Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Hellooooo all my friends!  Where the heck have I been huh? LOL—just busy with holiday stuff-s and spending time with my family—that’s what the season is all about right?  We are holly-jolly happy in the Dean household---the weather has been in the 60’s which is FANTASTIC.  Alexa & I were out grocery shopping yesterday and we had short sleeves on, I freakin’ LOVE THAT!  It made the traffic & crowds not seem so bad.  Although I did have a “shopping cart” incident where the case of soda fell off the bottom of the cart in the middle of the road outside of Wegmans and my cart got lodged on top of it.  The funny part?  The cart was so heavy from all the groceries that me & Alexa couldn’t lift it up over the soda case (yes it was my Cherry Coke lol) so traffic has NOW stopped & we are laughing hysterically.  Two ding-dong girls trying to lift a loaded cart but it NOT moving an inch—oh what a sight that was!  BUT—chivalry does exist cuz a very nice man came to our rescue & helped us out.


So the kids are out for school (lord help me) and last night Riley had 4 of his friends over to play Madden Football on the Xbox 360 & play pool & have a sleepover.  Alexa was over a friends house making cookies for a bit while I was in the kitchen cooking & baking!  My parents are coming up today for a late luncheon so I made some goodies---buffalo wing dip, pineapple cake w/ buttercream frosting, Muddy Buddy mix (yum & so addictive, see here if you have no clue what I’m talking about lol) & we’ll have some cold salads & panini’s too (I loveeee paninis—Reubens, Roast Beef & Honey Ham paninis).  Christmas Eve will be spent at dinner at our fave restaurant which is a tradition—no cooking for mom yayyyy!  Then Christmas Day we are not going anywhere or having anyone over---that’s a first in 17 years.  So we will stay in our jammies, have some sweets for breakfast and hang out and then have a quiet dinner (Prime Rib—yummers).  Then Monday we head to my parents house to exchange gifts & have dinner with my entire family—good times!  We are sticking around our house thru the New Year and I’m looking forward to sleeping in and reading a bunch of good books!!


The other day Alexa & I had arts & crafts day on the kitchen table---it was a MESS!  I was working on the ornaments below and she was making a Smash Book for her BFF Maddy with LOTS of help from Mom of course LOL!  Have you seen the Smash Books (go here for a great selection)?  They are fun, quick & easy scrapbooks to make.  I bought one to create a scrapbook of my travels, when will it get done? Not really sure but I have all the supplies to make it hee hee (duh right)!  So Alexa did a good job with my help hee hee & then we took some pictures to share with you all—then headed over to her friend’s house to give it to her.


So I hope you enjoy the holidays wherever in the world you may be!  May it be filled with joy, love, laughter and family & friends!  Enjoy every minute and I wish you all a fabulous New Year as well!  Thank you for your kindness, your support & friendship this year and thanks for following along with me on my travels, journey & incidents.  I’m sure 2012 will be just as good or crazy or sweet or fun or a bunch of things and I am SO LOOKING forward to it!! 

Slideshow of my Rec-Rm Christmas Trees AND Smash Book


-Don’t forget my first Copic classes of the New Year will be in Anaheim, CA on Jan 28th before CHA!  If you want to come I still have a few spots—go to!  I’d love to meet ya!

-All the classes (not just the Copic ones) are on Holiday Special thru Jan. 5th—so hop on over to the CMC Classroom to see if any want to hop into your holiday stockings ok? LOL!

-Also don’t forget about the HUGE HOLIDAY CHALLENGE going on thru Jan 5th at the CMC Challenge Group!  A Cricut Mini machine, a Kindle & more fabulous gifts will be given away---EVERYONE is welcome to join and there are many ways to play ok!


Holiday Music Notes


So my latest addiction is Pinterest---if you haven’t heard of it, well go over & check it out and have fun!  I have found so many great ideas and recipes!  I saw some fabulous sheet music ornaments from Etsy pinned on the site and knew I had to make some.  Below is a quick slideshow of how I made these if you wanna give it a go.  I had vintage music sheets that I used for my ornaments and then I dumped lots of Deco-Art Glamour Dust on top of them while they were wet so they sparkle prettily.  I dressed them up with some flowers, bows & holly leaf cutouts.  They are now hanging on my tree—I just love them!  And so easy to make!


Slideshow of how to make these for ya:

Xmas Glitter Graphics
Christmas Glitter Graphics, xmas scraps, comments, animate gif images


  1. Merry Christmas Suzanne and to your family. Have a great New Year!

  2. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. Looking forward to another year of your great blog and beautiful cards. Hopefully sometime this year you will have classes in NY State. Would love to attend one.
    Take care and be well.

  3. Merry Christmas Suzanne. It was such a pleasure to meet you this year and to benefit from your Copic expertise, your creativity and most of all your humor.

    Enjoy your time with family over the holiday season!


    PS ~ Luv the Christmas Ornament!

  4. The ornaments are beautiful and love the smash book. Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. Thank you Suzanne for all the projects and shairing your trips and the pitcures of your gorgeous home. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year good health to you and all your family.
    hugs from Texas

  6. Merry Christmas, Suzanne...Love the Smash Books. They are such fun to create. Awesome ornaments, I just joined Pinterest recently because of a previous post you did and it is an awesome place to get inspiration for just about anything we do and love. "Holiday Greetings" to the Dean family Household. I treasure friends like you...
    Happy Holidays...Luv & Hugz,
    Cathy Lee

  7. Merry Christmas Suzanne. Sounds like all is well. Thanks for your response about the paper. I wish you and your family all the best in 2012!

  8. Merry, Merry Christmas, Suzanne! I hope you and your family have some quiet, restful, and lovely days during the holidays. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful creations and your hilarious stories! I'm looking forward to more of both in 2012!

    Hugs! Kay

    P.S. I'd love it if in the New Year your slide shows/videos were viewable on my iPad! :-) Gotta run to my computer now so I can see your fab Christmas trees!

  9. Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration, for your Copic instruction, and for all that you share with us on your blog!
    All the best to you and yours!

  10. Your ornaments are so sweet and romantic Suzanne. Beautiful looking trees too. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year :o)

  11. Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks so much for your blog. It really does make me smile, helps me remember the glass is always half full no matter the circumstances (and you seem to have the most circumstances of anyone I know, lol). Always a bright spot in my day! THANKS!

  12. These are wonderful. What a great idea. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  13. Hi Suzanne!
    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year!
    Love, Julia Sáddi - Brazil

  14. Merry. Christmas and a Happy New Year. Great. Ornaments. Hugss Renkata


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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