Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fun & More Fun in the Country!

Hi folks....hope you are having a great week!!  I have soooo much to get done this week...work stuff...cleaning...phone calls (ugh)...paperwork.  So I will try and have something crafty here on the blog by end of week.  With the end of school next week I have a lot going on with the kids and things to get ready for the summer.  I was thinking of my to-do list last night in bed and started having an anxiety attack....so I decided this week I'd conquer most of those things so I could relax a little and not worry.  I don't know about you but when I have things that have to get done hovering in my mind it causes me A LOT of stress and almost freezes me from doing ANYTHING.  So I have to face all the to-do's and make the phone calls and get the stuff DONE.   So I managed to clean most of the house yesterday, and have some organizing projects to do today and a fun project to complete, most of my phone calls will get done by tomorrow.  Then I just have some blog posts to type up and some paperwork to finish.  I can't write with a pen for very long anymore...my hand cramps up terribly and my writing is illegible so I have to do it in bits & spurts...HATE THAT.  So anywho that is what I will be doing this week so don't worry when you don't see much on this blog for at least a week LOL.  I am still alive!  Plus summer is starting soon so I will not have as many crafty posts on my blog as I soak in the summer with the kids and family events.

We had a blast Memorial Day Weekend....we kicked off the weekend with the Kenny Chesney concert along with Eric Church, Eli Young Band & Kacey Musgraves.  I won the tix thru the Washington Women's Redskins club and when we arrived they asked if we wanted to upgrade to the sand bar (pit)...ummmm heck yeah!  Hubby was nice enough to drop us off at FedEx Field while he went to a Nats baseball game in DC.  Riley was at his best friend's all weekend for his birthday so he wasn't with us.  Alexa and I ended up one person from the stage...OMGEEEE whoot...it was amazing!  At the end of the concert we walked about 1.5 to the metro so we could meet hubby downtown for a late dinner.  If you've ever been to a concert, esp a country concert you know that people DRINK..crazy drink till they're drunk...one thing I hate about the concerts.  Well quite a crowd was walking to the metro and there were 4 lanes of traffic leaving the stadium at quite a clip.  A drunk girl ran into the traffic and got hit...by a car...flew thru the air and landed in front of us.  It was AWFUL...I will never get that sound or image out of my head...totally traumatizing.  Luckily a police office was nearby and ran over to radio for help and get her triaged a bit.  It was not a great ending to the night that's for sure...I sure hope she ended up ok.  I also got into a verbal fight with a drunk woman behind us at the concert...she decided to pick on Alexa and try to get in front of her by pushing and shoving and calling her nasty names.  Little did she know that her momma was standing right there along with about 15 others we friended who had her back.  A few words with her stupid self and she shut right up....don't MESS with my kids and you know what, try NOT drinking and see how that works for ya.  UGH I swear...never a dull moment and I don't take any crap from stupid people that is for sure and if you mess with my kids you better watch out.  Especially when they aren't doing a darn thing to you.  The guy in next to me was a Marine and he said "I don't want to mess with you cuz I think you'll beat my ass too" LOL...yup yup buddy! ;)  I may have some broken bones in my foot but I can still take you out if need be....hee!

Then Sunday was a NOTHING day...no chores, no nothing other than hanging out in the sun and relaxing...although I did fix dinner ;)  On Monday we headed to DC to see the Nats play the Orioles and that was fun...although our Nats won it was hard to feel bad because we love the Orioles almost as much...they are our hometown teams.

And this weekend...more country fun....yeehaw...me and Alexa will be in the PIT for Tim McGraw...oh yeah baby.  Him & Luke are my #1 faves....I love them...so if I get up front by stage (which I totally plan on) I may have a heart attack LOL.  Gonna be a good Saturday!

Concert Pics:

 Pretty cute & we got to be up close & personal with Mr. Kenny LOL!

I also got some of my pics that I took below posted by WMZQ on their Facebook site...your welcome WMZQ LOL!!


  1. Ooooh-ya! Looks like you had a blast.


  2. Hi, was thinking of you today. You don't know me but I'm a cardmaker who likes country music. Going to Luke B. tonight in Hartford, CT. Was wondering if you were going to be there but you'll be at another awesome concert! Have fun.

  3. You pack so much into your life! you are amazing!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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