Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whimsy Anyone?!

Happy Tuesday my friends!  Are we recovered from Monday yet? LOL! Can’t really say that I am and I’m just running at 200 mph today just like yesterday.  Teens I tell ya—they WILL be the death of me at some point I do think!  Alexa has a Sweet 16 Bday party on Saturday and she JUST announced yesterday that it’s formal and Black & White themed. What does that mean for ole’ Mom-er-roo?  Well that means that sometime between today and Thursday at 8 pm in between my work, projects, laundry & packing for my trip on Friday I have to find time to get her a dress & shoes that are either BLACK OR WHITE. Now if you recall the shopping nightmare of Homecoming and my picky, picky daughter you will FEEL MY PAIN!  Because James would buy her a huge MuMu to wear that covers her from head to toe and be done with it, LOL.  NOT to mention that she has tickets to see the new Harry Potter movie Thursday at the MIDNIGHT showing no less.  What does that mean for this ole’ Mom-er-roo?  Yep I’ll be picking her & her friends bum’s up at 3 am from the movie just to turn the bus around and get to the airport at 7:30 am.  UGH—just shoot me now ok—I promise I won’t tell anyone if you do and its all good! Or hey shoot Harry Potter---I don’t mind and no one will miss him, hee hee! (sorry I watched the last Harry Potter movie and it FREAKED ME OUT, just sayin’)!  Because when I land (pray no flight delays or weird stuff going on at the airport or in plane and YES that means me too) I have to get my rental car with its rental GPS and drive out to the store in Chicago.  NOW that will be a whole adventure in itself I do believe—SCARY, hee hee.  But I gotta be there by 2:30 for my class so Chicago Policemen just a fair warning—please let the crazy lady in the rental Camry screaming at her GPS and bopping to music PASS ON BY ok?  She’s got places to BE!!

Ok—book lovers calling you out here!  My new Cyber Book Club & Craft Group called BookEndz debuts on July 25th at the CMC Classroom (see GROUPS tab at Classroom site to join) We are having a HUGE Kick-Off party with fun contests, first book announcement and I’m giving away a NEW KINDLE!  If you love to read and craft like me---you will want to join us.  A new book every 6 weeks---a place to chat about the book, a place to link up projects made in the theme of the book and a party at the end of every 6 weeks. You do not have to read the book or do a project to join the group & chat but we sure hope you’ll TRY Winking smile So mark your calendars okay?


Speaking about books---I just read a 3 book series THAT I SWEAR ON ALL THAT I KNOW (which some days is a lot and some days not so much) that the author wrote them ABOUT ME!  I kid you not—it was like reading about myself, I even knew what the character would say or do—it was kinda creepy LOL.  She’s a COKE ADDICT (that’s soda people, not drugs) and a loon and a klutz like MEEEEE!  They will make you laugh out loud and they are set in…….wait for it…………..yes the SOUTH!  Savannah to be more accurate and her name is Savannah too---anywho there are three starting with “Savannah from Savannah”by Denise Hildreth Jones. I loved all 3 of them!


-My pal Marti is having a contest for a FREE CRICUT EXPRESSION E2!  Check out her site HERE for details.  All proceeds go to one of my personal fave charities “Lost Cat & Dog Rescue”—great group here in VA that help animals across the US!

-Winner of my “Go Fly a Kite” Blog Candy--Randomly picked is Kay S of “Livin’ Life in the Creative Lane!  Congrats to you---email me with your 4 choices of stamps from Magnolia-licious !!

Now for the one that gave me the BEST GIGGLE that goes to Penny of 9 Hawks & a Dragonfly and she wins 2 stamps of her choice from Magnolia-licious, so Penny email me as well!  Her comment said “If I could put anything on a kite, it would be my hubby. I love him so much; but sometimes, when he annoys me, it would be fun to just send him up in the air for awhile. You know, to cool his jets!” (HEY we’ve all been there right? I know I have, a few times, sorry honey, hee hee)

-You can read some SC stories (ghostie ones too lol) and see pics on my post from yesterday if it interests ya—just scroll down to post after this one!!
Winking smile


Fields of Whimsy!!


I wasn’t around for the Gina K Release last week but I couldn’t wait to get home and break out this set and use it.  This set is called “Whimsical Wishes” by illustrator Theresa Momber—I just love the fabulous images in it.  There are images that are great for stamping & embossing or COLORING!  You can see all the NEW Gina K releases HERE--- you will LOVE them!  I wanted to do a hot pink & black card cuz’ its one of my fave color combos.  The papers are by Echo Park “Be Mine” (15% off now)—I love, love this paper pad!

I’m entering this card into the following challenges:

Stampin for the Weekend (winged things)


I embossed two of the images in black Ep which gave them a nice, crisp and shiny black color making that white really pop.  Then I took my RV09 Copic and added a bit of color to the images then topped some of them off with Stardust Stickles for sparkle.


That’s all from me today but I’ll be back tomorrow with a new project and some more pics of SC and some stories <wink>!!  Have a great one!!


  1. Ah teenagers. My oldest is now 22, but she was just like your daughter at 16. I feel for you. Shopping with her was just soooo time consuming. I hope you survive the week (I'm sure you will.) I enjoyed your vacation post too. What a goof ball you are! Love it! I can see you all singing all through south carolina. Funny. Also, this card is darling. Very nicely done.

  2. Suzanne, I feel your pain re: dress shopping with the daughter. Mine is the same way...I'd rather poke my eyes out than go through that again!:)
    Enjoy your trip and be careful!:)

  3. What a gorgeous card Suzanne.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. I am so with you on shopping with your daughter because mine is the same way. Good Luck! I am praying that you get all done and find the right dress.

  5. Oooh, I love yoru Book Ends idea, I'd love to join. I feel that I owe you so much, it if weren't for you, I might not have picked up a Karen White book and I truly feel like my life has been enriched and changed (for the better) because of her books. That's why whatever books you recommend, I download them on my Kindle immediately :)
    Hugs, Christine
    PS Gorgeous card!

  6. Congratulations to the winners! Yeah, hubby would have been a good one!!! Can't wait to hear more about Bookendz!

  7. I can't wait for your book club to start! I LOVE to read and I LOVE to craft, so it's gonna be SOOOOO much fun!

  8. Love the card. Also, try White House Black Market. They have awesome clothes and a large variety of yep... you guessed it Black and white.

    Good luck.

  9. Great card,

    Thanks for joining us at RRC.

    Huggies Angel

  10. A lovely and elegant card, thanks for sharing with us all here at Penny's.

  11. Good luck shopping!!! Great card!

  12. A really beautiful and elegant card.
    Thanks for joining us at SFTW.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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