Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Sky’s No Limit Baby!!

Happy Wednesday to you all!  How is the week treating you so far?  I want to spend my blog “monologue” saying thank you to you all!  I have been so lucky over the past few years to be able to blog and spill my stories and life experiences here most days.  And I’m lucky to have had so many of you stop by each day, share your own stories and comments and make me feel welcome in your lives.  For those of us in the crafting community we know how LARGE it can be but sometimes it really is like a small town---that six degrees of separation always circling around us! And the majority of us are women, although we do have a few wonderfully talented gents sprinkled in, hee hee.  No other business community has a larger group of women who blog, own companies, run companies and are artists---that’s HUGE, a great accomplishment!  I think sometimes we all forget how powerful we can be as a GROUP, working together, building each other up and helping each other.  When we come together like that we can DO ANYTHING, THE SKY IS NO LIMIT!  Truly how wonderful is it that we can turn our hobby into a career, our career into our hobby and do something we love from home.  The internet has been such a valuable tool for us all, it allows to become friends with those across the country and the world---there is nothing better than a friend who supports you, loves to do what you do and shares your crafty-craziness LOL.  I know I wouldn’t be doing what I do each day without the internet and without all of you in my life!  Well I’d be doing it but in a much smaller scale in my own home, hee hee.  For me getting to know all of YOU makes every thing I do so much worthwhile and FUN!  I have received the best notes and emails from so many of you over the past few years and they all touch me in so many ways and I treasure each one!  You let me know that what I might say here everyday on my blog has helped you in some way, cheered you, made you laugh, made you cry or just gave you a happy start to your day.  When I write my blog I am literally journaling my thoughts of the day or stories I want to share or something that made me happy or outraged me sometimes---and while I know you come by and read my blog I don’t always think about what I say here and how it might affect your lives.  So when I get emails from you letting me know that something I shared, talked about or made has effected you, its always so special to me, reminding me that we all have a way to touch someone’s life. I am grateful and thankful to everyone who even takes 1 MINUTE to stop by my blog and to email me a sweet note---it really means a lot to me!!  Hopefully we all try to put out our energies in a positive way and I know I try to reach out always in a positive way as much as I can, and every day that I'm here on earth.  There is so much negativity in our world and so much pessimism---I have always been a “glass half full” kinda gal and YES I do have days where I am stressed, or tired or just don’t feel good trust meeeee (they are called jammie days in the DEAN household LOL)!  But I prefer to approach everyday with a positive attitude and people ask me allllll the time (LOL) if I’m always happy and you know what?  YEP I pretty much am----if my feet touch the floor in the morning, my family is healthy than its an EXCELLENT day and I approach everyday that way.  Life is wayyyy too short to spend being negative or wondering why life is so bad/gray---make it better, I believe we all have it within ourselves to have a good day, a good life and be positive.  So anyway, just remember that the one encounter we might have with just one person that particular day, that week or that night might be the one time you could affect someone’s life in a positive way, change their outlook for a few minutes or just bring a smile to their face.  I’m not a magician, I’m not special or any different than anyone else but I do KNOW that I try to always put out there what I want to receive back each & every day. Doesn’t always work on the receiving end, but I know if at the end of each day I feel good about what I did that day than I had a GREAT DAY KWIM!!!  So put a smile on your face, pay it forward, show someone you care in a small or big way and make your life here on earth (which is way too short sometimes) matter in a way that makes YOUR heart happy!  The sky is NO LIMIT on what you can do, how you can make a difference and how you leave your imprint here on this earth!!


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Sky’s NO Limit!!

Appropriately enough I picked this cutie-patootie new Tilda (and rocket & sentiment) from the new Magnolia “Heroes” Collection that will be available soon at Magnolia-licious.  There was some talk that some of the newer Mags weren’t cute—but I DISAGREE, I just ADORE THEM and think they are so appropriate for so many occasions! There is also a collection called “Winner Takes All” and there is a Mag stamp for every sport including skateboarding and gymnastics!!  And hey I was a huge tomboy growing up---I had an older brother that I worshipped and didn’t know I was really meant to be a girl until around 8th grade LOL!  So yeah I wanted to be a GI, an astronaut, a vet and a cowboy (not a cowgirl lol) so I love love this lil’ Tilda Astronaut!

