Thursday, September 4, 2008

Copic Tutorial #3--Hair

Good Thursday morning all! I have to tell ya'll I am TIRED--I have been working too much and not getting enough sleep at nite. So if this tutorial is a little wonky or there is any misspelling, I apologize now. (This actually got typed the nite before while watching the Repub. Convention and dozing off)!

I always like to have fun with my stamped images "hair"! Since I don't get to change mine up regularly (lol)--I live vicariously thru my stamps, ha ha! I don't really have any rhyme or reason when I pick out hair color--basically whatever I feel like doing that particular day. My only "rule" is that if the clothes near the face are a brown or yellow, I try to make the hair a more contrasting color to stand out a bit. I also like my haircolor to include multiple tones, because in real life noone's hair is just one flat color (at least not naturally) and it looks better to have some different tones in the hair to bring the image to life!

This first picture shows how I applied my darkest color Copic (E25 Caribe Cocoa) first. I always use my darkest color first and apply it where I think the hair would be darkest naturally or by shadows. But this is a personal preference, not a steadfast rule!!

Next I take my second darkest color (Y32 Cashmere), one of my favorite colors for blond highlights (I also like Y21 Buttercup Yellow too)! I work this color over and around what I have already done, leaving just a few white spaces that I can color in with my lightest marker.

Last, but not least, I take my lightest marker (Y000 Pale Lemon) and color over all of the hair, making sure to saturate the paper and really blend all 3 colors together. Sometimes I'll add a 4th color if I feel I need it, going back and working in more of a darker color, but not always (here I went back and added a little bit of E33 Sand in a few spots).

This second image is just another example of some hair colors I use--this time for a darker brunette. I used my darkest color again (E59 Walnut) first, really coloring the back part of the hair this time. I wanted her "light source" to be in the front of her so that the shadowy areas will be towards the back.

Taking my second color (E57 Lt. Walnut) I work over my darker color and down the hairline just a bit.

My lightest color (E53 Raw Silk) is again colored over the entire image, saturating the paper to blend all three colors together.

Here is the finished card, all prettied up and done! I really like how the final image turned out--whaddya think?

Finally, just to answer a few questions I've been emailed--here goes:
-I use the Sketch Copics because I like the shape (doesn't roll) and easy to hold; the color name and number are on the endcaps and they hold alot more ink so less refilling

-I do use the Colorless Blender and love it. I will say it mostly gets used for my "oopsies" or mistakes. If I color outside the lines (and I do on occasion..gasp) I use it to "smoosh" the color back into the right place. Gotta love that! I also use it to lighten up colors and add texture.

-I am not Copic Certified, but have been bugging Marianne (Copic Guru) to host a Copic Certification class here in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area (pleassseee)! I am totally self taught thru lots of trial and error and lots of art classes over the past 30 + years.

-I do like to watercolor with my SU inkers and Twinkling H2O's, but I color 90% of my images with Copics, I just love 'em. Once you get the hang of them, you'll love 'em too!

- I have 200+ markers so far--I buy about 10 or 12 a month and will continue until I have them all. I also buy a couple refills each time for the colors I use most--I don't wanna run out ya know!

Ok, that's it for me today. I'm sure I blabbed your ear off long enough. Hope you enjoyed my last tutorial. And if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email me. I always try and respond right away (or else I sometimes forget, cluttery brain ya know).

See ya tomorrow with some more Whiff of Joy samples!


  1. You have such a beautiful blog that I have given you an award that I hope you'll accept :)

    Have a nice day!

    Kristin :)

  2. Fabulous Suzanne, well done and your finished card is beautiful...hugs rachxxx

  3. thank you for the tutorial and showing us the gorgous christmas card with Tilda. I am still waivering about the markers, my local art store only has the round ones but I can buy them a few at a time - but which ones first?!
    annie x

  4. Suzanne, this a great tutorial. I love your coloring, but I cant work with the copics, I dont know why. Perhaps I have to try it again ;) But I'm also happy with my Watercolor Wonder Crayons ;)

    TFS! Hugs Tanja

  5. Awesome info! There are a few colors you use that I don't have...and now want :) I have also been "waiting" for Marianne to get over to Phoenix! I'm about ready to hop on a plane and bring her here myself! LOL Thanks so much for sharing your tips. hugs!

  6. Thank you for the WONDERFUL tutorial!!!! I can't wait for this weekend when I can sit down and play with my Copics now! :) You are so wonderful for putting these together for all of us who are new to the Copic Craze and having a difficult time trying to color! :)
    Your card is so stunning it takes my breath away...just like all of your other creations!
    Lots of Hugs~

  7. suzanne-

    You sound like me, with school starting I get up 2hr earlier than during the summer and I am dragging. I can't even comprehend the tutorial today so I will have to save it.

  8. Suzanne you are so talented. I love checking out your blog.
    BTW, keep bugging Marianne about hosting that DC certification.

  9. Fabulous tutorial Suzanne!!! Thanks so much!

    Christine :)

  10. that was wonderful i really enjoyed that - love the pens - not sure they are available over her unfortunately x

  11. Beautiful! I love your coloring, papers, and the way you did the snowflakes!

  12. Thank you for the tutorial, it's very informative and I'm going to go practice. I need to go back and find what ink you prefer to stamp the images with and take note. Sometimes mine smears. I know the paper makes a difference too. Thanks also for the link to Sharon's blog and the Copic color chart download, love it!

  13. Thank you for the tutorials. They are very helpful.


  14. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks so much for the Tut. I am just learning Copics. I see after reading your blog I still need a lot of colours. I may end up with all them one day. I think I have a good selection until I see beautiful cards like yours - then realize I need more!
    Sure wish Marianne would come to Vancouver Island - mid island - so all of the girls over here could get our certification.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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