Monday, October 8, 2012

Let’s Think Pink!

Happy Monday to you all!  Its Columbus Day here in the States and I believe it is or was Canadian Thanksgiving…so whatever you are doing I hope its fab!  That means my teens are home today since school is off…ugh…LOL…they will be sleeping in and disrupting my quiet me thinks.  We had a great weekend….we didn’t get to the Pumpkin Patch because of the weird weather but we had fun anyway.  Alexa and I made cakepops (see below) and we all watched “Haunted Mansion” with Eddie Murphy …Lex won’t admit it but she was skeered LMBO.  We’ve watched it probably 10x and she still gets spooked hahahaha and its more funny then scary—its also my most FAVORITE ride in Disney World too, I head there first after Space Mountain!  Then yesterday we went to the Orioles vs. Yankees baseball game.  So happy the Orioles made it into the play-offs!  I’ve been an Orioles fan since I was little growing up in MD…much longer than I’ve been a Nats fan.  So if it comes down to a Battle of the Beltway of Nats vs Orioles…I’m NOT sure who I’m gonna root for…ugh…but that would be a super fun match up!  We went online Friday night and bought play-off tix right away..I won’t say how much they spent cuz it was RIDICULOUS..but for sports fans like us it’s a historic game that we wanted to be at.  Unfortunately Riley is a Nats AND a Yankees fan (ugh…I hate the Yanks)…so I DID not sit by him at the game. LET ME EDIT THIS NOW TO SAY IT WAS FREEZING...50 degs & POURING RAIN FOR 6 HOURS AND GAME WAS DELAYED!!  I was frozen, soooo cold and sitting out in that for 6 hours was a huge test but we all did it...thats true fans for ya LOL!  Not sure I'd do it again but it was a good game riiiiiight up till the 9th inning when our pitcher got some pitiful throws out leading the dumb Yankees to a win ugh.  We did not get home until 2:30 am this morning so I'm beat...feel like a train ran over me many times last night! LOL...oyyyy!  If you saw some crazies in the stands off of first base with a huge “Gonna BUCKle Up” sign…yeah that was us LOL!  I didn’t get in any brawls with rude Yankees fans…darn it…so James was happy about that.  Last time I had a guy call me and Alexa “bit*&es” and I about took him out…I mean really?  It’s a game, let’s be nice and have good sportsmanship…calling women names cuz we’re cheering on the home team & say that in front of my daughter…ummm NO…I don’t play that game.  As I was getting into it with him…that would be me jumping over Alexa to stand nose-to-nose with him and yelling while he stood there stunned…my hubby & son came back from concessions and the look on my hubby’s face was priceless.  He had that “oh no not again…what are you doing & do I have to fight someone for you” look on his face LOL!  But seriously don’t mouth off to me like that in front of my kids…even the Yankees fans in front of him were booing him.  So no trouble at this game just 2 drunk guys beside me that kept falling on me...I seem to attract drunk men at events like stink on poop I tell ya LOL.  I was worried they were gonna knock me down over the rail half the time---ohhhh its always an adventure when we go to these things Winking smile  And WHOOOT to the Nationals for winning their first game...awesome!!  So happy!

Below is a celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month from the Magnolia-licious DT…we are having a Blog Hop themed “Think Pink”…hope you will take the time to read all about it and see each DT gal’s projects! 

**And I have some SWEET PINK BLOG CANDY you can win as well if you leave a comment telling me simply what your favorite treat is!**


