Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Dapper Wee Bunny!!

Hello everyone & a Very Happy Middle-of-the-Week Wednesday to you!  If you are getting slammed with snow and wind I hope you are doing ok.  We lucked out with rain but of course we have flooding everywhere....that's what happens when you live near lots of creeks, rivers and the coast like we are here in the VA/MD/DC area.  And BRRRRR its still cold...I was just getting used to the 50 deg sunny days...Mother Nature is having fun with my moods lately me thinks.  I just want Spring to come and BE HERE FOR AWHILE!

So I have a project for you today below 
and a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT...whoot...finally!  
Something that I've been wanting to do for 2 years now but just didn't have any time with family and traveling and teaching so much.  So two years in the making and its ready...well almost ready...still lots to get done on it.  BUT I couldn't wait any longer and wanted to share it with you all TODAY...whooo hoooo LOL!  So remember when you visit I still have lots to add to the site so everyday more things will be put on it for you all to see.

....yes a new one LOL!  

And a very different one at that!  I like to decorate, I like fashion, I like skincare/makeup tips, I like
organization of all kinds, I like to cook, I like to read, I like alllllll kinds of other fun things and most of all I have been wanting to SHARE & WRITE about them!  ScrapBitz is my crafty blog and yeah I always have a bit of a monologue and news about my trips and family here...but I sometimes...ok a lot of times want to share more things with everyone.  Not because I think you will always be interested or even care...but I like to share and this was a good way for me to do it.  So its a LIFESTYLE BLOG of news, tips, photos, projects and rambling talk from yours truly :)  So ScrapBitz will still be my crafty blog so no worries...I'll just have a new LifeStyle Blog as well. So take a gander there & I'd love to know what you think!

I hope you take a visit there and a big THANKS to my friend Veronica of VKDesigns for putting up with my many changes & ideas and creating the blog design I had envisioned...she did an awesome job me thinks! 


A Wee Dapper Bunny!

Today is Wee Wednesday at the Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog...every Wednesday a few of the DT gals have projects featuring those super-sweet-cute Wee Stamps that Magnolia-licious now carries!  So make sure to hop over there to see my teammates Sheri Willshire & Angela Wood's projects too...they are beautimous!!  I used this ohhhhh so sweet "Wee Bunny"...and he's very dapper with his tie and sweet rose me thinks :)

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

So "Wee Bunny" got dressed all in grey & soft MATCH MY NEW BLOG ahahahaha...I always have a plan and I love color-coordination...I can't help meself!  But also because I love the combo, its soft, spring-like and modern.  (in fact my new office I'm working on will be these colors too)  The papers are a mix of PaperMania Capsule Collection, PTI dots and some scraps.  I used my circle dies and distressed all my edges softly for a bit of a shabby-chic look.  I have had this awesome silk gingham ribbon forever and so excited to use creates beautiful bows.  The flowery-swirl is a die from Memory Box that again I chopped into pieces...cuz that's what I do :)  I even added some of it to my bow knot along with a pearl.  The sentiment is from PTI and stamped in soft gray ink.

I used all TouchTwin markers for my project...if you haven't tried them you will love them when you do.  The ink flows beautifully and they are so easy to blend AND they work with other alcohol markers too.  I have a ton of resources on them at my CMC Classroom that everyone is welcome to use HERE!  
I colored him with a dotted style instead of smooth blending to give him some fun texture!

 That's it for me today...hope you enjoyed my Wee project and my new venture!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Boys!!

Hello friends & a Happy Tuesday to you all!  I have to say the past few sunny days here in Virginia has got me all excited for Spring to arrive.  I cannot wait to turn the clocks forward and have longer days of light...makes me happy and feel more productive LOL!  Its my favorite time of the year and I"m so sick of seeing gray, brown trees and grass...ready for the colors of spring to start showing themselves.  New leaves on the trees...cherry tree blossoms...crocus, tulips and daffodils popping up and blooming...and the birds singing!  How can you not love Spring??

Ok I will keep my blibber-blabber to a minimum today.  If you want to read some of my rambling chatter hop down to this POST HERE LOL...I warn ya, it was done on 2 Cokes and insomnia :) But I have a love of writing and try to write from the heart as much as I can.  Which leads me to a surprise coming!  I have HUGE announcement that I'm excited to share with you all tomorrow...well BIG for make sure to check in!


All About Boys!!

Today is another great challenge brought to you by Magnolia-licious!  We our challenging everyone to create Boy/Guy Projects...yup...its ALL ABOUT BOYS!  I know some of you struggle with boy projects or you just avoid them all together if you can LOL...well the DT girls hope to inspire you to give it a GO.  Have fun with it and challenge yourself to something different...I promise it will be fun!  I love to do boy projects...they push me to do different things and use different elements..and hey I have some boys in the house so its something I gotta do LOL!  I decided to create a baby boy card this time around...I don't create many baby cards so this was a perfect opportunity!

You can find all the details on the Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog and hope you stop by to see the other DT projects for inspiration AND join in the fun with us!!  You can win a wonderful surprise from Magnolia-lious!

