Friday, October 3, 2008

New Kids On The Block!!!

Happy Friday everyone! No card for you today, but I'm posting some pictures my friend took at the New Kids on the Block concert last night. OMGosh--it was the most awesomest concert in the whole world!!! I screamed so much I've lost my voice---aghhhhhhhhhhhhh! The stadium was packed in Washington, DC--not even one seat in the house. It was so cool to see them again and when they popped up on the piano right in front of us I really thought I was going to pass out!!!!!

Jordan is still a hottie---lovee him!! I want to see them again and again---I've never seen so many women in one place, lol! So here ya go--the first picture is of me and my friend Doreen (I'm on the left,she's on the right). Hope ya like 'em!!!

Oh my---aren't they the cutest evah! I could totally be their groupie, lol!!! Made me feel like I was 15 again if for just one nite :)

Hugz and see ya tomorrow,



  1. So cool! I'm so glad you had fun (and it looks like you had great seats!) :)
    Hugs, Christine :)(

  2. Oh how awesome!! What great pics you got too. I would love to see them in person!

  3. oh my GOSH you're crackin me up suzanne!!! already ordered my WOJ - now to hide it from hubby when they arrive.......just got "the lecture" yesterday hahahah!!!

  4. How awesome!! I love NKOTB!! Donnie will always be my fave. Your pictures are awesome!!!

  5. AWESOME pics! Thanks for sharing! They are still hotter than EVER...and Jordan is my favorite too! Love your new hair's so cute! Glad to hear you had a blast!
    Hugs~ Kim

  6. Argh I am so excited for you!!!

    I saw them in concert in 1992 - it was the concert the night before they flew back to USA to prove they didnt lip-sync!! So every now and again they dropped a really obvious bad note!! No encore or anything as they had to leave quickly.

    BUt still had a brilliant night and enjoyed every minute!!

    Thankyou for sharing the pics :)
    Jordan was my fave too!!

  7. Im so glad you had a wonderful time Suzanne,it sure looks like alot of fun. Oh yes what it would be like to be 15 again!! Hugs Linda x

  8. This is hialrious! I was a HUGE fan of NKOTB the first time around. I had the tshirts, a nightgown, sheets, those super huge buttons, posters all over my walls, the barbie doll of Jordan (he was my fav), oh and this great bomber jacket that i think is still at my parents house. hahahaha.

  9. Freaking awesome!!! I see them on November 11...I cannot wait!!

  10. I loved NKOTB when I was in high school! It was the first concert that I had ever been to! Oh, the memories! Thanks for sharing with us! Glad that you had a wonderful time!

  11. I guess you had a fab time! hugs, annie x

  12. I was there too!!!!! You had great seats--we were on the same side as you in row 18. I posted some videos and photos on my blog too (my mom reads your blog and sent me the link). I'm at

    I LOVED it! Jordan was my first love and he'll always be my favorite! "Dirty Dancing" was AWESOME and I also really enjoyed "Games" and "Baby I Believe in You" was to DIE for! Hee hee. I love feeling like a 12 year old again! Laura

  13. OMG!!!!! I'm sooooooooooo jealous. They are in LA tomorrow and I missed getting tickets. I'm hoping to go in Nov. Jordan is my love, too! :) Thanks for sharing your pix!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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