Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Angel of Blog Candy!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Not such a great day here in VA unfortunately. The weather is stormy AGAIN and my cat had to have surgery last night. After what was supposed to be a routine vet visit to get antibiotics for a urinary infection my vet decided to take an x-ray just "in case". If you read my blog regularly you know that my "grumpy bear" Poncho cat was hospitalized 2 1/2 months ago for a urinary blockage and had to be hospitalized for 2 days. Well, guess what showed up on his x-ray--the animal hospital had left the catheter tube in his bladder!! Can you believe it, lets just say I was shocked and very angry. Our poor cat all this time has been in pain and now has to have surgery that he shouldn't have to have---I'm so angry and upset. After losing 2 of our animals last year I am just totally paranoid about the vet anyway and to find out that the animal hospital we entrusted our animals to did this---ughh... Anyway, sorry to bend your ear about this but I'm so upset that I'm a total disaster today--and ya know how much I love my animals cuz' they're my other "children but with fur".


Onto better stuff--I have BLOG CANDY to post today! Yahoo!! The very lovely and generous Katharina Frei (owner of Whiff of Joy) gave everyone on the DT a different stamp to offer up for candy this month and since I'm pretty darn close to 20,000 hits I'm celebrating that too!!! I will have links all month long to my WOJ DT sistah's blogs when they have their candy up for grabs for ya too! My stamp is from the Guardian Angels series by Elisabeth Bell called "Melinda Hugging Heart"--isn't she a doll! The "candy" includes:

-1 unmounted Whiff of Joy "Melinda Hugging Heart" stamp

-6x6 Basic Grey "Stella Ruby" dp pad (lovee this paper--my bella sistah sent me some and its so elegant)

-1 roll of pink/polka dotted ribbon

-1 bottle of pink Stickles

-1 pkg of Prima flowers

-1 pkg of rhinestone/jewels

To win all you have to do is post a link onto your blog about the "Whiff of Joy candy" to mine (if you don't have a blog, dontcha worry about it, enter anyway) and answer the following question:

"What is your favorite movie of all time and why?" Cuz' ya know I like to know stuff about everyone--lol!! I will announce the winner on Friday afternoon (9/12) so your entries and links need to be in by this Thursday evening at 11 pm (EST)--okay!!


My card today also features the same stamp I'm offering up (the blog candy stamp is not used, lol). I really wanted to color this angel in some "non-traditional" colors to show ya the versatility of it. You don't have to always make her pink and she doesn't have to be used just for "love" or Valentines Day. I used my K&Co "Blue Awning" dp to base my colors on--I love the navy blue in this paper paired with limey green and cream. She's colored w/ my Copics and cut out & popped up. I used my nesties to cut out the ovals and the "ribbon" is paper ribbon by K&Company--it actually comes in colors (the reverse side of this is rust) but I needed cream so I flipped it over. I layered a bunch of Primas together and attached around. And of course there is just a few Stickles on her wings and hairband--the hearts have pink liquid pearls on them to raise them up. The sentiment comes from Verve Stamps "Beautiful You" stamp set--if you haven't checked this set out you should, its lovely!

And you probably know by now if you visited Verve's blog yesterday that I'm one of their Guest Designer Diva's this month for their new releases--yippee! I love me my Verve stamp sets--what could be better ya know!! The sets this month rock!! Check out the Verve link in SCS to see all the DT projects, just type in verveSEPT08 in their search button--wait till you see what I made (hint...you can wear it)!! The release party is tonight at 10 pm (EST) so come and join us for a chat and to see the new sets in their entirety---you can chat w/ me too, hee hee!!

So enough about me and I've prepared you all with your to-do lists today (check out Whiff of Joy, enter blog candy, and chat w/ me at Verve's party on SCS tonite) LOL!!! Hope to chat w/ you all later...



  1. Great Candy! So I'm trying to win it ;)

    My all time favorite Movie is "Dirty Dancing", do I have to answer the question "why"?;) It reminds me beeing a teenager, I really love this movie, I cant count how often I saw it! I also went to the Musical "Dirty Dancing" in Hamburg last year, it was sooo wonderful and fantastic!

    Hugs Tanja

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    not entering the candy...lol.
    just wanted to say how lovely the card is that you made, and to say how shocking for the vets to leave the catheter tube in your poor kitty after his op..poor little mite. It is totally understandable how upset you are...totally justified i might add. Hope that all is resolved soon and that your Poncho cat is all fit and well soon.
    hugs rachxx
    I have linked your candy to my blog...
    hugs again.xx

  3. Just found your blog via Rach's. Am adding you to my Google Reader list. :)

    Gorgeous card. Love the Whiff of Joy stamps so much. I really *need* some of the Elisabeth Bell designs!

    I'm so sorry that the vets failed your cat in such a way, that's awful.

    Know exactly how you feel about your animals. If something like that happened to my dog, I'd hit the roof (and have in the past). Hope your kitty is feeling much better soon and has a speedy recovery.

    Not sure if you're happy to send the sweet candy to the UK, but I'll answer the question anyway!

    My favourite film is "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, and that film is just so much fun. I watch it a lot over the autumn/winter each year. It will be on in the background while I make Christmas cards!

  4. I found your blog via Rach linking to your blog candy. WOW!! Your work is amazing! You're going on my blog roll immediately. The imspiration is endless.

    Oh! on to the blog candy question..Dirty Dancing...Why? Patrick Swayze! Phoarrr. ;0)LOL
    and the music just does it for me.
    Well done on the 20k Suzanne!

  5. Forgot to say how sorry I was to read of the trauma your poor cat had to go through due to the vet's negligence. I do hope a swift recovery is on the cards for the poor mite. :( Viv xx

  6. Ohh I am so sorry to hear of the mistakes with your cat :( it is terrible when your kitty is in pain all the time and then to find out this big mistake! I hope they make a thousand apologies and pay for this surgery!! hugssss

    Okay off to the fun part of this message :) LOVE your blogcandy and would be extremly HAPPY if I win this :) hahaha but with my luck I am not winning ;) hahaha
    So here is my answer.

    My favorite movie of all times are I have 2 ;)
    Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.
    It is just another Cinderella story I guess And I am a sucker for fairytales :)
    The other is BRAVEHEART with Mell Gibson.
    well what is there to explain He is sooo handsome :) even now he is older he is still a HUNK :) hahahaha 39 and still in love with MEL :)hahahaha

    good luck with your catchild.

    hugs Ria

  7. Great candy!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the change of win!
    I found your blog via Rach!!!
    Here the link:
    Hugs Gisela

  8. Wow.. NICE blog candy and suuuuch a cute card!

    Favourite movie? Okay - feel free to think I'm corny but it's actually Finding Nemo. It ALWAYS makes me feel so good. :)

    I have linked, of course. Here and Here . :D

  9. Hi, just found you through Rach:)
    What a fabulous candy you give out!!
    My all time favourite movie is har to pick out, it's so many good movies. But if i have to pick one I'll have to say "The Notebook" I've read the book and seen the movie many times, a great lovestory that touches me every time! *sob*
    I've written about your candy in my blog ;)
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Line

  10. Of course I will write about your candy in my blog. Love it + what a lovely card you made. You can also read what my favourite movie is on my blog + go and see Mamma Mia - if you have not seen it. You will just love it!
    Kram from Sweden - Anki
    Your candy on my blog

  11. Oh how can I resist to this Blog candy??!! :) I will cross everything maybe I'll have my share of luck!! WoJ stamps are amazingly sweet!
    Anyway... I do hope your cat will be better now.. poor him!!
    My favourite move.. or movies I should say, cause it has 5 Seasons.. is Alias, I really like the way Jennifer Garner acts.. I can watch her movoes everyday!
    Thanks I'll be watching for more DT candy.. who knows?? :)

  12. oh Suzanne, I'm shocked to hear about your poor kitty and what happened, I do hope all goes well with the operation, I know I'm a nervous wreck when either of the dogs have to go for surgery.

