Sunday, December 19, 2010

WINNERS-Charity Fundraiser Blog Candy!!

Hello and a Happy Sunday to you all! Hope you are having a fabulous holiday weekend and the snow isn't keeping you housebound. Our snow is still lingering in the grassy areas because the temperature doesn't get very high during the day--still bitterly cold here. The kids are hoping for a white Christmas but I don't think that's going to happen, there hasn't been a white Christmas around here in at least 20 years. (that's fine & dandy with me, lol)

I don't have any projects to share today although I will be back tomorrow with a post of some holiday projects I finished up. I just wanted to let you know how much money was raised/collected for The Fisher House Charity and who the lucky winners are!

So online donations totaled $1825 and I also collected checks totaling $195 which I will bundle up and send to the Fisher House Foundation this week----so that means we raised a whopping $2020!!! 

YAYYYYY!  That is $1420 OVER my original goal and I'm so very thankful and just thrilled to bits by that!  I know it will go to extremely good use at the Fisher House helping provide homes/support to US Soldiers, Veterans and their families.  If you missed the post describing this Fundraiser you can read about it HERE!

Thank you to all who donated to this wonderful charity, every amount donated is appreciated and I'm so thankful that you all were so generous and supportive.  It means a lot to me and even more so for our military families.  And thank you to those who shared their personal stories of using the Fisher Homes or knowing a friend that had used them and how it had helped them deal with hospital stays and rehabilitation.  It was heartwarming to hear those and I am so appreciative that you shared them with me.  We all hear the stories on the news of soldiers that are coming home missing limbs or needing other medical care and rehabilitation but we don't always remember the families that want to be there with them.  Most of the time soldiers are in hospitals that are not near their homes and their families cannot afford the gas, hotel bills and food expenses to be nearby.  So the Fisher House Foundation trys to alleviate that burden in any way they can.  Having a support system of family near you while you are recuperating and recovering can make all the difference and I'm happy that we helped in some small way.  So again thank you to you all for helping me help The Fisher House!

Now lets get to the winners, as I know you all are super excited to learn who won the two fabulous prizes right?  Thank you to the wonderful store owners for the Prize 2 package as well for donating their yummy gifts to the pot--I so appreciate your support!

box of names who donated

I kept an Excel File with everyone's names on it---so if you donated more than $10 you got 2 entries and if you sent me a check you are on the list as well, so everyone got entered!!  Then I printed them, cut all the names into strips (with hubby, lol) and had Riley pick 1 winner and I picked the 2nd winner (see pics at bottom)!  So NO funny business went on I promise!

Prize #1 is a NEW Kindle (E-reader) and $25 Kindle Gift Card from me to thank you!! (if you win & you have a Kindle already, then you will get $120 Kindle Gift Card to buy more books)!

Riley holding up Susan's name slip! sorry it's blurry

Winner of Prize #1 is........................SUSAN ROWSEY!!!!  
Yay Susan--you will LOVE the Kindle if you don't have one already! Congrats & thanks to you you lucky gal!!


Prize # 2 is: a $50 gift certificate to SCACD (thank you Susana Magenheimer), a NEW/Improved Scor-Pal and $25 gift certificate from Magnolia-licious (thank you Diana Crick), a $25 gift certificate to 7 Kids College Fund (thank you Tab), and 2 Bildmalarna Stamps from (thank you Cindy Echtinaw).

Riley holding Shannon's name slip
Winner of Prize #2 is............................. SHANNON PURVIS!!!  Yay Shannon--you got a great batch of craft goodies coming your way! Congrats and thanks to you too!

Both winners email me at your earliest convenience with your mailing address and info please at so I can get your prizes shipped or started to be shipped to you asap!

Thank you to you all so very much for your generous donations--I know you will help put smiles on lots of military families faces this coming year!

Happy Holidays to you & see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Way to go, Suzanne, on raising all that money!! Fisher House will be very happy to receive it, I'm sure. You really passed your goal.....
    Congratulations to the winners as well, enjoy your gifts! It's all going to a great cause at a wonderful time of the year, a good example of how generosity multiplies when love flows!!!

  2. Congrats to Susan and Shannon~~Enjoy your presents:)
    Merry Christmas Suzanne~~your generosity and kindness are impecable and We Love You!!!
    Best Wishes of love laughter helath and fun in the New Year and always!!
    Hugz--Mary lou

  3. Congrats to Susan & Shannon! Whoa... $2020.00 that is so awesome! I am so happy that the fundraiser was such a success! Happy Creating! Sara

  4. Suzanne are you interested in doing any additional classes? This is in my area I would love for you to come so I could take a class with you.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS Suzanne!!!! What a terrific fundraiser in such a short time!!! And a big congratulations to the winners of the candy!!!

  6. Woohoo! Congratulations to Susan !!! I am so happy for you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas and totally love your new Kindle!!

    Suzanne - I am also thrilled that you went OVER your goal and wish you a wonderful week!!

    WOOHOO! Hugs to all!!!

  7. congrats to the winners, enjoy y our prizes. great amount you raised Suzanne x

  8. WOW WHAT A NICE RESULT CONGRATS SUZANNE!!!!HI just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays.OH when you put down your xmas trees think of me.AHEM!!!! I need a tree lol!!!!!!!!!!!! For myself that is lol!! JK but yeah Enjoy the holidays hun.((((HUGS))))!!!!!!!!

  9. Congratulations on a great fundraising effort and to the lucky winners. Penny


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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