Think Pink!!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) is an annual international health campaign organized by major companies every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon symbol was used in 1993 by Evelyn Lauder as the symbol of The Breast Cancer Research Fund she founded and is used to symbolize the fight against the disease. We also honor those that have fought the battle and who are currently fighting the battle while raising awareness to ALL women to be aware of the symptoms and to be proactive against the disease. Want to find out more? The National Breast Cancer Foundation HERE for those in the US and globally at the site HERE!
  • In 2011 Nearly 1.5 million women across the world were told they had breast cancer
  • One-third of breast cancer deaths can be decreased with early detection and treatment
  • In the US 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer over their lifetime, an estimated 527 women are diagnosed in the US with breast cancer each day
The Magnolia-licious DT wants to help promote awareness/early detection and share what this Think Pink Month is about with ALL women! We also want to honor all of those women that have or are currently fighting this disease and show our support in the fight!! So the DT has planned our own “Think Pink” Awareness Hop and we hope you can all join in with us. Each DT gal has created some Sweet-PINK treats and PINK Packaging to match using those beautiful Magnolia images.
You can find some Magnolia stamps that were created specifically for Pink Ribbon Awareness at Magnolia-licious <HERE> So have fun hopping along to see all the fabulous Pink-a-licious Creations and make sure to stop back by the Magnolia-licious Highlites Blog to join in on the fun too!

So I decided to create a sweet Think Pink card featuring a beautiful Magnolia “Sitting Tilda” and the Magnolia Pink Collections “Strength Hope Cure” circle stamp.  Then for my Sweet Treat, Alexa and I made cake pops covered in the pink ribbons symbol sprinkles and matching tags and charms.  We had a ton of fun creating the can see our slideshow below LOL!

I'm entering this into the following fabulous challenges:

For the card I used some scrap PTI papers all in pinks & whites of course.  I used SBs “Labels 16” die and embossed the white matting.  All of the papers were distressed a bit, the frilly mats were made with a Memory Box die “Quinn Flourish” (cut in half) and then I layered Prima flowers.  I stamped the Magnolia “Strength Hope Cure Circle” stamp and created a tag to hang below my pink ribbon bow made with my handy-dandy Bow Easy.

Tilda was colored with Copics R21,R20,R000 / E11,E00 / Y23,E50 & TouchTwin color BR104 / E42,E41,E40.  I added Stickles to her pink socks, bow and shirt trim…the flowers all got some sparkles too!

Here is the “Strength Hope Cure Circle” stamp I used..I colored each ribbon & then added Stickles around the circle for sparkle!

I had bought a BabyCakes cake pop machine at Wegmans and it was just waitin’ to get used (I have a slight machine addiction lol).  So Alexa & I fired it up and created pink & white frosting then sprinkled them with the pink-ribbon-symbol sprinkles.  I created tags that matched the one on the card and we made Shrinky-Dink ribbon charms.  I used the Magnolia “Pink Stitched Ribbon” stamp, stamped them in Pink Memento ink on Shrinky-Dink sheets, cut them out & punched a hole in top then heated them up with my heat gun till they shrunk all the way down.  Then we wrapped up the cake pops, threaded the tag and charm and tied them all off.  I think they came out so cute and who wouldn’t want to receive one of these!  We will be making some for Halloween too Winking smile

Now leave a comment on this post by Friday, Oct 12th & tell me what your most favorite sweet treat is and you could win the PINK goodies below:

Blog Candy: Organic EOS strawberry crème lip balm & lotion set, a Magnolia “Strength Cure Hope Circle” stamp, a Pink Ribbon cookie cutter, a paper pad of Prima’s “Tea Thyme” and a Pink Deck of Playing Cards!

Hope you enjoyed the post today!  

Now make sure to hop on to Cheryl’s Blog to see her fabulous
Pink-a-licious creation!


Here's a slideshow of me & Alexa makin' the cake pops :)


  1. As I am a breast cancer survivor this is very dear to my heart.
    Such a worthy cause.
    Your card is beautiful. Such a darling Tilda. The design of your card is so soft and lovely.
    I love the cake pops....yum.
    Hugs maz

  2. Beautiful card and love the broomstick suckers. These are really cute and would make great gifts. Beautiful coloring as always. Love all your work. Free Business Cards

