Friday, February 15, 2013

A Bit Bluesy!

Happy Friday evening my friends!  I know I'm posting at night...that never happens..shocker right? LOL I'm all into the shock-effect...keep y'all on your toes ;)  Nah last night was Valentine's Day and hubby decided he was surprise whisking me away for a Valentines dinner out with out the teens (whoot hahaha) and I had nary the time to finish my project or get a post ready.  So we had a yummo-licious dinner...seafood, wine, chocolate fondue, champagne...mmmm!  It was a nice getaway even if when we got home Alexa was yelling and having a teen-temper-tantrum about how unfair we are...story of my life.  Few moments of peace & greatness...and then....back to REALITY right ahahaha..not EVER a dull moment in my house with 2 teens and 8 animals that's for sure!  She has big ISSUES with us not letting her drive in cars with her friends...all of whom have NEW licenses and I'm sorry but its not gonna happen.  So she's pretty mad with us...not that I care...that's my duty as a mom to keep her safe and no teen needs to be driving with other teens right away.  Certainly not here in crazy Northern VA sirreee.  So that's our rule, period...she doesn't like it...and we don't care.  I remind her often that I'm her MOM, PARENT, not her friend first and my duty as her mom is keep her safe as I can while I can.  After almost 17 years with her she knows her yelling does she can slam doors, etc but its not changing anything LOL.  And her driving?  Well she will start behind-the-wheel driving in May and be able to get her license around Christmas or January.  She hasn't been in a rush and neither have we...plenty of time to drive and after being in a car accident a couple of years ago thanks to a teen that was texting, she's a bit nervous about it all. WHICH IS GOOD...she knows firsthand what texting and driving can hopefully she always keeps that in mind.  I thought parenting lil' kids was HARD, but boy-o nothing compares to teens that's for sure.  Dating, driving, friend drama, parties, drugs, alcohol, technology, bullying...etc...its enough to make my hair turn WHITE.  And they don't warn you or tell you all this when you are thinking about babies...yeah cute, little cuddly babies...cuz you know what?  NO ONE WOULD EVER HAVE KIDS if we REALLY EVER KNEW what it REALLY was all about right? LMBO and they surely don't cover these things in parenting books...oh what a ride it has been with these two kiddos.  I will surely miss the pants off of them when they leave but man they are trying to put momma in a straight-jacket some days!

Tomorrow I'm heading 3 hours south with my buddy Marti to see Love and Theft in concert at a club...Canaan Smith will be singing there too and I'm big fans of both.  And yes they are CUUUUUTE...and put on a great show!  Should be a REAL good time and Marti & I have promised the hubbies that we will be good...bwahahahahaha...yeahhhhh riiiiiight ;)!

And I've got BIG NEWS coming next week...ohhhh its exciting...well I find it all exciting anywho LOL!  So stay tuned for all of that......

Also I'm teaching in FL next month so if you are nearby, come check it out and hang out with us while learning some AWESOME Copic techniques.  All details are HERE!!


A Bit Bluesy!

This lil' girl is a Saturated Canary image called "Ava"...I think she's adorable!  This is a birthday card for someone (shhh I can't tell cuz they read the blog hahaha) and its late...what else is new.  I strive to be that girl that has cards out early but I'm just not..most peeps close to me know that & understand LOL. At almost 40 years old I don't fight what I'm NOT anymore, I just embrace who I AM these days..the way its supposed to be.  And I happen to love this card...took me a long time I won't lie...I fidget with my cards before I glue everything down. One of my favorites to do is to make Monochromatic colored projects AND the color blue..reminds me of summer and the ocean.  I mix and match elements/embellies until I'm happy and then start afixing it to the card base.  Some have asked me to do a video on how I put my projects together but boy-o that would be like taping an ADD person on meds trying to explain the process and I'm tellin you it may be scary ;)

