Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ring Me Anytime!

Helloooooo friends---ringy-dingy-ding!!!  Hope your week is going swell for you!  Do you like to talk?  Do you like to talk on the phone?  Here is a nugget of info for you about me that you can squirrel away LOL!  I HATE, HATE talking on the phone!  I mean I detest it, it makes me sweat…I walk around and just freak out.  Why? I have not a clue to tell you the truth.  I think it boils down to the fact that I cannot do anything when talking on the phone…well not do it well anywho…so to me talking on phone is a BIG waste of my time.  I have to just sit or walk around and talk..I cannot do emails, I cannot type, I cannot color, I cannot cook….it’s a bad mix I tell ya or it ends badly Winking smile  If I have to call to make an appointment I put it off till last minute or make my hubby do it.  Thank god for the rise of email appointments and reservations…I LOVE THEM!  Now I will email you all day or text you…no problemo!  I text my friends all day long everyday LOL….we have conversations all day long…not all at once…just texting when we can.  I have friends I can text late at night cuz’ I know they are up like me hee hee…or if I need a laugh I can text them…I love them!  But do I talk on the phone to them?  NO…not unless I absolutely have to or need to and they know it…they make fun of me, but they know how I am.

And its NOT that I don’t like to talk to people…lordy I like to talk don’t get me wrong hahahaha…just not on the phone cuz’ I don’t do “ONE” thing really well.  I need to do multiple things at all times or I start sweating…literally…the only thing I do well by itself is sitting and reading or showering heehee.  Even then I’m still checking in on email and such LOL….well not IN the shower but afterwards for sure!  And this apparently is very genetic…my grandma, my mom, my sister and my daughter are ALL the same….so I think it’s a genetic defect LOL.  None of us like to talk on the phone…however I do talk to my mom for about 30 mins every other week via phone (GASP).  But the more I talk about this “issue” the more I find I’m not alone in this…so if you are LIKE me let’s talk about it ok?  Via email or chat box or text though LOL…let’s let the rest of the world know we are not ODD but rather we value our time and we are still friendly and like to talk…we just choose to not do it on a PHONE!!

Hey, I revel in my oddness…its what makes me ummm "special" right….I tell my kids all the time that everyone should have some oddities cuz’ it makes you unique KWIM.  I have no issue with my “issues” so why should it bother anyone else right? LOL!  So you will laugh when you see my project for today! (and nope I wasn’t a phone talker much when I was a teen either lol…ask my mom)


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I may not like to TALK on the phone but I do adore my iPhone for many other reasons LOL.  And I LOVE this cute new retro image from La La Land Stamps called “Telephone Marci”…isn’t she ‘da bomb?!  I made this for one of my BFFs as she’s not been feeling well and I thought she could use a bit of a boost via a card and some goodies from me Smile  Sure hope she likes it!

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

 The papers are new from Pink Paislee “Vintage Vogue”..I love pink & black together…always fun but very retro too!  That awesome retro phone was done with….tada…yup my Silhouette Cameo! (I love it, I’ve used it more in one month than I used my Cricut in 4 years LOL)  If you are sitting on the fence about it…go GET ONE…really its easy to use and I love being able to pick my images when I need them instead of buying cartridges.  Oh My Crafts has coupon deals (google or ask someone on facebook to find out what the current coupon code is..usually 25% off) that are fab!  I cut out the black top layer and then cut the back part of it out of pink cardstock…then I stickled the insides of the pink for sparkle.  I distressed all my papers with my Zutter Distress machine and those flourishes are a Memory Box die “Valencia Die”…so delicate.  The sentiment came with the La La Land stamp (there are 2 included) and I just loved this one…yeah yeah yeah…I am only a TEXT away LOL!

She got colored up with Copics: R85,R83,R81,RV10 / C9,C7,C5,C3,C1 / E25,E31,E50 / E11,E00,R20.  I added some fun black and white polka-dots to her headband…it screamed for pattern.  Then I used Diamond Glaze on her glasses and shoes for a nice shine.  Stickles on her shirt, bows and hairbands and then a couple small pearls for her buttons.

If you haven’t checked out the NEWEST La La Land Stamps…well go and see ‘em…they are super cute!!  And they also have digi stamps now too…so you have lots of choices!!  See ya later gators!


  1. Great card with matching phone!!! Hope it will help your friend feel better soon. Enjoy your day, Colinda

  2. We must be related.
    I hate talking on the phone as well.
    I so would love to never do it again.
    I too love my iPhone for the apps

  3. OK they say that 3rd time is a charm. LOL I think I figured out why my comments were not going through. Anywho, I love, love love this stinkin cute card!!!! Love the colors and emblishments for sure. Love the image for sure 'cause I love talking on the phone. LOL I know it is NOT you however. :-) It brings to mind you calling me right after I had dropped you off at the airport to catch your flight back. It scared me 'cause I know you DO NOT talk on the phone and something had to be wrong. Well there was a little something wrong, but you didn't need me to pick you up. Just was going to have a long wait at the airport. Teeee heeee Lesson learned......never ever make flight reservations at 2 or 3 in the morning sitting around the table with the 3 muskateers. LMBO Love you!!!!!

