Friday, June 17, 2011

Clowning Around!!

Well hello friends and Happy Friday to you!  Wow—it’s the weekend already LOL!  I hope you have a great weekend planned for yourselves!  Oh boy I am still resting and working and catching up from the past few weeks—whewwwwheeee is all I’ll say.  But of course I have some stories for you---I was in VEGAS where there is always a story, LOL!  (well they seem to follow me I think)


South Carolina was a blast and I had so much fun hanging out with my good friends Pat Jaynes & Dana Shaw.  I laughed and talked so much my ribs STILL hurt---the three of use together is BAD, but good kinda bad, hee hee!  We saw Bridesmaids the movie and I’m still quoting it—in fact I might go see it again this weekend with hubby cuz’ I enjoyed it so much!  Visiting the Biltmore House in Asheville was another check off of my bucket list and it was amazing and fun to see with my pals.  I want to go there this fall for a weekend anniversary trip with my hubby—we’ve wanted to do it for awhile and now that Southwest flies to Greenville it will be an easy weekend trip for us.  So thanks to Pat, Dana and the rest of the gals I got to meet & visit with in South Carolina---it was great to see you all!

**WARNING---no alcohol was involved in this trip minus 1 glass of wine, I kid you not! Long story AHEAD!  What Happens In Vegas, Suzanne ALWAYS tells LOL!!**

Ok—so after a 7.5 hour drive home from SC after only about 7 hours of sleep over 4 nights I got home and went right to my pedicurist’s chair, LOL.  I don’t remember the drive home (ummm scary, lol) but I do recommend getting a leg/foot massage if you’ve taught for 20+ hours like me and need some help.  Got home, worked on projects, did laundry and repacked my suitcase for Vegas and left at 7 am the next morning.  I flew to Long Beach, CA on my first leg of my flight and I must say I was so exhausted I was asleep before we took off (I have that ability now yes, lol) and slept 4.5 of the 6 hour flight.  Got into Long Beach and if you’ve never been there its TINY but I love it—you walk down stairs onto the tarmac into a tiny building that’s the airport.  Well I sat down for my 1.5 hour layover and spotted WHO?  A grown up Harry Potter or Simon Cowell’s twin—I’m not really sure which one, LOL (see photo below).  Then the small airport alarm goes off---WHERE?  Right over my head, hee hee and NOPE I swear it wasn’t me but everyone was looking at me like it was, LOL.  I just waved and smiled and said loudly it must have been my contraband in my bag! (yes I have no shame)  Get on the plane to Vegas and a guy sits in the aisle seat cuz of COURSE I have my window seat and he says the words I hear ALL THE TIME “did you fly from Dulles cuz’ I recognize your pink travel pillow” LMBO!  Well he was the nicest guy, in his 60’s and a self-made millionaire who had been in my neck of the woods in VA visiting his daughter.  Needless to say he knew “people” at my hotel the Encore and got me bumped up to a TOWER SUITE for no charge and  a VIP table and entry to the Blush nightclub in the Wynn, hee hee.  SEE IT DOES PAY TO TALK & BE NICE TO PEOPLE!!  I have his card and next time I go to Vegas I will let him know, lol (and yes I met his wife so no weird thoughts ok, lol).  Well let’s just say that the flight was BUMPY which didn’t upset me but made me laugh---no I wasn’t drunk but perhaps exhaustion has a similar effect, yeah second thought it surely must!  I managed to spill my whole soda on myself, my Ipad and my feet LOL and had everyone wiping me down---it was a bit comical and I’m laughing hysterically like I’m a mental patient the whole time.  If my clothes stay clean for a whole day I’m doing REAAAAL good!  So we land and I’m walking down the little tunnel off the plane (forget what they call them but I like to say tunnels cuz its fun) in Vegas and yep Suzanne takes a massive SPILL over absolutely NOTHING and managed to land flat on my face along with all the contents of my bag (no I was not texting, or angry, or asleep).  I’m totally blaming it on my lack of sleep at this point—the poor people of Vegas were getting quite a view of me, hee hee.  And this is trip/fall #1000 for me so I am NEVER surprised or embarrassed!  Got to my hotel and do you think I could find my room, too many elevators going different places and I was all over the Encore in the first 25 mins I kid you not, even ended down in the spa somehow and talked to some nice folks that helped me out.  I swear they try to get you lost in those casinos and point in wrong directions so you’ll gamble more—its their evil plan you know but AHA I figured them out Ha Ha!  And do you think I could figure out how to close the blinds in my room—NO!  Who knew they were automatic, and who knew they had HIDDEN the darn remote in a drawer.  So yes I called down to the front desk to ask how to close them, hee hee—I am very smart (well I think so) but I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out---I told them they needed to NOT HIDE the remote, DUH!!!  And I’m sure they were thinking well “she’s a total dumb-a**)!   Well my friends and I met up and we gambled (I won a whopping $500 the first night—yay me, lucky me, who knew) and went to dinner and then nightclubbed it cuz yes I love to dance & sing. I’ve been clubbing since I was 17 going into Washington, DC every weekend to dance, I love it almost as much as airport sing-a-longs.  I met my homeboy (hee hee) Lil’ Wayne (yes I like his music) and danced with him ahem………..on the stage for a bit, hee hee.  Hey if you ask me to dance the answer is almost ALWAYS YES (and yes hubby knew).  Then we headed to Harrah’s to their outdoor club "Carnaval Court" and had front row seats for the great band “The Crashers” and I danced for 3 hours straight. Where my energy comes from?  I HAVE NOT A CLUE PEOPLE, LOL---but it could be true that I run on rechargeable batteries <wink>  Passed out in bed that night for sure (gotta recharge) and no there was no alcohol involved for me---that just makes me sick & sleepy, not a good combo for Suzanne.  Give me a few Cokes and I’m good to go for hours & hours—poor people, my poor friends and yes my poor family LOL!

