SAW MY BREATH in the air…ummm I don’t like that so much LOL.  Too cold for me although it was sunny and in the 70’s during the day.  A big thanks to Debby for hosting me at her awesome store “Inspiration Station” in Stafford Springs.  I had a blast with all the ladies, my roomie Allison and our 3rd musketeer Nancy!  The leaves in CT are already changing and I’m sure the trees will be beautiful in another week or so.  I also learned a new word while I was in CT…”Leaf Peepers” LMBO…I had NEVER heard that, ever!  I mean we have gorgeous fall trees here in VA and in the Shenandoah Mtns and Skyline Drive is popular in the fall here but we never call people that go to look at the foliage “leaf peepers” hahahahaha I love it!  Tis’ my new fall word to use….leaf peepers….what? you are going leaf peeping?  hee hee things like that make me SMILE Smile  I’m all about having things to smile about…sometimes its just that one small thing in that particular day that changes everything.  And we ALL have days like that KWIM.  I always try to remember that whenever I’m dealing with someone even if they are difficult or being obnoxious or mean.  (does not include those that are ugly and mean for a reason…then I’m gonna go bat-to-bat with ya lol).  I figure maybe they just needed that one person to smile or say something nice.  So if you flick me off while driving, I’m gonna smile and wave at you.  If you are a nasty salesperson that hates their job and takes it out on me, I’m gonna say Have a great day!  I’m obnoxious like that LOL but I always say I will not allow ANYONE to let their unhappiness or nastiness invade my mood or change me…nooooo way.  And by responding nicely I know I did what I could and I can look in the mirror and be happy about it.  I’m not saying it happens 110% of the time but at least 90% of the time I am the BIGGER person, I am the HAPPIER person and if you don’t like it….well…sorry….can’t help you there LOL!  And we all know that in our lifetimes we have people that cross our paths that are there to test us…push us to the limit…and the only way we WIN is by choosing to not reciprocate their ugliness.  Put kindness out, and kindness comes back to you in many different ways…put nastiness out there and invite it back in --its the motto I live by.  So yeah you may TRY to rain on my sunshine parade but sorry…I didn’t invite you…you’re kicked out…and guess what…yep…I’m still SMILIN’ Smile


-The CMC Challenge Group has a fun “fall colors theme” challenge and you can join in until this Friday at 6 pm EST!  You can win a great prize from our sponsor AND get entered to win the monthly $50 GC from  So hop on over and join in on the fun!!


Sendin’ a Smile!!

Today I’m sharing a card I made just because…just because I wanted to use these new red papers by Bazzill Basics (this pad is all reds but it comes in other colors HERE & 10% off too) and because I wanted to share some smiles with all my friends.  It really is a card LOL…in the pic the backside of the card in white doesn’t show up much ugh for some reason.  I adore this sentiment “If you don’t have Smile, I’ll give you one of Mine”..beautiful!

The sentiment is from Verve set…its older but a fave of mine!  I distressed all my papers with my Zutter Distress machine and the embossing was done with a Couture Creations folder called “Fireflies” (these are 5x7 folders and they emboss deeply which I love).  The die behind the sentiment is from Memory Box called “Quinn Flourish”…I love the swirly shape of it and these dies cut beautifully too.  Some ribbon tied with my Bow Easy, button, and pearls finish it off.

I accented the sentiment with red Copic R29 and Stickles for some sparkle.  I used R24 and R22 to shade around the sentiment frame as well. 

That’s all for me today, hope this made ya smile and I wish you a wonderful day!! Smile

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feelin’ Like a Pumpkin Girl!

