Monday, October 17, 2011

Feelin’ Better?!!

Hello friends and a Happy Monday to ya!  The weather was beautiful this weekend in Virginia thankfully.  We all had a fantastic weekend and it was highly enjoyable.  I went to Alexa’s Pep Rally on Friday afternoon and watched the cheerleaders do a few fun routines but the Senior Powder Puff Boys get the prize for their hilarious dance routine—I was ROLLING! (let’s just say big football guys in booty shorts doing a Beyonce dance is always a funny show) Friday night hubby and I sold football tickets for the high school football game with another couple who we are friends with (thankfully we were in a booth out of the wind lol). And YAYYYY our football team won it’s Homecoming Game so it was a great way to start the weekend.  Then my mom came up on Saturday and we spent the day prepping Alexa for the dance, LOL!  We got her hair done which turned out beautiful, the girl did a fantastic job turning Alexa’s vision out on her PIN STRAIGHT hair LOL.  Then I did her makeup like always—no department store makeup counters for her—I used to work for Lancome & Clinique as a makeup artist a looong time ago.  So I do her makeup with mineral makeup to keep it natural—she has gorgeous skin so why cover that up KWIM? (she normally only wears eyeliner & mascara everyday so to put a clown face of makeup on her is just funky)  Then she got dressed and transformed into a beautiful princes---totally stunning, freaked me out a bit as to how old she suddenly looked but I guess they all grow up huh?  Hubby, me and my mom took her to a friend’s house where the large group of 17 kids were meeting for dinner—all the kids brought a dish or two and the parents got to take video & pictures (yayy).  So I have a ton of pics below in the slideshow for you if you want to take a peek.  I’m really proud of this group of kids—they all have brilliant grades in school & take it seriously and they are all in a sport or other club at school.  Good kids and they were all looking fabulous.  Alexa had a “date” this year so she was both excited AND nervous, LOL, but he was really sweet and got her a hand-corsage in their high school colors.  After the dance they all returned to the same house for a bonfire, sweets and afterparty—then the girls all had a sleepover.  Riley meanwhile went to the Capitals Hockey Game Saturday night with friends—so Mom & Dad didn’t get to bed until 2 am.  So Sunday was pajammy day, football day and hang around the house day for us ALL! LOL—but lots of good memories were made this weekend! **And oh yeah I was on my BEST BEHAVIOR LOL, I only did a few things to embarrass her hee hee**


-I have a few spots open for my Copic classes in San Jose, CA this coming weekend--if you'd like to come.  Go to for more details!

-Hmmm maybe some non-calorie blog candy below for ya ;)

Slideshow Below (if you get this by subscription you need to come to my blog HERE to see it):


Somebody Need a Doctor???


Today the Magnolia-licious DT is having a super fun Blog Hop that we are describing a bit like this “We have "Only One Life to Live" "As The World Turns" at the "General Hospital" with the "Young and Restless" featuring Nurse Tilda & Dr. Edwin!”.  So some of the projects are a bit more Soap Opera-themed LOL!!  

Dr. Edwin is a Limited Edition Stamp at Magnolia-licious so snap him up now while you still can!

Basically the team all used either Nurse Tilda and Dr.Edwin or both (in either large or mini styles) from Magnolia-licious for their projects today!  I decided to create a Get-Well Set with my mini Magnolia stamps since I haven’t made one in awhile and sooo many people around here seem to be sick lately.  So I have a jar of soup that I decorated and a Feel Better Kit using both stamps!  You can find out all the details on the Magnolia-licious Highlites Blog HERE!


I started making these Feel Better Kits a few years ago after seeing them on a blog—I tried to link the lady’s blog that originated the idea but she no longer has her blog online Sad smile They are super easy to make and I have also made them with a closure tab to change it up a bit too.  So basically you only need a piece of cardstock measuring 3.5x10” and then score it at the 4.5” and 5.5” marks.  Then it fits a pack of travel tissues, a Chapstick (or other lip moisturizer) and a throat lozenger.  I used Mini-Nurse Tilda #307 (see larger size Nurse Tilda here) both from Magnolia-licious, on the front of this kit and colored her in more vintage colors to match the papers—E44,E43,E42,E41,E40 / E29,E31,E50 / E11,E00 / R29,R24,R22,R20.  I distressed the papers with my Zutter Distress machine and inks.  The sentiment is from PTI and then I used my Spellbinders dies to cut my mats out.  Finished off with a bow and button treatment for some fun.