I used this cute Magnolia "Airplane" that I've had for a long time...its fun to use non-people images sometimes ya know.  The "Edwin with Airplane" stamp is a cute one to pair up with this airplane as well...its one of my faves as it reminds me of my son when he was small.  I used older papers from K&Co "Itsy Bitsy Boy" paper pad...I love the patterns and soft colors in this pack.  The "It's a Boy" lettering was done on my Silhouette Cameo...I cut one out of yellow cs and then made it a tiny bit bigger and cut it out of white cs and layered them.  They got a good coating of Stickles as well for sparkle.  The clouds are PTI dies and I layered the cardstock again for more dimension, adding a line of Stickles around each cloud.  The buttons are a fun can't really use too many flowers and girly things on card so you gotta think outside the box a bit.

The image got colored with Copics:  BV25,BV23,BV20 / YR23,Y15,Y11,Y00 / B01,B000.  I added a thick coat of Diamond Glaze to the plane for some nice shine.

That's all for me today....I'll see you back here tomorrow! Have a great one!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Do you get me?

Happy Monday everyone! Hope the weekend treated you well and you are ready to start the week off with a BANG...or a quiet boom yes? LOL!  I have no projects today...because I have projects & posts coming the rest of the week along with some other "stuffs" :)  So I've had one too many Cokes this evening...3 to be exact...that's TWO more than I shoulda so I'm in a rambling, diary, journal-typing-kinda mood.  Lucky you huh? or not hahahaha  So my journal prompt (yes I journal all the time outside my blog) today was "describe yourself"...ha...not such an easy subject...myself.  I don't always like to describe myself, I feel I put out there what anyone needs to know and if you don't get it...well that's ok...but I let it all hang out...the good..the bad..the ugly..the funny.  So I figured I'd give it a go tonight since I have so much sugar & caffeine running thru my blood!

I AM......

Loud...and Quiet...I know how to be both in the right places, situations and occasions.
I have a brain & a mouth...I like to use both..or try..I won't be shut up to make someone more comfortable with themselves or the situation if something needs to be said.
I have opinions..I expect others to have them too...I don't expect you to like mine or for me to like yours 100% of the time...and I'm ok with that. I respect everyone, their opinions and their rights whether I disagree or not. I speak my mind. God gave us them to use not to waste.
I am not negative. I am a glass half-full, glass overflowing at times kinda gal. Life is hard enough I prefer the power of positivity. I try to see the best in most people & things.
I am kind.  I am compassionate. I care.  I love.  I hurt.  I feel.
I am not mean, vengeful, vindictive or careless. I may forgive but I never forget. I will stand up for myself, my family and my friends.  Dare me not. I protect.
I do not anger easily or often. But don't push me, I am slow to boil but I boil real HOT when pushed.
I am trustworthy. I respect people, vows & commitments.  I cannot stand a liar or a cheat.
I am not afraid...of most things..snakes are not included in that. To live in fear is to not live fully. I prefer to attempt everything fearlessly.
I am a good friend. I am very loyal & I care deeply about the people close to me. Some of my closest friends I met on the computer...sounds creepy..but I assure you its not.
I do not suffer fools. Phony, Fake, Catty, Mean folks need not apply.
I like to laugh. Laughter has seen me through many trying times. I prefer laughter over chocolate. If you don't laugh & smile everyday I shall prescribe them for you.
I have a great sense of humor. I can see humor in a lot of things. I appreciate crude, adolescent humor...I was an adolescent & I have teens...why not? I'm never too old to think myself above it.
I will be 40 next year...not thrilled.  Some people ask me if I'm 5..naw I say I'm 2!
I liked my 30's...a lot...I grew in many ways...all positive in my opinion. My 20's not so much.
I get that the next day could be my last day and appreciate that for what it really is. I appreciate my health as it is...I can walk, talk, breathe and think...everything else doesn't seem as big a deal when you consider the alternative.
I do not choose any one religion. I choose to believe what I believe. As is my choice. But I believe that having morals, love, being non-judgemental and being kind are a priority...period.
I am real.  I am human.  I am not perfect.  I am not the best of anything. 
 I prefer to say "I'm a work in progress"....and will still be saying that at age 90.
I am a klutz...I fall, trip, drop & spill..I've been known to trip over "air"...I'm ok with just gotta accept who you are warts and all at the end of the day.  Humor is the best remedy...see above :)
I am not above looking or acting crazy...I try my best to make my kids husband would say I live to make him crazy....its all good!
I am a good wife. I love my husband. My hubby is #1 in my book. He loves me for who I am and that's all I could ever ask for.  He's also a great father, friend & he makes me laugh...BONUS *but shhh don't tell him I said so*!
 My family is #1...priority..above all else nothing else matters...don't make me choose because you would lose.
My kids are my greatest none. I am a proud mama.
I have 8 animals...6 cats & 2 dogs...I am not an animal hoarder I promise.  My animals are my family & like children to me too.  I have a thing for can't be helped. I've been told that 8 is enough...wasn't that a show...hmmmmm
Having kids helped make me self-less, more patient and mellow, made me learn to love harder & stronger. Made me crazier :)
I hate to love to exercise if I don't know I'm doing it...understand that? But things start to go south & my body feels its best when its the struggle continues.
I am slightly OCD about some things. I hate pillows on the floor. I must have lights on wherever I am. No one can read my magazines before me or I recycle them and get new. I hate clutter...been known to have slight melt-downs (hubby shakin his head yes) when there is clutter on my tables and counter tops. I hate unmade beds. Dirty bathrooms make me squirm.
I am a tech geek. If it is technical then I'm sure to love it.
My fave inventions are donuts, Google & Kindles.
I love cowboy boots and high much as I love being barefoot in the summer.
I grew up country.  I live in the city. I prefer to say I'm a citified country girl.
I'm a gypsy. Part of me is never rooted. Traveling makes me happy.
I prefer to be busy than still. I prefer nights to mornings. I prefer soda to coffee. I prefer warmth to cold. I prefer kindness to rudeness.
I'm passionate about most things. I should have been born Italian I guess.
I am crazy about football, hockey & baseball...I am half-dude at times. I am as comfortable in a room full of guys as girls...granted the girls are not catty, phony or fake...see above.
I can never just do one thing. I've been likened to the Tasmanian Devil at times. I can sleep when I'm dead I like to say. Life is for living and doing...not for being idle.
I like cold pillowcases...warm sheets. I sleep with one foot outside the covers at all times. Weird..maybe..but yeah that's me.
I am addicted to a few things...none of them bad for my health...just bad for my wallet.
I love to read, books are my crack...said with a grin.  I love music, all kinds unless I cannot understand the words because of odd-intense screaming. I prefer to be at a concert yellin like a maniac and singing to sleeping. Amazon and iTunes adore me.
I am an artist..a paper crafter...a writer...a painter...a wanna-be of many other things.
I love to cook.  I hate to bake. Pinterest has been a good thing for me. Pinterest has been a bad thing for me (aka time sucker)
I love my makes me happy everytime I'm in it.  I have been known to speed...if you are cop or my daughter please skip this line.
I like people. I like stories. I like to talk. I like to listen. I crave peace and quiet. 
I like the sound of the wind in the trees and the waves of the ocean. 
I love the smell of fresh baked bread and lilacs. Tulips always make me smile.
My favorite color is black..yeah the color all absence of color..go figure. My next favorite colors are blue and red. Orange is my least favorite color unless its a flower.
I was born to live in the South. Feels like home. But my family is home..where they are is where I will be.
I was born to be a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend...but most of all an individual.
Love me. Hate me. Friend me. Despise me. See me. Hide me. Laugh at me. Laugh with me.
But in the end.....

