Friday, March 30, 2012

Who’s a Goddess?

Happy TGIFriday to you all!  I am leaving today after kids get home from school but have packing left to do and house to prepare for our pet-sitter…never an end to chores ‘eh?  But I’m so looking forward to the 80 degree weather, sound of the ocean and the pluff mud in the SC’s a sweet smell, makes me feel at home.  We are taking our bikes cuz’ we mostly bike around the way to get around and get exercise.  I’m always the lead biker…yep momma runs the show…kids in the middle…hubby at end LOL. And then Alexa and Riley bicker about who gets to be right behind me and how he’s too close to her and she’s too slow..and so on and so on…oh the joys of children I tell ya! LOL---love ‘em but they can drive me nutty that’s for sure!  God only blessed me with two even though we wanted three but now I’m thinking that God knew what he was doing…he knew I could only PUT UP with two of them…bwwahahahahaha…so no more kiddoes for me…no sirreee.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel in the next couple of years…I will miss them but I will be glad to see them grow into the adults that I know they will become.  I know for sure…this one thing…being a parent IS the hardest, toughest job in the world and it never truly ends..its 24/7 for the rest of your and their lives.  I give my parents kudos for all the ups and downs we kids brought them…however I must say that out of the 3 of us…I was best behaved then and now…hahaha..although I know I still give my mom gray hairs on occasion.  That’s what kids ARE for right???  God help the day when I find a gray hair in my darn head…the roof may raise off my house…my mom hardly has any gray and she’s 69 so I hope to follow in that…if not I will be getting my roots done OFTEN.  I will spend my morning hours plucking those gray babies outta my head..oh yes I NOT doubt me!  I am slightly vain when it comes to old age…I don’t want wrinkles (hence my regular skincare routine)..and I don’t want gray hair (gray is not really my colorwheel does not like it lol). So no C3,C5 or C1 colors in my hair please (that’s copic speak for you non-colorers LOL)!  Now I will not be a Demi Moore or a Joan Rivers but I will fight what I can while I still can..but no botoxed face for me…I cringe at the thought.  And yeah no fish-lips either..why do women do that…it NEVER looks good… stop doing it.  BUT perhaps a butt implant?  My teen daughter told me a few months ago that my front looked like my back..haha..your kids will always tell you the truth…and I have lost some weight and with that went any butt that I had…so yep I am a tad flat back there.  So I’m gonna buy me some booty-pop shorts to wear under my pants..oh yes I am…just to mess with her…and YES I will wear them in public to get even and HEY I might even like having a J-Lo hiney Winking smile That’s about the only butt implant that I will ever come close to getting hahaha…oh the joys of being a mom I TELL YA!!!  The things we do, and suffer and then get back by humiliation of our teens…oh yeah..that’s what I’m talkin’ about!


-If you live in the San Jose/San Francisco area and want to come see me…well come on then!!  I’ll be there April 21st teaching and you can find the details at – I’d love to see you and it will be lots of fun!!

-If you participated in any of the Birthday Bash Events for the CMC Classroom…the winners are now posted on the site!  So hop on over to see if you won something good!  And thanks to all that made last week so much fun..I hope you enjoyed it and here’s to Birthday #3 next year!!  Cheers!


A Goddess for Sure!!

 So today is the new release from SCACD—yayyyy! This is the launch of new stamp branding for SCACD Exclusive Stamps in general and will now be calling ANY of them Susana Loves Stamps. To be clear, it does not mean Susana personally designed what you are seeing but she did have a part in bringing it forward. Look out for more Susana Loves projects in the works!!!  I used “Classic Eyes” today and you can see ALL of these releases HERE

The DT is having a blog hop today and I’m last in the hop so you should’ve come from our guest designer Alina Meijer, but if you want to start at the beginning then go HERE!  International Friends can purchase these stamps at Quixotic Paperie!

 So I used “Classic Eyes” for my project today…doesn’t she remind you of a beautiful Greek goddess? Love her!  I used beautiful new papers from Prima called “Nature’s Garden” and a mix of Prima flowers as well.  I distressed all my edges and the swirls are a Marianne Designs die.  The fancy matting around the main image is a Marianne Designs die as well…I cut out two of them and cut them down to make a larger frame for my image..just another way to make those dies versatile.

She’s colored with Copics: B95,B91 / Colorless Blender / C5,C3,C1 / E11,E00/ E99,E97,YR20,E31.  Then I added Stickles to her bangles and jewelry.  The pearls in her hair and on the die cut were done with my fave Viva D├ęcor Pearl Pen in cream.  I used some Tim Holtz stamps to stamp some swirls and such around the image with SU ink.  I added Diamond Glaze to her eyes for some realistic shine as well!

