Thursday, August 30, 2012


Happy Thursday everyone!  Please read thru bottom as I have some newsies I’d like y’all to hear ok?  I am busy shooting videos for the All About Hair Class so this is a blabber-filled post LOL!

Are your kids back in school yet?  Ahhhhhhhhh…..hear you don’t…..yeah cuz its silence…………yeah that’s MY house all quiet during the day once again…I LOVE IT!  I get soooo much more done when the teens are in school that’s for sure and I love the sound of SILENCE!  I haven’t even had my music on cuz’ I’ve been enjoying the quiet (minus the sounds of dogs barking & cats fussin’ LOL)!  Don’t get me wrong I love the kids but I love them in school too hahahaha!  Alexa is a junior and Riley is a freshman…man-o-man I’m not sure how they got so big…what the heck happened LOL!  But my kids are not so thrilled with the early mornings after sleeping half the summer away and Alexa is a ton of AP classes so she had work this summer to do and came home with homework and projects the first day LOL…tis the nature of school!  Riley is doing well so far as a freshman and he has football practice every day till 6:30…I pick them up, he showers, then we eat dinner and watch some tv if they don’t have homework.  So basically back to the old rig-a-ma-roll KWIM!?  Below is their first day of school pic—Riley’s idea of dressing up is his camo pants and a new t-shirt hahhaha (he didn’t forget is shoes, he just was lazy for the pic)!  Alexa has her outfits picked out for the week just like a girl LOL!


Me, my mom and Alexa had a blast in Virginia Beach at the Luke Bryan/Jason Aldean concert…although traffic was so backed up we didn’t get there until 15 mins before Luke came on stage. YES SUZANNE WAS READY TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK!!!  But a great concert…yes I’ve seen him many times but it NEVER gets old LOL!  We had quite a few laughs and we were STARVING since we had no time to eat before concert due to traffic.  So we took mom to IHop for a midnight meal LOL!  Then me and Alexa were standing in the bathtub washing our feet after the concert and I accidentally turned the shower on LMAO…that was a tad surprising and we screamed…LOUDLY…at 1 am in the morning!  Good times!  I just got tix to see Jake Owen, Florida-Georgia Line and Love-n-Theft in MD in October…yay I cannot wait for that either! 


my cutie-patootie Luke Bryan!

Soooo I’m working on taping all the videos for the All About Hair Class at the CMC Classroom.  I can only tape a few videos each day because I’m having arm tremors badly still…so 3 videos a day is how it goes.  Originally I had said it would debut Aug 31st but it’s gonna be Sept 7th instead…I apologize but my arm is not cooperating as quickly as I’d like and I haven’t been up to par and I want the class to be 110% awesomely perfect KWIM.  So I knew I had to delay the start a week, I hope you all understand.  For anyone who pre-registered you will get your invites the evening of Sept 6th via your email ok!  The manual is all done and the class is set up, I just have to finish shooting videos and editing and load them up.  But I’m excited about this class, its just FUN and lots of hair styles and color combos…I’m having fun making it so I hope you all have fun taking it.   Its an online class like my others…you do it on your own time & at your own pace and once registered you get a full year in class to view videos and download manual Smile


If you want to come take a class with me before the end of the year I only have 2 more upcoming locations and then I will most likely be taking 6 mos off from travel-teaching.  I will still be going to CHA in Anaheim and maybe teaching the Hair Only Class while there but I’m taking some time off to let my body recupe a bit which I think its telling me to do.  So my next classes are:

-Stafford Springs, CT (if you are in NY, NJ or MA come on over)…I’m teaching Beg and Adv classes along with the Hair Class Sept 22 and 23rd.  Details at

-Guelph Ontario…I’ll be at Younique Retreats for a week of classes in Nov, yep a week LOL.  They are my last classes of the year so if you’d like to come up please do…its gonna be fun.  I think my pal Andi is gonna hang out with me and some other friends might be coming up too…so we shall be causing some mischief when I’m not teaching hahahaha!


Winner of the Back 2 School Blog Candy is………
(email me at for prize details)


I’m a day late with this (sorry) but please if you can participate in the Blog Hop below I would be so appreciative! 

Lots of great prizes to win including one from my CMC Classroom for a
(if you have signed up for it and you win I will refund you $$ or you can choose another class ok)

Please start the HOP HERE!  Today we take time to honor our friend and fellow crafter, Jen Scull.  If you are here hopping with us, then we are sure you know Jen is battling breast cancer.  She has been fighting this nasty disease since February.
On behalf of Jen, we thank you for being here. 
The hop will run thru Sept 4th and winners announced Sept 7th!


Ok that’s it for me today, enough of my blabbering!  I promise to try and be back soon with a project but the videos are taking everything I gots right now LOL!  So as soon as I can I will post something! Thanks y’all!  I shall leave you with a funny that made me LOL:


  1. Hooray for school! I count the days all summer long and feel like partying when my boys go back and get into a routine again. Enjoyed the pictures and it sounds like you had a great time creating memories with the family at the concert. This will be my first blog hop and I'm looking forward to it. I'm a new follower to your blog and can't wait to check out your classes. You're an amazing artist. Happy Crafting! <3-Kim

  2. thank you so very much for being one of the lovely sponsors on my blog hop! I'm so amazed at the kindness and generosity of the many people who have come to stand alongside my family during this difficult time. it touches my heart! thank you for all you are doing! :)

  3. Hi Suzanne, I am sorry to hear about your health issues, God knows how I understand how stress can affect our particular illnesses. Sorry I missed you this year up at Sheila's but I had other commitments. Please look after yourself and don't rush anything, your health is the most important factor, for without it we would have no Scrap Bitz.
    I am about to experience the opposite of your school happiness, I am childless and about to have a 17 year old student live with us that will be attending University. Yikes, what did I sign up for????
    Cheers girlie :)S

  4. Oh Suzanne !!! I am so glad that you are going to take a break and stay home. You need to stay home and charge your batteries. I know you would rather be on the road.
    hugs Linda

  5. Glad to hear you had fun at the concert, Luke is sooo cute!!

    Take your time with the videos, you give us time to take the classes. Lord knows, your health is far more important Suzanne..... When they are done we'll be ready. Most of us have stuff on our plates too, so no rush, your health comes first!!! Take care of yourself and God bless you.

  6. Good on you for helping out a fellow crafter

  7. Love, love, love your new video's The "All About Hair" class is just wonderful!
    Marie XX


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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