Thursday, May 1, 2008

We're Off...

Hi everybody! This is my last post before we leave for Disney--yipee!!!!!! I am crazed and running around like a chicken w/ it's head cut off. Most of my packing is done, just last minute things to do--we'll see if anyone gets sleep tonight. The kids are super excited & I will be once the plane touches down in sunny Florida. I am a very nervous & anxious flyer--I just hate it and I can totally go bonkers if I let myself. I just pray we land safely and I make it the whole 2 hrs w/o hyperventilating (it has happened before, I kid you not)!! But anyway, I will be posting some pictures of us in Disney a few times on my blog if you're interested in seeing/hearing what we're up to. I will have email up the whazoo and a to-do list a mile long when we get back for sure. Have a happy 10 days & talk with you soon!! (please say a little prayer for our plane ride-I will surely need it--lol)

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