 That’s all for me today…have fun hopping and don’t forget to stop by the store HERE to see all these beautiful new stamps! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Splish, Splash I was takin’ a Bath!!

Happy Day to you or night or weekend….whatever it shall be for you!!  I am in CRAZED mode for the next couple of days till we leave on Friday afternnon…projects to finish up, laundry to do, errands to run and bags to pack.  Why?? Cuz’ we are leaving Friday for a week in Hilton Head Island, SC for Spring Break…and as usual..I have to pack for everyone and get the house ready to leave..find people for the animals…and on & on & on LOL!  So yup I gots lots to do…then the family will come and get in the car and say “let’s go” like the darn truck done packed itself…you feelin’ me?  LOL..yes its terrible but I am always the vacation planner, packer and doer…every darn time…but truth be told if I left it up to hubby I’d be wearing the same shorts and undies all week and he woulda left half my stuff at home…not good.  So for the 18th year in a row I will take the reins and get us where we need to go…sigh..even if I lose a few hairs and feel like I may have a heart attack at any moment.  That’s what vacation is for ‘eh? Winking smile  But yeah I will have a few posts while I’m gone so no worries…I got my projects done in time hee hee and I will be posting pictures and stuffs for ya!

And hey, hey, hey….do NOT forgot that Sunday, April 1st is the ACM Awards…that’s the Academy of Country Music Awards…it’s a FABULOUS time of year folks…well for us country folks!  I am tivoing it but we will be watching it LIVE as well…I already informed the hubby that we must be planted in front of the TV that I can siiiiiing along and screammmmmmm along with the singers LOL!  I will also be on Facebook and Twitter…writing and noting my opinions on everything…wardrobe, looks, songs, speeches, etc…in case you are interested in any of my ramblin’ thoughts LOL!  And YES YES Luke Bryan is performing along with my Tim McGraw, Zac Brown Band and more….mmmmhmmmm Luke-y will be on my TV..yes indeedy hahaha!


-SCACD has a new release on Friday…sneak peeks are up on the STORE BLOG and you can enter for the yummy Blog Candy while you are there!

-For those that want to come see me and take my Copic classes (including a NEW ‘All About Hair’ Class) this fall in Ontario…I will be at the Younique Retreats in Guelph and registration is up now at !


Splish, Splash!!

 Oh yeah…I hear y’all singing…sing it with me now…”Splish, Splash I was takin’ a bath..on about a Saturday night….a rub-a-dub relaxin’ in the tub” (by Bobby Darin)!  How can you NOT sing that song…and don’t blame me if you cannot get it out of your head today hee hee!  Anywho, I was singing it while making this bubbly card using some super sweet Magnolia Stamps from the new Princes & Princesses Collection at Magnolia-licious My kids loved taking bubble baths, super messy-sudsy bubble baths in our deep jacuzzi tub when they were little.  I would play music and they would sing and play for a long time…they loved it…however the mess, well that’s no fun hahaha!

I'm entering this into the following fab challenges:

I used the cute “Tilda in Bath Cap” and “Bathtub” (you can also get these in mini stamps form here) on my project today.  My papers were scrap but the ducky paper is from Magnolia for this collection and available at Magnolia-licious HERE.  I wanted to keep a bubbly feeling throughout so I used all circles, matted with circles and also cut circles from transparency sheets and then embossed them.  After embossing with a dotted folder I added some stardust Stickles to a few of the dots for sparkle.

The “SPLASH” was created using my Slice machine – I hadn’t used it in over a year, so I was pretty proud of myself hahaha!  I’ve got to use it more often but I sponged the letters and then added Stickles to every-other letter.  The bubbles were created with a mix of white Liquid Applique (puffed up), white Bella Baubles and Diamond Glaze..a perfect mixture for a sudsy bath feeling!  Tilda was colored with Copics and then the tub got a hefty coating of Diamond Glaze for shine.  That cute lil’ ducky next to Tilda…I cut it out of the patterned paper and coated it with Diamond Glaze and popped it up with dimensionals.

I’ll see you back here on Friday with a project for the NEW SCACD Release!  Have a Goodie!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A lil’ Strawberry Pickin’!!!

