Friday, January 6, 2012

Good Friend Blend!

Happy TGIFriday all my friends!  Can I just say how much I love y’all?  You make me smile everyday Smile and I appreciate that and if I make you smile, laugh, giggle or pee your pants….well then…I appreciate that too LOL!  If my blog gives you a little smile during the day then I fell like my job is done. I try to keep things light & fun on my blog as I know we all have lives and the daily doldrums that can come along with that.  I also try not to get into opinionated topics like religion and politics…hot button topics…things that get people going in unpleasant ways.  I don’t want my blog to be about that…however I DO have opinions on both…I just don’t share that with you all unless we are having a private conversation and you ask me.  It seems anymore that when you TRY to discuss either, people STOP listening once they find out that you are not agreeing with their views or beliefs.  Then they get emotional…angry…yelling…and attack…not necessarily your opinions, but you personally because they haven’t stopped to FULLY listen to your reasoning or tried to understand.  I like a great debate with someone who has great ideas, can back their statements up with facts and someone that values my opinion as well.  While we may NOT agree on our stances…we both APPRECIATE the other’s views…and most importantly we RESPECT each other as human beings with emotions, opinions & thoughts.  It doesn’t mean that someone is stupid, brainless or dumb just because they don’t agree with you.  TRUST ME…I read and hear a lot of things I don’t agree with…BUT I respect that it is that person’s thought and opinion.  I don’t attack the person because of their view or make nasty comments…I simply move on and put it in its place…doesn’t bother me in the least that you have thoughts different from me.  Life would be WAY too boring if we all thought the same and wanted the same things out of life. HOWEVER we must remember to keep understanding, respecting and showing kindness along the way.  If we all stopped to really listen and understand what the other person is really saying or how they are feeling, the world might be a kinder, gentler place.  So you won’t ever see me speak politics or religion on my blog…NEVER EVER…or Facebook either.  But on occasion I WILL throw a comment out on Twitter and hey you know what?  We live in the good ole USofA and my right as a citizen is freedom of speech, free thoughts and I can speak as I please.  Does that mean I want you to change how you feel on the subject…NO…I’m not trying to make you think like me or believe the same things as me.  Absolutely not!  But it is my right to put a comment out there…its my thought that I’ve thrown out there to the wind…I’m not asking for comments or rhetoric on it...just putting it out there.  If you put a thought out there…I’ll respect it…I might even laugh or agree…but I will NEVER attack you for it, nor will I be unkind or ungracious towards you for it.  That is not how I live my life or treat people in this world.  So people may NOT like what I have to say…but guess what…I don’t care, I stopped caring a long time ago about that…stop reading it…don’t follow me…its your right to not agree so stop reading my comments…I don’t read things I don’t like…so just walk away…unless you can disagree in a respectful way between one intelligent human to another.  Ok…you feel me on this…get where I’m coming from…I won’t treat you like a doormat or a ninny or a dumb-butt ever…so don’t treat me that way either.  And if you do…welllllll…I do have a mouth & yeah I like to use it…I won’t back down…I will answer you for sure…but I will do it in a respectful and civilized tone.  AND that my friends I know for sure!

And now I am hopping off of my free speech rant today with a funny for you (and yes my daughter may kill me for this but I cannot resist).  She left for school yesterday morning and hubby drove her up to the bus stop on his way to work.  She kept telling him she smelled “poo” (yes poop lol).  He was like “I don’t smell anything” and Alexa kept insisting she smelled it.  So she gets on the bus and asks her friend if she smells it and she says “NO”.  She gets to school and goes to class but still smells it so she asks her friends….to smell her…lmbo…to see if she smelled or her clothes smelled.  They said nope they smelled nothing.  So she was sitting in chorus and still smelled it and she had her leg across the other leg….when she saw IT!  Yep she had stepped in doggie poo somewhere between the front door & the car (not our dogs cuz they only go out in the backyard & we scoop the yard every week).  She had a nice smearing of doggie poo on the bottom of her boot…just thin enough that she didn’t feel it or really see it!  OMGosh I laughed so hard…the poor child knew she smelled poo but just couldn’t figure out where it was!  She did NOT think it was so funny…however me & hubby DID bwahahahaha!  I can just imagine her face when she realized WHERE the poo was hee hee…and I can easily laugh cuz with 7 animals I have stepped in it, touched it by accident and cleaned it so no big deal Winking smile


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Special Friend Blend


So for all of you, my friends I have a special card for you today featuring a super-cute Elisabeth Bell for SCACD image called “A Cuppa” from the Odds & Ends Collection.  She’s just so sweet with her cup of cocoa (or tea if you like tea—me I prefer hot’s a sugar & chocolate thing lol)!  And if you are in the land of the “freezing” like me…you probably want to drink something warm & cozy while you settle in to read a book…or my blog hahaha…or just relax a bit.  The papers are by MME “Honey Cake—love the mix of soft blues & pinks. 