Then to go along with it I have a jar of soup (nope not homemade sorry, I was too tired to do that LOL).  I used my Spellbinders again to cut mats out for the jar top and then added cute Mini Dr. Edwin from Magnolia-licious (he comes in regular size too).  The sentiment on the tag on the front is from Gina K and I anchored it with matching red buttons.  Just a fun Feel Better Set for someone who’s not feeling so good and cheer them up a bit!

Want some Blog Candy?  I haven't had any in awhile let's give away 2 Magnolia Stamps of your choice, a pack of Cryogen Cardstock and 2 Copics of your choice!! 
Just tell me "What soothes you the most when you are sick--what makes you feel better?"
Leave a comment by Friday, Oct 21st here on this post to enter!

Now you need to continue on the Blog Hop to my friend Sharon Caudle’s Beautiful Blog!  

Have fun on your hop and finish up at the Magnolia-licious Highlites Blog


  1. Hi Suzanne,
    wowowow the pics are awesome all kids look amazing.
    I just need this project of yours right now, hahahaha I am a bit sick and this is not a nice feeling. What make me feel better is cup of nice coffie , blanket and a funny movie, will do the trick for me :))))
    Now I am off the make my self a cup of tea with honey and lemmon, they say it's help...........

  2. Wonderful card and get well kit, Suzanne! As always, beautiful coloring! I love the soup in a jar idea, too! Great entry for the hop!

  3. Such cute makes and soup is what I need right now as I have a cold and almost no voice.

    What would I love the most to make me better? Some peace and quiet - no kids, no dog, no doorbell, no phone just me and the duvet!!!

    ** Kate **

  4. Hi Suzanne! Found your blog from your Copic Tutorials on YouTube. I got my first few Copics over the weekend (just the skin tone ones to start with) and now learning how to use them. Your tutorials are very helpful so please keep them coming. :)

    And I want your blog candy!

    When I am feeling under the weather, I go for the usual chicken soup, a tub of vapor rub, and of course, Hubby's TLC! <3

    Jenny aka Wifey Cookie

  5. these are such gorgeous gifts. wonderful little gift ideas.

  6. oh and i forgot to say what soothes me when im sick, for a chance to win some candy.
    well ummmmm, what soothes me is having my husband look after our 3 kids so i can rest. thats all i get, but i guess i should be grateful for that. and chocolate always makes me feel better, but i dont have to be sick to have that

  7. That is wonderfull Suzanne. I love it.
    When I am sick, I really love beeing able to lay down on the couch watching lots of tv, reading and beeing spoiled be my dh and daughters......

    Hugs Monique

  8. Hey Suzanne, beautiful pics of your daughter!
    What soothes me the most when I'm feeling under the weather is being in bed under the covers with a good book. Getting lots of rest and having chicken noodle soup!

  9. WOW, what a gorgeous idea!!!! Love Tilda and Edwin, it sure will make somebody fell better! What soothes me the most when I'm sick is a good bowl of homemade chicken soup and a great big hug!

  10. Great project - I love the idea of adding the tissues, chapstick and sweet.
    What makes me feel better when I'm sick? Being taken care of by those I love and knowing that they're there for me when I need them as I am for them - soppy I know, but true

  11. Great card and project Suzanne. For me, the thing that helps the most is extra sleep and having my kids taking it down a notch or two. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. The pictures are wonderful. Alexa's dress was perfect and so was her hair. What a great looking bunch of kids. I bet you are very proud.
    You asked what soothes me when I am sick. I would have to say, my husband taking over the household chores and a good bowl of chicken soup.

  13. Forgot to say I loved the "Soothe Kit project. As always your art is fantastic. Have a great day.

  14. Hi Suzanne, thanks for the chance to win such great goodies . When I am sick, I love a hearty bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup and then curling up with a blankie and my kindle. BTW love your creations and hope to take your course in Naples this winter whilevwevare in Florida.

  15. Hi, Suzanne. It looks like all the teens enjoyed Homecoming. They are such gorgeous individuals. Alexa especially is so beautiful in her new dress and I love her hair.

    I love the cute little "Get Well" kit. What a great idea. These Magnolias are so sweet.

    What soothes me most when I am sick is a hot cup of tea with honey. I always felt I could breath a little better with this remedy if I had a cold.

    Cathy Lee

  16. Hi Suzanne
    Beautiful card and jar! My bed and a warm blanky soothes me when I'm sick.
    Have a great day!

  17. I love seeing all your creations and enjoyed your training. Good home made chicken soup a blanket and quiet time helps me feel better.