Hello all my crafty friends!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend…I know I sure did!  I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST in Charlottesville, VA with my mom and Alexa.  We had beautiful weather and we toured the historic district after having lunch on Friday afternoon.  Then we of course did some shopping…how can you not EVER shop LOL just a bit.  Then we headed off to the concert to see Jason Aldean and the super-HOT Luke Bryan…oh-boyo is he a cutie Winking smile We had 2 teenage boys next to us in our row…well they were beside me…I think they thought they were gonna freak me out with their manic dancing….hmmmm little did they know huh? LMBO…yeah I totally out-screamed, out-clapped & out-danced those boys hahahaha…I have NO shame and I could care less what others think…its all about having a good time and enjoying the party.  I so outclapped everyone that my left palm was swelled up from hitting it with my huge-metal-zebra patterned ring…won’t make that mistake again…but then again it was pain well worth it hahaha.  And I DID enjoy it…they were both fantastic and Lauren Alaina opened for them both..she’s a cutie and did a really good job as well.  So what’s next on my concert calendar?  Heehee…well on May 30th we see the Zac Brown Band, then I have 3 more Luke Bryan concerts on my calendar between June and September..yep I’m gonna be a new job title will be “Luke-McHottie Bryan’s Groupie Gal”…bwahahahaha…oh yeah!  Hubby just shakes his head…he’s such a good sport!  In fact we were watching “The Blindside” last night (with Sandra Bullock) and I so enjoyed it…my family had watched it last year without me (the nerve eh’) so I was catching up.  But they kept telling me that I was in it….Alexa said “ that woman is so YOU mom”!!  Well after watching it I will agree…that Tuohy woman just might be my twin here on earth for sure.  Her hubby made the same expressions I see on my hubby’s face every day.  I have no problem spouting off at the fact when she yelled at the guy in the bleachers….yeah I’ve done that a few times…poor hubby just shakes his head and laughs…but he let’s me carry on.  But yeah she matches me spit-fire for spit-fire…it was kinda fun to watch LOL!  So if you haven’t met me before and want to know what I’m like…well watch the movie cuz’ that’s pretty much me tit-for-tat Winking smile  And to top it all off the boy the movie is about is a Baltimore Raven’s player…now that’s kismet to me..I’m a MD gal and a Ravens fan…so maybe one day me and Leigh Anne Tuohy will get to meet….god help our husbands and the earth that day right? LOL!

Do any of you follow me on Facebook...well you can...I can't say I post anything enlightening but I try to keep it fun!  Also I'm on Twitter...little one-liners a few times a day...its like having Random-Suzanne-Thoughts at your beck and call...yeah I know you were just DYING for that privilege huh? hahaha!

 Jason Aldean at top!  Luke-cutie at piano...he had a lot of blue light & smoke on stage so a lot of my pics did not turn out well...bummer! But I have this pic below from last time for you to drool on ok..oy vey...yeah he's HOT you can say it!


And check out this new guy I found called Ryan Broshear...he's pretty darn good..I'm working hard to bring him to VA to sing..I'm on a mission! go show him some love!! (his music is on iTunes too)  Here's his newest single HERE!
one of my fave songs of his below...forward to 1:35 to hear


-SCACD is back open for bizness after taking a short week-long vacay…hey we all need a break now and again yes?  And the store has a TON of new goodies in stock and there will be a fun new Release on Friday…so stay tuned!

-Want to take a class with me and play with other crafters?  Then you need to come to the Outlawz Retreat this May in Baltimore, MD.  I will be there all weekend and teaching Copic classes one day, Marti will be teaching Mixed-Media classes and there will be other fun games, chit-chats and dinners.  So we’d love to see you…go to for all details!  Upcoming registrations will be London, Ontario / a week long retreat at Younique Retreats in Guelph Ontario in November / Stafford Springs, CT and Tampa, FL.


Strawberry Pickin’!!

Oh there is nothing better than pickin’ some fresh, yummy strawberries at the beginning of every summer---I love strawberries.  I remember going to the patch with my mom when I was young and getting in trouble cuz’ I was eating more than I was picking LOL!  Yeah I was a country girl...I grew up on the water and in the country...surprise y'all...yeah I didn't think so LOL!  So when I saw this cute “Strawberry Girl” by Mo’s Digital Pencil I had to snag it.  Alexa had a dress just like this when she was a baby with a matching bonnet and her hair was just as wispy…sigh…and now she will be turning 16 in a few weeks…time flies eh?