    You made a beautiful card and I'll add a link to my blog - as to my favourite movie, an old one called Chocolat with a very young Johnny Depp, I even got the sound track too!
    annie x

  13. Hi Suzanne, that's very generous pf you to offer that Blog Candy!! I would have to say my fav movie, right now, because it always subject to change, is P.S I Love You. I just love the love there, you know? True love. Kind of like Ghost. Have a great day and what a beautiful card, as always! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  14. My favourite movie of all time is "Rainman" with Tom Cruise and my all time favourite actor, Dustin Hoffman. It shows just how well Dustin Hoffman can act.

  15. i love the card you made! I keep hoping if i gather enough stuff that when my kids all move out I will have time to spend hours making the beautiful things you all do .. as for my movie its Brigadoon actually a musical but mm Gene Kelly and Cid Charisse are amazing it is so magical and full of hope and shows anything is possible if you truly love something. I will link this on my blog @ www.winxyescapes.blogspot.com

  16. Love the Candy. I was looking at these stamps yesterday they rock!
    I am sorry to hear about what is going on with your fur baby. That really stinks . Poor animal.

    Here is the link to my blog for your candy feedback.


  17. Wow! Now that is some fantastic candy! I want wait to get some of the willow and guardian angel stamps from WoJ! Thanks for the chance to win!

    And all i have to say is someone should have to pay for the suffering your poor fur baby had to go thru! We're the same way in our house (treating our pets like any other members of our family). I hope he's feeling better soon!!!!!

    i've linked your candy to my blog...

  18. Your poor kitty! That is horrible and I'm sorry that has happened to your family.. Hopefully he's recovering well!!

    My favorite movie is A Room with a View. I love the scenery, the acting, the story. I love to watch foreign movies actually - there is something about those kinds of movies. Typically they are dialog and character/relationship driven. I watched 4 French movies in one week the other week while I was out sick from work!

  19. Just found this blog today and of course I'd like to win all the beautiful blogcandy you're giving away. My absolute movie - all time - is "The Lord of the Rings". I just love all three movies and watch them over and over again, such wonderful scenery and also a very good story.

    I have linked your candy to my blog, I do hope this link will work; http://brunakatten.blogg.se/2008/september/tavling-igenblogcandy.html

  20. Wow--what a gorgeous card! The stamp is just lovely too--and I'd love to win it to start playing with it.

    My favo movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz--just love all those old time special effects, and the mystery of it.

  21. such a great blog candy!
    Link is on my blog and my favorite movie is (it's a bit childish^^) Disneys The Sword in The Stone. I love the cute presentation of the artus saga and I always have to cry whith the little squirrel girl when she finds out that artus isn't a squirrel at all (he was just enchanted^^) I really love it!! ;)

    and hope your kitty is soon feeling better!!! It`s always a pain in the a.. to see one's furry companions suffer :(

    Hoping my english is understandable :P

  22. i'm sorry to hear about your cat...i hope he is feeling better soon! and your card is beautiful as always!

    my favorite movie of all times is "THE NOTEBOOK" it makes me cry everytime and to answer why? because isnt it everyones dream to have someone who loves you so much that he would spend everyday to read a story of your life in the slim chance it might bring "you" back to him even if it is just for five minutes!!!

  23. Awesome Blog Candy!!! My favorite movie is "Lilo & Stitch" because it is such a cute and funny movie. Every time I watch it, it tends to lift my spirits and make me in a better mood.

  24. Hi Suzanne,

    what a great candy. Thanks for giving me the chance to winn this.

    My favorite movie ever is The Money Pit with Tom Hanks.
    This movie makes mesmile when I'm having a bad day.

    I made alink on the right side of my blog

    xoxo Karin

  25. I love this stamp! Cute! My favorite movie is A Walk Top Remember...he is so tender to her. I sued it to teach my son how to treat a lady! I subscribed to you with my Google RSS feed reader and linked to you on my Giveaway Blog, too.

  26. Hi Suzanne....I saw your post on the Bella group and thought I'd check it out!

    That BITES about your cat....I believe I'd be contacting that hospital and ask them to pay this bill...it won't help your kitty but might make you feel a little bit better! If the cat your speaking of is the orange cat on your blog...it looks like our old Tiger...He was the BESTEST!!!! We still miss him. Good luck and keep us posted on the progress.

    I love candy...especially with NO CALORIES in it LOL so yours is purrrrrfect for me!

    My favorite all time movie has just been de-throned by another one I just saw last month....my new fav. is "Mamma Mia"...OMGOSH...I LOVED that movie!! It is a musical with the songs from the group Abba in it. I realize some of you are saying MUSICAL...yuck, but I'm telling you it was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen...it's definately not for everyone and speaks mostly to women of a certain age group, but my friends and I saw it 3 times in 1 week...I have bought the soundtrack to it, and WILL buy the movie when it comes out on DVD...Can't wait :~)
    If some of you are saying,"What's the age group"?, I'm 48, if you go see it on my say so, I hope you like it as much as I did......

    Thanks for this chance to win!

    Pam in Ar.
    aka CubFanBella

  27. Hi Suzanne, thank you for your generosity, this candy looks lovely and I just adore those stamps, so I hope I'll be lucky. I have linked to your blog and as for my favourite movie I think it has to be Steel Magnolias, I love the way it makes you laugh one minute and cry the next and the casting, acting in fact everything was just superb.
    I was so sorry to hear about your poor cat I hope things improve very soon.

  28. very beautiful card!! I specially love your coloring and color combination.Thank you for the chance to win some blog candy.

  29. Ooo.. sweet candy! Linked!

    My all-time fave movie would be Gone with the Wind! I saw it as a little kid, teenager, adult... and I still love it the same, if not more! I just loved Scarlet's sassy attitude!

    Thanks! :)

  30. Beautiful card. Congrats on the hits. I have you on my blog.


    As for a favorite movie. I have so many. My kids have been watching Willy wonka recently (the Gene Wilder one) and I just grin every time I hear them sing along. My daughter likes the Verucca Salt song the most it's so fun to hear her.



  31. Beautiful card. My favorite movie is Phantom of the Opera. I just love the music and story line.

  32. OMGosh I LOVE LOVE this stamp!! I love it!

    My favorite movie is Pretty Woman and The Sound Of Music. Can I have two??

    Would love to win this blog candy!!

  33. here is my blog entry http://doris86place.blogspot.com/2008/09/lovely-blog-candy.html

    my all time favourite film? Roman Holiday :) I love old movies, your blog is great and blog candy is soo sweet, please pick me as I have birthday on Firday 12th;) maybe this will help me;)

  34. Super cute candy! I love how you did the card with her--the contrast of the old style background with the more modern stamp out front. It works well!