Next day I met my friend Terri of Stamps Alive! for lunch and some shopping in the 101 degree weather---perhaps Waldo joined us—you’ll have to see below….hmmmm.  That night we did dinner by limo, went to see Cirque de Soleil’s “LOVE” which is set to Beatles music and it was FABULOUS!  Then onto a club for more dancing and gambling—I’m pretty sure I was numb and delirious at this point cuz I don’t remember too much, LOL.  I know I won lots more money after befriending the dealer whose name was “Sammie” and I’m pretty sure he felt sorry for me. And yes I befriend lots of people, that’s why we are here on earth so get to talking to peeps, you never know what you may find out or who you will meet.  He basically told me how to play BlackJack and helped me win a few hands---he also kept me in good supply of Coke, lol. (yes I’m SURE he felt sorry for my delirious self)  I asked him lots of “gambling inappropriate questions” as my friends say like where he lived, what his story was and why he kept pulling Aces and I was pulling 2’s LOL!  Since it was my last night we were out till 2 am and I got to meet a TON of drag queens—whooowheee they were good, LOL.  I met Lady Gaga, Cher, Madonna and more---these queens were hilarious, I think I was meant to party with people like this cuz we had a blast dancing and chatting.  And then I had a great cabbie driver while I was there, his name was Toni and I’m pretty sure he was a guy but I cannot confirm that as an “i” on the end of his name was a bit suspicious, LOL.  I had his card and he was my cabbie as I texted him (poor guy) when we needed him during my stay---he loved us Smile I’m sure I gave him a few laughs and fell into the taxi a few times in my heels and skirts as I’m not the most graceful person in the world at times. You are asking why I wear heels aren’t ya?  Well I always wear heels or wedges—ask anyone that knows me, I prefer them and I don’t care if I fall everyday it will NEVAH STOP ME!!  I asked Toni with an “i" to take me to a store for a Coke icee (my fave) and he did, even ran in and got it for me---gotta love a cabbie that does that (ummmm HELLO NYC cabbies would nevah).  He told us some FAB stories that I cannot share about local celebrities, but just know I almost peed my pants a few times.