I used some fun paper from both PTI (red polka-dot) and Cosmo Cricket…I love the combo of spring green, white and red fresh and so SPRING-like!  Another cute paper that would work wonderfully with this image is by Best Creations called “Mama’s Kitchen” (its on sale too-30% off).  The white border was made with a Jumbo MS border punch.  The white flowers were made with a die from Marianne Designs (you can actually pop out the small holes in each petal, I chose not to this time for a different look)…layered with a flower made with a Nellie Snellen punch (I love my Nellie punches) and topped with a Prima flower.  The green leaves are flowers actually…I buy green flowers from Prima and then snip the petals to become leaves.

P1130926 copy

She was colored with Copics—R29,R24,R22,R20 / E11,E00 / YR24,E33,E31,E50 / YG25,G99,YG03,G20 / C3,C1.  I added a generous amount of stickles to her white dress and then a nice dollop of Diamond Glaze to her strawberry purse and flip flops for some glossy shine.  On the outside of the image I used my fave Inkssentials Blending Tool – I use it on every project in some way, it’s a quick-cheaper alternative to airbrushing and you can control it better too.  She’s a cute ‘eh?

Have an awesome week everyone!  I leave on Friday for an 8 day trip to Hilton Head Island, SC for spring break for my family…I cannot wait!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break Beach Vacay!!!

Hellooooo everyone & a happy Wednesday to you!!  I am soooooo excited…between the fabulous spring weather we’ve been having (which I love) and my upcoming trips…I feel GOOD Winking smile  Tomorrow I’m picking Alexa up from school early to head down to my parents, nab my mom and head to Charlottesville, VA for 2 days.  On Friday we will spend the day in Charlottesville having fun and then that night I got tickets to see Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan…YEEHAWWWW!  I cannot wait…this gal is super excited!!  Gonna be an excellent night for sure!  Then we leave at 5 am on Saturday morning to get Alexa to her chorus festival competition at 10:30 am LOL…so I will be a bit tuckered out on Saturday.  But that’s ok cuz next Friday starts Spring Break for us and we are headed to Hilton Head Island, SC for 8 days…fun in the sun…on the beach…no work…just fun…and more fun..LOL!  I always love spending time down in Hilton Head and this year we switched it up..usually we spend 2 weeks at a rented house in Hilton Head.  But this summer we are doing 2 weeks in the Hawaiian Islands instead…we had such a great time there last year that we wanted to go to Kauai and Oahu for 2 weeks instead of SC again. I’m looking forward to lots of quality family time, fresh pineapple, maybe some surfing again, hiking, tanning, relaxing and more cuz…my kids have football camp and cheerleading camp this summer so I’m going to enjoy the time I have with them while I can.  Cuz’ before you know it August is here and school’s back in session…but of course by then I will be ready for them to be back IN school LOL!  And then I will have to FACE the fact that both of my kids will be in highschool…YIKES!  Alexa will be a junior and Riley will be a freshman….man before you know it my kids will both be in college…ackkkk!  I’m feelin’ old….well I’ve been feelin’ old for awhile…but I can deal with it…yeah I can!  Some days I wake up and go Oh Lordy…but then I think…you know what?  I’m gonna rock this 90 year old feeling body today and I get my arse up out of bed & deal with it LOL!  And the day goes on…….and on…..LOL!


-Today is Day 3 of the Birthday Celebration at the CMC Classroom and things are still festive!  If you haven’t participated in the other day’s challenges/games…don’t worry…you have until March 28th to complete all the challenges and get them entered.  If you do one challenge each day you will be entered to win the prizes for that day *AND* entered for the Grand Prize Sizzix Vagabond!  So hop on over there & have some fun ok…everyone is welcome to join in the fun!!!  Its all GOOD!

-Are you coming to the OutLawz Retreat in Baltimore in May?  I’m teaching and I’ll be there hanging out and having fun…if you want to come you can find more details at!  You can get a discount on hotel and there will be other classes, games, prizes and more fun that weekend!  So come hang out with us!!  Also my next classes are up for registration as well in CA and Canada!

Spring Break Gal!!

 So to celebrate the upcoming Spring Break I figured I’d break out this cutie-pie from Saturated Canary…such cute digis to color…I just love them!  This digi is called “CaliGirl”…she is sooo ready for the beach huh?  I wish I could rock a bikini this good…if we all could be airbrushed and photoshopped it would be AWESOME yes? LOL…in our dreams….sighhhhh!  My friend Tina said she looked like me...hahahaha....that's a good friend for ya...either that or she was brown-nosin' for something huh? LOL!

I'm entering this bathin' beauty into the following challenges:


My papers are a mix of Teresa Collins and some other scraps I had.  I started out trying to follow the DeConstructed Sketch this week and it just all went to hell…errr heck….as most of my projects do when I’m trying to follow a sketch…I try so hard and then I just keep moving things around LOL!  The circle mats were made with SB’s dies…I cut the outside one and then put a smaller circle die to cut out the middle part…just a fun way to play around with your dies and make ‘em different.  A few pearls finish it off—the sentiment is from PTI.