    My favorite movie changes. So right now it is Practical Magic. It is probably because I love the story of family, women uniting and the witchy background was fun, too. Oh, and who doesn't want to see Goran Visjnic on it???

  35. Oh my....PICK ME PICK ME....I so want some WOJ stamps! I am waiting for the ones I want to be back in stock so I can place my order! :) Your card is just gorgeous!!!!!....as always ;)
    My favorite movies of all time is GREASE....I always wished I was Sandra Dee in the movie! Love the music and I think I know every word by heart of that movie!
    Hope your fur baby is doing ok! That is totally ridiculous that the animal hospital did that! I hope they do this next surgery for free since they are the ones who messed up! I will be praying for your baby!
    Sending you lots of hopeful hugs~

  36. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty... my furry kids are spoiled rotten, and I am miserable when they are ill or in pain. HUGS to you and your kitty! And a speedy recovery too!

    I don't have a blog, but did checkout their site, cute stamps! More must haves I am afraid. =0)

    My all time favorite movie is probably, "A Quiet Man" with Maureen O'Hare and John Wayne. I just love everything about it.
    Just can't see it enough! Always puts me in a good mood.

    Have to run!

  37. Another fabulous card Suzanne, I love it! Love that K&Co. DP too! I'm SO sorry about your cat. As a mom to two kitten furbabies, I can imagine how hard it must be to see your baby in pain. I would be livid and you have every right to be. Hope he is doing better today!


    PS I will like your candy to my blog when I get home from work this evening. You are so generous to do this.

  38. What awesome candy! Love your card too!
    I have a hard time picking one favorite movie, so:
    Kids movie: CARS my son Matthew just LOVES this movie and I really like the message in this movie too.
    Romantic: PS I LOVE YOU, I basically cried through the whole movie.
    Comedy: GET SMART a really great laugh!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  39. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. The one with Colin Firth. Yummy. I love anything Jane Austen and so naturally a movie about one of her novels is my favorite.

  40. Thanks for the candy...my favorite is all the Harry Potters. I just watch them over & over again. I have a dvd player in my craft room & those are my movies of choice. I love them all!!!


  41. Love the card and the colours are fabulous! My favourite movie is "Titanic" I can't get enough of it. I love the era and the clothing, the people, just everything about it. Love the architecture of the ship and so on. Off to put a link on my blog for the great candy!

  42. Hi Suzanne, congrats on your hits love your candy offer! My favourite movie is Pretty Woman...I love the 2 main characters, and I love the romantic story line warts n all!! I could watch it over n over!!

    Sorry to hear about your poor cat...I guess its becoming more and more common these kinds of errors...I hope you both recover soon! bx

  43. I am going to do a bit of a cheaty here :) I have to say that my favourite movie all time is the Lord of the Ring trilogy. I mean you can't see one of them, you have to see all of them, so for me that is the all time favourite.

    I am posting in my blog straight after this. The blog-adress is: http://drannika.blogg.se

    Thanks for having this blog candy thing!! :)

  44. Beautiful card!!! Ok, I have 2 fav. movies that I reach for time and time again..they are both girly movies for sure! City of Angels and Sleepless in Seattle..hee hee...I cry through out the entire movies!
    I'm posting on my blog right now! hugs,T

  45. My favorite movie is Sixteen Candles. I think we have all gone through that secret crush stage. I wish I would have had such great results. I would love to win your blog candy.

  46. Hi Suzanne
    Congrats for your Hits and your card is so beautiful!!!I have linked your post on my blog
    Angel of Blog Candy

    and my favourite movie is: Angels city (La cité des Anges) with Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage, love it, it is a wonderful storie :)

    big hugs


  47. First of all, thank you for introducing that lovely little angel. I will be checking out the website as soon as I've finished here.

    And now for my entry...My all time favorite movie was 101 Dalmations (the cartoon) until my son made me watch it 100 more times. Now it's The Shawshank Redemption. I can't really explain why - I think it's the hope, the reality, the determination.

  48. Great Candy for a great Blog! Thanks for the opportunity...you have been linked.
    My favorite movie of all time ( and I have several I just LOVE) would have to be, like many others, Dirty Dancing. Yummy Patrick Swayze...and contagious music and dancing.

    Rubber Hugs,

    P.S. Saying a prayer for your Fur Baby! I hope he is pain free when he comes home to you!

  49. I linked it for ya at http://socallinz.blogspot.com/

    and my all time fav movie I would say is the little mermaid! i am a huge huge movie buff i looooove movie so this was so hard to pick but all in all since i was a child its been a fav of mine and i've probably watched this one movie more than any other and of course when they put it out on DVD i had to have it the first day!

    PS i loooove your creations I hoep you dont mind i'm adding you to my blog list!

  50. Congrats on being a guest designer for Verve - I took a peak yesterday and loved what you did!

    I don't have my blog up and running yet but would love a chance to win this blog candy.

    My favorite movie is probably "When Harry Met Sally" because I just love the actors and the scenery in NY.

  51. I love these stamps. I would have to say my favorite movie is phantom of the opera. Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. Love the Candy. Pretty cool question.. My all time favorite movie would have to be EMMA. I love the time period. Love the story line. I would love to visit the UK one of these days. And visit some of the castles and older manors.

  53. My all time favourite film? Has to be Chaplin's The Kid. Absolutely beautiful, sad, funny, amazing film by a very talented man. Highly recommend it! :)

  54. Hi Suzanne, firstly I hope your cat is now on the road to recovery, what an awful thing to have happened, bless it.
    Your blog candy is totally scrummy, what a gorgeous stamp and you have used it beautifully on your card, thank you for the chance to win this.
    Congratulations on getting so many blog hits!
    My favourite film (1of them anyway) is The Sound of Music, I 'have' to watch this everytime it comes on the tv, we all join in and have a bit of a sing along Lol.!!!

    Joanne x

    Gorgeous card !!! Love the Whiff of Joy stamps so much !!!!
    My favorite Movie is "ARTHUR AND THE MINIMOYS"


  56. I'm not entering the draw Suzanne lol, but jsut had to say that your card is out of this world!! I love the gorgeous papers and colours and yes, she looks fabulous in blues.

    I've linked your candy to my blog

    big hugs
    Bev x

  57. fabulous candy :)

    i dont actually have a fave film of all time but my favorite one at the minute is called a walk to remember, i cry everytime i see it :)

    i have linked you on my blog here



  58. Hi Suzanne

    Firstly I love the card you made with the whiff of Joy stamp, its gorgeous, loving all that blue! What lovely blog candy on offer, how generous of you.

    My favourite film of all time has to be Pretty Woman, if iv'e watched it once ive watched it a thousand times. Love Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, and im such a romantic, I just love the fairytale ending. Probably half my trouble, I'm living in fairytale land!

    Will link you to my blog now.
    Hugs Linda x

  59. My all time favorite is "The Ten Commandments". I was very young when I first saw this at a theater. I try not to miss it when it comes on television, it's still amazing, especially since it's based on a "true story"! I'm so sorry about your kitty, I'm taking mine today for her annual, my heart goes out to all the little kitties that are suffering, especially when there is no need.

  60. Great blog candy... All the makings for lots of cards.. Awesome!!! I linked you to my blog Here.


    Pattie's passion blog.

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

  61. Hi,
    your blog candy is great! Thanks for the chance to win! I post a link on my blog. I found your blog via Rach.
    My favorite movie all the time is "Green mile"
    I love this movie.


