Friday, October 19, 2012

Mixed-Up Pumpkin!!

Happy Friday to you all!  I’ve been a good girl this week and haven’t typed too much or did much creating as my wrist has been killin’ me and I want it to get better ASAP.  But I am cleaning the house today LOL, its that time again KWIM and we are having folks over tomorrow. After school Alexa is having her nails done so they will be purty for dance tomorrow (mama is too cuz mine look like crud).  And tonight hubby & I have to work at the concession stand for half of the Homecoming football game….oh joy joy…NOT my most favorite thing to do.  In the past I have gotten stuck working the fryer, but now I use my BIG MOUTH to say no way Jose…icky nasty, greasy job…I’ll do other stuff that requires NO lifting as my wrist is not able to lift much currently w/o dropping stuff and dr’s orders right? LOL!  So big homecoming game tomorrow and then apparently a bunch of teens (boys) back at my house to watch “The Walking Dead”…ick I pass on that show, I’m not into zombie stuff-killing-bloody shows! (BUT I’m sooo loving that new show Nashville…omg…its really good) Then we will get mums & pumpkies Saturday morning while Riley’s at football pic to decorate the porch & patio for Homecoming pics…which will consist of me telling hubby where to lift & put them since I cannot hahahaha!  Then Alexa’s BFF Grace is coming over to get ready for dance…I will corral Riley and help him get ready as much as he lets me..I’m sure there will be whining & yelling involved no doubt.  Then pictures at 5 pm in backyard with Alexa, Alexa’s date Jhavi, Grace, Riley, and Riley’s friends and all the parents.  Then we will tromp across neighborhood to get group photos with the LARGE group that Alexa is going with to dinner.  Then we will escort Riley & his pals to the dance..aka our duties as the neighborhood chauffeur.  Alexa and her friends are going to a bonfire party at friends house till 1 am after dance, then a sleepover at our house.  Apparently the boys are wanting to go to Buffalo Wild Wing after the dance so we will be taking some of them (14 boys in total…omg…shoot me)…oh how fun…oh yeah I may have a glass(es) of wine after all of that hahahaha along with many Advil!  I will post some pics up on Facebook Saturday evening if you follow me there and want to see before I get them on my blog next week!  I shall survive...I shall survive...I shall hear me chanting LMBO!

Yesterday I went to my pal Marti’s house for some mixed-media fun!  We made the project below…which was easy and fun.  I’ve been wanting to get into more mixed-media and see how to use all the products that are out there.  We also went to a class at the Queen’s Ink in MD on Saturday for an all day class with Wendy Vecchi—fun but my wrist was killing me by the end of class. Love the book we made too!  Marti is fostering kittens for same rescue I used to…before I collected 5 cats of my own and hubby told me I had to quit…LOL!  So the cat below reminds me of my cat Windy that passed away a few years ago…she liked my lap…she would be here at my house right now if I didn’t think hubby would divorce me heehee! Isn’t she a beauty?  Awwww….and her name is Savannah…one of my fave cities!



A Mixed-Up Pumpkin!!

My friend Marti Wills has a chaotic life not unlike myself…we are also very similar in many BAD ways hahahaha…we also get along well even though we are both very sarcastic, stubborn and Taureans LMBO! Marti is the ONLY friend I have near me that is into crafts and the craft world like myself…thank god! We’ve been pals for about 5 years now and been to many of CHAs together too, yes yes she is the one that gets up at 3 am when I’m just going to bed…that is where we REALLY differ LOL!  So like a nice friend Marti (aka Smurfette) had the canvas painted in orange & dry when I got there…ready for us to play with LOL!  Then we ripped Halloween/Fall papers and some music sheets for the background. <See Slideshow at bottom for steps> We put the paper on with Gel Medium on the back and front till we got the look we wanted.  Then we sponged both acrylic paint in cream and Luminarte Silks (I used Harvest Sol) over the dried paper to make it more muted.  The swirly scrolls were done with a stencil and then we used Liquitex Ceramic Stucco mixed with Perfect Pearl powders to create the color we wanted (mine was an orange & brown mixed in).

What’s next with me & Marti-o?  We are gonna create with our Art Journals with different techniques so look for those posts every now and again too! Smile

Find bunches of great Mixed-Media products at SCACD HERE!

You could cut out a pumpkin with dies or your e-cutter, but I like to use oval dies to make mine, I like the patchwork quilt look!  I distressed and inked all the edges and then put it together with foam tape for a layered look!  I curled my leaves a bit after inking them and added Stickles for sparkle.  Then I finished up with a twine bow, button and fall tag (sentiment from PTI).  The green-leafy scrolls were done with a Marianne Designs die.

A closer look of the background…so fun and easy to do…something I may try with my card backgrounds as well.  And YES this trip to Marti’s cost me $$$…meaning now I want stuff so I had to order stuff so that cost me $$ LOL!  But its ok I’m gonna have fun with them Winking smile or Marti will come bop me on my head…she’s small, but SCARY sometimes ahahahaha!

My project now takes center stage on my family room mantel next to my mirror for my fall decorating…I just love it!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I hope your hand gets better quickly!!! Your project is gorgeous!!!! You are always an inspiration!!! I love the photo of the cat!!! We rescued our 3rd kitty this spring. A starving little black kitten came howling to our door...and how can you turn that away! All 3 of ours have been rescues...and I wouldn't mind a 4th but my hubby has put his foot down! :)

  2. It is beautiful Suzanne. Love the background you and Marti did on this creation. It would be great for the front of the smash books too. Just wanted to tell you to be careful with your wrist this weekend. I know how well you mind!!!!

  3. Great projects Suzanne!!! Take good care of your wrist...try to give it a rest! I know...really?!
    Paper Hugs,

  4. Love it.. The background papers are gorgeous... Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. I hope you're 100% really soon. Love that canvas project. So fun that you have Marti so close by. I'm meeting one of my online friends for some scrapping this Friday!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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