Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crush On You!

Happy Valentines & Cupid Day!  I'm not a big Valentine girl myself...nothing against it but I'm thinking you should have a bit of love & romance all year long KWIM LOL!  One day a year? I think I don't put much effort into the day with my hubby.  We acknowledge it of course and do something nice for each other but we don't get all crazy with it.  We've been married for 18 years and I love him as much if not more than I did when we were married and we are the bestest of I figure we're doing something right, right? LOL!  I'm a lucky gal to be married to my hubby...he puts up with a lot (and me of him too hahaha), he's always patient, he's so supportive of me and all my many crazy ideas and he's always there for us 110% no matter what.  And best of all...he just gets explanation needed, he gets ME and loves me for it...and that my friends is the best gift I could ever get...period.  So we may not go all out today, in fact I'm cooking tonight and we may not buy each other fantabulous-expensive gifts...but I don't need 'em...I got everything I could ever need  & no amount of $$ can buy that!

So if you have plans today or tonight with loved ones...I wish you much love & happiness, not only today but throughout the year.


I Gotta "Crush" on You!!

And this is a short quick post...just a fun one.  I have always gotten the kids "Cupid Gifts" on Valentines Day...or made them, etc since they could walk/talk.  And when they were little they had heart-shaped sandwiches, red juice and other red foods for fun during the day.  When they went off to school I always packed them fun treats in their lunchboxes and Cupid left gifts outside their bedroom doors.  Now that they are older...well I STILL do it LOL..its just that the prezzies have changed a bit.  So Cupid still leaves gifts outside their doors and I will make some yummy heart shaped dessert this evening...and I vow to send them Cupid gifts in college too even if it makes my son cringe (cuz secretly I KNOW he loves it hee hee)!

Both of my kids love Crush soda..they don't get it often but they LOVEEEE it!  So when I saw these cute printables HERE I knew I had to use them.  She originally used them on lil' juice boxes but I have teens so that really wasn't working for me LOL. But I went to the store and got them each a bottle of Crush (grape for Riley, orange for Alexa) and created fun Valentines for them.  Now they each got some other small gifts too in a gift bag...candy, makeup, iTunes cards...but this is their Valentine card so to speak.

Chalkboard art is really 'TRENDY' right now..its all over blogs and Pinterest..and I love it.  I am painting a chalkboard wall in my kitchen (more to come on that) and I love the vintage feel of it.  So these printables replicate that look just a bit...I added the XXOO Mom sentiment to the bottom with my white Sharpie.  Then I just die cut them out after printing, and die cut some scalloped circles in white to mount them on...hole punched & tied on with gingham ribbon.  Easy, peasy, quick & breezy LOL...but they work great I think.  My teens will love them I know!

That's it for me today...have a wonderful and LOVErly day ;) 


  1. How fun are these! Great images! Riley and Alexa should love them. I love what you had to say about your husband. Our culture today is so quick to put men and husband down. What a blessing to have such a wonderful man in your life :)

  2. Very cool for teens. Have a good Valentine's Day. And I agree with you we should live everyday like Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing the printable.

  3. I feel the same way about Valentine's Day. I figure you've got your anniversary for just you and whoever. That's a special day and every day should be spend just romancing and appreciating your someone special. Just love the tags! Can't wait to see your kitchen wall! I can only imagine how amazing it's going to be!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Girlfriend. My DH and I celebrated with a lovely dinner out a couple days ago because like you said, never one specific day of the year do we show our LOVE for each happens all year long.
    I love the cute chalk board tags, and very trendy right now. Fabulous gift for Alexa and Riley. They have a very thoughtful and sweet Mum.
    Cathy Lee


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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