  18. Fantastic get well kit, Suzanne! Love the perfectly colored, cute images! What soothes me most when I don't feel well is a hot cup of tea nd having my two kitties curled up beside me! Loved the pictures of Alexa and her friends! She looked gorgeous!

  19. LOVE these ideas Suzanne! Also the color combination!!! This would sure perk a person up!!! Always a treat to see your work and enjoyed the photos too!
    Believe it or not, hot Doctor Pepper tastes good when I get a cold! Maybe I should try hot Cherry Coke next time!!! :)

  20. First off..Alexa is beautiful. She is a carbon copy of you.. No guessing who's daughter she is huh??? WOW Amazing. Next, love the project. Great idea. My favorite comforting thing to do when I am sick is cuddle up in a warm blanket and having someone give me either a back rub or rubbing my feet....... (Hubby of course)....

  21. Hiya Suzanne!!!
    This is super cute!! I love these stamps. The soup looks yummy, what a great idea!

    Hugs, Mindy

  22. Wow Suzanne what a fabulous project. Beautifully done, as always! Love the little care package for someone down with the flue with a jar soup, how warming.

  23. What a wonderful idea. Love your touch. I have been looking for Dr. and Nurse stamps for a card to send my father's Drs.

    For me, when I'm sick I like split-pea soup by Progresso.


  24. A nice cup of hot peppermint tea and sleep! That is what I hope for when I am not feeling well. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  25. These are really cute ideas. I will have to make some so I have some on hand for this up coming cold and flu season. What makes me feel better is peppermint tea with honey. It is so soothing and settles the tummy.

  26. What precious photos! Great little gift idea! My favorite thing to do when I am sick is watch Phantom of the Opera.

  27. That is such an awesome idea to give soup with the extras. Beautiful coloring as always, on everything you do.

    When I feel bad I curl up either in my chair or bed with a book. I want to be left along and just forget about it with a book.

  28. Gorgeous gift set! I must say the only thing that soothes me when I am sick (and always works) is to crawl in my mom's bed and have her take care of me. There is something magical about her bed. LOL Anywayssss...why fix it if it isn't broke? :-)

  29. I really like your "Feel Better Kits"...what a great idea to keep on hand. Enjoyed hearing and seeing your pictures of homecoming. Great card as usual. Magnolia has a great selection of stamps...can never have enough LOL. What soothes me the most when I am sick is being in our own bed under the warm blankets and having hubby near if I need him. A cup of tea and toast cut in little cubes bring memories of growing up and mom's TLC.

  30. LOVE this Suzanne!! What an awesome "feel better" kit!! Thanks for the directions on how to make one! Your coloring is FABULOUS as always! Sure wish I could make it over to San Jose this weekend. Love your jar of soupl too! What a wonderful way to make someone feel better!! You're such an inspiration!
    hugs, Sharon

  31. Oh this is just too stinking cute Suzanne! LOVE this idea and of course your creations on it just rocks!

    Well, what comforts me when I am sick is my hubby...corny I know, but it's like I have to have them there so I WILL feel better, lol!

  32. Your project is adorable and I love the pictures of Alexa! She looks just like you. And you should be so proud of her elegant dress, I know a lot of teens tend to go skimpy. She looks stylish and beautiful but very tasteful at the same time! Awesome parenting! :)

    When I'm sick, I like orange juice and minestrone soup.

  33. What great ideas you have.

    You did a great job on your daughter's hair and make-up. She looks so much like you hear that all the time.

    When I am sick...give me a box of kleenex, a cup of hot chocolate, my big fluffy blanket and control of the remote.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Denise H.

  34. Hi Suzanne,
    Love your get well kit and jar very cute and your coloring is absolutely GORGEOUS!
    When I'm sick I love curling up in a warm blanket with a cup of HOT tea with lots of honey and some saltine crackers. A hand made get well card and I'm on the way to recovery! :D
    Hugs, Briana

  35. Gee whiz, nothing feels better than good ol' fashioned chicken noodle soup. Homemade of course with a good book or movie and just me for a few hours. No dog, hubbie or children. Just a little time to recharge.

  36. Aww, this is so sweet. Love that little tissue holder. Carissa :)

  37. Hey Suzanne as always your projects are beautiful! When I'm sick I feel better by snuggling in my bed with my 2 puppies and 3 kitty's reading a good romance and having hubby and son wait on me lol.

  38. Alexa looked AMAZING and you could tell that she felt beautiful too! She looks soooo much like you! They grow up tooooo fast don't they! I love seeing such a very happy family!
    the PaperTemptress

    BTW: I am sooo excited that I can barely sleep this week! Only a few days away and the weather here is AMAZING!