This gal got colored with Copics…I love coloring these girls hair, so much fun!  I used E37,E33,E31,E50 on her hair!  Her skin is E11 & E00 and some R20 for lips and cheeks!  I added Diamond Glaze to her eyes and sunglasses for a nice shine and Stickles to her gold earrings and beach bag. 

See you all later in the week…have a beautiful Spring day and smile a lot and laugh a lot ok…gotta make each day great!!! Smile

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hop, Hop, Hoppin’ Everywhere!!!

Happy Monday all my friends and hope it’s the start of a great week for you all!  I am back home from my trip to West Virginia where I had a fabulous time teaching and hanging out with the gals at Almost Heaven Scrapbooking in Charleston.  We even had a full, beautiful rainbow on St. Patrick’s Day when I was leaving there to come home (see photo)…so I guess it was a good omen huh?!  I was even home Saturday night before midnight…that’s a record for me…and no I didn’t speed…well not excessively anyhow LOL!  And NO travel incidents…whooo hoooo…good for me, boring for y’all right? hahahah!  And I will be (it will be done by the time you read this) picking up Alexa at 1:30 am from her school….she’s been away for 3 days in NYC with her chorus/band/drama groups.  They had a blast but I know she’s tired and YUP they are expected at school at 8:30 and she will be there…her whining self and all….you play, you pay I say LOL!  She got to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and then do a workshop with the stars, they sang at a cathedral in Times Square, shopped, went on a harbor cruise, visited the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero and more so they had a bang up time in the city me thinks Winking smile!  I on the otherhand will draggin’ a** tomorrow here at home trying to get things done on not much sleep LOL…what else is new for me…I live in a permanent state of sleep deprivation…ugh!


Ok so exciting day today….cuz’ today kicks off the Color Me Creative Classroom’s 2nd Birthday Bash and it will be all week long thru Saturday!  There will be super fun events each day (games/challenges/chats) along with some fabulous prizes to win…EVERYONE is welcome to join in (you do not have to take a class to join the CMC Classroom as its open to everyone)!!  If you complete at least one game/challenge each of the 6 days you will be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE which is a Sizzix Vagabond Machine (which is aweeesommmme)!!! So make sure to hop on over HERE to check out the events and how to play along!

Today we have a fabulous CMC Challenge DT Blog Hop as well….if you leave comments on their blogs you’ll be entered to win some extra prizes as well.  So what are you waiting for?  All info is over at the CMC Classroom so……Get your PAR-TAY on!!!

Easter Bunny Is Coming to Town Blog Hop!!

Today as well the Magnolia-licious DT is having a fun Blog Hop titled “The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town!” featuring spring projects for Easter that will hold treats or Easter eggs!  There are so many fabulous Magnolia stamps to use for this that I was stumped for awhile on which cuties to use LOL…but it didn’t take me tooooo long!  I used two from last spring’s collection Butterfly Dreams from Magnolia-licious that I adore…which led me to create this fun paper-wheelbarrow to hold some treats to match!

Now make sure to head over to the Magnolia-licious Highlites Blog to see details on the Blog Hop & how to join in on the fun ok!!

I'm entering this into the following challenges as well:

Sparkle's Forum Challenges (spring or mom's day)
Penny Black & More (spring)
Totally Tilda (Easter)
My Sheri's Craft Challenge (Easter)
Crafty Ann's Challenges (Spring)

For the Easter card I used “Tilda with Hanging Rabbit” and “Wheelbarrow” together.  The papers I used are new from Prima “Meadowlark” and they are soooo yummy…I love lavender and buttery-yellow together…so spring-y!!  I distressed all my paper edges for a bit of a shabby-chic look.  The swirls are from the Heartfelt Designs die “Bella Rose” and then I inked the edges a bit.  The sparkly buttons are glitter dots…I am obsessed with them…love them…cuz they SPARKLE LOL!  The purple cs was embossed with a CB embossing folder for more texture.

Tilda was stamped, colored and then cut out and put on top of my other image with thin dimensionals for a bit more dimension.  These cuties got colored with Copics: V15,V12,V000 / YR31,Y000 / YG67,YG03,G20 / E11,E00,R20 / C5,C3,C1,C00 / E35,E31,E50.  Then I stickled her apron, wheel and the tulips for more sparkle…never can have enuff right?

