Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feelin’ Like a Pumpkin Girl!

Happy Wednesday everyone—we are in the middle of the week, pause for a mini celebration ok LOL!  I am celebrating making it thru each day in my house…between being sick, trying to get work done, the terrible weather and teens that are driving me nutters…I celebrate EVERY DARN HOUR I MAKE IT THROUGH LOL!  Alexa ran me through every wringer ever created from the age of 2 when she learned to talk and her first word was “NO” to age 15.  Do not get me wrong, she’s a good girl (and her brother is a good boy)…great grades, good personality and etc BUT it was the attitude, hormones, disrespect and arguing that about drove me bonkers for 13 years ackkk!  But Riley has always been laid back, calm and super-respectful and always careful to not hurt anyone’s feelings.  Well age 14 set in early this year with Riley and I do believe he may be trying to put me in the mental hospital…and soon!  He’s so stubborn-bull-headed-know-it-all-macho-hormonal-bigger’than’u-disrepectful that I may offer him up on Ebay to ANY bidder!  And its harder for me this go around because he was NEVER like this…at least with Alexa not much shocked me, I was already full of teen-bullets so to speak LOL.  But boy-o I wanna kick this boy’s arse right about now…I thought I might be having a heart attack last night and then just calming myself down gave me a migraine.  I’ve turned into a muttering-under-her-breath-cuz-I-may-kill-him kinda mom right now.  It was RAINING out hard and I went out, in the rain, like a CRAZY PERSON to calm down…I may be certifiably nuts by now.  I’m not sure I’m gonna make it thru this freshman year with him.  I said on Facebook last night that they need to create some kinda drug for moms/dads that can get us thru the teen years—I will buy cases of it!  And I’m sure I’m not the only parent that has gone thru this, I know…but its like you get one child out of it and on the good path and the other child goes pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft down the damn rabbit hole.  NO BREAK or rest for the weary!  I mean I understand why some animals eat their young cuz’ they probably know what’s coming…and they don’t even have TEENS!  Alexa keeps asking me why I can’t remember anything and why I repeat myself and why I always seem 2 steps behind….welllllll..I just laugh and say you know what, just you wait….its called “parenting of teens syndrome”.  It may NOT be written down in medical books but it exists, there are millions that will attest to suffering from it but alas…there is NO treatment for it until they grow out of it.  Meanwhile moms & dads continue to smile, put on a brave face, get up the next day to face the chaotic-uncertainty of that day, soldier on, shoulders growing larger, bullet-proof vest on and YES sometimes we put the salt in the fridge, YES we sometimes forget what you just said 3 x, and YES sometimes we just need the blessed QUIET…just some quiet, peace, a few mins away…to pretend we are on an island where nooooo one can bother us for few hours….ahhhhhhh that is where you shall find me today…while I can!  So yes I am the frustrated mom of a teenage boy…no big news…it won’t change for the moment…so I will carry on as always Winking smile  Just had to vent a bit…..LOL!

My animal parade for you today…with 7 animals its NEVER a dull day at my house….then again its never dull much ever ahahahaha!!  Yesterday with the storms and rain all 7 animals were in my studio with me sleeping, which was like little animal landmines for me as I worked. That’s Baylee my dog sleepin in the chair in my studio…and my Buddha cat Poncho awaiting his dinner LOL.   And Tucker, the one in the basket is NOT allowed on the counters like his siblings…however he thinks he is KING and makes the rules.  If you haven’t seen the video of him being naughty, its up on SocialCam and on my Facebook wall…he’s a trip that’s all I can say LOL!

poncho   tucker1  doggy


Pumpkin Girl!!

Today I’m sharing a fun fall card I made with a new digi image by Chelsea Le Design called “Pumpkin Girl”.  She has a few of these lil’ beauties on her site that you must check out, they are irresistible!!  I just fell in love with her cute lil face and knew she’d be a blast to color up for fall!

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

I used some beautiful new papers from BoBunny “Apple Cider” that I love, the patterns and colors are so richly fall!  I distressed all the edges with my fave Zutter Distress machine …if you’ve never used it and you love to distress AND are sick of doing it by hand I recommend this machine 110%.  I’ve had it since it came out a few years ago and I use it almost everyday, makes the job so much easier.  I used my Marianne Designs dies for the swirly leaf and feathery leaf accents.  The sentiment is from PTI and I stamped it directly on my patterned paper for a different look.  A few pearls finish it all off.

I colored this cutie up with Copics: YR18,YR15,YR12,YR01 / E35,YR23,Y15,Y11 / E29,E25,E31,E35,E50 / E11,E00,R20 / E09,E15,E11,E02 / G99,YG63,YG03,G20.  I added some Stickles to the grass I drew in, her lil sweater-vest and pumpkin leaves for sparkle.