Ok so the trip home---here we goooo!  I was supposed to leave at 6:30 pm but was tired so changed my flight to a 1:15 pm flight so I could be home at 11:30 pm instead of 5:30 am the next day KWIM.  Get to the airport and find out my flight is delayed 1 hour—ok I can deal. BUT Vegas airports have slot machines—I mean I think they delay flights just so you will play—they just stare at  you with their twinkling lights and fun sounds (yes these things draw me in like a bug to light) but I resisted.  Talked it up with 2 ladies who had just finished their 75th trip to Vegas together—they were 88 and had been coming for a LONG time and 1 even got married in a Vegas chapel.  Between the 2 of them they had won $11,000---ohhhhh I want that luck but I play only in small numbers (you know under $10 lol). Find out plane is over sold and my loading number was B49---UMMMM that’s like BUTT LAST on the plane—NO WAY JOSE!  I must have a window seat so I found a guy who had A17 as his boarding number (yes I am sneaky and conniving when I need to be to get my good seat) and CONVINCED him he MUST save me a window seat or the plane would NOT take off cuz I would have a major meltdown—I KID YOU NOT!  Well I guess I scared him badly enough cuz’ he saved it for me although he kept looking at me regularly I’m sure to see if I was mental or not—he was skeeeered, hee hee. No worries cuz I slept all the way to Chicago.  I knew something was up the MINUTE I landed—the place was PACKED due to weather delays—ugh!  My flight was delayed for 2 hours of course but I bought a sandwich and found one of the last seats in our terminal.  Well the hockey game was on and the place was WILD!  There were people yelling, dancing and singing---this might be scary to most but it was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY YESSSSS!  I WAS LIKE LET’S PARTYYYYYYY! Yes I know you are shaking your head wondering what planet I’m from but its so much better than a quiet airport I assure you.  So we were singing Billy Joel sing-a-longs and a dude was playing a harmonica—people were drinking and laughing---it was CRAZY and I LOVED it! So we finally load onto the plane and everyone is seated and they announce “GUESS WHAT---YOU HAVE NOOOOOOOO PILOT”---ummmmmmmmmm what????  Yep our pilot was lost so we had to WAIT for another pilot for another 35 minutes. Ummm like did the pilot run away, party too hard or what---I was like “HEY—if the PILOT is LOST we don’t want him ok—that’s a BAD BAD SIGN” LMBO.  And yes I said it loudly to the plane (to much laughter and no arrests thank goodness) cuz I don’t know better and I lack a mouth filter at times but come on---do you want a pilot that has disappeared flying your plane at night?  I think NOT or at least I don’t!  NEW (thank god) pilot comes and we start flying—I have 2 guy seatmates and we all CRASHED and I slept the whole flight even tho it was bumpy as heck.

Get off the plane at 12:30 am (yes an hour behind) to find the train at Dulles is down for maintenance---oopsies.  Waited (I kid you not) for 35 mins for a train as there isn’t another way you can get across the tarmac now to get my darn luggage.  Get on the train which is packed with my whole flight and someone pushes me and I fall out of the train---DOOR CLOSE!!! UMmmmm NO, NO, NO---I started YELLING LIKE A MENTAL PERSON (ask me to impersonate one and I do it well).  Well I scared the train guy so bad he opened the doors back up and stopped the train, hee hee---that got his attention!!  I got back on the train, gave the dude who pushed me a dirty look and said to him “It’ll take more than that mister to make me miss this train---you have NO IDEA what I’ll do when push comes to shove or what I’ve been thru” LOL.  Yep he was a bit scared (rightly so), I can have that effect when angered which isn’t often but when it happens WATCH OUT.  Got to hubby and got home and have NO recollection of getting in bed but it was lights out quickly for me. 

So that is in round-a-bout terms my story for ya---there is a lot more but you’ll have to wait for my BOOK to see those, hee hee (hmmmmmmmm…makes you think right)!  Anyhow if you ever want to travel with me and you are NOT scared I’d be happy to have ya----its always fun, never boring and sometimes downright exhausting!!  I always will have a story to tell, people to meet and things to experience whether its' good or bad---that’s just LIFE
Pictures for ya (I don't have a ton cuz' my phone & camera didn't come everywhere in Vegas--lack of pockets and purse, lol):


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Clowning Around!!