  39. Suzanne... she was TRULY a princess and she looks sooo much like you!!! Wonderful card and container dec.

  40. When I am feeling sick, I just like to be in my bed resting...oh, and chicken soup.

  41. When I am sick I just like to be in my bed with a soft comfy blanket and eating chicken soup.

  42. when I am sick, I like to just lying on my bed with a comforter and free of all house chores including cooking...better still if some one can feed me my!!!!
    Thank you for the sweet candy chance.
    Heaney xx

  43. Your daughter is such a beauty...just like her Momma! What a fab get well kit! Lots of sleep and leave me alone makes me feel better!!

  44. Great idea the get well kit, loved it,nice work. What smooth me the most is quiet time and my bed, some chicken soup and TLC from the love ones.

  45. Like everyone else said chicken soup it is to make me feel better especially if I have a sore throat. Curling up with all the blankets piled on me and a good book always helps me to fall asleep which is really a good cure all. Darling ideas. Would love to get any of these goodies when I'm sick. Thanks for the chance to win the goodies, tool.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  46. Homemade chicken soup makes me feel better. Tea with honey is great too.

  47. Cute, cute get well kit! Having just gotten over a nasty virus, I can say that the things that make me feel better when I am sick are warm hugs from my hubby and being able to lie on the couch with a blanket and watch sappy movies!

  48. When I don't feel well I like to curl up with a blanket my grandmother made me on the her couch I inherited, and eat chicken soup while complaining that it is not as good as hers was!

  49. Alexa is gorgeous Suzanne!
    I love to have hot tea or chicken noodle soup when I am sick.

  50. I usually get a sore throat when I'm sick, so I like to have milkshakes to feel better.

  51. Aaahhhh ... when I'm under the weather, I grab my Bed Buddy. It's one of those stretchy fabric tubes filled with rice and lavender scent. You warm it in the microwave, then put it on whatever part of your body is aching or not feeling good. Feels great when you have a headache, achy joints, sore throat, etc. I love it and wouldn't be without it!!!
    Alexa is quite the beauty, Suzanne! Those homecoming pics are great, and it looks like everyone had a good time! And I like the "appropriate" dress, too!!!

  52. I will usually make some warm tea and a good bowl of soup to make me feel better. Carol M in TX/

  53. Suzanne, your daughter is gorgeous! Your Doctor set is great, I really like the soup idea and they are a beautiful gift to give someone who needs cheering up.

  54. Your daughter is becoming a beautiful young woman. Great pictures of the whole group.

    I am so disappointed that I will be unable to attend your class in San Jose this weekend because of plans made long ago.

    When I am sick, going to bed with a glass of 7-Up, and Saltine crackers always makes me feel better.

  55. Gorgeous creations Suzanne! Love your pickle jar and wonderful first aid set, Delightful!
    Hugs Julie P

  56. Hi Suzanne,

    Your Feel Better Kits along with the jar of soup are very cute and such a good idea, with flu season starting. What sooths me the most when I am sick and makes me feel better is to stay snuggled in bed with a good book and a hot drink of lemon, water and honey.

    Have fun on the West Coast at your Copic class next weekend!



  57. Wow Suzanne those pictures are great!! She is so pretty!!
    I like homemade chicken soup not the can stuff!! It seems to work. :)

  58. Oh hon this is just beautiful !!!
    I so love it. You always have the most awesome projects !!
    When I am sick I just like to lay around and not have to do anything but the first site of feeling a tad bit better I like to start coloring in some images lol. BIggest Hugs

  59. Love the "Feel Better" kits, what a great idea! Those two were especially clever, and loved the adorable card. The soup was so appropriate since I just started to come down with a sore throat and cough today!

    I guess what makes me feel better is getting lots of rest/naps, having some good soup and lots of OJ to drink. It usually does the trick......

    The slide show wasn't there, so looking forward to seeing the pictures next time.....

  60. What nice pictures!! Your daughter is
    soooooo pretty!! She has such beautiful hair and her makeup looks
    perfect! She looks like you! Thanks
    for sharing them!!

  61. Great creation Suzanne! I love to snuggle in bed w/my two fur babies Charlie and Cassie when I'm not feeling well. Sadly, my beloved Jasmine is no longer with us, but the "kitties" do their best to carry on!

  62. Wow! Alexa is gorgeous, just like her Mom!!
    Your get well kit is fabulous and would make anyone feel instantly better!
    When I am not feeling well I like to curl up on the couch with a big, warm blanket, my pomeranian gigante and watch Lifetime Movie Channel.

