Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hi everyone!  I am sooooo sorry I haven't posted...egads its been since like the 27th of Dec! Yikes!  Between the holidays I got SICK...first with the flu...then with pneumonia...then I got the stomach flu...yeah all in a nice little row.  But it wasn't very was AWFUL!  I am still trying to get my energy back to where it was.  There are blocks of days I don't even remember because I was out of it.  Everyone BUT Alexa got the flu in our house...hubby is still recovering from bronchitis...I'm hoping Alexa won't get sick.  Because this is how it works...I go to CHA every January and one of the kids almost ALWAYS gets bet is on Alexa this time.  They say 89% of the country is dealing with the if you are big hugs and speedy well-wishes to you. 

I leave in the morning for CA and CHA...I haven't really been out of the house since Christmas Eve other than to go to the Redskins vs. Seahawks game the other weekend.  So I'm REALLY looking forward to going to CHA and seeing everyone...I'm so crazy to get out of the house that I will be on a roll at CHA ahahaha...I may get into trouble...hmmmmm?  If you are going to be there come say HI to me in the Little Darlings booth...I'm there 10-2 everyday and then I'll be wondering the floor after that but I'd love to see ya!

BTW...follow me on Facebook if you don't already if you'd like...that's where I post live, up-to-the-minute stuff about craft world, me and of course all the CHA happenings!

So anywho...I did make some thank-you cards because I have a few to send out...I will put pics below.  I promise to have a REAL post with a REAL Copic-colored project next week after I get home from CHA along with newsies, Christmas pics and the sort!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that the New Year is treating you well!

 My family on Christmas Day (minus James who is taking picture lol):
My dad, my mom, me and Riley in back...Alexa & my niece Kyla in front!


Thank You Notes

All the thank you notes use Paper Trey Ink stamps, cardstock and inkpads...easy to make matching cards with these!  I kept the same size and cut all my cardstock first for 6 cards then started the stamping.  If you've followed me for years you know I use PTI stuff all the time, I'm obsessed with it and its great quality & colors.  And yes I have all the SU & Memento colors can just never have ENOUGH colors right??? LOL!

I used the following stamps:
-Signature Greetings
-Polka Dot Basics
-Fancy Flourishes
-Damask Designs

in these colors:
-Hawaiian Shores
-Raspberry Fizz
-Winter Wisteria

For the Damask Designs I added a black polka-dot (from Polka Dot Basics) to the design to pull in some black accents.  This color is Hawaiian Shores.

This uses Polka Dot Basics stamped in Raspberry Fizz and the flower image is from another set.

This uses the Fancy Flourishes set stamped in Winter Wisteria & black.

This picture shows the Maya Road Spritz I added to the entire card after I was done...I believe the color is Iridescent Pearl (don't quote me though cuz my brain is still foggy LOL).  I love the pretty sparkle it gives the card but doesn't take away from the finished look at all.

So I'm done with the Thank You I just gotta send them...ahahaha!  AFTER CHA that will happen!  Hope you all have an awesome week & I promise to be back next week!


  1. Take good care of yourself while traveling. We don't want you to have a set back. I am looking forward to your new creations.

  2. So sorry you have been so sick, sweetie. I hope you have a safe trip and a fabulous time! I know you wanna rock the house with your buds but please take care of yourself! LOL
    Happy New Year! Can't wait to see your new creations!

    Sue Brailey

  3. These are fabulous, Suzanne. They look so easy. I love the colors you used and agree you can never have too many colors/stamps/pads, you name it. So glad to hear you are feeling better. I was down with the flu for over a week during Christmas. It was nasty and everyone in my family avoided me. Yikes.
    Have fun at CHA.
    Cathy Lee

  4. I live near Anaheim and wish I could come & meet you and my other favorites but not open to the public :(
    It's chilly here but no snow just bright sunshine this morning. Yes, chilly! anything under 60 makes me bundle up.LOL

  5. I live near Anaheim & sure wish I could pop in to meet you and so many of the others I follow on-line but not open to public :(.. I promise I won't bother anyone.. LOL
    Sorry you've been so sick. Chilly here for us in So Cal but maybe balmy to those from snow places. Have a wonderful time

  6. I have checked every day or so and was actually wondering if you were sick. Sorry to hear how many illnesses you had. That's what happens when our resistance gets zapped
    Glad you are getting to go have some fun in California. I will be watching facebook for everything you send. As a friend I pray for good weather, a safe trip and God's arms around you to protect you from other illnesses! Have too much fun! Love ya! Donna NC28787

  7. I just found myself here, Suzanne. I'm sorry you have been so poorly, it sounds horrible. Your thank you cards are delightful. So pretty! Hugs, Lesley


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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