Happy Wednesday everyone—we are in the middle of the week, pause for a mini celebration ok LOL!  I am celebrating making it thru each day in my house…between being sick, trying to get work done, the terrible weather and teens that are driving me nutters…I celebrate EVERY DARN HOUR I MAKE IT THROUGH LOL!  Alexa ran me through every wringer ever created from the age of 2 when she learned to talk and her first word was “NO” to age 15.  Do not get me wrong, she’s a good girl (and her brother is a good boy)…great grades, good personality and etc BUT it was the attitude, hormones, disrespect and arguing that about drove me bonkers for 13 years ackkk!  But Riley has always been laid back, calm and super-respectful and always careful to not hurt anyone’s feelings.  Well age 14 set in early this year with Riley and I do believe he may be trying to put me in the mental hospital…and soon!  He’s so stubborn-bull-headed-know-it-all-macho-hormonal-bigger’than’u-disrepectful that I may offer him up on Ebay to ANY bidder!  And its harder for me this go around because he was NEVER like this…at least with Alexa not much shocked me, I was already full of teen-bullets so to speak LOL.  But boy-o I wanna kick this boy’s arse right about now…I thought I might be having a heart attack last night and then just calming myself down gave me a migraine.  I’ve turned into a muttering-under-her-breath-cuz-I-may-kill-him kinda mom right now.  It was RAINING out hard and I went out, in the rain, like a CRAZY PERSON to calm down…I may be certifiably nuts by now.  I’m not sure I’m gonna make it thru this freshman year with him.  I said on Facebook last night that they need to create some kinda drug for moms/dads that can get us thru the teen years—I will buy cases of it!  And I’m sure I’m not the only parent that has gone thru this, I know…but its like you get one child out of it and on the good path and the other child goes pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft down the damn rabbit hole.  NO BREAK or rest for the weary!  I mean I understand why some animals eat their young cuz’ they probably know what’s coming…and they don’t even have TEENS!  Alexa keeps asking me why I can’t remember anything and why I repeat myself and why I always seem 2 steps behind….welllllll..I just laugh and say you know what, just you wait….its called “parenting of teens syndrome”.  It may NOT be written down in medical books but it exists, there are millions that will attest to suffering from it but alas…there is NO treatment for it until they grow out of it.  Meanwhile moms & dads continue to smile, put on a brave face, get up the next day to face the chaotic-uncertainty of that day, soldier on, shoulders growing larger, bullet-proof vest on and YES sometimes we put the salt in the fridge, YES we sometimes forget what you just said 3 x, and YES sometimes we just need the blessed QUIET…just some quiet, peace, a few mins away…to pretend we are on an island where nooooo one can bother us for few hours….ahhhhhhh that is where you shall find me today…while I can!  So yes I am the frustrated mom of a teenage boy…no big news…it won’t change for the moment…so I will carry on as always Winking smile  Just had to vent a bit…..LOL!

My animal parade for you today…with 7 animals its NEVER a dull day at my house….then again its never dull much ever ahahahaha!!  Yesterday with the storms and rain all 7 animals were in my studio with me sleeping, which was like little animal landmines for me as I worked. That’s Baylee my dog sleepin in the chair in my studio…and my Buddha cat Poncho awaiting his dinner LOL.   And Tucker, the one in the basket is NOT allowed on the counters like his siblings…however he thinks he is KING and makes the rules.  If you haven’t seen the video of him being naughty, its up on SocialCam and on my Facebook wall…he’s a trip that’s all I can say LOL!

poncho   tucker1  doggy


Pumpkin Girl!!

Today I’m sharing a fun fall card I made with a new digi image by Chelsea Le Design called “Pumpkin Girl”.  She has a few of these lil’ beauties on her site that you must check out, they are irresistible!!  I just fell in love with her cute lil face and knew she’d be a blast to color up for fall!

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

I used some beautiful new papers from BoBunny “Apple Cider” that I love, the patterns and colors are so richly fall!  I distressed all the edges with my fave Zutter Distress machine …if you’ve never used it and you love to distress AND are sick of doing it by hand I recommend this machine 110%.  I’ve had it since it came out a few years ago and I use it almost everyday, makes the job so much easier.  I used my Marianne Designs dies for the swirly leaf and feathery leaf accents.  The sentiment is from PTI and I stamped it directly on my patterned paper for a different look.  A few pearls finish it all off.

