Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spreading Christmas Cheer for all to Hear!!

Happy Sunday everyone!  Yes the Dean family are HUGE “Elf” movie fans—we watch it twice every holiday season (if you got that tidbit from my blog title today lol).  Gotta love Will Ferrell in tights hmmm? hee hee I love the scene where he tells the raccoon “hey little guy, you just need a hug dontcha’?” LMBO and when he drinks the whole bottle of Coke at dinner with syrup on his spaghetti--ewwwWinking smile Oh yeah we can quote that movie all the way thru trust me!  Today hubby and I are marathon shopping to finish up so if you live near me---WATCH OUT cuz we are coming!!!  I have a few stops to make and I want it to be quick & pain free.  I was almost involved in a MAJOR accident the another night in my car with Alexa—I was sitting at a light and 2 other vehicles almost had a high speed collision in front of me and I could just see one of them hurtling into us.  Scared the bejesus outta me since I had the other accident this spring when a teen who was texting on his phone rear ended me at 60 mph—NOT FUN & I ended up with a concussion & whiplash.  And this weekend a teen was texting and the kid ran his car up a hill and into the side of a house—yeah my son’s friend’s house.  SCARY---slow down people, pay attention and GET OFF YOUR STINKIN’ PHONES when you are driving for goodness sake—no phone call or text is ever worth losing a life!  You don’t want to ruin your holiday or someone else’s KWIM—life’s already too short, don’t make it shorter.  AND YES this is a public service announcement from Suzanne LOL but it is the truth!  I’m afraid to drive during the holidays—people are SCARY!

So this post is a mumble-jumble of holiday goodness for you---read thru the end ok for a fun treat for your ears!  I have pictures in a slideshow of most of my trees/holiday decorations in the slideshow below, a few of my cats and Alexa’s chorus concert. I will add more pics later this week when I get them taken for ya--I am missing pics of my rec-room jewel tree and outside of my house (I have a light strand out so gotta replace that first lol).  I love sitting in my family room at night with all the trees lit and the lights off—holiday goody-ness for sure!  On the tv at my house currently?  Either a holiday movie or an episode of “Chopped” or “Iron Chef”.  And don’t even get me started on our fave show this season “Once Upon a Time” – oh yeah we are LOVING that one (anyone know why Lil’ Red Riding Hood looks like a slutty Amy Winehouse—really she does, just sayin’ LOL)!

Slideshow—come to to see pics if you get this by email:
And here’s a holiday funny for you---NAKED SANTA—yes indeedy you know if there is one that I would find it for my trees.  I got this cutie from cuz it makes me laugh and makes me HAPPY!  LOL—yeah I’m a strange one but you gotta love a naked-Santa-bum!! (bet those are words you’ve never heard uttered huh?)

My CMC DT is the BEST GROUP of gals I could ever have asked for!  I love these ladies and so happy to know them all and call them friends.  Not only are they talented but also big-hearted, fun and generous and I feel blessed to have them on my team!  So these great ladies pooled together and bought me a FABULOUS prezzie---oh yes they did! (see below)  YEP 2 NEW Zebra (zebies, love me zebies) suitcases for traveling in 2012---oh yeah just my style and I ADORE THEM!!!  AND NOT ONLY that but each day two of them are posting a project they made & sent to me on their blogs----awwwwwww….how sweet is that?  I am so honored and totally humbled that they would do that for me…it ALMOST makes me cry (but I’m not a crier…I think)!  So please if you have a chance, make sure to stop by their blogs to SHOW THEM some love for me ok—they are super talented so you won’t be disappointed!  (the list & dates are below for ya)


CMC DT Post Order:

15th Renkata and Sandie
16th Ruby and Steph
17th Shelby and Marie
18th Suzanne F. and Hazel
19th Michele and Andi
20th Charlene
21st Pat and Melanie
22nd Jenn and Dana
23rd Brook and Anary


Also the CMC Challenge Group is having a HUGE HOLIDAY CHALLENGE thru Jan 5th and lots of great prizes!  Everyone is welcome to join in with Copics, ProMarkers, Distress Inks & Colored Pencils for this challenge ok!!  So read all details below and hop on over HERE to join in the fun!!

NEW CHALLENGE #33 will run until January 5th!

Your challenge this time is all about
** HOLIDAY JOY--in Golds. Creams & Whites**

Show your holiday joy with sparkling colors of GOLD, CREAM & WHITE!
(yes you can use some other colors like hair/skin/etc but the majority of colors should be Gold, Cream &  Whites) 

We want to see you use YOUR COPICS, COPIC REFILLS OR COPIC AIRBRUSH SYSTEM (Or ProMarkers and Colored Pencils)

Use Inspiration Pictures Below as well!