I am....ME

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rrrroarrrrr it's Friday!

Hello everyone & Happy TGIFriday!  Yay its the weekend again can you not love the weekends right?  I have a friend coming for a private Copic class tomorrow, and I haven't seen her in AGES so it will be fun!  Then our friend Marti is going to come over for a bit to hang & chat.  James is taking Riley & a friend to DC for a Capitals hockey game that starts at noon tomorrow.  And Alexa has so many plans for tonight & tomorrow that I'm slightly confused as to what & where she will be doing LOL.  One of her BFFs is moving to Atlanta on Sunday so they are all trying to cram in as many activities before then as they can.  They've all been buddies since the 5th grade so its kinda hard on them all, especially since its right before their senior fun!  And that's pretty much the gist of our plans for the weekend...nuttin' too exciting!

I also want to note that my friend Jami Bova is doing a MS Bike Ride (150 miles in 2 days, wow) with her husband to help raise money for the MS Society.  Most of you know this is a cause that affects me directly & is near and dear to my own I won't blab on about my own story.  BUT I would love if each one of you could CLICK HERE to visit Jami's blog and read her story and make a donation of ANY size to the MS Society, every dollar counts for something, someone's health, someone's mobility due to research that it will help fund.   
**If you do you get entered to WIN A NEW KINDLE FIRE...whoot...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle Fire and highly recommend them to anyone I talk to LOL!   

AND if you donate come back and leave a comment on any of my blog posts and let me know you pledged for Jami or her husband's bike ride and you will also be entered to win a $25 GC to so you can fill up that new Fire with games, movies & books ok :) Because I appreciate anyone's effort for this its not always life threatening but it is life limiting, very painful and nothing I would wish on anyone to deal with in their lifetime!! Thanks in advance!!


Rrrroarrrrr, its a Wild Birthday!

Let's get a little wild up in here is Friday ya know ;)!!!  I have a surprise there right LOL..but I rarely make guy cards.  I actually like making guy cards...its fun to pull out different elements and challenge myself to something that isn't all girly & frilly!  So this was a fun one for me to do!  I used a NEW SCACD from the Oddly Sweet Curiosities Set #4 "Me & My Lil' Buddy"...see his lil' buddy riding on his tail LOL!  Well if a T-Rex can be cute, then I think this guy is a cute....especially his fat belly heehee!  If you have any lil OR big guys in your life this set is awesome to have cuz' who doesn't love a dinosaur (lil' note of curiosity: I was OBSESSED with dinos when I was in elementary & middle school, loved, loved them...then I got to love them again when Riley was young too).

**NEW GOODIES AT SCACD:  New 6x6 paper padsArt Anthology Mists & Velvets, and awesome Make It Crafty laser-chipboard elements.

