Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Won't Forget!!


Where were you on 9/11?  I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing and I bet you do too!  Alexa had afternoon kindergarten but she had dance in the morning so Riley was on the floor playing and I was putting her hair up in a bun.  The tv was on one of those wonderful (ha ha) PBS cartoon shows when a news bulletin came across.  Now I've never seen a news bulletin come across a kids channel so I immediately switched over to MSNBC to see what was up.  We were watching live when the 2nd plane hit the tower and I was HORRIFIED, like I was frozen in space!!  That's when they announced some planes were headed to DC and this was a terrorist action---OMG I stopped breathing, and I left the room!  James worked 1 block from the White House at that time and my brother worked between Ft. Meade & the Pentagon on different days.  Well as you know cell towers were overworked and NO ONE could get a hold of anyone.  My house phone lit up with calls wondering where James was, had I talked to him (NO) when they announced a plane had hit the pentagon.  I remember feeling sick like I was going to pass out but trying to maintain a semblance of calm for the kids (who were 5 and 3 at that time) and they were asking me why I was crying.  My neighbors came over and we watched in silent terror what was unfolding in NYC and DC---thinking that this was the end. We knew so many people that worked in DC and NYC--my mind was racing when the phone rang.  James had had an early meeting outside of DC that day and he had turned the car around and was heading home---what a relief and I fell to the floor.  At that point they knew another plane was headed this way and I was SCARED, not for me but for all the people in DC including my brother.  I decided I needed to take Alexa to dance so she would be occupied but when we got there they were closing up--the dance place sat right across from Fort Detrick and they had rolled out tanks and had armed men up and down the road--FREAKY! So I hightailed it back home where James met us and we just watched the tv in disbelief wondering WHY, WHO, and what was the reason?  Watching people covered in dust and blood, seeing people jump to their deaths knowing they had no other choice but to face death.

Can you imagine?  I still can't imagine.  And the plane where they passengers took over and ran it into the ground--how brave and selfless knowing they WERE going to die.  What were their last thoughts?  What would yours be?  How do we all react in the face of DEATH---do we face it gracefully and bravely, do we scream and cry?  I'm not sure how I would do but I hope that faced with the same decisions I would react the same way they did---giving their lives for the lives of many, bravely, selflessly and valiantly.!

So I won't forget, I still remember and I remember each detail.  In fact I still cannot watch the news coverage of that day, I cannot look at the tv and see that all again.  Ten years after the fact and it still feels fresh in my head, like it was yesterday.  The horror of that day and the days to follow were traumatizing to me, to those of here in the US and to a lot of you around the world.  I don't want to relive it but I will ALWAYS REMEMBER.

So today I'm taking a break to think about everyone that died that day whether they were innocently working in those buildings or those that rushed into the face of chaos to help and lost their lives as well.  We remember you, we salute you and we will NEVER FORGET you!!  So I hope you take a moment or two today as well to give thanks that we are safe, alive but that others are not and pray for them, remember them.  And lets pray we NEVER relive an event like that EVER AGAIN!


  1. Oh Suzanne, what a heart-wrenching post. Tears fill my eyes as they did on that day... is it really 10 years ago??? On the OTHER side of the world, very far from you, I was at work and Rick our IT guy came running past saying that a plane had gone into the Twin Towers in America. I didn't even know what the Twin Towers were... helloooo... we live in Africa remember!! He was in the process of setting up a video conference and had logged into some television station which was recording the event as it unfolded. We all stormed into the room and watched in absolute horror as the planes hit the towers. And then the bodies started falling, as the building started to crumble. OMGosh, it was too terrible for words. We were frozen in our tracks, unable to believe what we were seeing, tears streaming down our faces for a nation that was going through hell right before our eyes. Although we are many miles apart, know that we will never forget that day too! God bless all the families that lost someone that day. Praise God that you didn't and for that you must be thankful! hugs from across the miles, Sharon x

  2. Amen Suzanne. I too am from Washingotn DC. I am so glad your brother and husband werenot one of the victims. God Bless, Linda C

  3. Suzanne what an absolutely touching post today. Sitting here with tears and so thankful for you that your family made it through ok. My heart was broken that day and continues to ache for all those who lost their lives and for all the family members/friends who lost loved ones. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing then too. I called Mike to let him know. No one had heard anything at that time as they didn't have a radio or tv on. My Daddy a Korean and WWII vet & retired military Master Sargeant had passed away 3 weeks prior to 9/11 and I was truly glad he was not alive to see such a tragic and horrible event. are right, we will NEVER forget we will ALWAYS remember. God bless you all!!!!!

  4. Suzanne, both your experience and those of thousands in the US must have been THE most horrible anyone could imagine. We had horror here in the UK too and although horrific, not on the 9/11 scale. No decent person on this earth will EVER forget.
    Joanne xx

  5. Suzanne, I too read your very touching post today with tears in my eyes, We got a call from our daughter the morning of this terrible event, to turn our television on which we did only to witness the most horrific event I have ever seen.
    We in Australia WILL NEVER FORGET either.

  6. Suzanne, Thanks for sharing your heartfelt post about your 9/11 experience. I grew up in NYC and had family and friends that worked in the city so I know how unsettling it was waiting to hear if everyone was okay. I was fortunate (like you) and all my loved ones were safe and sound. My heart goes out to those families who had a loved one stolen from them in a unthinkable act of hatred. Thanks for posting. I love your transparency when you write. I feel like we are friends sitting across the table sharing a cup of coffee and stories of our lives when I read your blog.

  7. Amen Suzanne!! Very well spoken. I think we all remember where we were that tragic day. I know I will never forget. God Bless you and your family and God Bless America!!

  8. Amen Suzanne..... Like you, I don't like to go back in time to watch the horror an pain again, however I will never forget the hundreds of lives lost and touched by that awful day. Your posting today was so moving. It's daunting how such an act can draw us all together with our memories of what we were doing and the impact it had on us. Thank goodness your family was all safe considering how close you all were to what was happening.
    May we continue to remember this date and not only those who lost their lives, but their loved ones who have to go on without them........

  9. I'm very teary reading your post
    Lest we not forget
    Huge thanks to all fire, police, paramedic and military people

  10. Very poignant and heart-felt post, Suzanne.

    The patriotism, courage, bravery and strength of the American people make it the great country that it is. Wishing ALL Americans a future of peace and may no one ever forget the sacrifices made on that fateful day.

  11. Suzanne

    You always write from the heart and I love to read your posts. Thank you for a beautiful post today. It brought tears to my eyes also.

  12. Very touching post Suzanne. I can't imagine how frightened you must have been that day. I heard the awful news when I arrived at work and watched it enfold on television later that evening. My heart breaks for those who lost their lives and for those who lost loved ones. You are so right - we will never forget.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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