Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make it LOVE-ly!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Hope your week is going swell so far.  Sickness has stricken the Dean household…tis the season I guess.  I was sick first with a head cold and then…………dah-da-dah-dum…the BOYS got sick….which is like the WORLD HAS ENDED I GUESS!  That’s right…sickness totally paralyzes the men in my household…I kid you not…it attacks the muscles of their legs and brain & cripples them into moaning, groaning, annoying beasts that take up major space in my family room.  Meanwhile I who have the SAME sickness is scurrying around doing chores, attending to household issues AND working…am I laying down? NO! Am I groaning & moaning? NO NO NO!  What the heck is that all about?  Seriously its like a germ floats in a man’s nostril & travels up their brain & turns it into mush…causing them to revert back to non-moving babies.  UGHhhhhhhh!  Not that I don’t have a “smidgen” sympathy cuz’ I do but if I’m sick to & I’m able to move & do stuff then in my opinion SO SHOULD YOU—COME ON!!!  And another thing…we know you are sick…you don’t need to MOAN & GROAN & COUGH so loud that the windows rattle…I GET THE POINT!!  Sorry I had to vent…after 17 years of marriage I woulda THUNK that he’d get the message but apparently not.  And I had hoped I was raising my son to be BETTER at being sick…but apparently not (I now apologize to all his future girlfriends or wife..I’m so very sorry)!  Ok I’m done now…I think…I might persue the stupidness of their actions in my head for awhile longer…until I get tired of thinking on it…and it finally escapes from my thought processes LOL!

Ok so here is story #2 for you from my Vegas trip…I have a couple more that I may share with you LOL!  This one is short…thank god for that right…I hear you thinking that bwahahaha!  So at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Vegas there were a ton of celebrities, none that I was absolutely dying to see other than Javier (see post below).  I was not well when I was in Vegas…yeah I was starting to get sick but was resisting as best as I could.  So at one point I needed AIR…yep just plain old fresh air..I struggle a bit in large crowds mentally as well and there were SOOOO many people there (100 x what is at CHA) coupled with the fact that I was getting sick I felt that I may pass out.  So I went out a side exit to get air…the guard said I could go out…well I guess that exit was a VIP entrance…who knew?? LOL!  But he let me out and I was thankful then I realized that it was the “celebrity” area & I started giggling…heeheehee.  So I stood there caught my breath and watched all the celebrities come in & out including Jillian Michaels (boy she is TINY, I mean tiny but all muscle & very pretty) and the Jersey Shore cast (let me GAG myself now…sorry I’m so NOT a fan of them).  It was like my own private viewing party LOL!  Well after about 15 mins I was ready to go back in so I did.  I was texting & walking…yeah yeah yeah I know that’s dangerous for me…but I was anyhow.  Soooooooooo I was in a bit of a rush to meet some people there so I was walking pretty fast & texting…and BAMMMMM!!!  I slammed right into someone so hard I dropped my phone & purse and someone grabbed me, heeheheehehehee!  When I came to my senses I looked up and I had run smack dab into Dennis Rodman…who is a HUGE man, HUGE! (he’s a former NBA player…google him if you must lol)  I’m not his biggest fan…yeah he’s a bit of a freak LOL but whatever, I’m not into his personal biz-ness Winking smile  Anyway he was laughing & said he’d never seen a tinier person almost knock the “SH*T” out of him before and live to tell about it which made me LAUGH and this is what I said (oh dear me) “That’s ok, apparently I do this a lot & I still have yet to learn my lesson”!! Well he thought that was hilarious for whatever reason and he asked what I was doing there & where I was going & if I needed “HELP”---geez I musta looked out of it or something but I managed to laugh & say thanks & walk off.  I know he was probably watching me thinking I was the craziest person he’d seen that day as I literally knocked this huge man over and HORRORS I didn’t even act like I cared who he was….bet he doesn’t get that often hahaha!  I SWEAR I’m going to NOT text-n-walk anymore, I SWEAR it!!  You heard it here ok?  OK?  He’s about the 4th person I’ve ran into HARD & then there was the time in Chicago where I wiped out on the people mover cuz I was texting & not paying attention…yeah I know…it’s a bad habit & I’m gonna STOP it LOL!  Cuz’ god only knows who or where I might wipe out next KWIM Winking smile (really I promise more).


-Ok I have 2 spots left in my Anaheim Copic classes….if you are interested in either spot please email me.  It will be a TON OF FUN!!!  My next locations are Texas, Naples/FL & Port St. Lucie FL—go to if you are interested.  In Port St. Lucie I am debuting a NEW Class “X-treme Copic Techniques” that will take you wayyyy outside the box & have some more fun with coloring!

-I have a TON of new things coming that I’m super excited about…and I hope you will be too…so stay tuned!  Also if you are out at CHA…come FIND me & say HI..I promise to NOT wipe you out!!  I’d love to meet you…I’m at the Scor-Pal/Magnolia-licious on Sunday & Monday…Tuesday I will be wandering the floor so WATCH OUT hee hee!  Yes, YES I will be hyped up on Cherry Coke Smile




I am hosting a fun “Mix It Up Monday Challenge” at StampTV & its all about LOVE!  Everyone is welcome to join in, you can use any stamps it just needs to be about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LOL!  So you can see the challenge HERE & of course you can win…winning is good (according to Charlie Sheen…hahaha)!!  I have some inspiration photos over there too to get your mojo flowin’….I based my card on the photo below.