So I used papers by Heidi Swapp "Vintage Chic" (they are 8x8 papers)...I liked the mix of patterns, worked well for a masculine theme.  I distressed all my edges and inked them and just ripped a few corners.  The ticket underneath is a Tim Holtz ticket, wrapped the center panel with twine and added a few buttons for fun.  The sentiment is from Gina K Designs set...the SCACD dino comes with its own sentiment but I wanted a birthday sentiment so that's why I switched it up!

T-Rex got colored with Copics:  E47,E44,E43,E42,E40 / YR24,Y15,E50.  Then I added Diamond Glaze to his lil friend, his claws and teeth for shine.

That's all for me today...see you back here on Sunday!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project Life - Take #1!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Hope the week is treating you well!  I twisted my cranky lower back yesterday so I'm in a no-movement-pattern today again LOL...but hope to be back up to speed tomorrow.  I started doing Pilates again and lifting weights to strengthen my core muscles...when I'm in shape I have so many less issues with my back and I'm sad I let it all go last year..I was in pretty good shape.  But traveling and work and life just sucked my time and you know when you are beat down, just plumb pooped out? LOL yeah when I'm like that there isn't a speck of energy left in my body for exercising.  BUT I'm trying to get in at least 4 days a week for 45 mins to an hour...I feel that is doable and no excuses...I plain feel better when I'm fit and strong.  And hey 40 is around the corner for me so I gotta keep things semi-UP where they need to be too ahahahaha ;)

But I'm gonna organize my paper drawers today cuz' I can do that sitting down...I have a drawer of 8x8 paper pads from 5 years ago that I NEVER use anymore geesh...why keep them?  I'm gonna stack them and donate them to a local school, shelter or nursing home...they will get better use there AND make room for all my other billions of 6x6 paper pads I have.  I have so much craft stuff I don't use anymore and I'm slowly clearing it out of my craftroom...its dumb to hang onto some things I haven't used.  What's the saying..if you haven't used it in 2 years it should go...well I got LOTS then!! Next on my list is to pile up all the stamps I don't use...some new in their packages, yup you can smack me silly...and make a list and get rid of them by selling and/or donating.  Nowadays I don't buy much that I know I won't use...I've gotten smarter (at times ha) about knowing what I will use.  Course do I NEED more paper?  NOOOOOO BUT I WANT MORE LOL!  Tis a crafters issue me thinks :)


Project Life Take #1

Ok so I have taken the plunge and ordered all the Project Life goodies after researching it & oogling it for a year LOL!  Fifteen years ago I was a scrapbooker...back in the days of stickers, decorative scissors and stencils...yeah some of you remember those awesome supplies eh? LOL!  I diligently scrapped Alexa & Riley's first few years and then got into digital scrapbooking before it was cool & it was so easy for me to do.  I got all the way to age 6 with Riley & age 8 with Alexa.  I also did mini ablums along the way...then I crashed and burned....fizzled out.  I would stress sooooo much over my layouts, spend a ton of $$$ on traditional layouts and still not be pleased with anything so I just stopped.  
*NOTE: I do not sell or get paid to promote this product, just a fan that is sharing*

So I use SnapFish to create my albums every year and leave it at gets my pictures in a book along with journaling about the pics and they are nice mementos.  I always do a year-long album and this year I did trip-albums for Alexa & Riley for their birthday trips last year.  Easy peasy.  But Project Life kept niggling at my ear saying....TRY ME...BUY ME...LOL!  I liked how it was set up, easy to do and I have a slight case of OCD...I like symmetry...big time!  And the way this is set up its symmetrical...appealing to me.  In the beginning it was advertised as a DAILY to-do album...ummmm NO WAY JOSE could I ever commit to that.  I am not even committing to weekly at this point.  But I am doing MONTHLY 1-2 events, fun things I will put in the album.  To me that is totally stress...just fun.  

So I knew what two events I wanted to cover for February: 1) Super Bowl Trip 2) Riley's Birthday so I sent the pics to Costco to be printed.

It literally only took me about 30 mins to create the 2 page spread...most of that was cutting a couple of the pics down and the journaling.  I will journal on my cards in advance when I have time in front of the tv so they are done from now on cutting the time down even more.  I'm all about fast, quick & easy lemme tell ya ;)  Next up is Riley's birthday page and Feb is done!

So a problem with the album is photographing've got the glare of the pocket pages and you can't take it out like a traditional 1 page cuz its in pieces KWIM.  So I photographed multiple times & I'm still not 100% happy but this will have to do for now.  Also my photos weren't ready at Costco when I went in because the photo machine was down..oy I printed them out for now so I could at least get my layouts where I wanted them.  Then I will simply insert the photos when I get them.
So these 2 pages are our trip to Baltimore, MD for Super Bowl weekend.  Our family does so many things together and I have them all documented on my iPhone in my photo gallery and on my blog usually but I wanted a real album with my notes/memories.  So that is why I am doing this.

My daughter likes to take my iPhone and take "selfies" of herself LOL..even though she KNOWS I may use them!  So the photo of her & James was taken while I was in the restroom and they were using my phone...oy hahaha!  But I like the combo of pics and journaling.  I added some fun Washi Tape and Heidi Swapp stickers to the journal cards too.  Some of my journal cards did not have lines on them so I used some of my PTI stamp sets that have journaling/paper images and stamped right on the card.

