Saturday, July 23, 2011

Got Fur?!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!  My it seems like its been a long while since I posted, LOL, and I guess it has been huh?  I have to say I am half zombie today -- Chicago and CHA has tired my bum out for sure.  As much as I love it, enjoy every minute of it, it sucks the life right outta ya! LOL!  Being on the go since last Thursday from 6 am till 1-2 am every day really can beat you up but I hate to complain because I enjoy visiting, teaching and having fun with everyone while I'm away. But it will definitely take me a couple days to get back to somewhat normal KWIM!  So today I'm taking off and tomorrow I will head back up to my studio and get back in the swing of things a bit.

Stories?  Oh yeah I've got lots of those of course---I mean geez I was gone a week and I can't usually go 24 hours w/o something happening hee hee!  I got into Rosemont on Sunday after teaching in Downer's Grove on Friday and Saturday.  It was HOTTER THAN HADES in Chicago--usually I can get a bit of a break from the heat while I'm there but not this time!  On Monday I and some friends headed down to Navy Pier in Chicago and while we had a great time it was so hot sweat was dripping down my legs.  But we saw some sites (see slideshow below) and rode the large ferris wheel to see the city which was nice.  On the way back we decided to take a taxi back instead of the train----ummmmmm BIG MISTAKE! LOL!  Our taxi driver had NO CLUE where the convention center was and it was RUSH HOUR traffic--oy vey!  It took us so long and he passed our exit 3 times, finally he decided he didn't want to go around again so he got on the shoulder of the highway (major 8 lane highway) and backed up 90 mph---yes BACKWARDS!  I had to chant to myself and pray hard for that one as I was sure we were going to get hit or fly off the overpass.  We were traveling over those rumble strips so hard that my I think my head was injured in some way, LOL (well if it wasn't already right?).  Not a good ride and NO ONE in CHICAGO believes in A/C (air conditioning)---what the heck!  The taxi had no A/C--I thought we were going to die as we slid around the WET-SWEAT soaked seats into each other like we were on a cheap fair ride, LOL. (gross-o)  But its always about the experiences huh?

I'll share more stories with you this week about CHA but I thought I'd finish up today with a story of my LEAVING Chicago yesterday for ya.  Took a taxi up to Midway Airport after a NO-SLEEP night of thunderstorms (back story: my room faced the front of convention center and my blinds didn't close so I had the blinking Times-Square-like lights all night and police whistles every morning, omg).  We get close to airport and there is a traffic jam, horns honking and everything.  We start going by and me and the taxi driver look at the van and the driver is ASLEEP---I kid you not, he fell asleep at the light and obviously didn't hear the honking LOL (well we hope he was asleep & not dead).  How strange?  I've been pretty tired but never fell asleep at the wheel at the light ;)  Get into airport and on one side the sky is BLACK like night and I'm praying that they don't shut the airport down----yeah right Suzanne huh? Well they did and my plane was delayed for 2 hours--I have yet to fly out of Midway this year w/o a delay its like a darn curse.  They have us line up, sit down, line up, sit down---it was ridiculous and everytime we'd get in line it would lightening again like a cruel, cruel joke LOL!  I was so tired I swear I was going to lay on the floor and sleep.  We get on plane and pilot announces that HEY--yes we were delayed but now we gotta WAIT to be refueled.  Poor James was so confused cuz' I'm texting him that we were boarding, then we weren't, then we were, then we were waiting hee hee!  I get my pillow out and my blankie and I'm ready to sleep right?  Well guess what was sitting next to me?  YEP A GRIZZLY BEAR---I'm not kidding, this guy was huge and he had the deepest voice I've ever heard like a BEAR!  He manages to elbow me every other minute, chew loudly on potato chips and the nastiest smelling tuna sandwich (blech) and talking, talking, talking LOUDLY ugh!  I fall asleep and then he starts shaking my shoulder (can you believe this) and asking me if I want a drink cuz the stewardess is coming!  WHAT THE HECK?  If I WANT A FRIGGIN' DRINK I'LL WAKE UP AND ORDER ONE BUT DO NOT WAKE SUZANNE UP WHEN SHE IS SLEEPING ON THE PLANE!!! THAT IS RULE #1 YOU MUST NEVER BREAK! I was so peeved and it takes a lot to peeve me, I was so aghast that he even did it and I must have given him my look of DEATH because he immediately shut up, mumbled sorry and didn't touch me again LOL!  So if you fly DO NOT EVER wake someone for food or drink especially if you are sitting next to me 'kay?!!  LOL!

So CHA was fabulous and I had a great time, met lots of old and new friends and made some new contacts.  I have some VERY exciting news coming soon that I'm not even sure I've processed yet but I have a slideshow of pics below for you to see and enjoy!

