Saturday, October 24, 2009

Charity Saturday & BLOG CANDY TOO!!

Happy Saturday Friends! I'm taking the weekend off so my next post for ya will be on Monday!! I just need some down time & some sleep, hee hee! But thought I'd remind you of a few things around blog-land and give you some info on some of my favorite charities and how you can win some fabulous BLOG CANDY!


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As you know I'm a huge animal lover and would spend most of my waking time taking care of them if I could and have a household full of animals much to my hubby's chagrin--oh wait I do have a houseful, LOL! My dream is to own some property one day to foster animals that are in need of a home for awhile and give them a safe & love-filled home! So I wanted to let you know of 2 charities that I participate in and would love if you took the time to check them out as well! Especially in this time of recession, charities and especially animal charities are taking a hurting!

The first one is a simple & fun way to donate by going to this web site HERE! You simply answer a trivia question about dogs & there is another site for cats everyday--no matter what your answer they donate 10 pieces of kibble (dog/cat food) to rescue shelters. You can sign up for their email reminder and they'll send a reminder to your email everyday--this is what I do. Such an easy way to donate & fun too!!


The second charity is a local rescue here in Virginia that I volunteer with called Lost Dog & Cat Rescue! All of my cats but 1 have come from them and I've fostered animals for them as well as donated much needed items. Right now they're having a charity drive to try and raise money as they are a NO-KILL shelter and have a lot of animals they're taking care of right now. They are based here in VA but they travel up and down the East Coast to take in animals--but without help from us they cannot take in as many animals especially with winter coming so soon and so many in need!

I would be so thrilled and honored if all my blog readers would donate just $2-$5 each (more if you'd like, but not necessary) to this charity! If I could raise $200 that would be a fabulous gift for my heart and all those animals in need. Go HERE to see the donation page!!

So if you can spare 8 or 20 quarters I would be so happy and if you do, please leave a comment back on this post and I will enter you for some very special Holiday Blog Candy just for all the donaters as a thankyou! The deadline for this is November 1st!!

Blog Candy will Include:

--new Holiday Martha Stewart punches and Hydrangea punches to make your own flowers
--MS snow glitter
-- Basic Grey "Eskimo Kisses" paper pad, sparkle fluff, diamond glaze,2 stamps by Victoria Case donated by Susana of Susana's Custom Art & Card Design
--2 Stampavie stamps of your choice, 2 Cuttlebug Holiday Embossing Folders and a $15 gift certificate to 7 Kids College Fund
--2 Magnolia stamps & 2 accessory stamps
--Your choice of 2 digi stamps from Pink Cat Studio Digi Store
--some Whiff of Joy stamps, a Lockhart stamp and MFT stamp set
--ribbon, pearls, stickles, Primas & more

The animals & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

hugz to you all & have a fabulous weekend,


  1. Hi Suzanne, as a girl that grew up with a Mom that has the same dream to owe land and help animals I just could not resist helping....I didn't have much today, but I did donate... :0) Think of it as my very little way of saying Thank You for your sweet gifts that you sent to me..You are just too sweet. Have a great day off tomorrow..See you on G

  2. Hello Suzanne, I too have been a life long animal lover and am happy to support your charity. Animals are such silent victims and need all the help we can give.

    Holly M

  3. Suzanne, Just wanted to let you know I was more then happy to donate to this wonderful organization. I'm a long time animal lover (especially my precious kitties) so I couldn't pass this up.

  4. What a great cause & I am always happy to make a donation. I also click through to feed animals via my work email & have done this since our dog Zoom opted to take a 10 day adventure in the winter that almost killed him. We received a call one Saturday (flyers do work) and he was literally a skeleton. The vet sent us off to the emergency hospital and we were able to nurse him back to health. He wouldn't have lasted through that night. That was two years ago. I am thankful for all the people that help us find him. What we do for our fur babies!

  5. I am more than happy to have made a donation to this charity Suzzane and thank you so much for giving the love and care for these poor unfortunate animals. I love my little dog so much, I can't image how any human can hurt or abandon these loyal creatures. Keep up the good work Hun :o)


  6. I feel honored to give to this wonderful organization.
    Sharon L

  7. I foster. I volunteer. I own several shelter pets. How could I not help? I gladly made a contribution to help out your shelter. :) Hope you make your fundraising goal! Best of luck!

  8. I am always happy to help out the animals as they cannot do for themselves so my donation is sent. One of my own kitties is from the local animal shelter and I try to donate there as often as I can also. But of course when I go I want to take them all home!

  9. What a way to take a weekend off! Wonderful work that you're doing for these animals and saving their lives. I was glad to be able to participate. Enjoy the weekend and I so hope it's restful for you, my dear friends. Good luck on reaching that goal! I just know that you'll exceed it!

    Big hugs to you,


  10. I left a little something for the animals.

  11. Hi Suzanne, I am so happy to help out with a donation for such a worthy cause. All of my dogs have been adopted from the shelters with the exception of one. Thanks for letting me know about this one.


  12. What a great idea! I'm happy to donate to such a worthwhile cause. I can't understand how people can just abandon animals like that. Thank heavens for the shelters and volunteers who help these animals. Thanks for the chance to donate and win some yummy candy!

