Friday, December 3, 2010


Well helllooooooooooo and Happy Friday to you all!  And yes I did call yesterday Tuesday and like some of you pointed out, I perhaps had NOT had enough caffeine in me when I typed the blog, LMBO! (I did go & fix it)  But I do know that today is FRIDAY and I'm having a HUGE GIFT GIVEAWAY today that I've been planning for awhile!  It's my way to give back to all of you for supporting me in my new ventures, my crafting, my life and everything else this past year!  I so appreciate everyone that takes even a minute out of their day to stop by my blog or leave a comment or send me a sweet email.  I appreciate those of you who signed up right away in March for the opening of my online classroom Color Me Creative Classroom not even knowing what to expect but trusting in me.  I appreciate all of you that drove 10 mins to 9 hours one way to come to my Copic classes on the road this past fall!  I'm still NOT SURE why anyone wants to visit me, see me or email me to tell you the truth--I find it unbelievable that anyone does, LOL but I SO APPRECIATE your kindness, friendship, loyalty, sweetness and generosity that you send my way every day--I love you all for that and couldn't ask for much more!!  Who knew when I started this lil' ole blog where it would lead, places I would go and most of all the friends I have made along the way--it has been a FABULOUS RIDE I tell ya :) and I'm so very thankful and blessed!

If you've followed me for the past 3 years you know that I like to give back as often as I can, in any way that I can!  In my traveling copic classes I do raffles for bags full of goodies and then I match the donations personally and donate to different charities I believe in!!  I grew up in a household where that was important of course, but I've always felt that I needed to do this deep down inside and I always wish I could give MORE!  I feel very blessed in my life and the only way I can think of to share that feeling is to give back!  If you needed my coat badly enough, I would peel it off and give it to you even if it was my last coat!  I don't think I'm special in any way or any more generous than anyone else but I just feel that in our world and in our lives we should have a more "giving" spirit!  Nothing makes me HAPPIER than giving back or knowing I've helped someone in some way, even if its just a small way---it just makes your heart SING and their is nothing better that's for sure!

**WARNING!  This is a long post, so please take the time to read it in it's entirety and I have a project at the bottom of the post as well to see :)!!! Thanks much!

GIFT GIVEAWAY INFO--please read all below carefully okay!!

Soooooooooooooooo, one of my favorite things to do in my "spare time" (lol--what's that right!?) is to read!  I love to read, I read every night before bed, and I read just about everything!  I have always loved to read since I can remember of the age 4 and I can devour 2-3 books a week if I get the chance--nothing thrills me more than reading and having what I like to call "a movie in my head" KWIM!  I love that my daughter loves to read almost as much as me--I think reading opens doors to new adventures, travel and wonderful knowledge of all things that you can't get without reading!  And my fave gift of ALL TIME last Christmas was my Kindle from my hubby--I just love that darn thing.  For those that don't know you can see it HERE, but its an E-reader meaning you can download books from and read them anywhere!  Yep, I thought I'd miss the feel of a real book but TRUST me you get over that fast--it's made me read more and get more different kinds of books--I ADORE IT!  I downloaded the Kindle app on my Ipad so I can read all my books and magazines on there too, hee hee :)

Prize #1:  Sooooo............. I'm GIVING AWAY a BRAND NEW KINDLE (this one here) and a $25 Kindle Gift Certificate to use and buy some downloadable books from to one (1) lucky person!! Now you can read, and read, and read to your heart's desire!  **(if you win and you have a Kindle already I will give you a $100 Kindle gift certificate instead to buy more Kindle books)**

but WAIT there is a SECOND PRIZE PACKAGE that I'm giving away to a 2nd person too!!

