Monday, February 25, 2013

Do you get me?

Happy Monday everyone! Hope the weekend treated you well and you are ready to start the week off with a BANG...or a quiet boom yes? LOL!  I have no projects today...because I have projects & posts coming the rest of the week along with some other "stuffs" :)  So I've had one too many Cokes this evening...3 to be exact...that's TWO more than I shoulda so I'm in a rambling, diary, journal-typing-kinda mood.  Lucky you huh? or not hahahaha  So my journal prompt (yes I journal all the time outside my blog) today was "describe yourself"...ha...not such an easy subject...myself.  I don't always like to describe myself, I feel I put out there what anyone needs to know and if you don't get it...well that's ok...but I let it all hang out...the good..the bad..the ugly..the funny.  So I figured I'd give it a go tonight since I have so much sugar & caffeine running thru my blood!

I AM......

Loud...and Quiet...I know how to be both in the right places, situations and occasions.
I have a brain & a mouth...I like to use both..or try..I won't be shut up to make someone more comfortable with themselves or the situation if something needs to be said.
I have opinions..I expect others to have them too...I don't expect you to like mine or for me to like yours 100% of the time...and I'm ok with that. I respect everyone, their opinions and their rights whether I disagree or not. I speak my mind. God gave us them to use not to waste.
I am not negative. I am a glass half-full, glass overflowing at times kinda gal. Life is hard enough I prefer the power of positivity. I try to see the best in most people & things.
I am kind.  I am compassionate. I care.  I love.  I hurt.  I feel.
I am not mean, vengeful, vindictive or careless. I may forgive but I never forget. I will stand up for myself, my family and my friends.  Dare me not. I protect.
I do not anger easily or often. But don't push me, I am slow to boil but I boil real HOT when pushed.
I am trustworthy. I respect people, vows & commitments.  I cannot stand a liar or a cheat.
I am not afraid...of most things..snakes are not included in that. To live in fear is to not live fully. I prefer to attempt everything fearlessly.
I am a good friend. I am very loyal & I care deeply about the people close to me. Some of my closest friends I met on the computer...sounds creepy..but I assure you its not.
I do not suffer fools. Phony, Fake, Catty, Mean folks need not apply.
I like to laugh. Laughter has seen me through many trying times. I prefer laughter over chocolate. If you don't laugh & smile everyday I shall prescribe them for you.
I have a great sense of humor. I can see humor in a lot of things. I appreciate crude, adolescent humor...I was an adolescent & I have teens...why not? I'm never too old to think myself above it.
I will be 40 next year...not thrilled.  Some people ask me if I'm 5..naw I say I'm 2!
I liked my 30's...a lot...I grew in many ways...all positive in my opinion. My 20's not so much.
I get that the next day could be my last day and appreciate that for what it really is. I appreciate my health as it is...I can walk, talk, breathe and think...everything else doesn't seem as big a deal when you consider the alternative.
I do not choose any one religion. I choose to believe what I believe. As is my choice. But I believe that having morals, love, being non-judgemental and being kind are a priority...period.
I am real.  I am human.  I am not perfect.  I am not the best of anything. 
 I prefer to say "I'm a work in progress"....and will still be saying that at age 90.
I am a klutz...I fall, trip, drop & spill..I've been known to trip over "air"...I'm ok with just gotta accept who you are warts and all at the end of the day.  Humor is the best remedy...see above :)
I am not above looking or acting crazy...I try my best to make my kids husband would say I live to make him crazy....its all good!
I am a good wife. I love my husband. My hubby is #1 in my book. He loves me for who I am and that's all I could ever ask for.  He's also a great father, friend & he makes me laugh...BONUS *but shhh don't tell him I said so*!
 My family is #1...priority..above all else nothing else matters...don't make me choose because you would lose.
My kids are my greatest none. I am a proud mama.
I have 8 animals...6 cats & 2 dogs...I am not an animal hoarder I promise.  My animals are my family & like children to me too.  I have a thing for can't be helped. I've been told that 8 is enough...wasn't that a show...hmmmmm
Having kids helped make me self-less, more patient and mellow, made me learn to love harder & stronger. Made me crazier :)
I hate to love to exercise if I don't know I'm doing it...understand that? But things start to go south & my body feels its best when its the struggle continues.
I am slightly OCD about some things. I hate pillows on the floor. I must have lights on wherever I am. No one can read my magazines before me or I recycle them and get new. I hate clutter...been known to have slight melt-downs (hubby shakin his head yes) when there is clutter on my tables and counter tops. I hate unmade beds. Dirty bathrooms make me squirm.
I am a tech geek. If it is technical then I'm sure to love it.
My fave inventions are donuts, Google & Kindles.
I love cowboy boots and high much as I love being barefoot in the summer.
I grew up country.  I live in the city. I prefer to say I'm a citified country girl.
I'm a gypsy. Part of me is never rooted. Traveling makes me happy.
I prefer to be busy than still. I prefer nights to mornings. I prefer soda to coffee. I prefer warmth to cold. I prefer kindness to rudeness.
I'm passionate about most things. I should have been born Italian I guess.
I am crazy about football, hockey & baseball...I am half-dude at times. I am as comfortable in a room full of guys as girls...granted the girls are not catty, phony or fake...see above.
I can never just do one thing. I've been likened to the Tasmanian Devil at times. I can sleep when I'm dead I like to say. Life is for living and doing...not for being idle.
I like cold pillowcases...warm sheets. I sleep with one foot outside the covers at all times. Weird..maybe..but yeah that's me.
I am addicted to a few things...none of them bad for my health...just bad for my wallet.
I love to read, books are my crack...said with a grin.  I love music, all kinds unless I cannot understand the words because of odd-intense screaming. I prefer to be at a concert yellin like a maniac and singing to sleeping. Amazon and iTunes adore me.
I am an artist..a paper crafter...a writer...a painter...a wanna-be of many other things.
I love to cook.  I hate to bake. Pinterest has been a good thing for me. Pinterest has been a bad thing for me (aka time sucker)
I love my makes me happy everytime I'm in it.  I have been known to speed...if you are cop or my daughter please skip this line.
I like people. I like stories. I like to talk. I like to listen. I crave peace and quiet. 
I like the sound of the wind in the trees and the waves of the ocean. 
I love the smell of fresh baked bread and lilacs. Tulips always make me smile.
My favorite color is black..yeah the color all absence of color..go figure. My next favorite colors are blue and red. Orange is my least favorite color unless its a flower.
I was born to live in the South. Feels like home. But my family is home..where they are is where I will be.
I was born to be a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend...but most of all an individual.
Love me. Hate me. Friend me. Despise me. See me. Hide me. Laugh at me. Laugh with me.
But in the end.....