I'm entering this lil' space traveler into the following fun challenges:

Make It Monday (anything goes)
The Crafty Pad (embossing)
Fairy Knoll (colors of rainbow)
Paper Cutz (anything goes)


I loved the bright colors of this Bo Bunny “Blast Off” paper—the patterns and colors were just perfect (I got my papers at Archivers while I was in Chicago along with 10 other paper pads that I needed….errr….wanted)!  I used my SU Star punches and layered them together than applied Stickles to each star and a fun red rhinestone on top!  The sentiment and the rocket are also Magnolia stamps that will be available soon at Magnolia-licious too---stay tuned for pre-ordering details on these!  The scrolls are Marianne Designs dies and then I embossed the circle with a CB folder and added another fun circle with my SB’s “pinking circles” dies to give the moon a GLOW

Yep she’s colored in Copics B39, B37,B34,B21 / R29,R24,R22,R20,W5 / E47,E37,E35,YR20 / E11,E00 /YG25,YG03,G20.  I gave her helmet and boots a THICK coat of Diamond Glaze for a glassy shine.  The rocket flames and her accents got some Stickle bling---even in space a gal MUST have bling KWIM LOL!


Hope this gave you a smile today and made you want to share a smile too!  See you tomorrow!


  1. ditto to it ALL. life's way too short for anything else- LOVE this <3 love you!

  2. Very well said my friend. The world would be a much better place if more people had your outlook on life. I know you have brought joy to so many and we all love you for that .

  3. Just awesome!!! I love the bright colours and tilda looks amazing!
    Hugs, Marit.
    ..:: xXx ::..

  4. WOW your card is just fabulous! The colors are amazing! LOve it thank-you for sahring im peeking in from the "Make It Monday" blog and im a new blog follower :-)

  5. Suzanne -- i wish i'd of gotten that set! your card is cuter than cute and done sooooooo well!!!!


  6. Absolutely Gorgeous Suzanne! Love your brightly coloured Tilda and her rocket, Just Beautiful!
    hugs Julie P

  7. Wow! Love this sweet card, the papers, design and sweet Tilda. Beautifully put together Suzanne. Vibrant and fun.
    Suzi x

  8. fantastic card ,love the colours ,layout colouring.....hey i love everything about it
    thanks for joining us at ooh la la and good luck
    happy crafting
    take care
    tracey x

  9. What a wonderfull card Suzanne !

    Hugs Monique

  10. oh, that is adorable!
    cant wait to see the whole new collection!

  11. I loved reading your positive blog post today Suzanne. Very motivating, we should always approach each day so positively and be thankful for all that we have!

    Another gorgeous card you are sharing today! Great combination of paper and die cuts. Awesome coloring of course!!

    Have a great day! hugs, Angela

  12. Tilda is adorable. I think I am impatiently waiting for this set to come out. My pocketbook is emptying as I think about it.

  13. This card certainly brought a smile to my face is so happy.Lovely cheerful colours .You are right the internet and crafting has certainly linked many people who would never have been in contact before.
    I see you also met a fellow SA blogging buddy Tertia in person?
    Love your card and will definitely have to pay another visit to your blog.
    Thanks for playin at Ooh-la-la.x

  14. I like the way you think! Gorgeous card!

  15. Suzanne you are such an inspiration to so many myself included...and yep I am a glass half full type myself it just seems to make life easier in my book.
    This little Tilda is to cute and how fun for the little ones in our lives or the big ones too !
    Great job as always
    Big hugs

  16. Oh gosh I don't think this could be ANY cuter!
    Rene :D

  17. I just love read your post everyday, well maybe sometime don't have the time for comment, but I am here, :)
    Make me smile or sometime come a tear or two :)
    Well done girl!

  18. Suzanne, Dropped in seeing your card on Make it Monday and was thoroughly fascinated reading your taking on crafter bloggers! Such a beautiful creation you have made too

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  19. Gorgeous card - fabulous colouring. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us at The Crafty Pad challenge this week. :)

    Debbie The Crafty Pad Designs

  20. Love the card Suzanne - all the bright colors are so appropriate for the sentiment and inspiration!! VERY inspiring post, as are all your posts. At my previous job I answered the phone for a local business with.."it's a great day at...." Many people said to me no one can be that happy allll the time and my response was "WHY NOT"? It's all in the outlook and attitude, so thanks for touching on those very things. Have a wonderful day!! Hugs, Sharon :o)

  21. Oh, this is just so cute! I love your Tilda. I love the bright, cheery colors. Your blue star/planet is perfect. How clever of you to emboss it to give it texture. It's a great card! I so love it!