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

I used new papers from PaperMania "Capsule Collection" (7 Kids College Fund has the paper pads in stock now HERE whoot) and I LOVE these paper packs (I got them in blue, pink, black & cream...why..cuz I wanted them...duh).  So many elegant patterns in these packs, they are really nice.  So I colored her up after picking out my papers as always...then I started playing mix-n-match with the patterns till I came up with a mix I liked.  There are a whole lotta layers in this card, if someone asks me what my style is I usually say "lots & lots of layers, symmetry, swirls and fab images"...guess that explains it yes?  A few dies were used of course...the white swirls are a Memory Box die "Amira Flourish" and the dark blue die element is a SB die from one of their sets.  I also added in a bit of white Magic Mesh...I love the can shred it and wrinkle it and it sticks, just a fun element to add.  The flowers are a mix of Primas, Wild Orchids and then some punched flowers with some pattern papers with my fave Nellie Snellen flower dies. (I gotta get a diff shaped Nellie Snellen, I need more..more..more said like the craft hoarder that I am)  The sentiment on the image is from PTI, bow done with a Bow Easy & a few rhinestones to finish it off. (I use & luv the Kaisercraft rhinestones, they come in soooo many colors/sizes and are sticky backed)

She got colored with both Copics & TouchTwins (yes they work well together):  Copics-B28,B24,B21 / E59,E35,E31,E50 / C5,C3,C1 / RV11.  TTwins-PB69/ skin YR132,YR25 & 29.  Some Diamond Glaze on her shoes, balloon & eyes for shine...Stickles on her white trim and around image a bit.

That's it for me!  I'll see you back here on Monday for a special post!  Have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. WOW, she's just amazing!!!!! Love all the blues and the way you coloured her. Hugs, Brigitte

  2. Great card and love all the blue shades. YEA for you as a Mom to stick to your driving/riding rules. She'll appreciate it when she has kids of her own. I could go on and on as have grandkids her age. Edna

  3. Wow Suzanne,
    your card are really wonderful,the colours and the image is so fantastic.
    Many hugs and greetings

  4. Beautiful blue card! And good for you for putting your foot down with your kiddos. I'm always a little scared when I'm driving and see a car full of teens. There's just too many distractions for inexperienced drivers. Also, for anyone in the US who is looking for that designer paper, they now carry it at 7 Kids College Fund. Yay! I love that Capsule Collection but cringe to pay shipping from the UK.

  5. Kids! You'll all get through it and be all the better for it, believe it or not! What a cutie this baby is! I love the papers and colors and different designs. Love the mesh too! And your dies are to die for! I'd love to see a video of how you put a card together! Maybe some day...

    Have a great weekend!



  6. Beautiful, monochromatic card! As for the parenting thing, I don't have any of my own. I'm active with my brother's kids, though. My middle nephew just started driving a few months ago. He's a very careful driver, but I have the same fear that you do. Luckily, the topic of riding with his friends has not come up yet, as he is one of the first ones in his group to even have his learner's. I'm not looking forward to the conversations about it, though, and I'm not even the mom!!! I feel for you!

  7. So nice of your DH to suprise you with a nice dinner out, Suzanne. I am really into surprises.
    I love your darling card. Boy, she is fantastic and beautifully colored. Gorgeous papers and elements bring her to life.
    You have a great weekend. Sounds like you and Marti will have lots of fun at the concert. Safe travels...
    Cathy Lee

  8. This is absolutely beautiful Suzanne, I love the colours and pretty design, so very sweet, I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled
    Hugs Julie P