I am....ME


  1. AWE! Suzanne, I loved reading this and I can actually see your facial expressions as I read it! :)

    Have a good night my friend! ♥

  2. What an amazing way to describe yourself! I enjoyed this a lot.

  3. I loved reading your "ramble" (your words not mine) - I'm glad you had your three Cokes. It really was a fun read. TFS.

  4. Nice read Suzanne. In some places I can certainly relate!

  5. So fun to read this. These things and your wonderful cards are why I check in each time you have something new posted.

  6. I get you girlfriend and am proud to be a BFF. I love and respect you!!! And can't wait to see you next week???? The three muskateers ride agsin. :-). <3

  7. Ok didn't see my post so hope this isn't a duplicate. I totally get you girlfriend and I'm proud to be a BFF. You are REAL!! And i love you being you. Can't wait until the three musketeers are together next week. Watch out FL. LOL. We ride again

  8. Through reading your post over time, I feel you described yourself perfectly.

  9. Wow...Few people can put into words "who" they are. You not only did it but did it with style and grace. Thanks. Have a good one and hopefully ya'll won't get the cold and snow. Yuke. :)

  10. You are your own person and a lovely lady. I love reading your blog because it is always fun and upbeat. I love how you teach copic clases and hope to do more of them and love to call you my friend.

  11. You are great. Don't fear forty. I found my twenties not so much thirties pretty forties really good ... My fifties hav been fabulous. Sixty is just around th corner and based on the progression so far I think they'll be sensational. I am pretty confident you'll find the same thing .. Because you're a positive girl an what is the alternative!

  12. You are a perfect person. Wish I and more people in the world would mirror you. I have met you and know that you have a super personality,
    have a great week
    warm hugs

  13. What an awesome post, Suzanne! You and I really have a lot in common :) I have decided we are going to be good friends :) Thanks so much for sharing your life with us!
    Hugs, Christine

  14. WOW, wish I could write like that! Great piece and it sounds like you know you. You seem to enjoy life and I always enjoy reading your blog. Go girl. Edna

  15. WOW, wish I could write like that! Great piece and it sounds like you know you. You seem to enjoy life and I always enjoy reading your blog. Go girl. Edna

  16. (one more time!) You're awesome! Love ya. :) (HAD to comment on this one.)

  17. Your post today is truly riveting. You put so much of yourself out there for fans of your post. I am very glad to be one of them. Thanks for all you do.. from a Manitoba, Canada Fan

  18. WOW how interesting,Thank you for telling us about you!.
    Now when i see your work or think of you, I can now see what kind of lady you are..Its something we maybe should alldo on our blog?
    Im gratefull to be able to call youmy "Online friend"
    Have a great day
    I really must update my blog its been tooo long

  19. What a great post! I really enjoyed this, and think it's good for us to look at ourselves. This will also be a great way for your family to see how you see yourself.

  20. Thank you for sharing more about Suzanne with us.

    We love you the way you are.


    P.S. Love your fave inventions. :)

  21. I knew most of the above except about having to read a magazine before anyone else.....cracked me up....You are you and I really love that you know exactly who you are.....I know who I am now but didn't know who I was at your age so you are way ahead of the game...all I can say is GO GIRL! I know you will! Very very proud to be one of your friends and I too will always have your back!
    the PaperTemptress

  22. awwwwwwe Suzanne....... I think you have done this to a TEE!! I have to say I love the YOU that I know and yes this is it!! Loved reading this!!
    big hugs ....

  23. I love and adore you just the way you are. but you know that ;).

    Except I didn't know the magazine thing. That makes me love you more. I have yelled and screeched at my family when they have done this to me. It feels tainted after that. Never thought to recycle it and get a new one- that my friend is BRILLIANT! xoxo

  24. Amen and this is one of my MOST favorite posts you have written.It speaks volumes of who and what you are and what you are about! AWESOME!!! I have long loved your craft!

  25. I LOVE this post, it is so Suzanne! I smiled all the way through! :-)

  26. What a fantastic post! I loved learning more about you!!!

  27. i'd say you got it together girl :) i can relate to some, long for some(i've never had children) and congratulate you on all. A fab post, thank u for sharing 'you'.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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