  13. What a great idea! I'm happy to donate to such a worthwhile cause. I can't understand how people can just abandon animals like that. Thank heavens for the shelters and volunteers who help these animals. Thanks for the chance to donate and win some yummy candy!

  14. Thank you for hosting this cause! My heart breaks for those who are helpless and have no voice... We must have compassionate hearts. I love my own doggie so much and have lost two others which we adopted. It truly is heartbreaking - I just want to adopt em all! Happy to help : ) xoxo

  15. This is so nice, love that you're doing this, Suzanne.
    I left a little something on the donation page. :0)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Big hugs,

  16. Tiere brauchen unsere Hilfe. Es ist eine Schande wie so viel unschuldige Wesen schlecht behandelt werden.

  17. My daughter is a Vet tech and see's a lot of these animals and some days it is heart breaking but thank the good lord above for the wonderful people that work to rescue these darling animals and give them a better life

  18. This is a great cause and I was happy to help. Thank you for your work with this group and for helping them to get needed resources to carry on their mission.

  19. Thank you, Suzanne for this wonderful cause you are working for. My heart aches when I think of all the loving animals who are neglected. I gave a donation, and thank you for the opportunity to do so!

  20. This is such a worthy cause. When the economy is like it has been, all too often the animals are the first casualties. I'm happy to donate and make a little difference. My furbabies say thanks for thinking of their friends they haven't yet met!

    Bonnie and Gidget(Yorkie)

  21. Hi there!!!

    Thank you for promoting such a wonderful cause! Its too easy to provide some support for these guys. Have a pleasant Monday!!


  22. Hi Suzanne, this is a wonderful cause! My 7 year old daughter Christina wants to grow up and be a vetinarian and take care of all the kitties - especially stray ones who need some love. I hope she follows through with this dream. Thanks for bringing our attention to this worthy cause! Take care, Angela

  23. By the way, I did donate, you're almost at your goal! YEA! Angela

  24. Wow! What an amazing giveaway with an amazing cause attached! I just donated and you're only $10 away from your goal! Good luck & thanks for the chance! ;o)

  25. Thanks Suzanne what you do for these animals! It is such a great cause and me and my hubby are big animal lovers and were happy to help a little with our donation. We have 2 dogs ourselves and also help our local shelter with donations!


  26. I left a little something on your donation page, wish it could be more. Love what you are doing.

  27. Thanks for letting us know about
    such a wonderful chaity, I was happy to donate.

  28. This is an absolutely WONDERFUL thing you are doing! Thank you so much Suzanne!

  29. Suzanne: Great cause and I made a donation in memory of my sweet little Birman kittie whose name was Mysti. She has been gone for several years now and I still miss her so. One day I will again have another kittie, but right now will have to be satisfied with my two precious parrots. They just don't cuddle like a kittie. :-) Thank you for giving us the chance to donate to a wonderful cause. Hugz, Pat J

  30. Just leaving a post to let you know I donated to the furry critters. (Heidi)

  31. Great cause, Suzanne! I left a donation and it looks like you are getting SO close to your goal!!

  32. I think you chose a great cause to support! I left a small donation - just wish I could do more. You see, a stray cat had kittens in our yard so we a) trapped the momma and took her down to our local humane society and paid for her to be spade, then brought her home and released her. We then gave one of the 3 kittens away and kept the other two, which we had spade and neutered. The female kitten's stitches came out 7 days post-op and got an infection in her incision. We had to take her down to have yet another surgery and give her antibiotics for 2 weeks. The poor thing had to wear a cone that whole time and had to be kept away from her brother because they would play hard and we worried that her stitches would come out again! The total $ to get these 3 cats taken care of was about $300! But they are worth it. The kittens bring joy to my whole family, including my daughter who is terminally ill. Pets are such great therapy! By the way, we are still feeding the momma and her kittens. We already had one indoor cat who we got from our local shelter 6 years ago. These charities are great, aren't they?

  33. Great idea! I just made my donation (Kim R)

  34. I just made my dontation to this great cause. Thanks for this great idea to help some animals.

  35. Suzanne,

    This is a wonderful cause! I have two dogs and have always loved animals. Thank you for the opportunity to win lovely blog candy!


  36. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some great blog candy. I wish I could of given more to this great cause, but hubby is out of work. Congratulations on surpassing your goal several times.

  37. Hi Suzanne,
    This is a wonderful cause. So glad I could donate to help all the beautiful animals. My Lily, who is a big, fluffy goldendoodle brings lots of joy to my daughter and I. Thank you for the opportunity and for all the great things you do!


  38. Suzanne, Thank you for setting this up and the opportunity to help contribute toward a very worthy cause. Pets are the family that many people don't otherwise have. It's great to see there are people who care so much and willing to volunteer and extend a hand. My daughter is exactly like this. She said that when she grows up, if her husband doesn't like the 2 page list of animals that she is going to take care of, then he can live across the street! lol My husband got a chuckle out of that one!

  39. Hi Suzanne,
    I just donated to your great cause! I'm like you as far as the animals go. Love 'em all!

  40. Suzanne,
    This is a wonderful cause. I was happy to donate to something as helpful to our animals as this. Congratulations on passing your goal!

  41. Finally I made the page work! Hope I'm not too late. Marked my donation kamadesign. Thanks for helping these cute furry friends.

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I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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