Sunday, January 22, 2012

Music to my Ears!

Happy NFL Sunday my friends!  I’m typing this as I’m watching the Raven’s play and I can’t say for sure whether this post will make sense or not LOL!  I’m hoping for a Ravens win and a 49ers win so that the Harbaugh brothers *both coaches* meet up in the Superbowl…..rock on!!!


I have to go over to the high school at 5:30 to set up for the musical tonight but we are only staying for the first part to see Alexa & then going home….geesh why have a musical on an NFL playoff night…not wise LOL!  Let me tell you a funny…..quite a few years ago I asked hubby for tickets to see “Mamma Mia” on broadway in DC for Christmas.  Well he was so excited to give me the tickets that year because he got us 3rd row, oh yeah baby LOL.  Well we later figured out why…..the tickets were for Superbowl Sunday….yeah no one was wanting to go that night LMBO!  But hubby was a good sport and he took me without any complaints…that was the year Janet Jackson had the “wardrobe malfunction” heehee.  So every year I tease him & say “hey wanna go to the theater in February?” Winking smile But it was worth it, I loved that musical and danced & sang the whole time….ummm yeah no hubby does not sing & dance along with me….but he does tolerate me doing it well!


-Want to come take a Copics Class with me?  I have upcoming classes in Texas, Florida and soon W.Virginia, Baltimore, Montreal and more.  Go to to see!

A Big Thank You to Pixie Dust Studios for having me as their winner for my Love Letters project here!  I sure appreciate it!


Singin’ Along With Meeeee!!


So Sunday is Smash Book Day from now on….well as much as I can try LOL…keep me on track so I can actually document events, places, and stories this year.  If you haven’t joined our “We R Smashin’, Scrappin’ & Journalin’” group over at the CMC Classroom, well then you are more than welcome to---everyone is welcome!  Its not just for Smash Books---if you love scrapbooking or art journaling well then this group is for you too.  We will have monthly themes/prompts/ideas that you can incorporate into your books and then you can enter into the challenge if you like to win a fun prize.  Smash books are just an easier version of scrapbooking, they are meant to be done faster without as much layout/detail as you might spend on a traditional scrapbook….yes, which is why it appeals to me…LOL!

So I decided to do my next 2 pages on my last trip to Vegas where I met The Voice winner Javier Colon….yep I’m still a tad giddy about that…for sure!!


I printed out all my pictures that were taken by a random person at the Monster Cable Booth LOL.  On this side I used one picture to make a pocket so I could slip in the autographed card he signed for me & Alexa---I didn’t want to adhere that down to the book..  The dice/card images are just clip art from the web that I printed and cut out….then added Stickles to bling it up….its all about Vegas baby!!


On this page I added more pictures and matted them like film rolls a bit and typed up the story…I can only write for so long so I tend to type my stories…my hands cramp up easily and then my handwriting becomes illegible and ugly LOL.  I used a letter stamp and colored in the white with my Sharpie Poster Pain pen & added some white dots around the black cs.  This page took me about 20 mins to do which was awesome…nice and quick.  And Alexa worked on hers at the same time…she’s running a teen area at the CMC Classroom for Smash booking teens.  If you are interested in getting some Smash Book Goodies….7 Kids College Fund has a great selection HERE (if you want to see what kind of pages are in each book go to the EK Success site & click on larger images to see insides).

Have a great weekend!  See ya soon….hoping for a BIG RAVENS win…whooot!


  1. Awesome layout Suzanne for your smash book!!!

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I am reading your blog now that the Patriots/Raven's game is over and on one hand I'm thinking - did she really not see the exciting 4th quarter? Another part of me is saying it was probably a blessing that you missed the last minute. Of course being from Boston, I am very pleased with the outcome, but even I can state that the Patriots did not deserve to win. So sorry for your loss and even sorrier for your field goal kicker. That poor boy has a tough night ahead of him. Love your cards and I love your stories. Have a great week! And please root for the Patriots in February!!! We need all the help we can get since our defense is so stinky!

  3. Awesome pages Suzanne - super memento!
    Hubby was watching football all day; but I have to admit that I never got into it. Love your enthusiasm!

  4. You are so talented you could win any challenge. Love the Vegas Smash book pages!!!

  5. Sorry to see that the Ravens lost. I was rooting for them. I didn't want the Patriots to win. The Giants won. That was an exciting game eventhough I am really a Jets fan. Guess I'll have to "adopt" the Giants instead this year.
    Love your Smash pages and really, you should write a book with all of your "adventures" in it.

  6. So sorry that the Ravens lost. I really wanted them to knock off the Patriots, but it was a good game. Looks like the Harbaugh brothers will have to try again next year. Great layouts and fun ideas. Tina sent me over to say Hi but I visit your blog often too. You picked a winner in Tina when you chose her for your design team!

  7. Well Suzanne, I was with you, I too was rooting for a Ravens and a 49ers win, and lost on both counts!! Boo Hoo..... Now, I really don't care much about the Super Bowl with those two teams, I'm definitely not an Eli fan so I won't be cheering for the Giants!!

    Love your Smash book, you did a great job. Getting ready for a family visit, so I'm so beat. Hope you have a safe trip out here for CHA. Have a great time!!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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