This cute lil’ wheelbarrow is made of all paper and the template is from My Time Made Easy Pretty Packaging…I love Lauren’s templates so much!  They come in many file types including svg files but alas I do not have a cutter so I do the pdf files and hand cut them LOL…works for me!  I decorated with matching paper and swirls and loaded it up with some sour jellybeans (yummers).  NOTE: if you get this template just note that I needed to use double cardstock layers on the wheels to hold the weight of the treats, one layer was too weak.

Ok that’s all for me…now your next stop on this hop is 
so go hoppity, hop!! LOL

Thursday, March 15, 2012

All My Krafty Friends!!

Happy Soon-to-Be St. Patrick’s Day to you all (that’s from the Irish side of me)!!  Wow-eee I am sooo enjoying this week here in Virginia and the beautiful sunny, spring-like weather we’ve been having.  The past few days have been super sunny and 80 degrees with a nice breeze—its PERFECT!  The trees are all in bloom, grass is turning green and daffodils have bloomed---its my fave time of year.  AND we turned the clocks forward which means more hours of daylight make me a very happy girl indeed—I LOVE IT!  We’ve been grilling out every night on our patio & then sitting in front our outside fireplace just chillin and enjoying the weather…I love that more than anything.  Hope it continues although it is supposed to rain on Friday…the day I have to drive 5.5 hours to WV for the weekend to teach of course LOL!

Alexa is leaving at 5 am Friday morning for New York City---her high school’s band, drama and choral departments are going up for the weekend.  They will be singing in the Cathedral in Times Square, doing workshops with Broadway stars and singing at Ground Zero (911 memorial).  They also get to go on a dinner cruise, some shopping and basic goofing off in the city…on St. Patrick’s Day weekend…yeah thrilled I am….can’t you tell…the biggest drinking day in the US and NYC has a huge parade.  So hoping the chaperones and teachers are super diligent.  Alexa has been to the city a few times so hopefully she’s smart and she does know what to expect.  Why did I not chaperone?  Well for one I decided to teach in WV that weekend….secondly the thought of herding 120 high school teens around NYC on St. Patrick’s Day weekend is NOT my cup of tea…no way Jose…I’d kill someone for sure LOL!  And I do not need that on my record ‘kay…a video of me taking down a drunk leprechaun dude who happened to do something inappropriate would hit the 5 pm news…I can see it now…LMBO…not good!  So that’s why this mom isn’t going!

Ok so you know I love good music…in my free time I like finding new artists that are super talented.  These guys called “Memphis High” are sooo good that I’m surprised that they haven’t been snatched up yet.  They can harmonize like no one’s business…and yes I have heard a few people mention The Everly Bros…ack! I grew up having to listen to them ALL THE TIME cuz’ my mom has been their biggest fan since she was a teen so I’m not that keen on them LOL. However these boys have got lots of talent & will go far me thinks…when they do…I’ll say “told ya so”
Winking smile


-Upcoming Copic Classes---Charleston, WV this weekend, San Jose CA, Montreal Canada are all up for registration at .  I’m working on dates for Ontario Canada, Connecticut, Chicago and Vancouver so stay tuned!

-NEXT WEEK is the Color Me Creative Classroom’s 2nd Birthday Bash!!  It will start on March 19th and run for a week with fun challenges, games and chats and of course prizes from a ton of sponsors!!  Everyone is welcome to join in…we will have a ton of fun I promise!  The schedule is up at the Birthday Group Site HERE!

A Krafty Friend!!

Today I’m sharing a card I made with this super cute, limited-time only Magnolia stamp from Magnolia-licious called “Stamp Tilda“.  How cute is she? (Diana may be her to see when more will come in..I'm sure she has more coming)!   I was inspired by my pal Cat Tidwell’s color combo she use on her Gina K card the other day (see here) and thought it would work beautifully with this cutie.  So its all white, kraft and pinks…totally feminine but fun!  I know a lot of people this “Crafty Girl Birthday” card could go to huh? LOL!  And have you SEEN the NEW Magnolia Collection called "Princes & Princesses 2012"...OMGosh they are sooo adorable and you will want a couple..ok a few...maybe them all LOL---but go check them out HERE!

I'm entering this into the following challenges (From Feline Playful):

 I used some papers from Gina K and from MME “Miss Caroline” and the rest is cardstock in kraft, pink and white from PTI.  I distressed some of the papers with my Zutter Distress machine and embossed my cardstock for more texture---rubbing white ink on the kraft cs to bring out the embossed pattern more.  The sentiment is from PTI called “Studio Style”.  I added a bow with a button topper and she’s all done! 