  62. Oh my all time favorite movie is "The Big Chill" which is celebrating it's anniversary this week.. Of course being born in the 50's early married and college in the 70's totally relate to this move! ahhh just gave my age!

  63. Your card is beautiful. I was delighted to find your blog the other day and have added it to my favorites. I love to have my morning coffee and get inspired, and wouldn't a little blog candy help with that also! My favorite movie is 'Message In A Bottle'.....I am such a sucker for romance.


  64. How wonderful! Lovely card! And nice blog! :)

  65. Dont laugh but my fav movie is the kids film Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I just love it. Watched it when my kids were little and now my grandaughter loves it too.

    Fantastic candy and I'd love to win it.

    Hope your poor little cat feels better soon - very negligent of the hospital. x

  66. Love your candy!!! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

    My favorite movie of all time is Ladder 49. Makes me cry EVERY time!!!

    Love the angel card- will be adding you to my blog as well! Thanks! :)

  67. Okay...so can you say free treatments from now on for your kitty!?! Ahh...that makes me so upset. You know, a person can tell you what's wrong, but an animal can't! Poor kitty...I will pray for a speedy recovery!

    Anyways...my all time favorite movie is My Best Friend's Wedding. The non-traditional ending where he choses to stay with Kimmie...ahhh...so romantic. I love any movie with Julie Roberts and Cameron Diaz!!

  68. Wow!
    I really, really, really would love to win this candy - it`s absolutly fantastic!

    Please, please, please...let it be my turn to win!-)

  69. Your poor kitty! I hope it all goes well and he recovers quickly. And huge congrats on your hit counter, 20,000 hits seems incredible. And thanks so much for the chance to win this stamp, I love the new WoJ range, but this one is definitely one of my favourites.
    My favourite film will probably change depending on which day you ask me, but right now, it's Dogma. It's fuuny, it makes me think, and I kind of love Alannis Morisette's portrayal of God.
    Good luck to everyone, here is my linked post
    Susan :)

  70. ...and my favourite movie of all times have to be...Dirty Dancing! I`ve seen that movie at least 15 times, I think...

  71. ...and I`ve linked you up to my blog!

  72. Just discovered your blog via craftsbyRach, fabulous !
    Hope your cat makes a speedy recovery now !

    My favourite film is the old black and white "It's a wonderful life" it says to me that we all touch other people's lives in a positive way - even if we don't realise it !A world without anyone of us would be that little bit duller !

    Kate x

  73. 1. What a fabulous card - it's just wonderful.

    2. Yum yum candy - whipping the kids to cross their fingers for mummy (joking).

    3. Mt favorite movie KELLY'S HEROES - just love the wacky characters and the story-line is too funny.

    4. Have made a note on my blog http://danishstamper.blogspot.com

  74. Fantastic candy my favorite film of all time is Lord Of the Rings because I think I can lose myself in fantasy when Just lately I have had a bad year I can just put it on and zone out plus the fact I am in love with Aragorn lol your card is absolutely awesome hun WTG xxx

  75. Great candy! Here's my link . My favorite movie is 'Chicago': perfect combination of good story, great actors, music and humor! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  76. Hi suzanne, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat! I hope now he will be fine. I've sayd goodby to my 2 cats this year so I can understand your worries.

    about me, to enter your blog candy, my favourite film is Dune (D.Lynch) I love the story, the worms... and ok also the actor *_*

    (I put a link to your blog candy in my "blog candy" page ^_^)

  77. Hi suzanne,
    I posted a link on my blog on your fabulous blogcandy. Thanks for givin'us the oppurtunity to win such nice candy.

    My oldtime favorite is "Dirty Dancing". I saw this movie more then 10 times at the cinema and I have it on DVD, so if I'm in the mood I can dream away on the music and dancing. :)
    That answers the WHY thing too I think.

    Jolanda from the Netherlands

  78. hi Suzanne, Stunning card yet again!

    I have added your blog candy link to my " blog candy " section on my blog Here on the right hand side for all to see.

    Also favourite film, that's a tough one for me, as i dont seem to have much time watching films! im too busy unsticking my fingers and playing with my stamps........

    But if i had to choose one i would say the old favourites , like Carry on's , my granpa got me into them when i was little so i always watch them when i was to " cheer" up .

  79. Wow, I love that stamp! I think my favourite movie is Love Actually, I watch every repeat!

    Going to put a link on my blog in my blog candy alert section now.

    Cazzy xx

  80. 1. Congrats on the Verve thing: Fabby stamps & I'm a fan of Mojo Monday
    2. Great card!
    3. I've posted & linked here: http://karenscreation.blogspot.com/2008/09/woj-candy.html so please count me in!
    4. That poor cat!!! Hugs to Poncho.
    ooh and 5. Movie: Ghost. How can a film be that lovely, sad and funny all at the same time?!

  81. Susanna-

    I am so sorry to hear about poncho... I know how you feel and I hope they didn't charge you a cent for all that agony. Your poor kitty, I would also be a reck if that happened. I am sad for him.

    The blog candy is to die for- I am giggling at your comments for the day- wow girl! Finger crossed that I win (hee hee... as I would love to try whif of joys)

    Fav of all time movies: hmmm I am going to say either Pretty Woman. I just love the fairy tale story of it all. Plus I like the actress/actor (that helps!).

    Your card is da bomb I must say. These stamps scare me a bit so I must say you do a fab job on them!


  82. I was sad to hear about your fur baby. Pets like children worry us so when they are ill and we can't fix the problem for them.

    My favorite movie is "Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. I used to watch it on tv with my Mom and we sniffled every time.I think of her every time I see it to this day.

  83. My favorite movie of all time is The Tigger Movie. I can relate to Tigger not having much of a biological family, but we have wonderful friends and adopted families that fill in the gaps.

    I posted the link about this wonderful blog candy on my crafty message board (The Crafty Table) www.craftyria.com/board

  84. Hi Suzanne,
    oh my god,i hope your cat is feeling better.It's the first time that i look at your blog,i found it via Katharina and I'm really happy to have found him, with all nice things.
    My favourite Movie is Philadelphia with Tom Hanks,because it's near to reality.I'll post your candy on my blog.
    Many greetings

  85. Hi Suzanne
    You have a wonderful blog and your cards are so beautiful.
    Congrats on 20 000 visitors!
    My fav movie has to be "The Green Mile" - gets me every time!
    I am so sorry to hear about your fur baby - I have 2 cats and would flip my lid if my vet was as careless as this, your poor Poncho must have been so sore... Can you take it further?
    Hope he recovers well
    Will definitely be back to visit soon


  86. So sorry about your cat...sure hope he's better soon!
    Thanks for this chance to win awesome blog candy! My fave movie is Shawshank Redemption...an amazing script, well cast, and a great story of hope and friendship.
    ~Brenda H.

  87. I’m so sorry your cat has been suffering for months. I’d be upset too.

    Lots of good movies have all ready been mentioned so I’ll add The Princess Bride to the list. It’s one of my favorites because it has some of everything: sword fighting, romance, and humor.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. Loving that sweet card,i havent really been into stamping and making cards,but if i was to win this i definetely will be making cards and stamping!!! Hope youre kitt feels better... I hope i WIN!!!!

