Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket, I Made a Basket!!

Hello and happy Wednesday to you!  Middle of the week blahs yet?  I’ve got too much to do to be in the blah-moment LOL…lots of errands today and last minute packing.  I gotta get up at 3 am tomorrow along with my lovely daughter to fly to California….I’m certainly not a morning person, do not speak to me unless asking me yes/no questions only…I’m not purty trust me LOL and I have no issues with that.  I readily admit that NO ONE should EVER be up at 3 am unless you absolutely have to…it is sometimes my bedtime hahaha.  And if I’m nasty in the morning you AIN’T seen nothing till you’ve seen my daughter….oyyyy…we avoid each other at all costs in the mornings cuz’ we can go at it…like 2 tigresses Winking smile  So I will wake her, tell her to get her bum going, make sure she has her stuff and that’s pretty much it till we get to the security line LOL.  Once I’m thru security and have a full, cold-icey glass of Coke and sitting in my terminal…then I’m ok and ready to talk.  Soooo we shall see how it goes in the morning….hey, just be glad you don’t have to deal with us two right?  Poor hubby, he has to get up to drive us to the airport…cuz YES YES I insist on being there 2 hours early…it’s the way I do it and I fly enough to know LOL.  It gets me thru security, the airport isn’t crowded and I’m stress free…I don’t like to fly all stressed and rushed and due to cancelled flights I’ve had to do that a few times…ME NO LIKEY that!  And yep hubby will say AGAIN “why do you have to be there so early?” and I will give him an evil eye and he will shut up & look away quickly and just drive cuz HE’S learned to NOT mess with me in the morning, on my way to the airport…that’s just the way I roll….errr travel….errrr fly LOL!  Anywho looking forward to California and let’s hope I get a rental car that GOES…last time I had the gas pedal TO THE FLOOR and that bugger wouldn’t chug down the freeway…thought I’d get run over.  So I will request a FAST car LOL…Alexa is already frightened…yes sometimes “she” feels she need to parent me…hmmpppfffttt AS IF Winking smile


A Tisket, A Tasket, Yup I Made a Basket!!

Ok so after I got my class prep done and laundry done and emails done, I felt that I could guilt-lessly sit down and begin to play with my NEW Silhouette Cameo machine.  Thanks to all my FB friends who have been giving me tips & tricks, I sure appreciate it!  And I will say this FOR SURE was easier than my Cricut…I easily chose a few images from the HUGE Silhouette Library (I subscribed for $14.99 a month which gets me 50 images a month, any over that are only 75 cents each).  They loaded right into the Silhouette Studio softward on my laptop and I was ready to go!  I love, love that I don’t have to purchase cartridges to then only use 5 images off the cartridge know what I mean!  Then after a small blade glitch…apparently I hadn’t pushed it down all the way LOL and it was ready to go.  Now I didn’t do anything incredibly difficult yet but I’m gonna take my online classes first before I go merging images and such hee hee so I learn CORRECTLY!  But so far I’m loving it and boy it’s lightweight too and slim….I love that its not as bulky and heavy like the Cricut was (anyone want a Cricut…I gotta sell my Expression for like $50 LOL?)  So if you are on the fence about getting one…research it and watch my blog cuz’ I’ll be using it a lot and you know I’m always honest..butt honest about what it can do and my mess-ups hee hee.  So far 6 of my friends have ordered one too LOL…let’s see if any of you all will join me in the Silhouette Craze!!!??? (Tinnnnna)

 So what did I choose for project #1?  Yeah one of the most intricate designs they offer LMBO…oyyyy…why do I do this to myself I ask?  Its called “curved basket ornate” in the online library!  But it was soooo pretty and so elegant…right up my alley.  So a friend on FB said to always “double-cut” intricate designs…thank you soooo much…cuz when I peeled the design off the mat it left most of the poke-out parts on the mat so I only had to poke a few out which was nice.  Another tip they told me:  de-stick the mat a bit, pat it with your hands a few times cuz’ its VERY sticky and that will help too.  Now putting this baby together…hmmm…hahahaha…the lil’ tabs that are SUPPOSED to hold it together…well they don’t!  So Scor-Tape to the rescue…love that darn stuff…and it worked well once I got it going.

Then I made a handle…it comes with a handle but it was pretty plain and I had to gussy it up, I added some border trim with a MS punch and ink.  Then I had fun decorating it a bit with some Prima and Wild Orchid flowers, some tulle and some scrolls done with my Marianne Designs dies…cuz yeah I have a ton of dies, I still love them & will always use them….duhhhh LOL!  And that was it, it was done…so its all ready for a pretty gift or goodies to be put inside.  Didn’t take very long and I love the very intricateness of the design…so delicate.