For the "Ravens Win" I used my PTI alphabet stamps, and the "This is Life..." is a cutout from a Simple Stories paper pad "Snap Life" (its fab for Smashin' or Scrappin").  The Ravens Champions pic I downloaded from the Web and printed it out...easy peasy.

I don't profess to have the best handwriting grip a pen & write is very difficult for me and my handwriting can get a bit out of hand LOL.  For whatever reason I can paint & color, but the task of writing causes cramping in my hands terribly which makes my handwriting a bit messy. But I don't care...for these albums I will do my best..that's all I can ask for.  It is more about documenting the event for my family than achieving handwriting-fabulousity LOL!

I have the Olive Edition of Project Life...there are of course other themes/colors to choose from.  To start I ordered the binder, the Core Kit, a pack of matching papers, the big pack of photo sleeves (variety) and a mini kit all from Amazon.  The Spring products come out soon and I have my eye on some other mini-kits to mix & match in this book.  I'm not going to have the whole album be just this color story..I want a mish-mash :) (like meself)  Pic above is my front page...I may change it to include titles and such but I haven't figured out what I want yet so I just put in a grouping of cards for now so you could see some of the fun prints included in the kit.

So if you were pondering on it, or wondering what it was...well now you know!  I will post pages as I get them done each will keep me on task!!
See ya back here on Friday!

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Mini Celebration Ride!

Happy Monday everyone & for those in the US Happy Prez Day!  Everyone is home today since its a holiday...its my cleaning day so that should be fun with a bunch of lumps in the house taking up space LOL.  Then I have plans to watch 2 episodes of Downton Abbey...cuz YES I'M OBSESSED..I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!!!  OMGeeee...we are only halfway thru Season 2 on Hulu so I'm trying to get done with it so we can watch Season 3 and catch up with the rest of the world.  But I don't watch a ton of tv, too much work and things to do so my tv time is limited(not to mention sports take up a lot of viewing time lol).  Plus I've been informed by "the family" that I cannot watch without them cuz' they are obsessed too LOL..yup even Riley & James although they wouldn't admit I'm sure ;)  Its like watching a combination of the best historical/fiction books I've ever the stories have come to life on screen...amazingly well written and so good. 

And Marti & I had a blast at the Love-and-Theft concert Saturday night!  We drove 3.5 hours South thru rain, sleet, snowstorms and trains to get there LOL and it was a good time.  Canaan Smith was their opening act and it was so good to meet him...he's an AMAZING artist, we've chatted over the past few years but had never met.  He has written songs for Jason Aldean, Love & Theft, and more big names but his voice is excited for him.  And I acted as his bodyguard for a bit LOL...some drunk lady was slobbering on him, GROSS.  Then I chatted with him on Facebook a bit yesterday after realizing I didn't get him to sign his shirt, geesh..such a nice guy and I hope he goes far, I love to see talented musicians make a break in the bizness...its hard stuff to do.  So if you haven't heard of Canaan you can see his big hit HERE (We Got Us) but he has new music coming out too that I'm excited about.  And below is a short video of him singing onstage with Love & Theft on Saturday night.   Next concert for me?  Why its my Luke Bryan...whoot...and Florida Georgia Line...and this gal has PIT TIX..that's right, I plan to be at the stage in grabbing range LMBO ;)  whoot whoot!

me & Canaan Smith Saturday night
(yes we had on matching black leather jackets lol)

Video clip of concert 

Mini Celebration!! 

Today is Mini Monday for of the new features we have is Mini Mondays which will feature a few DT gals every week showcasing the fabulous Mini Magnolia stamps. (On Wednesdays it will be Wee Wednesdays featuring Wee Stamps)  Make sure to check out my DT sisters Norma & Chris' blogs to see their projects today too.  And as always you can see them at the Magnolia-licous Challenge Blog too!  And make sure to check out the current challenge while you are there to join in the fun!
I created a fun set by making a card AND using a fabulous new product by Magnolia called "Doo Bee Pops"...and YES I love saying that name, its so fun ahahaha!  Its a crepe paper product that comes in many colors and the possibilities are endless.  I used mine to create an egg shaped gift tag to match my card.  (I have a lil' slideshow tut below of how I used it for you)

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

I used two awesome Mini Magnolia Stamps on my project...."Mini Circus Tilda" and "Carousel Horse"...I cut Tilda out & added her on the horse with thin dimensionals for dimension.  DO NOT LET THE MINI SIZE INTIMIDATE card is the same size my regular cards are (5.5x5.5"), so I didn't reduce the size although of course you can.  But you can use them just like you would the larger part is that they are tag, envie sized too so lots of options to play with them.  So I used some MORE of those awesome papers from DoCrafts PaperMania "Bexley Black" but in the black/white combo this time....I'm tellin' you these papers are da'bomb'diggity LOL!  I distressed them up with my Distress It All machine and added lots of layers...I LOVE LAYERS :)  Behind the image I added some black tulle and a ribbon treatment...all attached with Scor-Tape..I cannot even say how much I adore Scor-Tape.  I use it a A LOT...esp in the 1/2" and 1/4" sizes.  The white scroll is a Memory Box Die border that I cut in half and added to each side of the image.  The sentiment is from PTI and I added a fun lil' pre-made gingham bow with a pearl in the center.