  89. Congratulations on so many visitors to your blog, your cards are brilliant and my movie would have to have Patrick Swayze in it, so I guess it is Dirty Dancing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. Sorry to hear about your kitty. Hope your kitty has a fast recovery.
    Congrats on your hits and I can see why the numbers are turning so fast. I just love your creative and inspiring style. Count me in on this sweet candy.
    My all time favorite movie has to be Wizard of Oz! Thanks for a chance.

  91. Hi I have left a link on my blog and told you all about my film on there x

  92. Wow! Now that is some fantastic candy!
    My favourite movie is Pretty Woman :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    PICK ME ;)


  93. When you combine the good looks and talents of Sean Connery and Richard Gere in a great story that you can even watch with your kids present, that is a winner in my book. Do you know it? I am talking about First Knight. Sigh. Love it!

  94. Me! Me! Me! I want candy! My favorite movie - boy that's a hard one. It's a toss up between "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail". I hope your kitty is doing much better. Just remember, they now mark your limbs "L" and "R" in hospitals - things have certainly changed!

  95. WOW- just found your blog today- FABULOUS!

    My favorite movie of all time is Casablanca. It is a perfect movie- romance, a little comedy, strong drama, a great script, a real feeling for the time, fabulous actors, wonderful score, breathtakingly filmed- just an incredible delight for the senses and the emotions.

  96. Suzanne, Thank you for offer the blog candy. My all time fav movie is O' Brother. My dh brother, Malcom visited us right after this movie was available on DVD. After dinner we put this movie and I have to say, I don;t think I every saw anyone laugh so hard or for so long. When it came to the part where one of the characters was "loved up and turned into a horny toad" (that's what one of them thought) Malcom had tears coming down his face. We lost Malcom theis year and dh and I have watched this movie several more times and it is because when it gets to this part - we can still see Malcom laughing. What a great way to remember him.


  97. Suzanne, Love your blog candy and really love your blog!!! My favorite movie is "Dirty Dancing". I love the music and the dancing, it makes me feel young again! And of course the happy ending.

  98. Gorgeous candy!! My all time favourite film is Green Mile...so thought provoking..funny yet so sad.

    So sorry to hear of your troubles regarding your cat. We have a new addition to our family....an 8 week old kitten...I would be devastated if anything like that happened.

    Sue x

  99. Hello Suzanne, I love your candy! What a cute stamp!

    I linked you on my Blog!

    My favourite movie is 'I am legend'. I just love the acting of Will Smith. He can play serious but also the little comics in between are so well done.

    Greetings from Holland,
    with love,
    Patricia Rietveld


    AWORLD said...
    HI....I do not have a blog....too old to figure it all out. I am an LOL (not laugh out loud, but little old lady).

    My favorite movie is Sound of Music because the music in it makes be happy. I love the scenery because it is like being in Austria all over again!

    Thanks so very much for this chance!!!!!

    September 9, 2008 11:50 AM



  101. Here's my blog link:


    And, I am so glad I found you- and Whiff of Joy. I will wait, impatiently, for Willow with Lantern- all the stamps are lovely but I MUST have that one!

  102. Hi Suzanne,
    Love the beautiful blues in your card.
    My favorite movie is The Philadelphia Story with Katherine Hepurn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart (just watched it again on TV the other night.

  103. ohhh...i never enter blog candy much but I LOVE that angel....

    hmmm....I think one of my favs is "It's a Wonderful Life"--watch it every Christmas and it makes me grateful for everything in my life!

    Thanks for the chance....your blog is awesome!

  104. I love your blog candy, sorry I don't have a blog, but if I did, I'd make sure and post it. LOL

    My favorite all time movie is The Wizard Of OZ. I love Judy Garland and the whole cast. The music is wonderful and I sing along with them...of course no one hears me sing, thank goodness. LOL I love the Munchkins walking the Yellow Brick Road and enjoy hearing them sing. Love the show. Thanks for asking.

  105. Wow, congrats on all the hits. I would love to win this candy. Lets see my fave movie, Across the Universe. Its a Beatles musical and I grew up listening to my moms records of the Beatles and well Jim Sturgess is beautiful to look at too! Its a great movie and since I love political movies, it had just the right amount of Vietnam in it too. Poor furbaby, I hope kitty is feeling better ASAP!

  106. My all time favorite movie was Nottinghill but now it is the fabulous Mama Mia. I have posted a link on my blog enchantedstamping.blogspot.com

  107. Hi! Sorry 2 hear about ur kitty! Poor kitty!
    Awesome blog candy 2!
    My fave movie is "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" because she's someone who isn't searching for love and trying to prove things about men and relationships who instead falls in love! "You killed our love fern!" I love that part! Hehe


  108. Wonderful Candy!, I've never used any of thosse stamps before, they are a new company right? I would to have them!! My favorite movie of all time would be Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, It's great!!!
    I've linked your candy!

  109. What neat candy! I have not heard of some of the stuff but it all looks so fun! I'm sorry about your kitty. :( I hope he makes a quick recovery soon.

    It is so hard to nail down a favorite movie so I'll try. :) I can't just name one - here are my top three-

    "Top Gun" - "I feel the need, the need for speed!" I just love that movie complete with surround sound. Makes me feel like the planes are taking off around me. Plus, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer were hot back then!

    "Evita" - I just love Antonio Banderas in this movie and his voice isn't too bad. :)

    "Anne of Green Gables" - so refreshing to watch the story of Anne and Gil come to life on the TV screen. It just makes me feel so happy whenever I watch it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  110. Love the card.
    My favorite movie of all times was
    The Jerk---not sure why but it made me laugh.
    Linda Peterson

  111. I blogged! (www.scrappinjewlz.blogspot.com)

    I have a lot of favorite movies.. and don't know that I could pick just one.. Titanic, the LOTR series, Harry Potter series, The Princess Bride, A Knight's Tale, and Twister... to name a few!

    Awesome blog giveaway, that stamp is DARLING!

  112. What a gorgeous card!! I love the blue and all your details are fabulous!!
    Thanks for a chance at your blog candy!! It is a good mix of stuff and it is all beautiful!!!
    My favorite movie at the time is "Because I said so..." I just love a happy ending and I hope your cat has one!! Sorry to hear he had a rough time!! Hope all goes well!!
    Thanks again...Kathy

  113. Aww, so sorry to hear about your kitty's troubles! Hope he's on the mend and doing very well now.

    I think I'll vote for Titanic as my favorite movie. It was a great movie and all... but I remember it most because that was where my husband and I went on our very first date. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. My all time favorite is Steel Magnolia's , love that movie
    I love the card with that darling stamp. I enjoy seeing all your cards.

  115. I hope your cat is doing much better after surgery and I am so sorry to hear that the vet completely dropped the ball, so tp speak! Thank you for the fantsatic chance at your aweseom blog candy. I have posted it on my blog:

    My favorite movie would actually be one of either...Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman, I love them both!! Hugs, Kelly

  116. Oh that's so awful that they left the catheter in! Glad it got caught before it was too late. I lost my dog about a year ago and I still believe that the vet misdiagnois'd her illness. Thankful for you.

    You are also a very generous person to offer up such dreamy delish blog candy. I have been wanting to get one of those stamps sooooo bad, but it's just been out of my budget lately. I can hope and dream that I'm chosen.