So keeping in the party mood I used this fun and supercute clown stamp that I got at my pal Betty’s store in Greensboro, NC called the Stamping and Scrapbooking Room.  These stamps are by Morehead Stamps—they have the cutest faces, I just love them.  This one is calledJoy for You—Sweety” and she’s so sweet for birthday cards.  (don’t want to order from overseas? call or contact Betty & she will ship to you)

I'm entering this cutie-pie into these challenges (remember to check Feline Playful for challenges):

Delightful Challenges (anything goes)
Celebrate the Occasion (Birthdays/Party Hat)
(SOS--use S or O products--I used Stickles, Spellbinders,Scrolls)
Sweet Stamps (embossing)
KB Cute Monday (Anything Goes)


I used new papers by My Minds Eye called “Lime Twist—Happy Go Lucky” cuz I loved the mix of fun patterns and great colors!  The purple embossed mat was done with a Spellbinders Nestie and then embossed but to make it larger I cut it in half and put it under the middle paper to stretch it out.  The image is matted with Spellbinders “Lacey Circles” and the swirly die is newer from Heartfelt Creations called “Bella Rose” (see here—it has leaves but I cut them off to make it versatile).  The sentiment is from PTI and then I topped the end off with a button and some Scrapper’s Floss.

Yes this cutie was colored with copics to match the fun papers V09,V06,V04,V000 / BG72,BG11,BG10 / YG25,YG03,G20.  I put Stickles (stardust only) on her hat, clown suit trim and shoes for sparkle.  The top of her hat got a mixture of fun Sparkly Fluff in two colors—I mixed an aqua and purple together to match the papers.  The ball and ice cream cone got some Diamond Glaze on them.  Isn’t she such a lil’ cutie?  I got a few of these sets but thinking I need MORE (yikes)!!


Hope you enjoyed this today, maybe laughed and smiled a bit and sure hope I didn’t wear you out LOL!  Yes I wear myself out but I’m still truckin’ so I’m doing good Smile I leave next Friday for a 2 week beach vacation in Hilton Head, SC and there I will calm down and rest a bit (yeah right huh)!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh wow! Love this beautiful clown card. The colors are great!!!!

  2. wowwzzaaaa Great story :)
    Love the cute clown card.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. This card is just adorable! Love it!

    Suzanne, you exhaust me just reading about everything you do when you go somewhere. LOL! But it sounds like you surely have fun, and that's a really good thing! :^)

  4. Gotta love slots at the last chance to win (or lose) it all before leaving! Guess which category I was in....LOL

  5. Just love this card ~ the image, the colors!!
    You exhaust me just reading about all of your adventures! Always a good time when you're around, I'm guessing!

  6. Gorgeous card, love the colour combo its just perfect for your cute little clown!

    Thank you for sharing with us at Delightful Challenges this week, good luck!
    Hugs Shell xx

  7. There is always something to laugh out loud about when you tell your travel stories! I've never heard of anyone having such adventures in traveling. I think it would be a ball to travel with you!
    Love your card...that clown is too cute!

  8. You are just too funny girl. A wonderful story But I'm sure glad you are home safe.

  9. Beautiful image. Beautiful coloring technique and beautiful card. Thanks for playing with us this week at CTO!

  10. Double Wow, I just love your card, the colors are beautiful and you did an outstanding job coloring it!! Thanks for playing along with us this week @ CTO :)

  11. I love hearing your travel stories, Suzanne! I would love to meet you during one of your airport layovers so I could join in your fun :) I've been thinking you should be writing a much fun and sure to cause some LOL!

    Terrific card! Sure wish I had this one to send to my niece! She would love it!!!