  3. Oh these looks so yummi!! Fabulous card too! My fave sweets is cookies :)

  4. The cake pops look yummy! Love the tags!

    Tracy V

  5. Your card and lollipops are absolutely stunning Suzanne. Just love those labels and the whole soft pink and white look. Fab work once again. Oh my favourite sweet treat for now must be Cadbury's new Breeze chocolate which has just hit the shelves in SA. I made a little piglet of myself during winter and am now trying desperately to shed some of those extra kilo's, just so that I can indulge in another slab of course! lol Have a super day further. hugs Sharon x

  6. Oops, did I say Breeze? It should have been Cadbury's new Bubbly choccie...;) lol

  7. WOW, you've been busy!!!! I love your card and the lovely candy! That is a lot of pink and perfect for the occasion! Hugs, Brigitte

  8. Great reminder of a fantastic cause every month should be cancer awareness until we can find a cure.

  9. my cheesecake brownies - mmm they are so good, I could eat the whole pan!

  10. Hi Suzanne... love your creations, all of them, but love the video you posted here. Funny you would ask favorite sweet treats because I have lost 80 lbs and hard I try not to think much about sweet treats, but one time someone came into my business trying to market a product and as a way of getting us to perk up and look at their product, they brought a boquet of cake pops. That little treat was just a devine little explosion of delishiouness and your treats reminded me of that!

    Always enjoying your creations...

  11. Hi Suzanne... love your creations, all of them, but love the video you posted here. Funny you would ask favorite sweet treats because I have lost 80 lbs and hard I try not to think much about sweet treats, but one time someone came into my business trying to market a product and as a way of getting us to perk up and look at their product, they brought a boquet of cake pops. That little treat was just a devine little explosion of delishiouness and your treats reminded me of that!

    Always enjoying your creations...

  12. What a beautiful card. And I love the cake pops. So fun. I have so many favorite treats that its hard to narrow it down to one. Right now, I an enjoying candy corn a lot. Maybe a little too much. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Oh Suzanne........This is so soft and pretty!!! Loving all of the sparkle you have put on the image.

    Great sugar free candy you found. I would love to win that circle stamp.. LOL

    hugs and have a great week.......

  14. Hi Suzanne, I love love love this card !!! The pinks you've chosen are so soft and beautiful. This card is truly healing to ones heart. You are such an inspiration !!!
    My favorite sweets I would have to say are Sprinkle cup cakes, if I see a shop I must stop! Thanks and have a great week. Connie

  15. What a wonderful card.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  16. Wow, Suzanne this card iis gorgeous. Love everything about your card and those babycake treats. I would have to say that anything chocolate that involves ccake would have to be my favorite sweet treat. Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. You are too funny! I LOVE to read all your funny stories and adventures. Your Tilda card is soo prety just like all your work. Thanks for sharing your creativity (and family) with all of us. My favorite sweet is..thats a hard one! I LOVE all sweets.LOL. But if I have to pick just one it would be white cake with buttercream frosting. I also love candy!

  18. You certainly are a little spitfire, aren't you? LOL! Well, I don't blame you for standing up to the guy--goodness, what was wrong with him?
    Love your card, as always! Love the image and fab coloring, your design, die cuts & embossing. :^)
    The cake pops look delish.
    I love all sweets--that's my problem! But if you could give me a high-quality chocolate-covered caramel, I am in hog-heaven! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  19. Gorgeous project Suzanne! Your card is sooo pretty and I LOVE the cake pops! I got that machine last Christmas and I still haven't opened it up. Yes, my husband is complaining about that too! ;) hugs, Angela

  20. What a beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness card, so soft and pretty. Really enjoyed the video of the cake pops. The best part though is you sticking up for you and your daughter, you go girl.

    My favorite sweet treat of the moment is butter pecan ice cream.

  21. What a beautiful card and your cake pops are awesome!!!! Lovely soft pink colors and I love the polka dots on Tilda's socks. I am in love with the polka dots.

    My favorite sweet treat is the awesome mocha chip ice cream made at our local creamery on a waffle cone.....


  22. Beautiful card. My favorite treat is bauklavah. I don't know how to spell it but I sure know how to eat and eat and eat it.........