Prize #2:  Second Prize are the below gifts donated to me by some fabulous company owners that I am lucky enough to call my friends!  They happily donated these for me to give away and they will make someone a VERY HAPPY CRAFTER!  Prize given to (1) person & is worth over $100 and includes:

** $50 Gift Certificate to SCACD (donated by my pal Susana--yep the store owner of SCACD)
** A NEW Improved Scor-Pal and $25 Gift Certificate to Magnolia-licious from the lovely Diana & Roy Crick
**2 Bildmalarna Stamps from from my good friend Cindy Echtinaw

So the QUESTION is...............HOW DO YOU ENTER?  Well I don't want to ask you a question this time or take a poll, this time I would love monetary donations for a WONDERFUL CHARITY called the FISHER HOUSE FOUNDATION (read about them here)!  They build, operate and supply homes around the US for military families to stay in while their loved ones are in the hospital or in rehabilitation.  We are so lucky to have the military support that we do in this country and they SACRIFICE the most precious gift of their LIFE everyday to defend and protect us. It's easy to go about our daily lives and forget what our troops are doing, but in some small way I'd like us crafters to join together to give back to them this month!!  I think it's so important to give back to them and support them in any way we can especially during the holiday season and this charity does so much fabulous work with military families and taking care of them in their time of need, you can't put a value on the gift of love and support!

TO ENTER:  So this is how it works---if you'd like to enter for this GIFT GIVEAWAY then you can visit the FirstGiving Page I set up HERE and make a donation to Fisher House.  Its a safe and totally secure site and the monies will be sent directly to Fisher House by FirstGiving--I have nothing to do with the money other than helping raise it!  I will post the receipt for the total donation on this blog at the end of the giving term!

Minimum donation is $3 for 1 entry 
Donations over $15 will get you 2 entries
Give Donations at the FirstGiving Page HERE! (secure)
**if you want to send a check or money order make it out to Fisher House Foundation but send it to me so I can forward the donation to them (email me for mailing address) & leave a comment on this post only telling me you've done so!

After you have donated come back here to my blog and leave a comment telling me you donated!  I don't need to know the amount as FirstGiving keeps a log for me but MAKE SURE to put your name on the donation form so I can confirm your donation okay--I don't see personal info of anyone at all but I will get to see your name and amount of donation.  I don't care if you give $3 or $100, all donations are appreciated no matter how big or how small, and I am only concerned with giving everyone the correct amount of entries.  I'm keeping an excel file with everyone's names and number of entries, then me and my kids will cut them into strips and pick the 2 winners on the 18th!

This contest will run for 2 weeks until Dec 17th
-that means that on December 18th I will announce the 2 winners!!  

My goal is to raise at least $600 but I'd love to do more if I can!  So I don't have any requirements for entry other than the donation and leaving a comment back on this post ONLY so I know you donated!  BUT--I would love it if you spread the word so we can get as many donations as possible--that would make me super happy!  But it is not required--I don't like to make people jump thru hoops to win my blog candies but this time I am asking for donations and I thank each and every one of you that do and spread the word about it!!

Thank you all so very much!!  And May you all be blessed this holiday season and in the New Year!!

*Check out my Holiday Special going on for all my online Copic Classes at the Color Me Creative Classroom---see the details on the main page HERE!  Great gift ideas and a great deal!

* Great Gift Ideas:  Check out the Cool New items in at SCACD too--the new We R Memory Keepers "Sew Easy" tool, fabulous and cannot wait to try it out!  Also, want to make cool paper beads? Then check out the NEW Paper Bead Girl System here! Fun Stuff I tell ya! (I cannot wait to get mine, lol)

* Don't forget my other mini-Blog Candy going on thru this Saturday as well on this POST!!

Hummel Wishes!

So today I have this cutie Bildmalarna project to share with you using a wonderful holiday Bildmalarna called "Mimosa Lights the Way" from !  She so reminds me of a German Hummel figurine dontcha' think?  Growing up we had lots of antique Hummels in the house since my dad's side of the family is German.  I always loved looking at their sweet faces!  I love the non-traditional colors as well, very vintage looking I think!

Those yummy papers are from We R Memory Keepers "Merry January" Collection--so yummy! I love, love the colors and patterns in this set!  Check out that fabulous stamp design I used inside my circle nestability cut out--what is it you ask?  New stamps designed by Cindy Echtinaw (my good friend and owner of that fit inside the circle, oval, tag, square/rectangle & other label Nestability shapes!  I LOVE THEM!  The one I used is called "Lacey Circles"! They are clear acrylic so they are easy to line up with your cut-outs and the designs are both classic and beautiful---perfect for so many of your projects!  You can see the whole collection HERE and they are on SALE (put some on your holiday list or just in your cart, hee hee)!!