    My favorite movie, you asked.... Hmmmm, I suppose it would have to be Medicine Man ... its where my crush first began on Sean Connery. I actually did a layout on him called MY CRUSH, it's on my blog if you'd like to check it out.


    Have a beautiful week and please keep those amazing cards coming.

  117. My all time fav movie is "Annie" in it I find laughter, sadness, singing, and such hope! I loved to sing and what better song than 'the sun will come out tomorrow" ?
    thanks for offering the candy,
    Debi Nicol at yahoo dot com

  118. I would have to say my favorite movie is "Rat Race." It's a modern "Airplane" which is another great one. :) I just love to laugh.

    Thanks for sharing your creations!
    Alicia :)

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. Great Candy!
    any chance it will arrive to Israel? ;-)
    My fave movie is "non-traditional" (same as your card) and it's Kill Bill. i don't know why i love it so much but he is the best!

    best wishes and get well soon to your cat.

    my blog is here:

    It's in Hebrew of course and i linked this post on the right side.

  121. Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful blog candy! I really enjoy your cards. My favorite movie would have to be "Sleepless In Seattle." Tom Hanks is such a terrific actor.

  122. Sorry to hear about your cat.
    I hope you both recover soon.

    I just love the colours in your card.
    The blue looks great.

    No special favorite movie.
    Nothing too scary or violent.
    I like laughing and and crying more...

    I'm not sure if you would send candy to Finland, but it would be great to win this tempting set of goodies.
    Unfortunately I dont't have a blog to link to.

  123. What an awesome card. I love the WOJ stamps. Here's hoping you kitty is better soon, that's outrageous!

    My fav movie of all time is Pretty Woman. I love Julia Roberts in her early days. The chemistry with Richard Gere is great and it's the ultimate Cinderella story. This is one I'll watch anytime it's on.

    Thanks for the chance to win, linking to my blog.

  124. Oooo this is absolutely stunning and great stamp, I have seen a few of this lovely stamps around. Can you get them in the UK?
    I love the colours and the embellishments, you have a great eye for detail.
    Found you through Fran.

  125. Great blogcandy. I like to give it a try!
    My favourite movie, that's not so difficult.... Sense and Sensibility! I like that time, the costumes, the story (the book is great too). Have a nice day.

  126. what a great candy!! wrote about your candy in my blog!!

  127. Lovely Candy
    My favourite movie is one of many but Gone with the wind just has the edge on most I go through every emotion i think watching it

  128. Thanks for the go at the wonderful candy. Er I don't really have a fav movie of all time as it seems to change depending on what mood I'm in. I've watched Children of men recently and that was fantastic. 3.10 to Yuma was very good. I can quite happily re-watch Harry potter and prisoner from Askaban too :)

  129. Great cards and candy. My favourite film has to be Dirty Dancing. I've linked to you on my blog.

    Liza x

  130. Sorry to hear about your poor little cat. I hope that he makes a speedy recovery soon. Have just come across your blog from Katharina's site and I'm going to immediately add you to my blogroll so that I can keep visiting you. Your work is amazing.

    My favourite film ..... that's a tricky one! I love Dangerous Minds as it was one of the first films that my husband and I saw together and it is about inspiring children as a teacher to make a difference in their lives and that is what I do for a living (not sure about the inspiring though! lol). Another favourite is the Sound of Music which I watched countless times and could play a part in it, a great film from my childhood.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this fab candy.

    Hugs, Lainy x

  131. my favorite movie of all time is Forest Gump with tom Hanks.

  132. Awww...I hated hearing about how your poor cat suffered so and due to carelessness. I will be praying for a speedy recovery.

    Your card is gorgeous!!! I love all that beautiful blue.

    My favorite movie of all time...hmmm...that's a difficult question because I have way too many "favorite" movies. I guess I will name one of the first to come to mind...Murder in the First.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this awesome candy. I have linked a "blog candy alert" on my blog.

    Have a great Wednesday!!! I hope you and your cat feel better soon.


  133. Ooh, it just has to be Sleepless In Seattle...........or On Golden Pond..........or :) I have so many favourites, I'm a sucker for chick flicks :)
    Just off to link to your candy.

  134. fabulous card and love the candy.
    My favourite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing- Patrick Swayze looks so flippin gorgeous and the dancing is terrific- I have always wanted to dance like them

  135. Nice Candy!
    My all time favorite movie is Top Gun. Can't help it I had a thing for Val Kilmer in my younger years.
    Take care,
    P.S. I linked to your site. It is listed in my blog candy roll on the right side of my blog.

  136. Hi Suzanne,
    What a cute card you made with the whiff of joy stamps. And such a great blog candy.
    Ik have linked your candy to my blog. www. marjonscrap.web-log.nl

    Know then my favorite movie. Well i didn't have to think about that.
    It's ditry dancing.
    The last scene when they are dancing and dad is watching the dance always makes me cry.

    Love Marjon

  137. Hello Suzanne, this candy is fantastic. Thanks for the chance to win this.
    My favourite film is "Forrest Gump", Tom Hanks is a great actor!
    Hugs, Andrea

  138. WOW! what a great candy!! :) I dont have any of this stamps so.. I hope i'm lucky:P
    My favorite movie is American History X.. its such a strong movie!

    Hugs from Norway :)

  139. That is a great Blog candy and a great stamp! You make beautiful cards! I am sorry that it didn't go so well with the vet.

    I don't have a blog so I will answer the question. The movie I like very much is Moulin Rouge. I like this movie because it is a combination of a movie and a musical. The music in the movie is great and the movie gives me the feeling of power and it is overwelming. I have seen the movie many times and every time it is like I am in the movie itself.

    Hugs Nanda

  140. Great Candy, there is a link on my sidebar.....my favourite movie??? Titanic....I just reaklly love the movie....makes me cry every time lol
    Lauren xx

  141. What an adorable stamp and a great card!

    Honestly, I don't know what my all time favorite movie is. I must not have one because when I think of movies, nothing comes to mind. For the last several years, if I go to a movie theater, it is with my dds to see a movie they want. When DH rents movies for home, he always gets what he wants (i.e. Stephen King or some other bloody, suspense filled movies) claiming that he thinks I would like them--he even used a couple of my gift certificates and got movies for himself.

    I didn't post a link on my blog because life has gotten in the way the past year and I have neglected my blog. Hope I'm still eligible for the blog candy!

  142. Hi. Thank you so much for the chance to win such fab candy. I have linked you to my blog

    I don't really have a favourite film. I love musicals the best.

    I hope your cat is now recovering from the operation and has no more trouble.

  143. SO sorry to hear about your cat. I hate it when people make mistakes like that.

    The cards you made are fabulous.

    I am working on starting a blog so I dont have one to post a link. But your blog is definately bookmarked now.

    My favorite movie (right now) is Alpha Dog. It is based on a true story and I love reading and watching about true events. My list of movies is actually quite long and could go on allll day!