Slideshow Pics:


-Yummy, yummy new papers in at SCACD by Echo Park & Authentique---I was drooling over these at CHA this past week, they are GORGEOUS!

-New CMC Challenge is up now HERE for the next two weeks!  Make sure to stop by and join us in the fun!

-The New Group BookEndz will debut on July 28th at the CMC Classroom with some fun contests and prizes including a NEW KINDLE!  I will announce our Book Club book and how you can play along with us---its sure to be a great time!  You can stop by and join now HERE as everyone is welcome and the party will start on July 28th!

Got Fur?!


So I'm a bit late in sharing this (sorry but I was so tired every evening that typing was beyond my capabilities).  This is for the 7 Kids Challenge and since I was the hostess I challenged everyone to "TEXTURIZE IT"--use as much texture as you could on your projects.  You can find all the challenge details HERE.

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

Two Sisters Challenge (anything goes)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Challenges (animal & punches)
Inspire Me Fridays (anything goes)
Moving Along with the Times (cute/cuddly with a punch)


I decided to use this super cute image by Stampavie/Laurence Designs called "Warm Welcome"--isn't it adorable? You know how much I love my kitties & dogs (I missed them so much while I was gone) and I adore this stamp.  I used lots of things to create texture on my card as well.  The papers are by Best Creations "Travel Forever" (on sale) and I loved the patterns and colors---great for a gal or guy! The ticket tag die cut and stamp are from PTI that I distressed.  For more texture I used my SU photo corner punch and embossed them, used twine to wrap around the center panel and fun buttons to match.


To simulate texture on the doggie I used my Copics to create a fur-like texture in E25,E35,E33,E31,E50.  The dog bone got a coat of Diamond Glaze and then I added stickles to the doggie dish.


And that cute kitty got some texture too---I used my Quickie Glue Pen to add some Sparkly Fluff in gray to his fur coat for even more fun texture.  I didn't coat him all over because I still wanted my Copic coloring to show through but put on enough that it would be fun to touch!

I'll see you back here on Monday---enjoy your weekend!


  1. Looks and sounds like your trip was lots of fun! Your card is super cute. Looking forward to your book group. :)

  2. Sounds like your trip was a blast!!! I would have died to be at the booth with all the Maggie stamps in the background ~ I think I'd need to have a million bucks to go to CHA because I'd want to buy so many things!!! Can't wait to see all the new products that were launched at CHA! Also can't wait for the book club to start!!!

  3. Oh I died laughing been there and done that. Every trip through Midway has been delayed because of weather. Once my luggage was sent to Fort Wayne ahead of me and then lost but I was told I could not fly to Fort Wayne because all of the planes were down due to fog? Now how could that be??????? LOL

  4. Lol you have the funniest story's ever :)
    Love the card!
    Can't wait for the book club!
    Did you get my email?

  5. Love your adorable card, Suzanne, just sooooo cute!!!

    Your story was a riot of course, once again..... I'll tell you, never a dull moment traveling with you! You should write a book about your trips....

  6. hi Suzanne,
    wow very fun foto's.
    I wish one day to come to CHA, who knows maybe next year.
    The card and the colours on it is just fab.

  7. Gorgeous card Suzanne! Love the paper and colour combination and of course your colouring is amazing! Thanks for joining in with our cute and cuddly with a punch at MAWTT this week, hope to see you again soon. Pami x

  8. Hi Suzanne!
    Glad you made it back home in one piece after your fun trip. Your guardian angel must be working overtime. LOL

    Your card is super cute & I really enjoyed your pix. TFS

    Huggies ~

  9. I of course LOVED seeing you- after all you are the 'babe of summer' hee hee. Wasn't that the name the MME peeps gave you hee hee. I so wish we could have spent more time together and had a dinner. Next time I am staying longer and making sure we can get into some trouble together- I am sure it won't be hard ;). I can't get over how hot and sweaty is was there so your story about sliding on the seats rings too close for comfort ewwww... I think everyone I hugged was damp- just like I was- kinda gross eh? hee hee. can't wait to see you soon girl! London won't be the same! xoxo

  10. Oooh, it sounds like your plane ride home was brutal. :( It was so nice to meet you and hang out at dinner. :) Love your card here.. the texture on the fur is fantastic!

  11. What a great card. Sorry about the Chicago shenanigans though - a driver falling asleep - lucky he wasn't your taxi driver!!!
    CAn't wait for book group to start!!!

  12. Gorgeous card! Love that ticket!!!
    Hugs, Marit.
    ..:: xXx ::..

  13. What a cute image Suzanne! I'm so glad you entered Stampin for the Weekend and good luck!

  14. very lovely card!
    Eli (Frosted designs)

  15. Cute, cute, and more cute! Love this card. Thanks for sharing your work with us at Frosted Designs.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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