  9. Beautiful card.. love the blues.. I know, I know, I know exactly what you are feeling. My son, now 23, had the same restriction when his friends got their licences.. His Dad and I were the ONLY parents out of 5 boys who picked him up and dropped him off at the locations his friends were going while they were all in one of the boys' cars... He hated it and protested like your daughter...we also had a rule when he drove that NO ONE was allowed to be with him for 6 months.. until he got used to driving. This may help.. his father and I sat him down and told him that we WANTED him to experience his independence and WANTED him to one day drive with his friends, but the GOLDEN RULE we set in our home was this: It has to be as comfortable for us (his parents) as it is for him... we told him how we LIKED when he went out with friends because it gave us time to do what we wanted to do but if we were sitting here biting our fingernails feeling fearful about what HE was doing, then it was going to be a "no go." We felt we had the same right to have the same "good time" at home that he was having going wherever with his friends... so after a bit of protesting, he got it, and thanfully he is a great and safe driver today. This is such a hard time SUzanne, I felt like you were writing about me... it does get easier but you will always worry on some level. You have TWO, not one, teenager so that does maker it harder. I come from a family of 7 and so we were FIVE teens at once.. so I do call my mom, at 85 years old, for wisdom when I feel consumed with worry... she said to arm them with all the info you can, stick to your rules no matter how much they whine, and say a prayer because the rest is out of our control! Know that this will pass, I promise.. just hang in there, put your earplugs in and keep strong. You ARE doing the right thing even if your kids will never let you Ann Marie

  10. Wow, this is awesome! Love everything about her. You made her look so beautiful in blue!
    hugs Yvonne

  11. Hi Suzanne. I enjoyed (if that's the right expression) reading of your teenage issues. I think you are right that if parents knew what they would go through in the teen years, they wouldn't have children but it comes good in the end (usually). Just wait until they are 30 and it should be okay!!! And you have made a STUNNING card. Your colouring is exceptional and the design elements and colour choices are fabulous! Hugs, Lesley

  12. This is gorgeous Suzanne! Have fun at Love & Theft!!

  13. Just a quick note to agree with you about the driving situation. I lost a sister at 17 while she was taking a friend home from work. She pulled out in front of someone else. The friend was fine but she died instantly. When my daughter got to the age of 16, she never pushed me very hard as she knew what I went through. We have always kept our kids "friend-free" for at least 6 months. When we allowed it, it was just to go to and from school and school functions. PS--I have enjoyed your cards and many books you have suggested to me. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Perfectly monochromatic card, great shading on the colouring.

    Thanks for joining in the Crafting Cafe First Challenge and good luck!


  15. Fabulous card and Beautiful coloring Suzanne..Loz

  16. What a gorgeous card, Suzanne!!! Love the blues, and the embellishments, everything goes so perfectly together. It's colored to perfection.....

    Also, I admire your parenting stand. It's rough raising teenagers, especially with todays influences. And, l feel letting them know their boundaries, holding to those, and yet loving them is a challenge, however good parenting; and my hat's off to you. You seem to do such an awesome job, and always make the effort to do so much as a family. That will be the payoff, trust me. My kids share stories of "remember when we....." and with one of my children and husband gone, those memories mean even more!!! And the cards you'll receive telling you how much they appreciated what you did and still do is so worth it. You're doing great!!!

  17. Beautiful, beautiful blue birthday card! Of course, I love that image and you colored her wonderfully. Love all the details of your card! Oh and glad you had a wonderful surprise Valentine! Thanks for sharing this with my Happy Birthday challenge at Sandy's Crafty Creations.
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

  18. lovely card
    Thank you for joining us at Charisma Cardz
    Love Jan

  19. Beautiful card! I love all that blue!
    Thanks for playing at The Crafting Cafe in our first ever challenge!I hope you can play next time too!
    Good Luck
    Dawn xx

  20. Wow this is gorgeous, love your use of colour and DP. The design showcases the image perfectly.
    Thanks for joining our anything goes challenge at Charisma Cardz.
    Hugs Sheryl xx

  21. Wow! She is absolutely stunning! Those blues are simply gorgeous! Such beautiful embellishments and elements! Breathtaking creation!

    Thanks so much for joining us Craft Us Crazy. Hope you’ll be able to join us again for another challenge.

    Hugs, Kym

  22. Fantastic card in my favourite colour!

  23. stunning card, love the gorgoeus image and fabulous layout and design. Thanks for joining us at Milkcoffee Challenge this week. xx

  24. What a fab card! She's just adorable and I love all the different shades of blue used together. Thanks for playing along at the crafting cafe - I hope you'll join in next month too! Claire x


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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