  23. Beautiful card Suzanne and amazing coloring as always. Those pop cakes look sooo yummie!! My favorite sweet treats are white chocolate and cake. Hugs, Ivonne

  24. Just love all you create! Favorite treat is Lemon Meringue Pie! xxx Ann Marie

  25. Suzanne,

    I enjoy your blog posts SO much because you really share who you are and what is going on. It makes you so much more "real" than a lot of other bloggers.

    You card is beautiful and I am glad you are helping to bring awareness to this important cause.

    I had to laugh about your description of Yankee fans and attracting drunk guys at games. I am a New Yorker, and I don't like how Yankees fans act most of the time! I also seem to attract the drunk ones when out, so I feel your pain on that. . .lol!

    Keep up the great posts and the lovely work and thanks for always sharing your talent, knowledge and inspiration with others!

  26. Hi Suzanne! You never cease to amaze me with your unending creativity and talent! Today's projects are absolutely no exception. I just love every single little detail from your always amazing coloring, to all the totally fabulous details you add! I really think you should be a sales person though... I'm really contemplating getting one of these cake pop makers!! Grrr, soon I'll need a room just for gadgets and machines! :) Awesome projects and awesome idea for today's hop ~ thanks for all you do for the team! hugz, Mary

  27. I love reading about your adventures. Very entertaining and it's nice to read about someone else's crazy hectic life. My favourite sweet treat at the moment is a big honking red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. I think I will go have one right now.


  28. WOW, this is an absolutely stunning card Suzanne: I have not seen this ribbon circle- it is a must to have. I love making these cards although I don't have many people to send them to (thankfully). The pops are absolutely scrumptious looking- nothing sweeter than a pink and white treat! Beautiful combination.

    The prize packet is awesome- a wonderful give away. Thanks for the chance.

    My favorite treat is vanilla cupcakes (although, those pops looks yummy and I might just have to buy one of those machines!).

  29. YUM!YUM!YUMMY!! Love all your sweet treats here from your adorable Magnolia "Think Pink" Tilda card and your delish blog candy to your scrumptious cake pops! I definitely have a sweet tooth so it's difficult to narrow my fav sweet treat down to one so I'll say a fav treat of the fall season is caramel apples.

    I also love hearing about your latest antics,uh, I mean your latest activities.;) BTW, I'm with you...I'll root for anyone playing against the Yankees.

  30. Hi Suzanne, I love your cake pops( I only just discovered what cake pops were the other day)and of course I always love your cards. As always I love ready all about your antics in life - you sure do make me giggle! My favourite treats are chocolate (any type) and coke zero - I can tackle anything in life with chocolate and coke zero under my belt :). Thanks for the chance to win your candy x joy

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your card. Of course, I usually do! You are soooo talented.

    As for treats - don't laugh. My very favorite treat is cheese - no wait, shrimp . . . with cheese. haha. I'm not much for sweets, though I won't refuse a handful of Smarties.

    Thanks for an opportunity to win.

  32. Hi Suzanne -

    Sounds like a great time and I'm glad you didn't get into any fights last night! Your card is beautiful and your cake pops look delicious. My daughter who is away at college got one of the machines for her birthday so I'm hoping to try them out soon when we visit her. My favorite treat is anything dark chocolate. I do love a good chocolate chip cookie though too!

  33. Darn blogger is giving me such a hard time.....! Trying again to comment- your card is fabulous- the layout is beautiful- your coloring is so pretty too! Love the softness of it. Love your cake pop slide show : ) I love Chocolate- and peanuts eg Peanut M&M's or Peanut butter cups....try not to buy them......

  34. I love the cake pops. You did a nice job! My iPad won't show me the slide show, so ill have to dig out the laptop to see later.

    My favorite treat is anything chocolate & caramelly, so $100 Grand is usually at the top.