The pretty doily die is from Cheery Lynn Designs, then I cut another scalloped oval out of my aqua cs and embossed it with a fab emboss folder by Craft Concepts “Garden Swirl” (I loveeee my embossing folders).  Then I just layered a few Prima flowers and a bow made with my Bow Easy to finish it off.  The sentiment is from a PTI set that I love! 



The image was colored with Copics- BG75,BG72,BG10/ R22,R20,R00.  Her bow and sash I stamped & colored twice, cutting one set out to pop up for extra dimension on the image and of course I stickled them for sparkle!

So CHEERS to the weekend, CHEERS to all of you & may you have lots of fun and fabulousness this weekend!!


  1. Blimey hun thought you where standing for president in first half of your blog post Hun lol but do understand what you mean lol nothing light a good debate.

    Oh dear poor love poo on her shoe and to make it worse no one else smelt it so she had to keep asking people to smell her bless made me giggle.

    Card is fab I love Elizabeth bell her images are fab to colour

    Hugs Wendy

  2. Happy New Year Suzanne!
    Wish you all the best in 2012.
    I am just back from my visit to my Mama.
    ooo I have been missing your funny post, give me such a giggle.
    The card with this cute image is so adorable.

  3. Stunning card! Poor Alexa! I love reading all your adventures and thoughts! Keep going!

  4. Fabulously gorgeous card. I love the colors you used and your coloring is amazing!

  5. Such a cute card and the poo story cracked me up. So funny Alexa asked people to smell her, lol.

  6. Love reading your blog and reading about the family. And who says you can't learn something new everyday. Had never heard the song Red Solo Cup before but now I love it...:)...You bring a smile to my face. Happy 2012.

  7. I wish more folks had the respect, kindness, and intelligence to accept different points of view as graciously as you! My hat's off to you for showing how to be a mature adult, and still have fun in life! Sniff Sniff!! Poor Alexa!! LOL
    Beautiful card today and I just love those colors!

  8. Oh,my! You do make me LOL, Suzanne! Sorry that it's at the expense of your daughter...but too funny! Wonder why she didn't think to check the bottom of her shoes earlier. Hmmm...

    And love your rants too. Yep, I agree with your stance on sharing opinions . I certainly don't agree with many of my family and friends but love to have a respectful, intelligent discussion and agree to disagree.

    Love this darling card! Great color combo, beautiful coloring of that adorable image (as usual!) and love those delish die cuts too!

  9. Suzanne you are just to funny... Poor Alexa she had to have a bad day and then to find the poop and I'm even laughing as I'm writing this. I love that stamp the peeker she is just darling and your coloring is stunning on her.
    Hugs, Pat

  10. Ah, Suzanne, love your outlook on life. And that is why we are a Democracy right?
    Sorry Alexa had poo on her shoe...LOL When you live on a ranch like me that's pretty much an everyday thing. :)
    Love your cute little card. Such a sweet image and you dressed her all up nicely with all those pretty details. Have a great weekend my dear.
    Cathy Lee

  11. I WAS JUST THINKING THE SAME THING on the way home tonight. About politics and how angry people get when you don't agree with them. I too love a good educated debate! (please spare me the chain letter emails as your source.. that drives me crazy) I have one very good friend who I can disagree with and she never takes defense and really tries to see where I am coming from. Love talking with her... I could be with her for hours and never be bored. On the other hand I have a relative of my husbands who I cannot talk to about anything! LOL!

  12. Hey Suz! Sorry the ugly people have to try to rain on your parade but I'm glad you take it on the chin & consider the source & move on.

    Poor poo poo Alexa. LOL Sounds like something I'd do ('do'....get hahaha

    Love the friend blend card. So very sweet! My cup is full of coffee with cocoa blended in. Yummy!

    Huggies ~

  13. Suzanne, love the story and the card...I have been "stuck" in the house w/a miserable cold and LOL at poor Alexa.....been there, done that! I have a true BFF who lives in the NE (where I grew up & lived for 50+ years) We are POLAR opposites, politically & religiously, but we loveeee each other & have some fabby debates! Have a great weekend........!

  14. Poor Alexa but I would of laughed too! She is so pretty and imagine it devastated her to see that poo on her boot! lol!!

    Your card is awesome. I love your design and of course your beautiful coloring. Must go see Susanna, didn't know there was a new release.

  15. I believe she is quit the cutie-pie. I adore her;) The card is very nicely designed and eye-catching too.

  16. Oh what an adorable card Suzanne

  17. Suzanne this is absolutely AMAZING girlfriend! I am in awe over all the beauty on this card! Gorgeous work!!

  18. I'm more of a blog stalker than a blog talker, but I just had to comment on this post. As a medically discharged Army officer, I have lost many fellow servicemembers fighting on foreign soil to protect our freedoms. I applaud your tolerance and wish more Americans would embrace it because it IS our right to have our own opinions. Thank you for posting this! This is a salute to our men and women in uniform who stand up every day for our freedoms, so we can sit in peace and exercise them.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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