I colored this cutie up with Copics: YR18,YR15,YR12,YR01 / E35,YR23,Y15,Y11 / E29,E25,E31,E35,E50 / E11,E00,R20 / E09,E15,E11,E02 / G99,YG63,YG03,G20.  I added some Stickles to the grass I drew in, her lil sweater-vest and pumpkin leaves for sparkle.

P1140816 copy

That’s it for me today…I am off to my son’s football game tonight…here’s hoping for another win for them!  They are undefeated so far Smile

Monday, September 17, 2012

2– FOR–1 Holiday Fun!!

Happy Monday everyone!  Did you have a great weekend?  It was in the 70’s & sunny here in VA and I did not do much of anything LOL…just like I said I would.  I mean I did some laundry, made chili and worked on a project but nothing big…no I got to sleep in a bit and it was nice.  I am still hangin’ onto this darn sinus infection, now my left eye is infected cuz stuff is coming into it…gross I know…but it burns and is irritating.  Fall allergies and me are terrible together…I am more allergic in the fall to all the molds and leaves…its ridiculous.  This is WHY I hate fall (and winter) LOL..I need to live in a state with no fall or winter. The cold weather does me NO good either so this is sooo NOT my fave time of year.  I love the holidays in fall and winter but could do w/o the actual seasons!  Only 4 more years in VA and then I can moooooooveeeee….see me counting down the days and hours hahahahaha!  But NO worries…I’ll be fine, I’m used to it and it doesn’t slow me down much just ask the hubster hahahaha.  Having a slow weekend helped…sooooo if you will be in CT this weekend at my classes I will be on top of stuff and we will have FUN!!

Does anyone use Social Cam on their phones?  It’s a fun app where you can take video and then post it to Facebook, Twitter and such…kinda like Instagram but with videos instead of pics.  Well I’ve become addicted to it LOL and if you follow me on Facebook you’ve seen me put some funny videos up.  The other night the kids were dancing to that “Gangnam Style” video…that new Korean song and dance—if you have NO idea what I’m talkin’ about you can see it HERE!  It cracks me up so we were trying to get James to do the dance LOL!  Don’t worry I’m gonna get him on video doing SOMETHING, just you wait!  Something that I’m going to start after my travel ends in Nov is Vlogging….its blogging but with video.  So you will get short under 15 min vides from me…doing a little bit of everything here at home, away, with the family etc.  I’ve been thinking on doing it for awhile…my life is crazy, chaotic, silly and I figured why not get some on video so you all can really SEE what its like in my house 99% of the time LOL!  So look for that soon…if you get the Social Cam app friend me so I can see what you are up to too heehee Winking smile


2-For-1 Holidays!

 So the Magnolia-licious DT has a super-fun-creative Blog Hop for you called
“2 For 1 Holidays”….that means each DT gal has taken a holiday stamp and used it in TWO WAYS!  One way is for the holiday its intended more than likely but then the second way is to turn it into a stamp for another holiday/event to show you how to make them more versatile.  I love versatility…I have a TON of products, tools & stamps and I love to use them in more than one way.  It saves you on $$$ and space!!  You can find all the details on the hop and how to play along at the Magnolia-licious Highlites Blog

So I chose to use “#203 Tilda with cute Lamb” from the NEW Little Christmas Collection.  I knew she’d be good for a lot of different occasions like Easter, Birthdays and more.  I used a mix of papers from Glitz “Hello Friend” and MME “All Is Bright” (both paper pads on sale) and distressed and inked them all.  I wanted to keep the colors all in creams, whites and soft pinks for a softer holiday card.  The music tape is from Ranger-Tim Holtz that I ripped and added randomly.  The snowflakes were done w/ punches, inked up and then added MS Snow Glitter (my fave, fave to use for snow)…and added a few buttons and twine to finish it off.