The images were colored with Copics: C9 thru C1 / E11,E00,R20 / E39,E31,E50.  And then I added lots of stickles to her dress trim, hairband and the horse's bridle/saddle.  Before I mounted my image onto the card I sprayed the entire card with the Maya Road spritz in pearl for a soft, subtle sparkle (I did on the egg below too).

So I love this Doo Bee Bop paper (see/order HERE just scroll down a bit)...I must get some more colors...whoot!  I cut mine with an oval SBs doesn't cut thru the final layer so I just used my scissors to finish it off.  That was with my Cuttlebug so you may be able to cut all the way thru with a different cutter and/or die.  But it was easy to do!  The slideshow below shows how I put this together...there are so many fun shapes you could make and even go smaller than what I did.  **Biggest TIP for you is to make sure you place your die/punch so the lines on the paper are going horizontally NOT vertically ok LOL...yes I did it wrong the first time so trying to save you the trouble!**  I decorated with some tulle, flowers, gingham ribbon, a butterfly (made w/ a MS punch & pearls) and some trim to match my card...then a little tag with a PTI sentiment.  I think it can be used for many things but mainly I made it for a present topper or bag-tag.


Video of Doo Bee Bop Tut 

This is just a picture of how I store my Mini Magnolia can buy the binders, pages & cards to stamp on at Magnolia-licious---they are 58% OFF right now so hurry and get yours.  Alexa stamped and titled them all for me this summer (as a paid job I might add lol) and it makes it soooo much easier to find what I need.  I may eventually re-organize them by Seasons/Event but not yet :)  You can see my original post on decorating my binder HERE too!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Bit Bluesy!

Happy Friday evening my friends!  I know I'm posting at night...that never happens..shocker right? LOL I'm all into the shock-effect...keep y'all on your toes ;)  Nah last night was Valentine's Day and hubby decided he was surprise whisking me away for a Valentines dinner out with out the teens (whoot hahaha) and I had nary the time to finish my project or get a post ready.  So we had a yummo-licious dinner...seafood, wine, chocolate fondue, champagne...mmmm!  It was a nice getaway even if when we got home Alexa was yelling and having a teen-temper-tantrum about how unfair we are...story of my life.  Few moments of peace & greatness...and then....back to REALITY right ahahaha..not EVER a dull moment in my house with 2 teens and 8 animals that's for sure!  She has big ISSUES with us not letting her drive in cars with her friends...all of whom have NEW licenses and I'm sorry but its not gonna happen.  So she's pretty mad with us...not that I care...that's my duty as a mom to keep her safe and no teen needs to be driving with other teens right away.  Certainly not here in crazy Northern VA sirreee.  So that's our rule, period...she doesn't like it...and we don't care.  I remind her often that I'm her MOM, PARENT, not her friend first and my duty as her mom is keep her safe as I can while I can.  After almost 17 years with her she knows her yelling does she can slam doors, etc but its not changing anything LOL.  And her driving?  Well she will start behind-the-wheel driving in May and be able to get her license around Christmas or January.  She hasn't been in a rush and neither have we...plenty of time to drive and after being in a car accident a couple of years ago thanks to a teen that was texting, she's a bit nervous about it all. WHICH IS GOOD...she knows firsthand what texting and driving can hopefully she always keeps that in mind.  I thought parenting lil' kids was HARD, but boy-o nothing compares to teens that's for sure.  Dating, driving, friend drama, parties, drugs, alcohol, technology, bullying...etc...its enough to make my hair turn WHITE.  And they don't warn you or tell you all this when you are thinking about babies...yeah cute, little cuddly babies...cuz you know what?  NO ONE WOULD EVER HAVE KIDS if we REALLY EVER KNEW what it REALLY was all about right? LMBO and they surely don't cover these things in parenting books...oh what a ride it has been with these two kiddos.  I will surely miss the pants off of them when they leave but man they are trying to put momma in a straight-jacket some days!

Tomorrow I'm heading 3 hours south with my buddy Marti to see Love and Theft in concert at a club...Canaan Smith will be singing there too and I'm big fans of both.  And yes they are CUUUUUTE...and put on a great show!  Should be a REAL good time and Marti & I have promised the hubbies that we will be good...bwahahahahaha...yeahhhhh riiiiiight ;)!

And I've got BIG NEWS coming next week...ohhhh its exciting...well I find it all exciting anywho LOL!  So stay tuned for all of that......

Also I'm teaching in FL next month so if you are nearby, come check it out and hang out with us while learning some AWESOME Copic techniques.  All details are HERE!!


A Bit Bluesy!