The scrolls are my fave Marianne Designs Dies--a must have in my opinion, lol!  The sentiment is from a newer PTI holiday set--I like that the card can be used for the holiday or as just a special wintry card!  The black pearls were done with my Viva Decor Paper Pen in "graphite"!  I gave her some white polka-dots on her skirt, diamond glaze on her boots and lantern and stickled mittens!!  So very cute me thinks!

She's colored with Copics of course too (BG13,BG11,BG10/YG97,YG95, blender pen/C7,C5,C3)!  Polka dots were done with my white Sharpie Poster Paint Pen (extra fine tip)--my fave white pen for highlites!

Hope you enjoyed the post today and I hope you enter in the Prize Giveaway by generously giving a small donation!  Thanks so much and have a beautiful and fun-filled weekend!  I'll see you back here on Monday!!  We're going Xmas tree hunting tomorrow---brrrr---cold but fun!!


  1. Another gorgeous card Suzanne! Cute image coloured beautiful and perfect sentiment!

    WOW AMAZING prizes, you and your shop/owner friends are extremely generous people, I sure hope you achieve your target and more.

    Have posted on my blog, hopes this helps.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Christmas Tree decorating I guess!

    Take CareX:)

  2. Suzanne
    As always your projects amaze me!
    Love the color combo!
    Beautiful job as always my friend

  3. Suzanne,
    Your give aways are AWESOME! I love your cards and reading your blog every day!

    I would love to look to take one of your copic class in 2011 if I can.

    I will link this on my blog as this is a worthy cause.

  4. Another beautiful card, I love the colors. You are such a sweet and giving person and you always bring a smile to my face when I read your posts. I have so enjoyed all of your ventures and I can't wait until you make it to South Texas, I think I need to make it happen:)
    Hugs, Shelby

  5. You are a beautiful person --inside and out!!

  6. I just want to say,that you are an angel. This is a wonderful idea of making donations. My mother always said that is better to give than to receive, and I have tried to always to practice that. I have e-mailed you for your address to send my donation in. Thank you for all of your wonderful blog entries.

  7. I just made my donation to the Fisher House. What a great Charity you selected.
    Shelby Goolsby

  8. So nice of you to do this Suzanne!! What a great way to raise money and I hope you will get to your goal!!

    I also donated. Merry Christmas
    Tracy Valure

  9. Suzanne you have the heart of an angel...I was wondering what I could do this season thanks ! I have you listed on my blog and facebook .... Love your little card

  10. Suzanne, your heart is so big. I wish I knew you in person. I'll be going later today to donate. I appreciate all that you do for us. The inspiration you give is so tremendous and your sweet spirit are what keeps me coming back each day.

  11. I just went and donated Suzanne. I'm sure you'll reach your goal and far surpass it. I can't wait to find out how much money you were able to raise.

  12. What a fabulous way to do a give a way Suzanne! I think people think Military families have it made and I can tell you we do NOT and Obama is trying to make things harder for us! This is wonderful what you're doing! There are a lot of needy military families out there, so Thank You! I've donated and will post on my blog later as I've got a few errands to run.
    You've made a fabulous card, too! Love the paper and color choices! TFS!
    Have a great day!

  13. What a gorgeous little card! I love the flourish die cuts you have!
    Thanks for the chance at some wonderful goodies :o) I'm off to donate right now!

  14. Suzanne, thank you so much for the opportunity to share with such a worthy organization. I had never heard of this before, but i have put a link to it on my facebook account. Through all our chats, you know that I come from a military background and I support our troops and their families 110% or even more. :-) I am very honored to say that I too made a donation to this charity. It will be one of mine to remember each year.

    Love the card above, and yes it does remind me of the Hummels that I purchased while my hubby and I were in Germany during his stay in the military. Love the colors and your design.

    For those of you who might live close to South Carolina, please join us in June for Suzanne's On the Road Copic Classes. They are wonderful, I took them in NC and all my friends, as well as little ole me, are so excited she is coming to South Carolina.