I stamped the image on fabric..I wanted canvas but settled for cream denim at Joann’s instead which I actually like a lot.  I stamped my image in brown memento ink for a softer look and colored with TouchTwin markers.  I stamped some snowflakes with a PTI stamp set (holiday jar fillers—sentiment is from same set) and accented the flakes & poinsettia in her hair with Liquid Pearls in champagne and stickles.  The colors used are:  YR132,R131-skin, Y36,BR107,BR109-hair, GY175,Y42-green, RP9,RP196-pinks,CG3,CG1,CG.5-grays.  This card is also for the current Shinhan TouchTwin Challenge which is to color on fabric and use on a card…you can check that challenge out HERE if you want to combine a few as well!

Then my second card uses the same stamp but this time for EASTER!  I thought the lil’ lamb was perfect for the Easter season and I colored her poinsettia flower into a lily instead.  The papers got distressed a bit and are from the NEW MME The Sweetest Thing-Tangerine (on sale too)…loved the sweet spring colors.  The scrolls are a Magnolia Doohickey Die ‘Leaf & Swirl’, flowers are layered Primas and the matting behind the image is from Spellbinders.  That cute sentiment is from a set designed by our own fab Mindy Baxter called “Warm Fuzzies—All Occasions” and can be seen HERE (she has FAB sentiment sets made for cards)!

She was colored with Copics:  R02,R00,R0000 / BG72,BG11,BG10 / E11,E00,R20 / E25, E31,E50 / C3,C1,C00.  I accented her flower and sleeve with some Stickles along with creating a grass ground below her with Copics too.

Ok that’s all for me today…now prepare to have your
MINDS BLOWN by the CREATIVITY displayed today by the DT.   You will NEVER look at some of your Magnolia Stamps the same…in a GOOD way! LOL!

Your next stop on the Blog Hop is to the creatively fabulous

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fallin’ Home!

Happy Saturday my friends!  Hope you have a fun, relaxing weekend ahead of you planned.  Amazingly I have NOTHING planned for this weekend, nowhere to go, no big to-do list…even I’m shocked…see my mouth hangin’ open as I write this?!  THAT NEVER HAPPENS…but glad that it is cuz’ I need to get better before I leave for CT on Friday to teach…they NEED me to have my voice and to be standing upright LOL!  Otherwise they will probably take pics of me and put them on the web saying I was drunk or some nonsense ahahahahahaha!  I do need to run out to JoAnn’s and get a few supplies but other than that I’m good to go for the weekend and I plan on NOT doing much either.  I think some reading is in my future along with just sitting on the patio…while I watch hubby mow the lawn Winking smile Payback is sweet sometimes…yes indeedy it is!  If you have NO idea what crazy stuffs I’m talkin’ about just scroll down to read last post and you’ll understand!  And while you are there READ the comments left…OMGosh they made me laugh so hard, thank you to all who posted…I LOLed a few times that’s for sure!  I have a funny below for you that will probably make you spit your drink out and laugh like it did me!  I like to post a Friday Funny on Facebook each week that makes me laugh, snort, smile or all 3 heehee!


I mean let’s put it this way….if I WAS an obedient wife (heaven forbid) life would be sooooooo B-O-R-I-N-G…and I’d not be a nice person hahahaha…there were no words that implied “obey” in my marriage vows, I made sure of that Winking smile


-CMC Challenge has a new challenge up “Fall Colors”---you can use any alcohol markers or colored pencils on your images, its open to everyone to join in as well and runs for 2 weeks!  Bugaboo is our fabulous sponsor this time…so hop over & check it out & join in!

-We have also started a new Group at the CMC Classroom for all those that use & love their Cameo Silhouette machines.  Its open to everyone, its still a work in progress but we have some useful links & videos up, you can share tips, your projects and have fun too!


Fallin’ Home!!

Today I’m sharing a card I made for my sister’s birthday next month (shhhhh don’t tell) and I am way ahead on my birthday cards…whoot LOL!  Her and my mom both love primitive style/antiques and love doing puzzles by Charles Wysocki.  So when Paper Trey Ink (PTI) called “Autumn Hills Stamp Set” came out with this set I knew I had to get it.  My sister loves aqua and soft blues so paired up with some choc brown makes a nice fall card.  And I was asked to be a Guest Designer this week for the challenge at “My Sheri’s Crafts Blog” which I was honored to do.  The challenge is “Family”, so you have to make something for family or a family member!

