Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's Get Smashed!!

Happy Wednesday Morning to you all!  On the road again...feels so good to be on the road again.....lalalala.....LOL!  Yep, I am at the airport....waiting for my go....????  Well can't tell ya that but do know I will bee-boppin' my way across the US today and I'll be on Facebook letting you know what I see and do and find LOL!  My first trip of 2012 and I'm praying for a smooth trip, no delays, weird weather, lost bags or fall-downs LOL--so please pray with me ok!?  There is a storm system moving up the East Coast so I'm hoping to fly out before that affects any flights and less turbulence for me.  I plan on sleeping on my 2nd flight and I have a prime-window seat with my name on it and I'm hoping NO WEIRDOs sit next to me...but you know I attract strange people like a darn magnet.  I just checked and so far no one has purchased the seat next to me on my 2nd flight so I'm hoping that holds LOL..and nope I'm not flying Southwest out but I am flying it back home.  No sing-a-longs this morning....too darn early for all that & I am NOT a morning kinda girl...I'm sucking down my Cherry Coke as fast as I can to get that caffeine into my system.  If they could create an IV version for my Cherry Coke I just may buy it...I have a feeling that today is going to be a 4+ Coke kinda day WATCH OUT!!

Here's a funny video for you...this guy Remi does a whole series of these videos...and yes they CRACK me & the teens up.  He's crazy--a total loon but you just gotta laugh (if you like this one...then make sure to watch the Kangaroo Man & Urban Touchdown ones...omgosh I'm giggling right now)

Get Smashing!!

I have a new group at the CMC Classroom and it debuted this past Monday with a fun chat & party on the site (if you were there, thanks for coming by, it was crazy, fun & fast)!  It's called We R Smashin', Scrapbookin' & Journalin' -- so if you like to do any of those or want to get started come join our group!!  I gave away a bunch of Smash Book goodies and gift certificates to those that came & played some travel trivia with us.  Smash Books have gotten pretty popular & you can view some videos of them HERE.  They are similar to scrapbooks except the idea is to kinda "smash everything" in don't concentrate on layouts as much as you do in a traditional scrapbook.  So you can glue in receipts, pictures, ticket stubs and write in there---they are meant to be put together quickly which is highly appealing to me LOL.  I started scrapbooking (traditional) 15 years ago when there was just stickers & decorative scissors (heehee...remember those days) and I loved it...but darn it...I'd spend 2 weeks and $150 on a 2 page layout & be stressed.  So I switched to mostly digital scrapbooking (although I am sooo far behind) and eventually moved into other paper crafts like card making.  So I have 3 Smash Books I'm working on this year...yeah yeah when do I have the time....wellllll...that is why I created the group so that it would keep my "rear in gear" and get it done.  So even if you don't use a Smash book but are a traditional scrapbooker or just want to use a notebook YOU ARE WELCOME at the group--its open to everyone.  Each month we will have a theme/prompt/idea to get you started & then you can enter your projects that month for a chance at a great prize.  The first 2 Smash Books I'm doing are a Random Suzanne Thoughts/Ideas and a Travel Book that I will carry with me to document all my travel goings-ons while I'm away.  So below are my first couple of pages for you.

Alexa is also operating a Tween/Teen area on the group for those that want to join in...she's working alongside of me with her own Smash Book and will maintain a special area for teens to hang out, share ideas and projects.

PS--that great blinkie was made for me by Tiffany of Tiffany Doodles--she rocks!!  And you can grab it for yourself if you'd like over at the CMC Classroom or email me for the html code ok!

So the theme/idea at the group for the month of January is Bucket Lists/2012 To-Do Lists/New Year's Resolutions.  I created a kinda mental "2012 Goal List" for myself of things I want to try & maintain and do this year personally like to "BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT"--really enjoy each moment without worrying or thinking about what comes next.  "TO BREATHE even when the stress seems overwhelming"---like little mantras to myself I'll be chanting this year....yes crazy Suzanne talking to herself again LOL.  My next page will be "Things I Want to Do/Accomplish Before I Turn 40" (that's 2 years folks...yikes) and that list may be VERY LONG so I'm working on that next week.  I have always written my goals down since I was very young...I believe that seeing them in writing and reminding yourself regularly keeps you going down the path to doing them...I've always been goal oriented.  Keep your eye on the ball kind of mentality :)

I typed my list up on Word and printed it out and then just added some embossed card stock, some Smash tape and a few embellies with supplies I had on hand.  Remember that to do these books you don't need special supplies if you choose...use what you have, use an old book or notebook and any paper crafting supplies you already own.  I got a few Smash Book items like the books, some smash pads and some of their decorative tape but for most of my book I will just use what I have.  I also stamped a few fun images and doodled a bit on this page...I like to doodle...a lot...I forgot how much I liked to do it LOL!

Find a great selection of Smash Goodies at 7 Kids College Fund and Oh My Crafts!

The second page already had this great "I AM" prompt on it so I decided to run with it.  I doodled and wrote all the things that I think describe me best and who I think I am.  I just had fun with it and filled in areas with some doodles, smash tape & Stickles.  I used my Copic Spica pens so that all my writing has a subtle glitter to it for fun.  Just a fun page to look back on and for my kids & grandkids to read one day!

Well that is it for me today!  I hope you will come on over & join us at the group and have some fun with us.  Its a great place to chatter, share thoughts & ideas and your projects with everyone.  And for someone like me....well its a great motivator to keep on smashing LOL!  Hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll be back this week to post some pictures for ya too!


  1. LOL...OMG, this guy is too darn funny!!! You've got me addicted to these videos...I'm laughing so much I'm crying!!!

    Great smash book!

  2. Love the Kangaroo and the Touchdown ones. He is too weird, but in a great way! Love him. Just wish I could understand what he says!

    Good ideas for your Smash book! Have a great trip!

  3. love ur pages! video didn't do it for me tho....and i am usually pretty into funny....

  4. Love love love this smash book stuff. My daughter and I are hooked. I think we bought out michaels. I didn't get it till I watched the video, then we both said why didn't we think of this. Haha. Hope you had a great trip. Can't wait to here your stories. Connie


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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