  35. Love your card and those cake pops!! Such a cute Tilda! Those cake pops would make a great fundraiser item!
    My favorite sweet treat is anything chocolate ~ cake, cupcakes, hot chocolate, candy, brownies, ice cream ~ if it's chocolate, I'll LOVE it!
    Sure wish could color like you! Are you ever gonna teach a class in NE Ohio???
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  36. Just gorgeous Suzanne, i love the soft pink and white and the beautifully coloured Tilda, Your cakes on a stick are awesome, I must try these out, Wonderful projects a great way to raise awareness
    As for my favourite sweet treat I think that would be sweet Tilda as the other sort don't agree with my waistline
    hugs Julie P

  37. Suzanne, your card is gorgeous and your treats look so yummy. How nice that your daughter helped with the treats.


  38. Beautifully decorated card and your yummy treat !
    My favourite treats are chocolate and vanilla cupcakes
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  39. Stunning usual! You have an eye for details and design! The shrinky-dink ribbon charms are just one example of detail! My favorite treat is a Butterfinger!

  40. Oh wow, your card is gorgeous!! Love the pastel pink and your colouring is amazing!! Those cake pops look divine!!! My favourite trates are reeces pieces!! Yummo!! Hugsxx

  41. Your cad and cake pops are beautiful. For my sweet treat I am into tootsie rolls


  42. Your card is wonderful!

    And I love all kinds of chocolate, especially truffles :D.

    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy.


  43. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, I have had 2 scares and both were benign, a friend at work just had a mastectomy and we at work are wearing pink for the whole month and wearing "Denise's Chemo Champs" (pink t shirts with this logo and a pic of her too)...we are making her laugh and she is fighting with all her "work buddies".

  44. Love the pretty. My favorite sweet treat is Cotton Candy............. :)

  45. Louise (Mamilou) (Ontario)October 9, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    I always look forward to reading your posts... you are too funny. But be careful out there!

    Your card is amazing. So soft. Love the coloring.

    And those little cakes.... yummy! Nice photos of how it was done with your daughter.

    My fav sweet right now is carrot cake.... the best one ever I have had is the one in Bermuda at Temptations in St.George. Yummy!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. It's a great cause and you do amazing work. Hugs

  46. These are awesome, Suzanne. Your darling Tilda card is precious; she is gorgeous in pink. I just love all the fun creative sweets on this hop. The cake pops are fabulous and so clever. I love all the pretty little details in this project.

    My favorite sweet treat is simple, chocolate covered almonds. YUM!

    Cathy Lee

  47. My favorite sweet is candy corn, and this is the season for it. lol. I love your cake pops. In 1993 when the breast cancer ribbon was created, I lost my Mom to this horrible disease. Unfortunately on Dec. 14th, one hard Christmas. I hope that with the support and fundraising that is done during this month every year that eventually they will find a cure for this disease so no one else will be lost.
    Hugs xx

  48. Lovely card! Adorable image and your colouring is fantastic!
    My fave sweet treat - cupcakes!!! MMM MMM MMM cupcakes!!
    Your cake pops look great! I tried to make some a while back - they were completely unimpressive!
    Thanks for joining us at Drunken Stampers for the "Think Pink" challenge this week!

  49. Absolutely stunning card & your cake pops look yummy too...

    Thank you for joining us at Gem of a Challenge & good luck :)
    hugs and xxx

  50. Very soft. I love the image you chose and the coloration. The touch of Stickles just adds that something special! I wish I had one tenth of your talent! Your cards are always so inspirational. My favorite sweet treat - PASTA! LOL **just kidding** I'm really not much of a sweet eater *sigh*. I can turn down a dessert, but not pasta! I do love a treat I found at Denny's - soft vanilla ice cream with crisp bacon and maple syrup. It was wonderful, but doesn't bacon taste good on most things?

    Chris Christensen

  51. Ok I have to say, I'm definitely a sucker for a good, gooy carmel brownie! The pops look cute.

  52. OMG OMG OMG, Suzanne, your card beyond gorgeous. I love the soft pink colours rather than bright pink--so elegant looking too. Exquisite Memory Box die cut--I'm pretty sure I have that too..must check. Awesome colouring as always. Thanks for sharing the pics. Love the pink ribbon tags to go with the treats.