P1140816 copy

That’s it for me today…I am off to my son’s football game tonight…here’s hoping for another win for them!  They are undefeated so far Smile


  1. Oh Hun I so feel your pain I have 5 boys the youngest is 8 my 16 yr old has just started college and has turned into a disrespectful alien I have fibro and arthritis so I get really tired and forgetful they know all my issues but it seems to pass them by as long as it doesn't effect them grrr my 8 yr old is adorable and very loving but I so know this is not going to last boo hoo lol. So soft hugs to you


  2. Ohhhh, she's gorgeous!!!! I love how you coloured her! Hugs, Brigitte

  3. Louise (Mamilou) (Ontario)September 19, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    Looks like you are going through a difficult, not to say hard, patch lately. Thinking about you and sending positive vibes. Hope they help!

    Love love that card! And it is so great you list all the Copics. I just love Fall colors so this is right up my alley. Will be looking for that digi for sure.

    Keep your chin up. It will get better. Sending hugs!

  4. I swear teenagers do this so that when they leave for college we are ushering them out the door and not missing them as much. I can commiserate and sympathize completely with what you are going through. Wine and whine helps!

  5. I just love this sweet little girl. As always, your work is so beautiful and you are such an inspiration in your beautiful work, and the handling of you kids. Love hearing about your family even when the kids are acting rotten lol :-)

  6. This is gorgeous Suzanne! The perfect Autumn card! Laura x

  7. Hang in there my friend! Life will get better, I promise! I simply adore this cutie and went right over and bought on of her images! They're simply enchanting! Love the colors and your stems and embellishments are fabulous as always! Always knew I could count of you to find a cutie pop for us!


  8. I wish I could tell you that it ends quickly. My boys are now 18 and 21 and I swear 21 is the worse. They think they have entered the world of freedom, but don't get through their little heads with freedom comes responsibility and Mom is no longer responsible for them. And I have an extra 21 year old because he lost his job and his home. And trying to get through his head that life goes smoother when you don't procrastinate is a major challenge. Ugh! Anytime you need a shoulder to cry on just let me know. I have seen hope at the end of the tunnel, but that tunnel can get mighty dark at times. Hang in there!

  9. Love your card Suzanne, but do you see what your quote says "Thankful for you". Are you thanking your kids? Must be sub- conscious!! Anyway, it will get better and you WILL survive, we all do and one day when you have grandchildren, you will be so happy thinking what your children will have to go through!!! Anyway, like a said a simply gorgeous card, love the colors and adore your stamp nd coloring of her...
    Hugs, Jean

  10. When my son gave me a super duper hard day I turned to him and said, "Now I know why some species eat their young".

    Love them but, they do give us moments!

  11. Ik zag je kaart op MIM en ik vind hem erg mooi ,prachtige kleuren.
    I saw your card on MIM and i like it so much, also the beautyful colours.Gr, Elly

  12. what a stunning card ,love the colours ,papers image....everything
    thanks for joining us at MIM and good luck
    did i mention i love this card lol!!!
    tracey x

  13. Louise (Mamilou) (Ontario)September 20, 2012 at 10:04 AM

    I loved your card so much and went right away on Chelsea site and bought the digi image..... OMG she is so adorable. And thank you so much for putting down the colors you used. I am not quite capable of picking them by myself yet, except for skin and hair of course after your wonderful courses. Can't wait to have enough time to start the online ones!!!!

    Hope things are getting smoother... (I know it will take longer than that) Big hugs and don't overdo it this weekend with the classes.... LOL

  14. For now, my daughter is only 6... but her first word was also NO!
    Your card is absolutely gorgeous... beautiful image, great coloring and super embellishments!
    Thank you for joining us this week at Digi Makeover challenge.
    Hope to see you soon again :)

  15. DON'T shoot yourself it does get better. You just gotta wait awhile. My daughter came from my womb screaming and yelling NO! My son was just likeRiley until he hit 14.

    I love your work I just purchased pumpkin girl. Question any tips for printing digi images.

    Hugs Jackie

  16. I feel your pain. My almost 10 year old is VERY testing at times. At least you have lots of animals to cuddle! Adorable card

  17. Love your autumn card, Suzanne; the colors are just gorgeous!!!

    As for the kids, this too shall pass. :) There are times when they seem to test us as parents to see how much they can get away with, just remember who has the last word and it's the parent. As long as they keep respect for you, you'll be okay..... Mine are grown and married now, and we couldn't be closer.

  18. Gorgeous. Very autumnal :)

    Saw you on MiM.

    Susan x

  19. Your cards is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors you used! Perfect for FALL!
    Thank you for joining the Digi Makeover Challenge.
    Ruza ~ DT

  20. This is just stunning hunnie...gorgeous colours and your colouring is fantastic!! love all your die cuts too.lovely way to use them...

  21. Thanks for joining us at Party Time Tuesdays. Come party with us again, soon!

  22. Suzanne-
    First off congrats on being SweetStamps "Autumn" winner!! what a magnificent creation!! I love your intense coloring and that image is absolutely gorgeous!!



I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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