 She was colored with Copics in R20 with Colorless Blender as a paintbrush / E11,E00 / E37,YR24,YR20 / C3,C1,C00.  Then I added some Stickles to her pretty apron.

That’s all for me today…the vet is coming to the house to visit my doggies for a check up and then I have to pack and then help Alexa pack and you know all those other things that find their way on my to-do list LOL!  Have a good one!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make Me Fly!!


The Design Team for Gina K. Designs welcomes you to another fabulous Inspiration Blog Hop!!! Gina and the Design Team will inspire you with many beautiful ideas! And as you hop through their blogs, make sure to leave a comment on each of them because we will choose a few random comments and those stampers will each win a grab bag of deeply etched, pre-cut Gina K. Designs stamps! To see the full list of winners check the Big News forum at Stamp TV a couple of days after the hops!!

Today I got to use the fabulous new StampTV Kit called “Petals & Wings”---I LOVE, LOVE the StampTV Kits that Gina puts out!  They are always jammed-packed full of fab images & sentiments that can be mixed & matched!  Always a great value and you get some papers, brads, ribbons & more in the set…awesome blossom!!  I chose to use this fab hot air balloon image for this card.  I used more papers from MME’s Miss Caroline (Howdy) – cuz I love ‘em – but chose to pull more of the minty green tones out this time.  I used my handy dandy Bow Easy for my bow, topped with a button & some extra pearls.

To mix it up a bit I decided to paper piece the clouds and basket of the air balloon—then I stickled the heck out of them for sparkle LOL!  I want to go on a hot-air balloon ride this year Winking smile For the rest of the image I used Copics (G02,G00,G000/YR02,YR00,YR0000) and then I put a nice thick coat of Crystal Lacquer on the heart for shine.

Ok now you need to hop to the designers below and leave some love on their posts for a chance to win a great Grab Bag of stamps!!  And you will surely be inspired today!

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Fun Stuff!!


The Design Team for Gina K. Designs welcomes you to another fabulous Inspiration Blog Hop!!! Gina and the Design Team will inspire you with many beautiful ideas! And as you hop through their blogs, make sure to leave a comment on each of them because we will choose a few random comments and those stampers will each win a grab bag of deeply etched, pre-cut Gina K. Designs stamps! To see the full list of winners check the Big News forum at Stamp TV a couple of days after the hops!!

Today the DT is showcasing a couple of the newest sets released by Gina K Designs last week!  These sets are packed with cute images that you can mix & match and create a ton of projects with!  This first card I did uses “Blooming With Blessings” and its filled with sweet lil’ animals ready for Spring—Rupa Shevde is the illustrator of these cuties.  My papers are new from MME Miss Caroline line.  Some fun buttons and lots of Crystal Lacquer on the water & sprinkled some DecoArt Glamour Dust on top so the glitter suspends in it—such a cool effect.

 The second card uses the set “Wild About You” and I love the African Safari theme of the stamps--Theresa Momber is the fab illustrator of this set!.  I usually march right towards anything zebra (zeebies) cuz I love them but decided to use the giraffe images and tree instead to be different LOL.  The larger giraffe was stamped on cream cs and then colored with Copics. I wanted a lot of texture on this so I added some distressed burlap, buttons, distressed paper edges and twine.  I used some BoBunny safari papers and didn’t use a sentiment so this card could be for many things or people!

Ok now you need to hop along to the below designers to get more inspiration and also leave comments for a chance to win some Grab Bag Stamps!!  Have fun!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gypsy Rose!!

Happy Weekend everyone!  Hope you are planning on having a great one!  We don’t have any big plans other than Riley’s band concert at noon today---it’s a festival grading competition so crossing fingers all goes well LOL!  I’m still recovering from being sick so my movements are fast nor are they good hahaha…so I won’t be doing too much other than getting some groceries and doing some crafting me thinks.  I am NOT good at being sick, I just hate it and there is nothing worse than having to lay in bed feeling like crud.  I did get some reading done and finished 2 books when I wasn’t dozing cuz’ I could barely hold my head up for 2 days.  I read Kristin Hannah’s “Home Front” which is a must-read, it was soooo good, made me blubber which then made my head ache worse…but it was worth it.  Hubby came in and saw me blubbering and thought I was crying from pain and asked if I needed to go to the ER LOL…ummm no me thinks not!  She is the author of one of my all-time fave books “WInter Garden”.  Then I read “Once Upon a Secret” by Mimi Alford…if you are a Kennedy family fanatic like me you will want to read this…very interesting.  Makes you think about the naivete of a 19 year old girl and the hold a powerful man can have on someone…very good read.  If you love to read then we’d love to have you join us at the BookEndz Group at the CMC Classroom.  Its open to everyone & you only need to love to read to join us…we have a fun chat/cyber party at the end of each month to chat about the book, give some prizes away and announce the next month’s book selelction!