  63. Alexa looks just like you!! First thought I was looking at photo of you. She looked great!
    I loved your 'get well' kit. When I don't feel good, I like to get on the couch under my soft afghan, with a book, the tv on, and lots of hot tea! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  64. Alexa looks just like you!! First thought I was looking at photo of you. She looked great!
    I loved your 'get well' kit. When I don't feel good, I like to get on the couch under my soft afghan, with a book, the tv on, and lots of hot tea! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  65. wow Suzanna, Alexa looks beautiful and looks like they all had a great time. I really hope my boys turn out as well as your two have. No piccies of the men in shorts doing Beyonce???
    Love your get well kit too, really sweet. Thanks for the chance to win candy.

  66. The feel better kits are darling, Suzanne. Besides chicken soup, I like warm Vernor's ginger ale (a mid-west beverage), a cuddlie robe and blanket, a fire in the fireplace, and the lights down low to help sooth my soul.

    Homecoming pictures are great, good looking group of friends!

  67. Incase you didn't know I'm suck right about now lol!

    I felt catching on to something while i was getting over here. Maybe some soup with some I don't know crafting project would be nice right about now,Tehee!!!!

    You really got this together right at the end OMG! HOW YOU DO THAT??? LOL!


    Catcha later:)

  68. Alexa looked darling; you should be so proud!

    Love the kit--what a great idea!

    When I'm sick, I just want to be left alone to sleep. If I get really hungry, then chicken soup seems to be the easiest to handle; that, or scrambled eggs.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Suzanne. Hope you're having a great day! :^)

  69. Such beautiful cards! These two stamps are the cutest.

  70. Such darling pics of Alexa & her friends! Loved it! My 16 yr old granddaughter just had her big homecoming dance too (& their football team won too...yay).

    Darling little project for a sickie friend (which I happen to be right now....ugh). What I love to do when I'm sickie is relax & catch up on my tivo'd shows & get all nice & snuggly.

    Have a wonderful week, Suz!
    Huggies ~

  71. Suzanne, When I'm "under the weather" a cup of hot tea, a good book, and a heating pad usually do the trick! Thanks for the chance to win! Yeah.....

  72. Ah-Ma«ZINg!!! Wow! Such cute get well kits and that jar topper is da bomb! super sweet . Coloring and details are fantastic! Last time I was seriously sick I made myself homemade cream of cauliflower soup. So yes,I`d go with soup, for sure and ``there`s no place like home`` when your sick! TFS

  73. Hi Suzanne - These kits are adorable!!! I think I'd like to try them, such a fun something to send to a friend. Funny you should ask that particular question, considering I'm sitting here with a sinus infection and pneumonia!!! Haven't been near my computer in four days (that's sick). Right now all I want is to be LEFT ALONE!!! :o) Don't call me, don't talk to me.....just let me curl up in my chair with my book, meds and kleenex. Most soothing is having something hot or cold to drink. Seems the older I get the grumpier I get when I'm not well. I'm thinking of all the cards I could be making while I'm home, but just don't have that ooooomph!! The blog candy you're offering really perked me up though!!!!! Looking forward to those pictures, too. Hugs to you, Sharon :o)

  74. Hi Suzanne!!
    The get well gift set is sooo stinkin' cute! :) I love it!

    When I am sick, What makes me feel better is Piggy Pajamas, Chicken noodle soup, Cup of hot tea with a little Bacardi and honey, and my two puppies to curl up with in the bed. These normally do the trick and I am picture perfect the next day!!!

  75. Suzanne this is just to cutest feel better kits. Love them. I'm going to have to makes these.

  76. Great job Suzanne!! I think the recipient will totally get well from getting this treat combo. Very cute and fun idea on displaying these images :o)

  77. Oh wow, what a fabulous get well kit! I usually just slob about in my pyjamas, with a cosy blanket and some home made chicken soup!
    (Beautiful pics of your DD)

  78. GORGEOUS pitcures of Alexa and love the ones of her and her Dad together and of her and you.
    My Mother would make a hot toddy
    she would call it.Warm water and
    honey and a little bourbon.Of course now that I am allot older
    I add more bourbon....LOL..
    hugs from Texas

  79. Your little " to the rescue kit" is just too cute! Edwin looks delightful as does Tilda. The jar topper is perfect!
    I've been on soup for a few days now. I got a head cold, and I never get colds! I hate when I cannot breathe through my nose! LOL I think I'll call Dr. Edwin and ask him to come over and make me better! Fantastic work, Suzie.



I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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