  4. Hi Suzanne! I am sure your friend will love this card because it is so gorgeous. I love the pink/black combo, the papers and the dies. The image is perfectly colored as always!! Hugs, Ivonne

  5. Love the pink and black telephone and your image is coloured beautifully. Love the swirls either side too. Thanks so much for joining in the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge. Tracy x

  6. I know what you mean about the phone. As always, your card is beautiful.. I just checked out the "to be announced" classes and I see you will be in Buffalo. YEAH!! I just hope I can attend. Thank you,Thank you!

  7. Love your adorable card! Perhaps, you are my long lost sister, because I abhore talking on the phone! You are not alone, lady! :)

  8. Love your cute card!!!

    I also detest talking on the telephone! I have a friend who used to call and want to talk to me for an hour or more. I finally had to tell her how I hated talking to people on the telephone.
    It came down to my telling her she had 5 minutes to say whatever she wanted to, before I had to hang up:) Thank goodness she finally got the message! I feel bad though, because I found out that she calls other friends and bothers them now. And yes ... I totally understand, because I talk to everyone/anyone constantly in person:) Just something about that phone!!!

  9. Well, I've been following your Blog in the background via email for a while, but I had to comment on this post - lol. I DESPISE talking on the phone and always have! Don't know why, but I avoid it at all costs. Now that my kids are out on their own I do talk with them on the phone 'cause I miss them, and I finally purchased one of those headset things. It actually helps quite a bit because I can have two hands free to do things while I talk.
    BTW - love your card to as always!

  10. Wow, Suzanne, this is FABULOUS! Gorgeous layout, colors, and coloring! Seen Your card at Make It Monday!

  11. How funny about the phone..I'm the same way. Love email (don't text!). The card is super gorgeous (of course lovely coloring). I hope the BFF getting the card will be totally cheered. I know one BFF who could use some big hugs right now! Gave her one today. Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the summer. Silhouette is still waiting, while PJ is doing wonderful things with hers. TFS

  12. You are not alone! If people need me, they email me because I never ever answer my phone...don't know why I just don't! Gorgeous card! Thank you so much for joining us at MIM. Don't forget to leave a comment for another entry and mention you saw them on MIM for a chance to win our second prize!
    Rene ;D

  13. I have to talk on the phone a magority of the time for my corporate job but I hate talking on the phone after work cuz I been on the phone almost all day! I would definitely rather email and text. I do with my kids and they are OK with that too.
    Adorable Marci card, Suzanne. Awesome polkadot headband and your coloring is always "to die for." I just received my new Silhouette Cameo on Tuesday and haven't had a chance yet to get it out of the box. You sold me when you made that awesome basket. I will be rearranging the craft studio to accommodate it this weekend.
    Big Hugz,
    Cathy Lee

  14. Fabby card!!! Thank you for joining us at Bunny Zoe crafts!

  15. Loving this card and fun design and image, your coloring always just amazes me girl
    Thank you for sharing with us this week at
    Sweet Stamps Challenge
    Have a sweet week.

  16. Oh, this is just adorable in pink and black. OMG and the phone behind her....tooo darned cute. GREAT GREAT card! Hugs, Gail

  17. Fantastic card Suzanne. And I hate talking on the phone too

  18. Hey Suzanne, Have missed your blog since I've been out of town with my kids. Love the card, so adorable!!

    I have a different take on the phone. With the family spread out, I like hearing their voices, so I don't mind talking, as long as it's not for hours. Having incurred a lot of losses of loved ones, hearing the voice, sure beats an impersonal email or text, although I still do those. However, I love to get that call from my daughter on her way home on her headset with the first words of "Guess what happened today?" I love the fact that she still loves to share with me and we have that bond, and when I hear those words, that huge smile comes across my face. What I wouldn't give to hear those words from my other son or husband.......

  19. Simply Fabulous Suzanne!! Love Pink and Black together!!! Thanks so much for sharing and playing along with us at Sweet Stamps Challenge!

  20. I never ever call people. I had a question about a hotel reservation yesterday, and I had to email. When she wrote back and told me it was best to call her, my husband had to do it. I try to schedule all my appointments on-line, and if I can't, I won't go there. It makes me sick to my stomach, my voice gets all shaky, my hands sweat, and I panic and say stupid things. I have a cell phone, but no one ever calls it. It is ONLY an emergency phone, and it has hundreds of dollars on it as I have to pay $25 every three months to keep it. I have caller id on my home phone so I don't have to answer it. On 9/11/01 I didn't know anything, as I wouldn't answer. Yup, I completely get it. My old boss wanted to send me to a shrink so I could answer the phone at work - but I couldn't call to make the appointment. Sounds funny, but it isn't ....

  21. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who hates the phone, and would like to go back in time and knock Mr. Bell upside his fool head.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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