    And finally, Suzanne, you are one very special lady and it was so much fun to room with you in NC and get to know you. You hold a special place in my heart and it is truly an honor to call you my friend. Love ya, PJ

  15. Being that we are a retired Military Family making the choice to donate to this charity was easy. This is a wonderful way to help. Thank you so much or all the work that goes into it and for your classes. I have signed up and now to find some time to get busy with it.

  16. Suzanne, just donated to your cause. What a wonderful organization! God bless your giving heart!
    Your card is gorgeous! Love the color combo!


  17. Suzanne, you're going to reach the $600 goal in about a day, LOL! I just came back from donating, what a wonderful charity, and what an outstanding and generous act on your part, God must have a HUGE smile on his face!

  18. Season's Greetings, Suzanne. I made a donation to the Fisher House Fondation. What a lovely way to share the joy of giving this Holiday season. You are so wonderful and caring it just makes my heart melt.

    I love your card and the Mimosa stamp is so precious. Your coloring is absolutely fabulous as always.

    Many many Hugz,
    Cathy Lee

  19. I just made my donation to the Fisher House. What a great Charity you selected.

  20. Holiday Blessings Suzanne!!~
    Wow what a Great idea~~Giving to those who serve us!!! I made a donation to these honorable people:)
    You are a blessing, inspiration and wonderful person!!
    Thanks for your generosity
    Your card is Darling!!!
    God Bless you and your family:)

  21. Hello Suzanne - firstly I just want to thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all the rest of us - I so admire your work and all your efforts. You never cease to amaze me with all that you do and how much good you do. It makes me proud to be in this line of crafts. Your blog is the first one I check out each and every day and you have given me so much inspiration!!! So THANK YOU!!! I just donated to the wonderful cause that you are supporting - I am from Canada but I so support the American(and Canadian) troops and am in awe of what they sacrifice. Well enough said - thank you again for this opportunity to do something very much worth while and at the same time allowing us the chance to win a super generous prize. THANK YOU Suzanne and I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. I have all 4 classes that I signed up for in July to complete still - I will get to them in the New Year when my work slows down - looking forward to finally getting to them. Hugs Debbie

  22. Another beautiful card and thanks for raising funds. I donated.

  23. Great Cause and great blog candy! Thanks for a chance to win!
    Merry christmas!

  24. Great charity that you are sponsoring. Thanks for sharing your talent. Just found your blog but am loving it.

  25. Merry Christmas, Suzanne. I made a donation to the Fisher House Foundation today - think you'll be making your goal on the 1st day - yeah! What a neat way to share during the Christmas season.

    Love, love, love your card and the Mimosa stamp is sweet. Your coloring is absolutely fabulous w/the copics. Found your blog about a week ago - joined your site and will be taking copics class asap! I've had copics for almost 2 yrs - about time to use 'em, huh! Thanks for sharing!

  26. FABulously cute card, Suzanne! Love those colors too!

    I was honored to give to such a wonderful charity to help our military families.

    Have fun Christmas tree shopping & stay warm.

    Huggies ~ Sharron♥

  27. Another beautiful card, Suzanne! I love those Bildmalarna darn cute!!

    You are one of the most generous people I know in this cyber community and your latest gift giveaway is over the top. I love that it's attached to giving to this very worthy cause. I have family members who are veterans and have suffered much in wartime so this really touches me. I don't think there is enough we can do for our military families. They sacrifice so much for all of us.

    I love to read too! Have to have something to read everyday or I would be stressed out for sure. I'm interested in your take on the Kindle. I have a friend who has one and really loves it.

    Oh, and your second prize is fabulous too. Love those companies. Wow!!!

  28. Fabulous idea for the donation Suzanne! I gave a donation today and see that you're doing really well! I think you'll far exceed your goal. :)

  29. This is a great idea and I am happy to help, especially knowing exactly where the money is going. Thanks for your generosity and the other sponsors too. God bless and Happy Holidays.

  30. I love this card, Suzanne and I was happy to donate to your cause!! :)

  31. Hi Suzanne,
    What a wonderful idea!! I had never heard about the Fisher House Foundation but love the idea. I just made a donation and see that you will far exceed your goal.