The papers are a mix from a couple of my pads and I distressed them all with my fave Zutter Distress machine, the branch die is from Memory Box called “Leafy Branch” (luv it for fall and for other things like this card here I did). And he tborder was done with a Jumbo MS border punch.  The image was colored with Copics on cream cardstock for a more vintage look, topped with a bow done with my Bow Easy and a button (cardstock, bow & button from PTI).

Have a great fall weekend everyone!  See you on Monday with a fun 
Magnolia-licious Blog Hop called "2 For 1 Holiday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Wee Bit Scarey!

Happy Thursday---wow its almost weekend time again!  Time sure flies when you’re busy and sick LOL!  I’m slowly starting to come out of the fog that is sinus & ear infection induced thankfully…sore throat is gone too.  Isn’t it funny how when you are sick life STILL goes on…I find it so funny…hmmmm.  My son is home sick with a bad sinus infection which flared his asthma, so no school for 2 days and no football practice.  And he hasn’t moved off the couch in those 2 days…nada…not one time.  And I’m all for recuperating don’t get me wrong…but…..come on!  I’ve asked him to check the website for his homework and get it printed out, read what he needs to for classes tomorrow…he’s in high school not a baby anymore…and I just had to YELL for him to get it done before dinner or my blood is pumpin' oy I tell ya!  AND I had to throw down a mini-Suzanne temper tantrum last night too at hubby.  You know when you get pushed to a certain point?  When you just don’t feel good and you are so tired you can barely see?  And then someone does that ONE dumb thing or says that ONE DUMB thing….and you lose it?  Yeahhhhh….that was me last night LOL!  It doesn’t happen often but when it does everyone scatters…including all 7 animals..I can be frightfully scary!!!  Well I’ve been sick yes?  But I still managed to take care of animals, clean the house, clean toilets, vacuum, do laundry, run errands, grocery shop and make sure kids were good to go, make dinner and STILL do all my work stuff….while having a sinus infection, double ear infection AND strep throat. UGH!  So last night after dinner I had asked the hubster to bring down the dirty hamper from our closet…the one that is IN OUR CLOSET.  He goes up and does something and comes down w/o it…I’m like WTH?  So he snidely remarks (he says he didn’t but Alexa is my witness that YES he did) “uhhhhhhhh ok I’ll go get it in a MINUTE”…ummmm what tone did you just take with me mister?  Then I COMPLETELY LOST IT….STARTED YELLING ABOUT HOW I WORK 24 HRS A DAY DOING MY JOB AND EVERYTHING ELSE EVEN WHILE SICK AND HOW HE GETS TO COME HOME FROM WORK, EAT DINNER AND DO NOTHING?  Yeah…NO!  And this isn’t to say he doesn’t help me cuz he does but NOT as much as I think he should 80% of the time KWIM.  So after my tantrum I go and finish some work I had left…come down stairs and find that he brought the gosh-darned WRONG hamper down…it had clean clothes in it and it was near my chair in my bedroom…NOT in the closet like I had said.  I mean seriously he can’t see that the hamper has folded clothes in it that are ready to be put away…do you FOLD your dirty clothes before washing them?  ARGHHHHHHHH NO!  So I calmly say ummm you brought the wrong hamper down, that one needs to go back upstairs and please bring the ONE FROM THE CLOSET THIS TIME!  So guess what?  Yeah the hamper never did come down… what does Suzanne do?  I dumped it out on his side of the bed this morning after he left….took everything out that wasn’t his or he hadn’t used and put it in the hamper and took it downstairs myself.  His dirty stuff remains on his side of the bed…cuz guess what….yep its not getting washed this week…sorry I’m TOO BUSY!  Now why does he bring hamper…because I can’t carry the hampers up and down the stairs well w/o having issues with my muscles.  So I wash, dry, fold and put away and he carries the hampers up & down…pretty sweet deal I think…I want that deal KWIM?  How much FREAKIN’ easier can I make it?  Sooooo anyhow I’m not too pleased with him today that’s for sure….but I shall NOT do his laundry…so that makes me feel a bit better and I will continue on with my day Smile 