  53. absolutely beautiful card it is stunning. Thanks for sharing with us at Challenges 4 everybody. Hugs trisha DT

  54. WOW WOW WOW & CUTE CUTE CUTE Suzanne. Love the beautiful card and the fun cake pop. Awesome that you even got the perfect sprinkles on them. Very sweet project!!!

  55. Sooooo precious! She is still one of my favorite Tilda's!!! So delicate and pretty and the cake pops look delicious!!! What fun to have with your daughter! Always love to see what you've made Suzanne and you never disappoint! Awesome!!!!

  56. Gorgeous card, so delicate. Thank you for joining us at A Gem of a Challenge.

    Pam x

  57. Your stories always crack me up, Suzanne; hope you write a book some day!!

    Your card is just sooo adorable and hit close to home. A dear friend was just diagnosed with another type of cancer, and with all that's been going on, I just got a reminder letter to make my annual mammogram appt!! Life can be so fragile......

    Which leads me to my favorite treat to eat, stressed or not and that is almost anything dark chocolate!!! Love it!!! Can ignore milk chocolate, but not the dark variety....... Thank you for the chance to win :)

  58. Such a great card Suzanne. And the cake pops look pretty good too!

  59. Hey sweet lady!

    I wanted to swing by and check your waffling of the day lol!

    First of all you beat me as a sports fanatic.I do everything but staying out in the cold and rain NAAAAH I pass lol!

    How the heck do you not break down and cry with your back problems and all. It hurts me just to think about the pain.

    ANYWHOO DD looks adorable and with her sweet smile :) she's too cute!

    What a purty creation and as usual drooling on your work :)





  60. You did a great job on your projects. I didn't have as much luck as you when I tried to make the cake pops. Not sure what I did wrong. I would love to win the candy you are offering. Keep up the fantastic work.


  61. Your cards are always so beautiful. Your adventures are always so interesting. Thanks for providing an opportunity to win some blog candy! As far as my favorite sweet treat - it's hard to narrow down since I have a HUGE sweet tooth...but I wouldn't turn my nose up to a chocolate brownie with nuts!

  62. Wow! This is stunning. I just love all the soft touches and details you added. Fabulous job! Thank you for joining us this week at the Drunken Stampers Challenge!

    Jackie, Drunken Stampers DT

  63. Everything you do turns out fabulous because you are so talented. Hope your wrist is better and you enjoy the concert. My favorite treat is chocolate covered caramels of any kind.

  64. Oh, what fun! And I love your adorable Tilda card!!! :)

    Those cake pops look scrumptious!!!!!!!! My favorite treat?! That's a tough one, because I don't know anyone with a bigger sweet tooth than me!;) I think my favorite, favorite treat would have to be the chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! (Although their Flying Gorilla-with banana & chocolate liquor-is pretty heavenly, too!

    Thanks so much for sharing (& for the chance to win),

    Partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  65. Hi Beautiful card. I am a breast cancer survivor (12 years) and I would love to have this stamp.
    Thank you for the nice candy.
    Cheryl W.

  66. Lovely card!! My favorite sweet treat is strawberries----plain, dipped,shortcake,muffins and so many more ways.!!!

  67. What a gorgeous card!! Love the tags too!! The cake pops look absolutly yummy!! My favorite sweet treat?... well...that's gotta be peppermint patties...YUM!!!

  68. Fantastic card. super colouring and so much detail!Thanks for joining us at Dream Valley challenges. Hugs Eva xx.

  69. Fab card. Love the soft pink color and really pretty image. Thanks for joining us at sentimental sundays challenge this week.

  70. gorgeous projects. Love the more pale version of pink.

  71. Wow what a fantastic creation you made. the card is very very sweety and elegant. I love all.

  72. Beautiful creation, so pretty and delicate.

    Nicki, x


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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