This lil' girl is a Saturated Canary image called "Ava"...I think she's adorable!  This is a birthday card for someone (shhh I can't tell cuz they read the blog hahaha) and its late...what else is new.  I strive to be that girl that has cards out early but I'm just not..most peeps close to me know that & understand LOL. At almost 40 years old I don't fight what I'm NOT anymore, I just embrace who I AM these days..the way its supposed to be.  And I happen to love this card...took me a long time I won't lie...I fidget with my cards before I glue everything down. One of my favorites to do is to make Monochromatic colored projects AND the color blue..reminds me of summer and the ocean.  I mix and match elements/embellies until I'm happy and then start afixing it to the card base.  Some have asked me to do a video on how I put my projects together but boy-o that would be like taping an ADD person on meds trying to explain the process and I'm tellin you it may be scary ;)

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

I used new papers from PaperMania "Capsule Collection" (7 Kids College Fund has the paper pads in stock now HERE whoot) and I LOVE these paper packs (I got them in blue, pink, black & cream...why..cuz I wanted them...duh).  So many elegant patterns in these packs, they are really nice.  So I colored her up after picking out my papers as always...then I started playing mix-n-match with the patterns till I came up with a mix I liked.  There are a whole lotta layers in this card, if someone asks me what my style is I usually say "lots & lots of layers, symmetry, swirls and fab images"...guess that explains it yes?  A few dies were used of course...the white swirls are a Memory Box die "Amira Flourish" and the dark blue die element is a SB die from one of their sets.  I also added in a bit of white Magic Mesh...I love the can shred it and wrinkle it and it sticks, just a fun element to add.  The flowers are a mix of Primas, Wild Orchids and then some punched flowers with some pattern papers with my fave Nellie Snellen flower dies. (I gotta get a diff shaped Nellie Snellen, I need more..more..more said like the craft hoarder that I am)  The sentiment on the image is from PTI, bow done with a Bow Easy & a few rhinestones to finish it off. (I use & luv the Kaisercraft rhinestones, they come in soooo many colors/sizes and are sticky backed)

She got colored with both Copics & TouchTwins (yes they work well together):  Copics-B28,B24,B21 / E59,E35,E31,E50 / C5,C3,C1 / RV11.  TTwins-PB69/ skin YR132,YR25 & 29.  Some Diamond Glaze on her shoes, balloon & eyes for shine...Stickles on her white trim and around image a bit.

That's it for me!  I'll see you back here on Monday for a special post!  Have a fabulous weekend!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crush On You!

Happy Valentines & Cupid Day!  I'm not a big Valentine girl myself...nothing against it but I'm thinking you should have a bit of love & romance all year long KWIM LOL!  One day a year? I think I don't put much effort into the day with my hubby.  We acknowledge it of course and do something nice for each other but we don't get all crazy with it.  We've been married for 18 years and I love him as much if not more than I did when we were married and we are the bestest of I figure we're doing something right, right? LOL!  I'm a lucky gal to be married to my hubby...he puts up with a lot (and me of him too hahaha), he's always patient, he's so supportive of me and all my many crazy ideas and he's always there for us 110% no matter what.  And best of all...he just gets explanation needed, he gets ME and loves me for it...and that my friends is the best gift I could ever get...period.  So we may not go all out today, in fact I'm cooking tonight and we may not buy each other fantabulous-expensive gifts...but I don't need 'em...I got everything I could ever need  & no amount of $$ can buy that!

So if you have plans today or tonight with loved ones...I wish you much love & happiness, not only today but throughout the year.


I Gotta "Crush" on You!!

And this is a short quick post...just a fun one.  I have always gotten the kids "Cupid Gifts" on Valentines Day...or made them, etc since they could walk/talk.  And when they were little they had heart-shaped sandwiches, red juice and other red foods for fun during the day.  When they went off to school I always packed them fun treats in their lunchboxes and Cupid left gifts outside their bedroom doors.  Now that they are older...well I STILL do it LOL..its just that the prezzies have changed a bit.  So Cupid still leaves gifts outside their doors and I will make some yummy heart shaped dessert this evening...and I vow to send them Cupid gifts in college too even if it makes my son cringe (cuz secretly I KNOW he loves it hee hee)!

Both of my kids love Crush soda..they don't get it often but they LOVEEEE it!  So when I saw these cute printables HERE I knew I had to use them.  She originally used them on lil' juice boxes but I have teens so that really wasn't working for me LOL. But I went to the store and got them each a bottle of Crush (grape for Riley, orange for Alexa) and created fun Valentines for them.  Now they each got some other small gifts too in a gift bag...candy, makeup, iTunes cards...but this is their Valentine card so to speak.

Chalkboard art is really 'TRENDY' right now..its all over blogs and Pinterest..and I love it.  I am painting a chalkboard wall in my kitchen (more to come on that) and I love the vintage feel of it.  So these printables replicate that look just a bit...I added the XXOO Mom sentiment to the bottom with my white Sharpie.  Then I just die cut them out after printing, and die cut some scalloped circles in white to mount them on...hole punched & tied on with gingham ribbon.  Easy, peasy, quick & breezy LOL...but they work great I think.  My teens will love them I know!

That's it for me today...have a wonderful and LOVErly day ;) 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All About A Birthday!