So if anyone can relate…you’re feelin’ me right now yes?  Wanna vent….leave me a comment….I will vent with you…cuz sometimes you gotta let the steam out or your head will just EXPLODE…trust me its healthier LMAO!  (PS…You know I love my hubby, he’s a great man and father, but he ain’t NO saint that’s for sure and he has days where I think I may just smother him in his sleep LMBO)


-So next weekend I will be in Stafford Springs, CT teaching my CMC Copic Classes on Sat & Sun including the All About Hair Class.  I have a few openings so if you’d like to come, I’d love to have you…all details are at

-SCACD—has a TON of new goodies!  First there are NEW Paper Pads from Farmhouse that are to diiiiiie for and others for the fall and winter holidays too, so check them all out!  New Memory Box dies are in (ohhhh I need some bad) and Make It Crafty Rubber Stamps that are so fab and cute you won’t want to miss out!  Also NEW Impression Obsession!  And no worries I want it all too hahahahaha!


Wee Bit Scarey!!

So to celebrate my scary self from last night I’m gonna share a fun Halloween card with you today LOL!  I love Halloween…always have…I love to see the kids dress up and trick or treat.  My kids are older now so they aren’t as “cute” in their costumes but its still fun.  We love to go to the Pumpkin Patch every year, it’s a tradition and we always do at least one corn maze.  This year we’ll do the 10 pm corn maze again with the teens and their friends…that’s always fun…minus the chilly weather LOL!  I’m also a HUGE fan of decorating the house…I love it…we go all out most years and set off the fog machine, creepy graveyard and fun sounds to creep it up good!

So my good friend Susana owner of SCACD challenged me to use this new stamp set by My Minds Eye called “Lost & Found Halloween” and I HAD to use the skeleton in it.  She “thought” it would be a challengefor me  but she forgot that I LOVE creepy Halloween stuff hee hee…and once I saw the papers I knew I’d go with a 50/50 mix of creepy and elegance for this one.  And it was a fun card to create too!

I'm entering this into the following fun challenges:

So the papers I used are a mix of two—Carta Bella’s “All Hallow’s Eve” and MME “Lost & Found Halloween”I used my Zutter Distress machine to distress all my paper edges and a fun CB embossing folder for the kraft cardstock layer that I then inked a bit.  The fun accent is from a NEW SCACD Die called “Alice’s Clock Statement Corner”….it works as a corner die BUT I turned it around and used it as an accent because to me it  can also create a creepy, torn lace look that adds just what I wanted to this card. (always try looking at your dies in different ways to make them versatile)  The sentiment is from the same set…I just used half of the sentiment at the bottom of my card.  The image itself was stamped in Vintage Cream Palette Ink from PTI and then once dry I highlited the skeleton with some Stickles to make it sparkle just a bit.  A few pearls finish it off!

That’s it for me today--see you back here on Saturday with a new project!  I’m off to take Alexa to her driver’s test, hit Michaels for supplies for the High School football game tomorrow (the fans are doing a NEON-OUT so everyone has to wear something neon…oy) and then come back and fix some homemade Guacamole and chicken enchiladas for dinner….the dayeth NEVER endeth eh? LOL!  Have a good one!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back Atcha’

Hi everyone!  I knoooooowwww its been 2 weeks since I posted last…I am sooo sorry LOL!  But between being very sick and working feverishly every minute on my newest class at CMC and the start of school for my teens, well it left no time for me to create anything let alone post anything ack!  But I am back and I promise to keep posting regularly for now LOL…cuz you just never know what may happen.  In fact I just started feeling better, finished my class and NOW I AM SICK with Strep throat, double ear infection and sinus infection (ugh)…I shall go lay down in front of a semi!  It NEVER fails that when the kids start school they bring home all kinds of awful germs and my immune system was already low…half of the high school is sick so Riley is sick and he gave it to me, oh yay!  But whatever…I will deal…pull on my big girl panties and keep truckin as well as I can.  Although I will say that strep ugh-double-uck…I would rather have the flu than strep..its yucky!

