Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble, Gobble…Bawwwhhk!

Well a very happy Turkey Day to those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving!  We are off to my brother’s house today for dinner with all of my family.  It will be nice as the year has been so CRAZY that we all haven’t seen each other very much this year—BAD I know!  Favorite part of this day (next to family, lol) is the STUFFING---OMG I love stuffing and its even better with yummy oysters in it!  And then an evening of football to top it off---oh yeahhhhh!  And I’m taking the WHOLE DAY off, I know it’s a shocker LOL!  But I will be working all day Friday,Saturday & Sunday to complete CMC Class 5 (see sneakie peekie below) so that it will debut on Nov.29th for everyone that has already pre-registered!! Yayyy—I’m super excited about this class and had a ton of fun planning all the great techniques.  I hope you all enjoy it too if you decide to take it!


So if you are celebrating today I hope you enjoy all those minutes spent with your loved ones and with that yummy food Winking smile  And for those that are CRAZY enough to venture out on Friday for BLACK FRIDAY shopping—I wish you good luck and safe travels LOL!  You will NOT see me out there at all, I’ll be home working in my jammies hee hee!  Then we might have a movie-out night as a family if I get my bum in gear and get all my work done for the day!  Alexa is trying to persuade me to go to the mall at midnight but I'mmmmm just not sure about that.  Rude people and me don't get along so well and I'm afraid hubby would get a call at 1 am saying I was in police custody LMBO!  We'll see....................

**OK this post is filled with random stuff that will fill your brain with some info, thoughts and laughs so please proceed ahead LOL! **

My hubby celebrated his 44th Birthday on Tuesday and I’m just wishing him more birthday wishes and kisses from me!!  I got him a new Ipad which he was quite SURPRISED to get I must say.  BUT OMGosh is he obsessed now hee hee—he’s played with mine a bit but never really had time to delve in and never really used Apple products.  Well Tuesday night he was up till 3:30 am playing with it and I was up TOO helping him cuz he had no clue what he was doing (poor me lOL).  He was streaming ESPN and DirectTV on it in bed and was AMAZED hee hee.  Oh the wonderful things you can do with technology these days right?  And he’s always complaining that I shouldn’t bring technology into the bedroom—WELL NOW—look at him now hmmmmm? LOL!
jamesbday1          jamesbday2
(Hubby at dinner with his new Ipad and unpacking it under the goofy eyes of Alexa LOL)


CMC Class 5 debuts on Nov. 29th!! Yay—this class is packed with 18 videos that are mostly 45 mins to over 1 hour long!  You can still pre-register and get a deal on the price AND see the class description HERE!  I’ve used mostly digi stamps for this class so you can easily buy the same images if you choose (but as always you are NOT required to, use what you have on hand that is similar).  Sneakie Peekie of one of the techniques is below for you!


Ok these commercials make me LAUGH—I love a good laugh and I cannot help but giggle each time I see this lady on TV for Target.  She is crazy but I love her!!  Hope it gives you a laugh too today!


Lastly some craft companies are having some fabulous Black Friday deals—so a great time to stock up on goodies for yourself and/or friends!!  


Gina K is having some great deals!  Get 2 sets free with $50 spent OR ALL 5 sets free with $100 spent!!

Susana’s Custom Art & Card Design:
All quantities limited to stock on hand:
All NEW 6" x 6" paper pads on sale 15% OFF
All Embossing Folders 25% OFF
All Tonertex 25% OFF
Selected 2011 Spellbinders 15% OFF

Happy Gobble to you all!


  1. I wish you a happy day even though you do not think of this as a holiday. This was a big holiday to us as my mom's b-day is Nov 28th (RIP) so we always did this as a big day and we still do as we all go our seperate way on Christmas. I LOVE oyster stuffing my cousin started making it two year ago and it was an instant favorite.

    I do black friday shopping but unless I see some big deals I may be skipping and playing with my supplies this year LOL!!

  2. Suzanne Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful time at your brothers house. This is my 2nd year 2,000 miles away from my family so my DH and my son and I are having a nice quiet dinner at home.

    I have to say that I love those commercials as well. Every time it comes on my son tells my husband "Look daddy, that's mommy looking at the Micheal's / AC Moore Ad". LOL.


  3. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Suzanne, with wishes coming all the way from Australia!

  4. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Suzanne.....I sure am thankful for you sharing your talents with us!!!

    Class 5 looks like it will be so cool, that rusted car is just classic!!!

    Happy belated Birthday to James and enjoy your weekend. I am not getting out in the mob, so I will enjoy mine. Fortunately I've got about all my shopping already done, so lucky for me!!

  5. I can't stand the Crazy Target Lady commercial - it's so annoying!

  6. Hey, Suzanne - hope you had a good "black Friday" at home, safely tucked away from all the crazy shoppers! That's what I was doing, too. Can't stand the thought of all those long lines and crazy people.
    I just saw the latest Crazy Lady Target ad and it totally made me think of you! She is in Target and takes the recordable holiday cards and sings on them. Then she puts them back on the shelf open so they all keep singing!!! Somehow, I think that just might be something you would do based on the crazy stories you like to tell! Hee-hee!

  7. Ha!
    I love that add. Is that you Suzanne?
    Hugs Maz


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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