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Color Me Creative Classroom
by ScrapBitz Designs


For those that Pre-Enroll your Classroom Invitations will be sent out on March 15, 2010 when the Class Room goes LIVE so you will access to the site then!

If you want to take advantage of the Pre-Enrollment Prices and know what classes you want to take, you can sign up for as many as you like NOW!
As months go on, there will be many classes added to the Classroom so stay tuned for those!  They will all be Craft Related and taught by me and some friends of mine!
There is a lot of info to be gleaned so I've broken it down into 4 classes. You can find a Class Desription, Price and Supply List for each class below!  Referral Info at Bottom!

**YOU WILL KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT COPICS and HOW to COLOR if you take these classes beginning to end, I promise you that and you will have access to me for any and all questions!  You will find your own techniques and preferrable way to use the copics by the end--I'm an instructor and will teach you all that I know and you will take that information and use it your own way!

**You can take this class if you are here in the US or International--you need a computer and a good internet connection and a camera.  YOU DO NOT NEED to buy the stamps/images that I use!

** Once you start each class, there will be multiple videos and pdf files for you to access and use. There is no end date for the classes so you can take as long as you need to finish each session (within a 1 year term from time of enrollment).

**There will be assignments for each class, after finishing each assignment you will upload the assignment to the class gallery using a keyword for the class and I will give you personal input on what was done ( to improve, what to try, corrections, etc.) so you will have continual and personal feedback from me while you are taking the class.

** Twice a week I will have a Live Chat where you can log on and ask me ANY questions that are concerning you about techniques, the class, or anything else Copic related. The times that I will be available will be on the Main Page of this site under Events and labeled "Live Chat with Suzanne" on the main site.

**Each Class will be archived so that you can access it as many times as you like and print out the coordinating pdf files as well. You just need to keep your log-in and password information somewhere safe.

**PLEASE READ the USER AGREEMENT FIRST! Once you have paid you acknowledge you have read and agree to the User Agreement terms!  Read agreement HERE!

**Classes are processed through PayPal Only! But you do NOT need a PayPal account to pay thru PayPal. When you click on the Paypal button you will see two payment options. One to pay via your Paypal account and a second option to pay via credit card (select the continue without account button).

**These are ON-LINE CLASSES that you take at your own pace and time (within a year)no matter where you are in the world--you will recieve private INVITES to your specific Classroom on March 15th that will be password/email sensitive.  There will ALSO be a Main "Color Me Creative Classroom" Page/site where you can enroll, find out info, see my Chat times and any and all NEW info.  This will all be LIVE on March 15th!

**Supply Lists are the Basics you might need for the class--YOU DO NOT NEED these supplies to enroll for the class!  You may have other Copic combos(ciaos or sketch) that you want to use or may want to wait to buy your markers--that's OK--these are guidelines only & what I will be using!  You decide when you are ready to color and practice and do the Assignments and upload them for commentary/help/input from me!!  Optional Supplies are just that--Optional!
(Some marker colors are duplicates for each class, make sure if you're purchasing the markers that you don't get more than one of each)

Access this PAGE to see what products I use everyday with my Copics to stamp and color!
These videos and pdf files are NEW and very different from the ones I've done before!

Copic Class Beginner Basics I

We will cover:

*What is a Copic Marker and the benefits of alcohol markers?
*Difference in the Copic Markers (sketch, original, ciao)
*Why do I need these markers, what do I start with, what do I need to know?
*Refilling and Accessories for Copics
*Proper Inks, Papers, Supplies to start with Copics
*Beginning Coloring of simple images (covers basic skin, hair, clothing, object), learn how to begin laying down color and basic blending skills
*Choosing Colors that will work together, Learning the Color Wheel, using your Color Chart
*What do all those numbers mean and how will that help me?
*What is the Colorless Blender and what can it do?
*This class is a long and detailed as we begin you on a Copic Journey!
*and lots more!