    Chris Christensen

  22. Hi Suzanne

    Just want to let you know by far your blog is my favorite - I love your stories - they make me laugh and I can always use a good laugh and your thoughts today were so perfectly written - I have learned so much from regularly visiting your blog and I love your classes - I am in the process of taking CMC class 2 right now and your way of teaching is very well done. I have improved so much already with my copic coloring. Your card today is fabulous as always - your ideas and your lay-outs continue to inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and your stories!!

    Debbie Schneider

  23. Truer words were never spoken. Thanks for the positive message. We all need to 'hear' it at one time or another.
    I LOVE your card and can't wait to see the new collection. Your coloring is divine!

  24. Hi Suzanne!
    Just been catching up on your blog and looking at the photo's.
    After reading your blog I always cheer up. You are such a funny special lady.
    Thank you for making me smile and at times laugh out loud. You are an inspiration and we need lots more people like you in this world.

    Your card is adorable. I love the way you colored Tilda. The bright colors of the papers are perfect for this card.
    Hugs Maz

  25. I am really thinking you could write a book. It would be serious and hilarious all at the same time. I just love all the stories you have written about your trips. They are just so funny. Your cards are wonderful and I just wish I could color like you. Maybe someday!

  26. Well, girlfriend, you've managed to accommodate each of the challenges on the most fabulous way! Love the bright cheerfulness of your colors and the layout is too cute. I enjoyed reading through your monologue, in fact I treasure each and every thought! All true! Big Texas hugs coming your Barb

  27. Thanks I need that! I have been under the weather last couple days. Have been having major pain in my neck (not you) for awhile and finally went to doctor and she did xrays and found out I have arthritis in my neck. It is like when does it stop. I guess it can be worse. I loved your thoughts and we all need to try a little harder and be thankful for what we have.
    Hugz, Pat

  28. This card is so bright and cute. Love Magnolia no matter what she's doing. Very interesting blog and makes you think a little. I always read them. Most are funny and I can't imagine all the things you get into. Life must be a blast for your family with you in it. Enjoy. Edna

  29. Hi Suzanne,
    Great bright and cheery card!
    This would put a smile on anyone's face.
    I am sure your card will make a lot of us more interested upcoming Collection of Magnolia Images.
    Hugs, Candy

  30. Thank you for the postive pep talk, Suzanne! It's nice to know you appreciate our comments, and a nice reminder that we're all doing a positive thing for ourselves and each other. Love your card, as always! =)

  31. HI Suzanne I read you posts all the time and I'm booked in to take your advanced copic class at SGD in Aug. I so enjoy your writing's but for the life of me, i haven't figured out what KWIM stands for! could you please enlighten me.
    Have a great w/e white water rafting. ellen a (cdn)

  32. Suzanne, What a beautiful post! I so enjoy opening my mail to see a post from Bitz! This one was no exception!
    I love your card, and as always I admire your art work. I pour over how you colored your image. Hopefully I'll get inspired to post one of mine...just not there yet! :)
    Thanks again for the wonderful posts!

  33. Wow, very well said Suzanne, thanks so much for being so inspirational and for sharing your talent and your life with us all. Hugs!


  34. I can't remember how I found your blog Suzanne but I just love reading it and getting a little peek into your life! I love your attitude too. And what a super cute card. Can't wait for our first Book Ends book to be revealed!!!

  35. What a lovely post and sooooo true! Sometimes I think we all need to remember to cherish every moment and to always remember to LOVE with all our heart!!


  36. Always love your posts, Suzanne, and reading this one all I could say was "Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!" I spent today with several of my card making friends and everything you've expressed in this post was examplified in this gathering today. Sure wish you could have been with us. BTW, darling Tilda image and card...Love it! Hugs, Judy

  37. Amazing colours..fabulous image and great details...

    Thanks for sharing with us at ‘Make it Monday’

    Luv CHRISSYxx

    Don’t forget. .if you leave a comment on another entrant, mention that you saw their card on ‘Make it Monday’ for a chance at second prize.. the more you comment on and mention MIM, the more chances at winning second prize.

  38. Awww, how cute. Thanks for sharing with us at OLL. Hugs x

  39. Thank you for taking part in EMBOSSING challenge at The Crafty Pad!

    Your creation is beautiful!:)

    So happy you've joined us!


  40. Fantastic card Suzanne, you really have created a fabulous scene here with the goreous astronaught Tilda. Your colouring as always is just "out of this world", lol.

    Thank you for sharing with us at make It Monday this week.

    Michelle :o)


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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