    Thanks for the chance to win some candy! :)


  144. Hi Suzanne...I think it's great that you actually read each comment...shows a great heart!!! One of my favourite movies is "Shall We Dance"" with Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez...it has all the elements of a typical Hollywood romantic movie until that moment when Richard comes up the elevator carrying a red rose and hands it to....I won't tell you, incase you haven't seen it - but it restores your hope in morality in movies - one of the greats....
    I do hope your cat has recovered from such a terrible mistake, we are animal people with 3 dogs, 3 cockatiels, 12 budgies, 2 fish, 4 chickens and 2 Chinese Silkie Bantums...we know them all by name and love each of them!!!
    Thanks for this great oppoptunity and also for your blog, which I have just stumbled across...very inspiring and encouraging....keep it coming!!! God bless you, Linda

  145. hi my favorite movie's are sissi.
    that was the first movie i see
    every time is see this movie i cry.
    its the movie of total love. i gues.
    by the wat i love your site.
    gr. anja from holland

  146. Hello!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!
    I linked you in my blog: http://justme-alice.blogspot.com/ under the section "Blog Candy".
    My favourite movie is "Bianco Rosso E Verdone" with Carlo Verdone. He is an italian and famous actor, I love him!! He is so pleasant!!!

  147. Amazing candy offered on such an amazing blog! Congrats on all those hits Suzanne. I have linked your candy on my blog. My favorite movie is Arsenic & Old Lace with Cary Grant. An old classic that was one my parents favored! Hugs Jeanette

  148. Great candy, I have liked you to my blog!

    My favorite movie is Mamma Mia!

  149. Good morning Suzanne - Teresa Rogers sent me!!! We are bestest of friends and now I can add your blog to my list! I'd love to be entered in the contest for the Whiff of Joy - I am a newbie in these stamps! My fave movie (and my hubbie's also) is GHOST! IT was the first movie we saw together - we are still newly weds of 18 years!!!

    I am so sorry your kitty went thru what he did! It's unconscionable that any vet could leave a catheter tube in! I have 2 cats and they are also my children with fur!

    Congrats on the stat count! WOO HOO!!! Great to get to meet you!


  150. So sorry about your kitty. Makes you want to put something in the vet and forget it there for a couple of weeks and see how he feels about it! I have so many favorite it movies it's hard to pick just one. I love to watch "The Holiday" with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz over and over. It just always makes me smile. I will put a link on my blog and congrats on so many hits on yours. Awesome blog candy!!! Cheri

  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. The movie I've seen the most times is definitely Who Framed Roger Rabbit. My sister and I loved that movie as kids and we've watched it numerous times. I still get a kick out of seeing it and I don't think I'm sick of it yet.

    Although I caught a glimpse of someone saying their fave movie was Anne of Green Gables and I gotta say, I'm torn now. But I guess it's more of a series than a movie, so from that point of view, I can stick with Roger. ;)

    I hope your cat feels better soon! Surgery is never fun, so I hope everything goes well.


  153. This was a great Candy. :D Count me in :D
    My favorite movie is Mamma Mia (I don't know if it's called that in English. But it is a new movie with ABBA music. :)
    I love this movie because it make me so happy, and you just want to sing, dance and everything. Since I live in Norway, and ABBA is from Sweeden, it is something special about the music :)
    You must see this movie <3

  154. I have nothing to loose by trying...;)
    I really love the stamp you are giving away... and of course the other stuff too.

    My favorite movie has be "Forest Gump" and "Cry Freedom". I have seen them once, and I still remember them.


  155. gorgeous card and beautiful colouring, so sorry to hear about your cat, what kind of vet is this?? my favourite movie is top Gun,(sad) when I was much younger I really like Tom Cruise and I loved the romance of it all , but it was so sad. I've left a link on my blog thanks so much Jill x

  156. Hi Suzanne!
    I found your generous offer through Katharina's blog. Thanks so much for offering up this beautiful Blog candy... I really love the angels and I hope I win!

    I posted on my blog about your candy and put a link back here!!

    Oh - and I answered your movie question in the post on my blog.

    Thanks so very much!!
    XOXO Anna Banana


  157. Hi,I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing. My favs movie is "City of angels" Thanks...Gina

  158. everytime i see it i love it more and more i just love them thank you for sharing

  159. I am rolling my eyes at myself right now! I linked you up in my blog yesterday morning and forgot to come enter for the fabulous blog candy!! Fave movie??? Pirates of the Caribbean. I am in lust with Johnny Depp and have been for the last 18 years or so. Ever since I saw him in Crybaby - love that one too btw. Oh and Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, The Notebook - I'm a sap, what can I say? Thanks for the chance! Glad to hear that your kitty is doing better and the vets will be paying for their mistake! :)

  160. Hello! I just love your blog...you are absolutely talented!!! I don't have a blog just yet. One of these days I'll make time for that...LOL!

    Anywho...my favorite movie of all time is, "A Walk to Remember". Why...well because it's just a beautiful, beautiful story. Sad ending, yes...but an awesome story non-the-less.

    Oh...and thanks for the offer of this candy. Your too kind.

  161. What great candy! thanks for sharing!!! :)

    My favorite movie used to be Pretty Woman until The Notebook came out...such a sweet love movie!
    Although I am huge fan of Richard Gere (heart throb!!!!) so I guess maybe I should call it a "tie". :)

  162. Hi!
    What a great candy! I'd like a chance to win please :) My favourite movies (there are two) are Dirty Dancing and Grease. I see I'm not the only one who goes for these movies, hmm, I wonder why ;)
    I went to the Dirty Dancing musical last week and I went to the Grease musical last year. They were almost as great as the movies.
    Love, Marlies

  163. What fab candy. My favourite movie is probably "Quadrophenia" an odd choice I know! Why? Well it reminds me of my teenage years back in the 80's when all my friends wore the clothes, listened to the music and wanted one of the scooters! Keeping everything crossed! Jillix

  164. I am totally in love with that stamp!!! I love angels and fairies and she is just adorable! My favorite movie of all time is "Dr Zhivago" because its such a epic romantic story!

  165. Not easy question...I think my favourite movie is "Dirty dancing" because I love dance and Patrick is sooo sexy!!!

  166. Hi Suzanne,

    First let me tell you how sorry I am to hear about your poor cat. I'm a cat person myself and have had several knots in my stomach when going to the vet with my little friends, and that was when they were treated the right way. I hope everything will be allright soon.

    Thank you for the chance to win blog candy. I already own that beautiful angel but if by some lucky shot I would win it would make my best friends day.

    I'll leave a link on my blog and my favourite movie is Pretty Woman. I just love it, it makes me happy every time I see it. It's just a fairytale and you are never to old for a good fairytale :).


  167. Beautiful coloring! Wow! Enjoy your creations, lovely!
    My fav movie is the Italian Job, I love adventure!
    I'll give you a shout on my blog. Check it out and enter for my candy:
    Joyful Stamper
    Blessings, Maria

  168. Gorgeous candy. I love the whiff of joy stamps and I love the card you created. The colours are fab. My favourite movie is "Dirty Dancing". I have posted on my blog about your candy here http://micheleroos-space.blogspot.com/2008/08/blog-candy-alerts.html.

    Michele x

  169. This comment has been removed by the author.

  170. I love your creation (and the candy too!).
    Such nice colors!
    I post a link on your blog and trying to win these candy. Because.......i love candy's, if you can eat them or not!

    My favorite movy ??? Ehhhhhhhh, let me think.
    I can't make a choice, mayby 'The Gladiator?

  171. What a neat offer. I love WOJ stamps! My favorite movie isn't well known but I love it... Heart and Souls. It's a story about four 'souls' who were given a second chance if they helped someone on earth and didn't realize it until the time was almost up. Great movie. God bless.