  12. Such an adorable card. Love the glittery hat.

  13. Only you, Suzanne! LOL It's're a NUT! LOL I enjoyed reading about your always fun escapades. LOL What a hoot!

    Love your card & that darling image. The purple embossed nestie reminds me of a purpley vanilla ice cream cone. LOL

    Great job!

    Huggies ~ Sharron♥
    btw...........I'm gonna have to get busy & look for Waldo. I've been kind of "out of it" lately so I haven't been visiting as much as I'd like to.

  14. OMG, lovely, too cute, thanks so much for Celebrating the Occasion with us!

  15. OMG, what a story, Suzanne!!!! Your trips are unbelievable! You couldn"t make a story like this up if your tried..... They are so crazy!!!! I love them....LOL You are a riot to travel with!!

    You card by the way, is bonkers, it's so beautiful. What a sweetheart!!! Love the colors in this one.....

  16. HI! I wish I knew you were out in Vegas. I live there and would have loved to have met you. Where did you go down on the strip? Hope you had a great time.

    Have a great weekend!

    Lisa V.

  17. First of all - that clown card is absolutely ADORABLE. Now I am DYING laughing here about your travel mayhem & comedy! Having met you in person, I still can't believe all of the stuff that you do, say and experience - HILARIOUS. :) You really made my Friday - TFS! (And if you write a book - I am buying it!)

  18. This is so beautiful! Awesome the coloring and stickles!

    Thanks for playing along with CTO!

    Nicole T.

  19. I love your travel stories!!!

  20. I just LOVE to read your travel stories!! Your card is adorable!! I love the image and colors you used!

    Thanks for playing along with Shopping Our Stash!

  21. Very pretty and colorful card. Thanks for playing at CTO!

  22. This is a beautiful sweet card. Love your papers & glitz.

    Thanks for joining us this week @ Delightful Challenges & Good Luck x

    hugs sally x

  23. This is amazing my freind long time no speak, as always your cards are beautiful xxxxx

  24. It's always so much fun to read your travel stories, makes me giggle every time! Love your card, the image is simply adorable, colouring is amazing & I love all the glimmer & shine! It was great to have you play along with us at Paper Sundaes!

  25. Gorgeous in every way....just love the colors and the coloring is fabulous! Thanks for joining us at Shopping Our Stash!

  26. Nice job on the challenge such soft pretty colors and so feminine,
    Thank you for playing with us at CTO
    hugs, DIANA L.

  27. This is such a beautiful card! I love the papers and the great layers you used! The swirls and glitter are perfect accents too! Thanks for playing along with us at CTO!

    ♥ Rayna

  28. Absolutely Gorgeous hun!! Love the image and beautiful color combo with the touch of glitter! Thanks so much for sharing and joining us at Sweet Stamps ths week.

    Hugs, Jacki

  29. Absolutely Gorgeous hun!! Love the image and beautiful color combo with the touch of glitter! Thanks so much for sharing and joining us at Sweet Stamps ths week.

    Hugs, Jacki

  30. Your story was awesome! Made me laugh pretty hard. Vegas is home for me (though I live in CA now) and I'll be heading back there on Thurs. Glad you had such a good time. :)

    Your card is amaaaaaazing. Love all the color and texture. Thanks for joining us at SOS this week.

  31. Boy, you make me laugh out loud. I love reading about your mis-adventures. You should get a camera crew to follow you around. You could make a movie. ha! Love the card and that image is just too sweet. Great choice of colors too! Love it! Have a great vacay!

  32. Love your card. Thanks for joining us at FF this week

  33. Cute card, love the image and the colour combo.
    Thanks for joining us at Forever Friends. Hugs, Fae xxx

  34. Great card.
    Thanks for joining in at Forever Friends.

  35. I sooo need these papers! Fab colouring! Thanks for playing along at FF Fortnight challenge.
    Rachael :)

  36. Big WOW!!! Amazing coloring and the cutiest image!

    Thanks for joining us on Spots and Dots challenge at Forever Friends! Hope to see you soon again.

    Hugs, Sande xxx

  37. Delightful card and such lovely colours! Thank you for playing at Crafts & Me x

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I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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