My son's team in blue, he's on the field playing in this photo

So my son’s football team is 2-0 so far….yay and he’s having fun and doing a great job!  In fact he has a game tonight so hopefully they win again!!  The high school had their first tailgate and varsity game last weekend which was a blast…we always love going and the school (even tho its only 3 yrs old) has great team spirit.  The Tusky Terror is the group of students 250+ strong that dresses up, cheers & shoots off confetti canons…of course Alexa is in this LOL!  So its like that “small town” Friday football night but in a bigger town so to speak LOL!  And while we’re on the subject WHOOOOT REDSKINS and RGIII…what a great way to start of season…and Ravens too!  So excited to have the football season kick off!

 In photo at left that is Alexa w/ her mouth open in middle by her friend Hannah with long, dark hair in their Tusky Terror gear LOL!
Photo on right are Alexa's BFFs Grace, Alexa & Sophia ready for the game!

We also made it to another Nats Baseball game in DC…hoping the Nats make it all the way to the World Series (that would be uber exciting)!!  We took one of Alexa’s friends Darrius…or as I say “one of my son’s LOL since he is like my son. They all call me Momma Dean Winking smile…he’s a senior and is being scouted by colleges for football so I’m a proud Mama!  If you’ve ever seen the movie “Blindside”…yeah that Sandra Bullock character IS ME, 110% just like me, how I talk, think and act so it always makes me laugh.  My kids and their friends when they first saw it all said OMG Momma Dean is in that movie hahahahaha and its true, that could very well be me.  Darrius is just one of my “adopted” children, I have a few and I have high hopes for their futures just like my “real” kids that’s for sure!  I AM MY KIDS (those that I birthed AND those that I've adopted lol) BIGGEST FAN..ALWAYS! (PS Yes Riley is 6'3 and Darrius IS bigger than him..oy LOL)


Riley, Alexa & Darrius at Nats Stadium on Sunday
So for anyone interested my CMC “All About Hair” Class is up and going…you can join anytime and its all on HAIR, how to color hair with alcohol markers. I break it all down step by step, rule by rule, color by color in many styles!  So if you want to check it out CLICK HERE!




-CMC has new beginning Mixed Media Classes taught by Marti Wills!  You can find the info HERE….she’s also looking for some crafters that LOVE to get messy for her DT for the Mixed Media Group.  You have 2 weeks to apply, submit 2 mixed media projects and your blog/background and email to


Whatever…it’s your Birthday!

Today I’m using a super cute digi image from Tiddly Inks called “Whatever!”..I love her lil’ attitude AND the fact that she has fabulous hair for me to color.  She is one of the images I’ve used to show how to color black hair on an image with no hair lines for my CMC All About Hair Class!  Christy Croll has drawn the hair in such a way that it makes it fabulously fun to add depth and texture to it.

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

Use It Tuesday (anything goes/old products--mine is my old trusty glitter dots)

I used the Sweet Sunday Sketch today....I loved the fun layout and longer card size which worked well with my image!  The papers are a mix from a few paper pads – MME “Glitz Paper-Cashmere” and MME “Six by Six-Oh Happy Day”(both on sale now at SCACD)…I wantedd a fun mix of hot pink, teal and black for this cutie!  The funky branch elements are a Memory Box die called Leafy Branch, I used a new MS Border Punch for the border and those are black Glitter Dots at top.  (sentiment from PTI)

She was colored with Copics – C9,C5,C3 / E11,E00,R20 / BG15,BG11,BG10 / RV17,RV14,RV11.  I added some stardust Stickles to parts of the image, then I used some fun PTI stamps to stamp around the image a bit to funk it up.

That’s all for me, have a great week!

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