Happy Tuesday to you all!  Today is a special day in our house because 15 years ago today I had my son Riley...almost 10 lbs, had to be induced and had him naturally (NOT by choice LOL).  He was so big that we had to return most of the newborn-baby-boy clothes and get 3-6 mos instead!  Even in my sonogram at 6 mos he had the plumpest, round cheeks hee hee.  He was the cutest, sweetest baby...yes I'm his momma...but he really was!  He was so calm, laid-back and always had a smile AND he was a momma's boy (till about age 13 sighhhh).  He also had the most beautiful brown-red curls all over his head...nowadays he still does & I'm always WANTING him to cut it, comb it or put it under a hat LOL.  And yeah he was a big baby and now he's a BIG boy...almost 6'3 and 200 lbs..pretty much can pick his momma up nowadays instead of the other way around.  And yep we've been struggling this past year with boy hormones, independent streaks, attitude and ALLLLLL those super fun things that happen with teens...some days I feel either that I've gone nutty or that my head is gonna be full of gray hair at some point soon.  BUT he is still the same empathetic sweet boy that he was, he just likes to hide it under a gruff exterior...but his momma knows better ;)  He's all about football, playing it, watching it, listening to it...and hockey and baseball too.  He's training for the high school JV football team now..building muscle & making himself bigger..makes me proud and sad...sighhhh.  If you are a parent you know what I'm talking about...that moment when you are proud of how they've grown and who they are becoming but miss the child they have left behind (sniff sniff).  I'm soooo there especially with Alexa turning 17 in a few mos too ugh.  I'm so proud of him, he had a great season in football, he treats people with respect, he's super smart (if unmotivated at times lol), loves his animals, and has a heart of gold...I know that whatever he puts his mind to, he will DO.  So Riley, I love ya baby (yup you'll always be the baby) and I'm so honored to be your mom and that I get to witness you becoming a young man.

So we aren't gong to Disney World like we did last year (sorry lol)...but we got him some gifts that he will get thru-out the day, we'll go to dinner and celebrate tonight and then this weekend he's going to a Washington Capitals Hockey game with his friends in DC.  So lots of fun and so appropriate that I have a Birthday post today...albeit a girly one hee hee!


A slideshow of pics of Riley from baby to now...I skipped a few years but concentrated on his cute baby smile :)  (YES I'm aware he may KILL me after this LOL....but as usual I don't care)


-I'll be in Florida next month teaching just one day in Bonita Springs if anyone would like to come out!  Two fun Copic classes...both are new classes and it will be laid-back & fun and just spent coloring :)  See more details HERE!  Hope to see you soon!


All About Birthdays Challenge!!

So today we have a NEW & FUN Magnolia-licious & Wee Stamps Challenge...notice the change?  Yes Magnolia-licious has lots of NEW changes...they carry Wee Stamps now, we have ONE combined Design Team and we have new challenges each month along with blog hops 6 times a year!  So lots of new things in store and we hope you will join us for the fun too!  

All details are on the Challenge Blog HERE (check out the new banner by DT Norma Lee too)!

Every other Tuesday we will have a Challenge with a theme that everyone may participate in by using either a Magnolia and/or a Wee Stamp image.  
This challenge is "ALL ABOUT A BIRTHDAY"...
so anything that celebrates a birthday will do! 

I decided to create a Birthday Book & Card Organizer that has been on my to-do list for...ahem...2 years now LOL!  I used "Tilda with Big Ice Cream" from Magnolia-licious Love Collection cuz she's too cute!  All my papers from My Minds Eye/Prima got distressed real good.  I layered some Prima flowers on the front and then used some dies as well...the white leafy die is from La La Land, the pale blue swirl and the white border are both Memory Box Dies (Amira Flourish, Tessatina Border).  I used Spellbinder dies to cut out the main logo element...the words were done on my computer & printed out in pink and then I stamped a few swirls in pale blue as well.  The white leafy elements got coated with Stickles and the whole book got a few sprays of Maya Road Spritz in Snow White for a soft-all-over sparkle/sheen.

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

Crafty Bloggers Network (anything goes)
Created With Love (birthday, emboss, diecuts)
Eureka Stamps (pearls & swirls)
Stamps + Fun =Create (pink, vintage)

This is the inside of the book...I used older papers from My Minds Eye & Prima because I needed larger 12x12 papers for this project.  The actual kraft binder and birthday/note pages are from PTI (Paper Trey Ink) and I bought 3 of each LOL with the hopes to make them up as gifts.  I love the inserts becuase the numbered page folds over and creates a flap for each month so you can stick cards, receipts, notes, etc into each one.  I put a strip of Scor-Tape on the bottom of each page so the flap stayed shut on the bottom creating a real pocket so things don't fall out.  You of course could use this for things other than birthdays too.  I also created a belly band with ribbon and a tab to hold everything tightly together and it easily comes off with velcro, just another accent. 

I used this cutie from Magnolia-licious is called "Tilda with Big Ice Cream" from the Love Collection because she's cute as can be!  She got colored with Copics and then I added some Stickles to her ice cream, dress trim and sparkly "Uggs" (I think they look like Uggs ahahaha)!  Ok I used RV11,RV32,E04 in Copics/ RP196,RP137 in TouchTwins for the pink dress.  E04 was only used just a bit for dark shadow inside folds.

The tabs I made with coordinating papers using my SU tab punch..quick and easy to do and you can write or stamp the month/subject on each.

I distressed all my papers for a Shabby Chic look which I love using my Zutter Distress Machine.  To cover up any areas of kraft binder showing through I used my Distress Paint Dauber in Picket Fence and laid down a couple of dries quickly and gives a vintage look, easy to use too (I did all the edges before adding any papers).

There are 12 tabs/pages for each month of the year no matter what you decide to use it for.

That's it from me today...I'm off to pick up a prezzie that came in for Riley at Best Buy and a cake for tonight!  Hugs to you all!

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