Saturday, April 26, 2008


Good evening everyone! Well, I survived the 6th grade dance and slumber party--although the girls are probably feeling pretty rough right about now since they were up to almost 4 am. Early to bed for my daughter tonight (and me too-lol)!! But they had fun and that's what birthdays are all about.
I got my new stamps from High Hopes Stamps (yeh, yeh I hear ya', I'm always getting new stuff--it's an addiction I say)!! I discovered these stamps on a blog that features Magnolia stamps and had to check them out--well lo' & behold I wanted them all! I will continue to add on to my collection because they are so stinkin' cute! You must check them out!! Anyhow, some of the boy stamps I ordered reminded me so much of my son, Riley. Some of the stamps are even named "Riley"--co-inky-dink--don't think so :) I ordered a bunch of the boy stamps (fishin', cowboy, farm and these 2) because I seem to be lacking in the "boy" stamp dept.

My son should've been born on a farm--he is a true country boy at heart. He loves to play in the woods, get dirty and find various animals & present them to me (ewww). He has loved Crocodile Hunter since he was very small (and cried buckets when he died), so I knew I had to get this safari stamp. He also loves frogs, lizards & turtles (I prefer furry animals, myself). This card I added some dirt (ink) because you can't have a boy w/o dirt & grime--lol. I also faded (w/my Copic blender pen) his overalls and added a knee patch, because my son always has holes in the knees of his jeans!!
He also has had a tremendous passion for the Civil War since he was 5 too--his room is "civil war" and we have visited various battlefields over the years. If I could only find a cute civil war stamp--let me know if you ever see one!! I always say he was born to love the Civil War because he was born on Lincoln's Bday (another co-inky-dink)!

Getting on with it, I just love these stamps and hope you like the cards I made with them. I'm sure I will have more with these stamps, real soon...
Hope you are all having a "fan-tab-u-lous" weekend!
Safari card- SU solid paper, High Hopes stamps, Copics, brads
Froggy card-SU solid paper, SU east coast prep pp, Copics, Adirondack espresso ink

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