Supply List:

-Colorless Blender 00
- E00,E000, E11,R20
- E35,YR21,YR20 (or any fave hair color combo, see here for a list of mine)
-One or All of these Combo's:
*BG72,BG75,BG78 /*Y00,Y11,Y13 /*R81,R83,R85/*B97,B95,B91
-Good Cardstock,  Black -Stamp Pad (dye ink), Stamped or Digi Images stamped with appropriate Ink pad(dye ink)

Price for this class is $50--PRE-ENROLLMENT PRICE is $45 (pre-enrollment prices good thru March 14, 2010):


Copic Class Intermediate Level 2
We Will Cover:

*Shadowing your Images and Grounding your images
*Using Your Colorless Blender
*Light and Shadow--how do I know where they are on my image, how do I make them stand out?
*Basic & Intermediate Shading and highlighting with your markers on multiple types of images
*Coloring White and Black with your Copics
*More Color Combos to Use/Keeping a Color Combo chart or notebook
*Coloring Hair and appropriate shading, how to make it shine and create movement
*Creating A Third Color with 2 markers and/or a transparency sheet
*Why do I need a Copic Multi-liner?
*How, Where & Why do I use a Highlighter Pen (white)?
*What products can I use safely with my Copics?
*and lots more!

Supply List:

-Skin Color Combo of your choice
-Colorless Blender 00
-BG10,BG11,BG13 (or) B26,B23 or B24, B21
-E25,E35,YR20,YR21 or another Hair Color Combo (see my hair color pdf file HERE)
At least one (1) of these combos:
*YG63,YG67,G20 /*V000,V12,V15,V17/*B91,B95,B97/
-E29,E25,E53,E99,E41 or E40
Dye Ink Pad
Good Cardstock for use with Copics
Stamped/Digi Images (people, objects, flowers)
Optional: Copic Multi-Liner pen

Regular PRICE is $45---PRE-ENROLLMENT PRICE is $40

Copic Class Advanced Level 3

We Will Cover:

*Advanced Shading and Highlighting, High Contrasts in Your Coloring
*Flicking Method of Blending
*Coloring Landscape (Grass, Trees, Leaves)
*Covering Reds, Dark Blues, and Browns
*Coloring Image to create Metallic Tones
*What do I do with the T Copics, how do I use them?
*Creating the look of Fur or Texture on images?
*What are the Copic Spicas and how can I use them?
*What Products can I use to enhance my Copics?
*Create Your Own Colors with the Colorless Blender?
*Using Prisma Pencils with Copics to add depth and shading
*and more!

Supply List:

-Skin Combo of your choice and E13, W2 and/or W3
-E29,E25,E13,E53 (if you are interested in learning how to color ethnic skin tones)
-V99,V95,V93,V000 and/or R89,R85,R83,R81,RV10
-G99,G94, YG67,YG23,G20,G24
-YR18,YR15 or 16, YR12, YR00 (or YR01)
-YR24, Y15,Y11,Y00
-C7,C5,C2 or E39,E35,E31,E57

-Stamped or Digi images on good cardstock and with correct ink (a selection of people, animals, landscape, flowers)  You do NOT have to use the same stamps as me, just a stamped/digi image that is similar.  I will post the stamps that I use on the official Class Room Site on March 15th.

Optional supplies: Ranger Stickles, Shimmerz Paints, Smooch Paints or Smooch Spritz, White Highlighter Pen, Diamond Glaze or Crystal Accents, Copic Spica Markers, Prisma Pencils, T1 or T2 markers

Regular Price is $45---PRE-ENROLLMENT PRICE is $40

Copic Fun Class---SOON TO COME! TBA

-What is the Airbrush System and How do I use it?
-Using Copics on other textiles and products to customize your projects?
-Mixing my Own Colors
-Create a Fun Class Project!

Price will be $20

**I will be adding more classes each month that will range from making a project to learning a new technique like "Using Alcohol Inks", "Quilling", "Distress Inks" from me and some friends of mine so check back regularly!
$$$$ Copic Bucks Referral Program!! $$$$

Refer a friend(s) to take a Copic Class with me and once they have enrolled and paid for their class, you will earn $5 in Copic Bucks for each friend that you refer. (YOU MUST NOTIFY ME BY E-Mail of your friend's name ahead of time)  You can recieve your referral $$ in a refund or add them up to get a gift certificate to a On-line Store of your choice.

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