Not only am I a book fanatic (yes I read 2-3 books a week, yes I know you are thinking when do I do that…late at nite when I should be sleeping) but I’m a music fanatic too.  Between Amazon & ITunes I seriously could go broke LOL!  So I’m loving the new Lionel Richie collaborations with country artists (so far with Blake Shelton, Shania Twain, & Billy Currington)..they are awesome.  And I’m going to see Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan (yeeeeehawwwww) on March 23rd…front row baby…so excited!  But I will always remain Tim McGraw’s #1 fan….always…love him….and his newest songs are no exception.  My fave of the batch is “Better Than I Used to Be”….omg….that song gives me chills…I love it!  So thought I’d share it all with you…cuz hey he’s hot…he can sing…and did I say he was HOT???????!!!
Winking smile

PS—sidenote…for those that saw the news about the flight attendant that went beserk on the American Airlines plane this past week…yeah I WAS NOT ON THE FLIGHT…THANK GOD…I promise I didn’t do it…but she woulda freaked the HELL outta me LOL.  Not sure what I’m tallking about….go see HERE!


-The CMC Classroom has it’s 2nd Annual Birthday Bash starting on March 19th! It will be a fun-filled week with games, challenges, awesome prizes and some party chats—you won’t want to miss a thing!!  So mark your calendars…all are welcome!

-SCACD has so many awesome NEW goodies I can’t even list them all but I’ll try a few LOL…all the NEW Spellbinders, NEW Luminarte products, 6x6 paper pads (yummo-licious) and Dylusions stencils.  Go check ‘em out!

Gypsy Girl!!

 Ok so I got to play with a new image yesterday…it’s a digi image by Saturated Canary called “Gypsy”. I was introduced to these at CHA in January and fell in love with their faces and much fun to COLOR!!! I bought her not only cuz she was cute but cuz she was called Gypsy---that’s my nickname.  My license plate says GYP-Z and my tattoo…yes I am getting a tiny one…calm yourselves one will ever see it but me, God, hubby & my doctors cuz its tiny & outta the way LOL—is a gypsy moth with GYPZY underneath. Its for me, celebrates a certain occasion and not for everyone to view KWIM. I always felt a bit like a gypsy, always ready to travel and move around, feel free, be myself…never settled for long…or I go beserk-o!!   I was still feeling ill so it took me a LONG time to color her but it was worth it…I have about 12 others that will find their way to my desk very soon as well! (hey I’m a crafter too, I have lots of everything, or think I need lots LOL)

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

Crafty Catz Challenge (Mom's Day or Special Lady)
Ditzy Crafty Mess Challenge (anything goes or buttons)
Prairie Fairy Fridays (distress it)
Hot Shot Craft Challenge (ribbon)
C.R.A.F.T Challenge (inspired by a song)...I have always LOVED "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac, its a classic and I can see my gypsy gal below singin' it!!
Paper Crafting Journey Challenge (paper--anything goes)
Divas By Design (fave things...mine is copics, distress & gypsies lol)
Simon Says Stamp Challenge (mom's day/special gal)
Make It Monday (anything goes)

I used these AWESOME new papers by MME Miss Caroline line “Dilly Dally (the whole darn line is a must have..yeah I have the whole darn line…want to join me…go HERE to buy)!!  I distressed all the edges with my Zutter Distress machine (cuz I wuv it), tied a bow with my Bow Easy and added a button to finish it off.  I KNOW, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, NO PUNCHES OR DIE CUTS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS CARD….UNBELIEVABLE I KNOW…LOL!! But it does have a ton of layers and is thick & heavy as heck Winking smile The sentiment is from a PTI set—I thought it appropriate!

She got colored up with my Copics, yup she did!  I used lots on her:  BG04,BG01,BG0000 / Y15,Y11,Y000 / R29,R22,R20 / E11,E00 / C9,C5,C3,C1,C00 / E49,E25,E33,E31.  And of course I added some stickles to sparkle this gal up (and yes she has stickles-sparkly eyeshadow on too).  I just love her, she’s a fun one…sassy…I like it!!!

Have a great weekend---hope its fabulous---go have some fun!!

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