    Your cards are beautiful, I love the color combinations. I hope to take one of your classes. I just ordered Copics and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

  32. We frequently make food donations and do fundraisers for our local Fischer House here throughout the year. I am not entering your giveaway. I just wanted to express my thanks and elation that you chose the Fischer House. As a military wife, whose husband is getting ready for another tour overseas it made my heart warm and tears fill my eyes to see you choose them as your charity. Again I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for having such a caring and giving heart. Many holiday blessing this season and next for you and yours.

  33. I just made my donation,this is really a good idea, if everybody helps a little it all adds up to alot. Awesome

  34. What a wonderful organization to support and I plan to support it over the weekend. I will share the info with my friends too. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  35. Awesome card, all of those little special touches you've added!! I just donated to Fisher House....being retired Air Force I know all about Fisher House. My family and I never had to stay there but I have friends that did and they said it makes things so much easier, they did not have to look for a hotel and rent a car, they were right across the street from the hospital where they were. Thank You for choosing such an awesome foundation!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. May God bless you! Hugs, Sabrina

  36. What a wonderful cause Suzanne. I have a nephew who is in the army.
    Troops all over the world need our support.

    I have also made a donation.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  37. Love the colors on your card!! Gorgeous!!

    Thanks for bringing such a great cause to the attention of everyone. I was happy to donate. Big hugs to you my friend!!

  38. Thanks for making us aware of this very worthwhile organization. I donated this morning!

  39. ONce again Suzanne you had done it. Our troops definitely need our support along with their families. God bless both the troops and their families. loved this card too. and I did make a donation.

  40. Hi, I'm glad to participate in the Fisher House charity, thanks for adding the wonderful prizes!

  41. Another wonderful fund raiser! You are such a kind, caring person. I made a donation and hope you raise a lot of money for this worthy cause!

  42. Suzanne, bless you for doing this. With my husband in Iraq, I can tell you that it is comforting to know that should something happen to my husband that the Fisher house would be a God sent for me. I have friends that have used Fisher Houses. All of them gave it high marks.
    I have donated today. It is a very worthy cause.

    I love your card and I really studyed the image. I started collecting Hummel's when we were stationed in Germany and it does indeed bare a resemblance to the Hummel sytle.

    Bless you.

  43. What a great idea for your fund raiser, Suzanne, I love it and the perfect gift giving time of year! I made my donation and looks like you're making your goal.... $1200 is in sight...way to go girl!!! You're to be commended for this great idea, thank you for allowing us to be included. And then prizes to boot; what icing on the's just too much.

    I also love your "Hummel" card... those Bildy stamps are just so precious and the colors just scream winter! What a great job as usual.....

  44. Thank you so much for doing a fund raiser for the Fisher House Foundation! They are such a wonderful organization! My grandfather was a vet, and due to the generosity of the Fisher House, my mother, aunts & uncles were able to be with him when he took ill last month. He passed away on Veteran's Day surrounded by his family, several of whom wouldn't have been able to afford to be there if it weren't for the free lodging at Fisher House. Thank you to everyone who donated. It means a lot!

  45. Suzanne: I read your blog and admire your artistic talents so much! You are an inspiration to me and so many others I am sure. I was happy to donate to the Fisher House to help all of the service people and families they can. Thank you for all you do all year around to brighten the lives of so many. Hope you found the Best Tree out there today! I Loved all the pictures you shared of your trees last year....Spectacular! I can't wait to see them again. Merry Christmas and warmest wishes to you and your family.

  46. This is such a cute card - love her and Suzanne you always pick the best colors!

  47. Suzanne, you are such a generous person. Plan to post on my blog! Thanks for all you do.

  48. Hi Suzanne! I just made my donation to Fisher House. What a great charity and thank you for coordinating this for us!

  49. Hi have such a gift for choosing just the right colors and papers!! This little Bili is adorable!! Love her polka dots!! What a lovely thing you're doing to raise $$$ for military personnel and their families!!
    Pat Frank

  50. Hi Suzanne...Happily made my donation to Fisher House. What a great organization. Thanks for bringing that to our attention, as well as thank you for all your beautiful hard work throughout the year. Have a Wonderful Holiday.
    Kathy L

  51. Love your blog and your heart. I have donated...hope you reach your goal for such a worthy cause.

    Also, your Holly Jolly project is sooo cute.