I'm entering this into the following fab challenges:

Make It Monday (anything goes)



I made this card so it would be appropriate for a guy or a girl…totally appropriate for my hubby for Valentine’s Day….if he gets off that darn couch & stops groaning that is…before I smother him….just kiddin’…well maybe now..LOL!  I used the fabulous NEW StampTV Kit “True Love” for my card…this kit is packed with great images & sentiments.  I embossed the main image in white onto the red cs and then added some pearls & stickles to bling it up a bit (no card of mine is finished until the sparkle is added lol).  My papers are a mix of papers from Basic Grey “Little Black Dress” & Kaisercraft “After 5”.  The die cuts are by Spellbinders and I tied off a bow with some Bakers twine, button & sentiment tag.  Some more pearls in the corners to finish it all off.


Hope you can hop on over to StampTV & join me in the challenge!  See ya on Friday!!  And oh yeah it’s a FOOTBALL weekend in the Dean house…goooooo RAVENSSSSS….rock the PURPLE y’all cuz they are bringing it LOL!!!


  1. I needed a good laugh today and knew if I switched onto your blog would have one. Thank you, know I can always count on you lol. Shame I do feel for you having 2 sick guys in the house, isn't it amazing how they always worse than you are. Hope you get better soon and for your sake, that they do to. Love your card, would make a lovely wedding card to. Thanks for sharing with us, take care, you're special. Engie South Africa xx

  2. Beautiful card and a great inspiration photo. Feel better- funny but accurate depiction of men when sick- made me laugh out loud!

  3. O.M.G.!! I completely agree about men who revert into teeny, whining babies when they're sick, but I'm not sure we should be insulting babies like that!
    Also...have you ever noticed that the moaning and groaning gets worse during commercials, when they remember they're sick. It's so annoying! ;)
    See you in Anaheim at your class! So looking forward to it!

  4. Hee,hee Suzanne! You are too funny! And your card is gorgeous!

  5. OMW, I'm howlin! Sounds like you had a ball in Vegas.
    LMBO...Men are such babies when they're sick. I think women have a horomone that forces the "control" to kick in. Hope you are feelin better.
    Love the card, such a cute stamp. I'm on my way to take a look.
    Cathy Lee

  6. You are just toooooo funny.I really admire your work and your sense of humor - you are a stitch and I love reading your posts. I am so glad you share with us!!!

  7. Hilarious Suzanne! Sounds like you had some excitement in Vegas and I have to agree men are definitely the worst

    Your card is gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing it with us at Paper Creations Ink.

    xoxo Marjo

  8. What is it about men being sick that makes it SO MUCH WORSE (sarcasm) than when we get sick??

    Funny about Dennis Rodman! You're probably right, he's not used to people treating him like he's just another person.

    Any chance you'll come further north in Florida? Like maybe somewhere in the Tampa area? :-D I'd love to take a class, but it would be more like a day trip to go to Port Charlotte or Bonita Springs!

  9. Beautiful card! I like the idea of using white, black and red. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Wow, I thought it was just my man that did the moaning and groaning :0) What a great story!!! Just goes to show you who is the stronger of course!!! Love your card and appreciate your talent so much. Thank you for joining us at Paper Creations Ink - Pat

  11. OMWord, Suzanne! I'm falling out of my chair laughing. You are SO right about men! I don't think that men appreciate the fact that we let them live even in the face of their annoyingness.
    I'm stopping by from Tina's blog to leave you some love. I would do ANYTHING to win a copics class from you. There's no way I could ever afford one but if I can win it, that means I have a chance at becoming a decent colorer. YAY! Thanks for offering the class as part of Tina's blog candy.

  12. Thank You For Joining Paper Creations Ink; We Always Enjoy Seeing Your Creative Talents! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Wonderful card Suzanne, it must be a worldwide disease! All men must be programmed to act this way and we all know that us woman have a higher pain threshold and we can multi-task.. lol

    Thank you for joining us at Anything goes.

  14. thanks for the laugh i needed it. and love your pretty card-this fairy is so sweet love the colours too

  15. Great card Suzanne! Too funny about Dennis Rodman. I would have been scared running into him!! I hope all the sickness in your house clears up soon

  16. Stunning Suzanne, gorgeous colouring as usual! Thx for joining us at Make It Monday!

    Mary J x

  17. Suzanne, thanks for giving me such a giggle. I too have suffered the 'sick man syndrome' in the past. You feel like slapping them and yelling 'get over it buster and crack on' but then they would probably burst into tears and you would feel a right heel.

    Love your Dennis Rodman story. Sounds like not only did you flatten him but you might have let some air out of his ego too with your care less careless attitude!

    Great card by the way, love the elegance of the red with the black.

    LOL nearly forgot what I was meant to be doing here for a moment

    Thank you for joining us at Lexi's Creations.

    Lin xx

  18. Wow, this is a pretty card. I just love the color combo of white, red and black. Great job! Thank you for playing w/ us at Paper Creations Ink!
    Kristy- DT


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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