  172. I would also love to win some sweet blogcandy! =)
    My alltime favorite that I watch from time to time is "A room with a view", it´s a great move and I love the actors in it. It makes me feel happy and I´ve seen it so many times and are not tired of it yet!

    Hugs, Elenor

  173. oh what cute stamps!! my favorites movie is "pirates of the caribean"..i love pirates and offcourse johnny depp :-)
    and you make beutiful cards...
    hugss bittan from sweden

  174. I'm not entering the blog candy but I wanted to tell you what an amazing card you've created with Melinda.

  175. First of all congratulations on your hits and thankyou for the fab inspiration. My favourite movie .... this is tough I love so many. An old fave is City of Angels with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. A good old 'cry your eyes out' kind of movie, love story with a bitter sweet ending - I love watching it even though I need a boox of tissues handy. If you have not seen it and love a love story this is for you.

    Just realised I haven't watched this for ages ... guess what |I will be watching at the weekend, lol.
    I have linked to my blog

  176. First, I want to send you and your sweet kitty good thoughts and prayers!
    Second, I have to say I absolutely love this angel, I know some sweet girls that would love her also.
    Third, the move that always come to mind first when asked about favorites is "An Officer and a Gentleman." I guess it's my favorite because I have always thought of Richard Gere as a very handsome man and this movie has always touched on every feeling, but left me with a good one :)

  177. silly google/blogger won't log me in :( My acocunt is bethstampedit@gmail.com


  178. Great blog candy and absolutely stunning card.
    My favourtie movie of all times is 'Out of Africa' - I was lucky enough to spend some time in Africa in the 90's and I watch it with tears of nostalgia rolling down my face.
    Hugs Heather xx

  179. Hi suzanne , my favorite film is

    "the green mile " with Tom Hanks

    I think it's the best film i've ever seen !!

    thanks for the candy ;);)

  180. wonderful card and I love that you showed a sample of the candy you are giving away! I am off to my blog to post right now. As for a favorite movie well I am not sure nothing I particularly like to watch over and over but I do like Cars

  181. Lovely candy! And your creations is so gorgeous! I already have this stamp, but my friend who haven't got a blog would adore this, so I'm trying for her :) You'll get MY fave movie though .. wich is OH so many! Lost Boys, Matrix, The Neverending Story, Back to the Future, Mad Max, LOTR, E.T ++

    But an alltime fave number one is Dirty Dancing :) The moment when Patrick says "Nobody puts Baby in the corner".. Ooooh! My first crush ;) seen it a hundred+ times *lol*

  182. My favorite movie of all time would have to be "Gone with the Wind". I've seen it a zillion times and read the book a zillion times. Still makes me cry in all the same places! Your blog is great and I love the Verve stuff you designed.

  183. Thank you for your generous blog candy!
    Favourite movie? Difficult... but "An officer and a gentleman" is so romantic with great music!

  184. I don´t have a blog, but I do have a favorite movie.. and that is "Chocolat" with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. And why? Well I´m not sure, that my English is god enough to explain that, but I´ll try. I think it´s a sweet love-story, and at the same time, it shows a lot about human nature.. and of course Johnny Depp is always nice to look at :-)
    Hope that made sense?
    Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful blogcandy - I would love that.
    Thanks again/ Tina F.

  185. great blog - great candy! I especially love your Verve work!! So sorry about your cat, too - how frustrating and sad for poor little kitty.

    my fav movie (right now) is Mama Mia! - i'm totally addicted and my daughter works at the theater so i can see it any time i want for free - and since she's leaving home in less than a year this movie is hitting home with me *sniff*

  186. Hi Suzanne,
    I am so sorry to hear about your poor cat and his needless suffering! I hope he is feeling much better soon.

    Thanks for the chance to win this fab candy! i have linked you Here

    My fav film is so hard to choose I repeatedly watch all the Harry Potters and Lord of the rings trilogy I love them all but if you really make me choose I think it would have to be LOTR Legolas is soooo lovely! I tried to read the books as a child but always gave up, after being blown away by the films I have now also read the books still hard going but enjoyable!

    All the best to you and your cat


  187. P.s I also have both HP and LOTR on audio books so I can listen to them whilst crafting!

  188. Can't pass this one up! GREAT blog candy!!! My favourite all time movie is Top Gun! LOVE Tom Cruise!!

  189. Such a pretty card! I love your coloring!!!

  190. Wow - great goodies! Count me in! Becky G @ camelliacottagedesigns.blogspot.com

  191. Such a hard decision...a movie I can watch over and over is Casablanca. Love it, love it LOVE IT! I also love your blog and enjoy seeing your creations. Thanks for the chance to win such great candy.

  192. Hi Suzanne,
    thanks for this lovely blog candy. you card is gorgeous.
    One of my favourite movies (I´ve got several is "The wedding singer" with Adam sandler and Drew barrymore...why...so weird!!!, old-fashioned, funny, sweet...I love it
    xxx Coco (the spanish one)

  193. HI I m from France, my favorite movie is Dirty Dancing(i mnot really original) but I love this movie, and i could see it again and again and never be boring!!!
    I love for the music, for the period-this one of my farorite in the story of the Us-for the actors and especially for patrick swayze so hot!!!and for the dance especially the last!!!!I love it!!
    "BIsous" from France

  194. OMG, time to find a new vet! That is appalling! I have a wonderful vet, however, we received devasting news this morning. One of my 3 furbabies has been dx'd with congestive heart failure today. For the 1st time in the 7 years since he showed up on our doorstep, the poor little guy wouldn't eat. Toby LIVES to eat, so we knew something was horribly wrong. He has a tooth abscess, something going on with his gut and the CHF. So he is on 2 different antibiotics for 10 days, and IF he survives this, he'll go on a new combo heart med that should extend his life for awhile. He's my little snuggle bunny. The girls don't snuggle. I hope your sweet kitty survives this situation and I am sending positive thoughts your way.

    As far as favorite movies go, mine would be Steel Magnolias. My husband even had the armadillo cake for his groom's cake at our wedding!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!!!

  195. What is your favorite movie of all time and why?"

    Grosse Pointe Blank -- I have watched it so many times the DVD is paper thin (well almost) All the actors seem to be having such a good time making it. It is full of wacky humor. You know - I just can't really say "why" it's my favorite - it just is - and I laugh myself silly every time I see it.

  196. wow beautiful card. And ty for the chance to win .
    My fav film god I have so many.but best is Dirty dancing, closely followed by Top gun.

  197. ooooppppsssss forgot to say adding link to my blog now. xxx

  198. Hi Suzanne,
    Sorry to hear about your cat! I'm sure anybody in your position would be upset about it. Hope this baby of yours recovers soon.

    Well may sound funny but my favorite movie is "Shreq" (all of them. There is just plain fun in watching these movies and I'm smiling all along :) and a great stress-reliever!

    Don't know if you would send out your stuff to the UAE, (a very-limited-scrapbboking-supplies-available country) but trying my luck anyway!

    Suvina Singh

  199. I'm so sorry about your poor little kitty.

    Love your card just gorgeous! WOW, Great blog candy so generous of you to give away such fantastic goodies.

    My favorite film of all time has to be Toy Story I love animation can't help myself big kid at heart!
    kim x

  200. Hi Suzanne, just found you through Rach. What a great candy you give away ...
    My favourite movie is "The Lord of the rings" ... I´ve seen that movie more then one time, love it ;)
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Moni
    P.S. Your blog is amazing


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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