  52. you have a lovely blog site. And I was happy to contribute a small donation to your worthy cause.
    Keep up the good work.


  53. What a wonderful idea!! I just donated and I'm a faithful follower of your blog!!I will put this on my blog hope it helps some more!Hugs and blessings!

  54. Thank you for all you do for others. Happy to donate to such a worthy project.
    Merry Christmas!

  55. Great cause, glad I was able to make a small donation to help with the goal.

    Debbie Harris

  56. I just donated to this wonderful cause, one we already support so I was delighted to add to your total. I know you will smash past your goal. Your blog and tutorials are such an inspiration to me and so many others. Your generosity in sharing your talent and creativity is a gift to all your papercrafting followers and very much appreciated.

    Merry Christmas to you and all my fellow followers. JoAnne

  57. Wow... What wonderful and generous prizes! I have made my donation... it is such a worthy cause! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help! I will be posting it on my blog to see if I can help you out with making this holiday season, even more loving for our military and their families! Happy Creating! Sara

  58. What a great cause! Thank you for sharing that. Your cards are gorgeous. I have so enjoyed taking your online classes. Can't wait to meet you in person in May!

  59. Awesome Cause...Thank you for your bringing attention to that need.Gave my donation. Your card is fabulous!!

  60. Awesome Cause...Thank you for your bringing attention to that need.Gave my donation. Your card is fabulous!!

  61. Hi Suzanne! Well I finally sat down long enough to read your post (while pedaling nowhere at the gym!!!). You've just confirmed again the special heart that God has given you! Your life was spared to bless others and you are doing that with every fiber of your being and way over 100%...
    I too have donated: ) - I'll be honest, I'm drooling over the prizes, but more important is knowing that I've helped you help others. There's nothing greater!!!
    Thank YOU for always blessing us with your gifts and talents. I look forward to learning from you!
    Hope you are having a fabulous week!
    Love and hugs - Lori

  62. Suzanne...thanks for giving me a chance to do some good for those held in my heart, but unknown to me! Fisher House is a fantastic cause. You are a wonderful soul who has this amazing talent of which you share with us basically everyday! I don't know how you keep up the pace. I can't wait to meet you at the Nashville workshop in January! Yippee!

  63. Hi Suzanne, your house looks beautiful! I donated and I appreciate your doing this and giving us an opportunity to win. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  64. Suzanne, I gotta tell ya - you are such a loving and giving person. Raising money for Fisher House is such a terrific idea and to give all of us the opportunity to participate - I so appreciate that!! I know what it's like to visit a loved one in hospital & rehab and have to shell out for motels for months. And our military give their all!! So I have donated and will keep them on my list. Hugs, Sharon Marchbanks

  65. Just donated to the wonderful cause you have made available. I just can't imagine the committment and sacrafice these military men and women and their families have made. I am so thankful for them. So I hope that many more people will contribute to such a worthy cause. Thank you Suzanne for your committment to giving to others and including all of us in this project.

  66. Hi Suzanne, I just made a donation to this wonderful cause to join you in your support of it. You are an inspiration to me in both your art and your wonderful spirit :O)

  67. Hi Suzanne, This a great cause. You are a wonderful person. Merry Christmas.
    Hugs, Shannon

  68. Hi Suzanne, it is me again. I forgot to tell you that I made a donation to this wonderful cause.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Shannon

  69. Suzanne.. Thanks for this great opportunity to support a great cause. I really wish I could of donated more but financially I couldnt. Thanks for all you do.. I get inspired looking at your blog. I love your trees. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  70. I am very happy to have made my donation today!

    Thank goodness you kept up with the reminders, because I almost forgot!

    May God Bless our Troops and please bring them ALL back home safe!!


  71. Thank you Suzanne for reminding us what this holiday season is all about. What a wonderful charity to be part of..I know that your followers will get you to your goal. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of it!! Hugs, Teresa E.

  72. I donated tonight! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to give to a great cause.



I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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