So there ya go, my first foray into the Silhouette Cameo project world---it was fun and I can’t wait to get back and delve into the classes and learn more!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Oh this is beautiful... Lovely.

  2. WOW WOW WOW not much else to say

  3. absolutely beautiful little basket. Just imagine trying to do that with scissors - not. Hope your flight goes ok. I'm 63 and never flown!!!
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. Have a good flight. I was up with you in spirit. Hugs

  5. Love your basket - well done. I've been playing with my baby Cricut thanks to you and enjoying it. Only sorry I didn't go for the bigger one when I got it so I can use bigger size papers and also some of my disney cartridges apparently would work better with the Expressions. So if you serious about selling yours I'll take up the offer if you not in a hurry to sell it, as I'll only be able to pay you end of June - let me know. Have a super weekend xxx

  6. Suzanne: I love your posts, especially when you travel - not that I wish you a bad experience, you understand. In this post you mentioned Design Studio which is a Provocraft product, I think you meant Silhouette Studio which is used with the Cameo (which I have). You could confuse someone that way. Love your basket and I agree, the Cameo rocks.

  7. A W E S O M E!!!!! This is fabulous and you really did pick out one of the more intricate designs and it cut to perfection! WOOHOO!!

    I LOVE my Cameo and I'm so happy that you are enjoying your too.

    Way to go Suzanne -- ! :)

  8. Wow, loved your silouette project. Have a safe trip to Cal. Looking forward to hearing the stories. Enjoy, what a wonderful experience for Alexa.

  9. I got a Cameo about a month ago and between kids and chores and being constantly sick with numerous things for the whole darn month, I haven't even been able to touch it yet. I am hoping to get into my craft room and finish getting it set up this weekend. Maybe then I will actually get to have some fun! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Have fun in my California. Sometimes I miss it a little when shoveling snow here in Utah!

  10. Oh wow, this is fabulous! There is no way my cricut could every do anything so intricate as this. It will definitely be on the market in a few weeks!
    All the best for your travels, I hope everything goes smoothly.
    Sarah xx :0)

  11. OMG, how lacy and lovely!!! I'm so happy for you with your new machine.... I'll keep my E2 I won from you, I'm still loving it!!

    Depending on where in the state you're going, be prepared; it's been hovering close to the 80's and should actually dip into them here. Hope you enjoy it!!
    Of course, we're so diverse, you can swim and the beach, and go ski in the mountains!!! Such a great state......

  12. Lovely, lovely, lovely, Suzanne! I think you just sold me on a Silhouette. I rarely use my Cricut but once every couple months and the fact that you can download and cut with a membership, sounds like a cost effective solution to me. Love your basket, my dear. I hope you and Alexa have safe and fun travels...
    Cathy Lee

  13. Hi Suzanne,
    Your basket is Gorgeous!
    Seems like you are going to have a lot of fun with your new toy :o)
    Hugs, Candy

  14. Well, after an Expression, and Expression 2, and an Imagine, I'm entering the Silhouette Cameo world. It was shipped today, so I should be able to play this weekend. I got a fabulous deal at Oh My Crafts (the Cameo, two $25 download cards, two extra blades, an extra mat, and a rolling tote ~ all for about $340 and free shipping!!!). I love my Cricuts, but I really love the intricate cuts you can do with the Cameo. I'm also looking forward to being able to print & cut my digi images! Yippee!!!
    Hope you and Alexa have a wonderful trip to California!!

  15. Forgot to mention that I used the TAX25 coupon code to get my Cameo deal at Oh My Crafts. Now they have a Spring25 deal for any purchases over $150 ~ 25% off saved me about $130!

  16. Love your basket. I am truly in love with my Imagine but I may think about getting the silhouette because of the cuts it makes.

    How long does it take for you to get your Wild Orchid Crafts order? I placed my first order 2 weeks ago and it seems to be stuck in NYC for some reason.

  17. What a gorgeous basket! Awesome job for a first foray - looking forward to your future creations! Have a great trip!

  18. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you for your info on the silhouette cameo. I have spent a few weeks researching the best machine and this was the one I had picked. I am addicted to dies but my pocket cant afford the addiction - lol. The basket you have made is wow. The die would have been a fortune instead of 75cents. Ok, I will request money for mothers day and birthday. Cant wait


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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