-Use any image you want BUT MAKE SURE YOU LINK BACK TO THE CMC CHALLENGE in your blog post!!
-Image MUST be colored with Copics or ProMarkers or Colored Pencils! 


For this Challenge we have LOTS OF PRIZES!!


-1 person will win a NEW Provocraft CRICUT MINI machine
-1 person will win a NEW KINDLE E-READER
-1 person will win a $50 Gift Cert. to SCACD
-1 person will win a $25 Gift Cert. to the Paper Temptress
-1 person will win 5 digis from Tiffany Doodles and a $15 Gift Cert to 7 Kids College Fund and a Gilli Gift Bag

4 different ways to enter

-Enter up to (2) TWO projects into the link system below by Jan. 5th
-Enter (1) one project into the BookEndz Challenge
-Donate a $3-5 donation to the Charity below for 1 entry
-Donate anything over $10 to the Charity and get 2 entries

Reading is Fundamental is the charity I have chosen to sponsor this season.  As you all know I am an avid reader and it amongst my very favorite things to do in my spare time.  I truly believe that literacy and reading opens up many doors in life for everyone.  Not only can you find joy in books but it opens your eyes to other cultures, places and people that is so worthwhile.  And just the fact that a huge part of life involves being able to read--to get through school, get a great job and navigate through life.  For me teaching children to read early on in life is a MUST yet so many children are not provided with the basic materials to learn to read.  So this charity is a non-profit that provides books to children and opportunities to bring literacy into areas that need it!

thru a secure First Giving Site (make sure to enter your name if you are entering for a prize)


And a last thought for you all today cuz I know you need more crazy-silliness from me, yes you do, I know you do!! LOL!   This song was written for me, yes it really was….don’t believe me?  Well then….just listen to the chorus of this song & you’ll know that it was made for me.  When I first heard it I almost drove off the road LOL—its my new theme song!  Hope you like it!!!  (PAY ATTENTION TO THE CHORUS ok)


  1. Have fun today on your marathon! I love the Rascal Flatts song and went an downloaded it. I wish the Merriest Christmas for you and your family!

  2. Oh Suzanne we love elf to it hilarious I love it when he sits on his elf dads lap he is so big it's so funny I have to go watch it again now have a fab Christmas Hun and your fabby family.

    Hugs Wendy

  3. Hi Suzanne, you really do have a lovely home - your trees look so beautiful.
    Thanks for all the laughs you have given me thoughout the year, looking forward to reading more of your antics next year!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.
    Hugs SarahS

  4. Hi Suzanne! Thanks for the giggles all year long & the looksie at your home with the beautiful trees.
    Love the RF song (they're one of my FAVorite groups).
    Love the zebie luggage! Too cool & you'll have an easy time keeping track of them.
    Enjoy your holiday with your family.
    I'm planning on coming to CHA with Charlene next month & finally get to meet ya! WooHoo!
    Huggies ~

  5. beautiful house Suzanne!! and I guess we need to try harder next yr to make you cry! Thanks for the laughs ... love you too!

  6. Oh Wow! that song was written just for you..... How did he know you loved your cherry coke? LOL
    Thank you Suzanne for all your kind words re: your design team. Know we could NEVER have done any of it without you! WE love you!

  7. Love all your trees and decorations, Suzanne. It is so nice of you to share those with us.
    Yes, you have an awesome design team and they are so the Zebra luggage. They fit you perfectly.
    Awesome video and song...Enjoy the Holidays and your ice cold Cherry Coke. :)
    Happy Holidays...
    Cathy Lee

  8. oh I love your house, wanna swap?? Trees are jsut beautiful and Alexa looked beautiful too x

  9. Merry Christmas Suzanne! Wouldn't be the holidays without your pictures of all your beautiful trees and the pets, love 'em! Thank you so much for sharing them with us, they're so lovely and gorgeous, I really look forward to them.

    Enjoy the upcoming holidays with your wonderful family and especially your ice cold cherry cokes! That song was just for you! They're such a great group, aren't they?

  10. Hi Suzanne!

    I love your blog, you always make me smile and more oftern than not, you make me laugh out loud too. My daughter likes your blog too and when I yell upstairs that she needs to read "Suzanne's blog", she knows exactly who I am talking about :) lol
    I love the Rascal Flatts song. And yes, the chorus was written just for you!
    Thanks for sharing the pics of your house. I'd like to know how you keep it so clean with all the cats you have. We have 3 with 2 dogs and the fur is always everywhere! eeww :p
    Anyway, I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.
    God Bless

  11. Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors
    Flats in OMR

  12. I'm excited to join this challenge.. I just hope I get my entry in before the deadline... but here I sit! Dang it! Get back to work woman!! =)


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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