Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Like Me, You Really Like Me...!!!

Ha, Ha--I've always wanted to use that Sally Field line (hope you all know what I'm talking about in the above title)! I wanted to make sure I gave a shout out to two people who gave me 2 more blog awards. I always feel so honored that anyone would give me an award, becuz' when I started my lil' ole blog I was thinkin' "who in the world is gonna wanna read about me and my crafting"--LOL! So I'm thanking each and everyone of you for coming by and making me feel appreciated for what I do--it makes ya feel good, you know!! I will be nominating a few folks for this award in the not so distant future---my brain is functioning so fast and on so many different things right now, I can't think too straight---ha, ha it's always like that, who am I kiddin'. Oh my, I really need to go to bed, I'm talking sideways now :)

Anywhoo, thanks to Jacqui who gave me her Javablu award--she's always visiting and leaving me nice thoughts and I appreciate them all! Stop by her blog and give her some love too!

The next award comes from Christine--the owner of All That Scraps and designer of the CC Designs stamps. What an honor that she chose me--I love her store (my checkbook can tell ya) and of course her stamps which I use alot and love to bits!

Thanks so much ladies---I'm in awe you chose me!

Nitey Nite--


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