Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home at Last...well for a few anyway LOL!

Hello all my friends!!   Sorry I've been gone for a bit huh? LOL!  Its good to be home but I leave again on Friday for Ohio to teach and my pal Marti is riding up with me---uh oh could be trouble in the making with the 2 of us ;)  But we will leave after classes on Saturday night and get home around 2 am on Sunday.  Then I'm actually home for like almost 3 weeks--shocker I know and I have a TON of stuff to finish and get done including Class 5 for my CMC Classroom which I hope to have ready by Halloween.  And for all of those that ordered DVDs they are coming this week finally yay and I will ship them out lickety split to you all.  They were a DISASTER to get done, oh my goodness what a horror story project but they are finished and just need to get them to the house now and get them out.  Plus I have Alexa's homecoming, yard work and other house stuff to finish before the winter sets in soon.

Ok of course I've been gone 6 days traveling--I left for Kansas City last Friday and taught then I was supposed to head home on Monday evening. But instead of sitting in airport I took a 6 am flight down to Tampa to visit friends and then came home this evening.  6 back-to back plane rides (VA to Chicago to Kansas City, Kansas City to Chicago to Tampa, Tampa to Chicago to VA) knocked the wind outta my sails that's for sure, oh my goodness am I exhausted and my skin is PARCHED.  So you KNOW I GOT lots of travel stories for ya of course---if I NEVER have a story something is terribly wrong LOL!

Last Friday I left to fly to Chicago and then onto Kansas City--the flights were smooth and uneventful and I slept most of the first flight.  Second flight--uh oh here we go!  I'm the 11th person on the plane and yep I'm in my 7th row window seat like a happy girl on my happy Southwest plane with my happy regular flight crew.  I'm settling in with my pillow and blanket when I see this woman get on the plane, she's smaller than me but she has on about 20 layers including a full length winter coat--like she's freaking going to the Antartic or something.  My skin prickled up and I tried to look away but its like I have a DARN BULLETIN BOARD blinking a message "SIT WITH ME CUZ' I LIKE FREAKS"!!  The whole freaking plane is EMPTY still but noooooooooo of course not, she sits .... errr lands her freaky self on me in the middle seat. I kid you not she had so many layers on and this huge backpack--I was like what is she hiding in that coat, it was scary!  The plane loads and I'm trying to get settled so I can go to sleep when I hear this low humming coming from the weirdo next to me----she's CHANTING people and fast and strangely.  Then when we take off she brings out this tray of oils and starts patting them on herself and taking some in her mouth---I'm looking at her with my mouth hanging open I'm sure like "what the heck?".  She turns to me and says "Don't worry, I'm saving us all" and I'm like "saving me from WHAT" cuz right now I wanna be saved from YOU!  FREAKY FREAKY FREAKY and she chanted the whole way to Kansas City, I thought I might kill myself for sure.

I get off plane and the lovely owners of The Scrapbook Page pick me up and we go to the store so I can do some work--totally uneventful.  Then I get to my hotel and get ready to have dinner with some gals that night (waving hi to Mary, Kathy & Gail) and that's uneventful.  Dinner was fantastic and the company was lovely, I get back and I'm in bed at 10:30 pm --- BONUS!  I text hubby that I'm in bed and settled for the night when I realize I put my license in my pocket after going thru security at the airport but I didn't remember putting it back in my wallet.  Now I love to travel but I also LIKE to go home and no license means no home so I roll out of bed and go check.  Now mind you this whole episode I'm about to tell you takes place in less than 3 mins ok LOL.  My purse was under a table attached to this huge entertainment center so I'm kneeling down to look in my wallet--and yep my license is in there so Suzanne is a happy gal and I rear up quickly (cuz god forbid I do anything slow--uh uh) and I slammed my forehead into the table so hard I fell backwards and almost knocked myself out--the whole entertainment center shook.  OMGOODNESS I AM IN PAINNNNNNN but I'm laughing cuz here I have no major accidents or incidents for the whole darn day and the last 5 mins of my night I almost kill myself.  Typical Suzanne Moment!  I go in bathroom and I NOW LOOK LIKE A UNICORN---I kid you not it was baddddd!  So I take a picture (yep that's what I did) and texted it to James hee hee. Then I run down hallway in my pjs to find some ice for my rapidly growing unicorn horn.  James calls and he's like "what the heck happened, you just said you went to bed, how did you bump your head in bed" -- LMBO!!  It hurt so bad--I was dizzy for two days afterwards especially anytime I'd bend over.  Now its a lovely huge circle of yellow & purple on my forehead--what a beauty!!

See so anytime you think you are having a weird or crummy day---you just head on over here and see what I've done & I'm SURE you will feel sooooo much better LOL!  Never a dull moment in my days that's for sure---I'll share some more stories with you tomorrow along with a project!

Have a  great day!


  1. Oh Suzanne I think you are a freak magnet all right. Spooooky.Real Halloween stuff. I hope you are okay after your head experience.
    How come you always make me feel so much better LOL.
    Seriously I hope you are well and ready for your next road trip.
    Hugs Maz

  2. My goodness Suzanne, you really do have the strangest things happen to you! Too funny! Hope your head is better. I can so see you trapezing down the hallway in your PJ's! It is a little scary thought because you are are alone when you hit your head. Thank goodness you didn't hit your head harder or maybe I should say thank goodness you have such a hard head KWIM!

  3. My goodness Suzanne, you really do have the strangest things happen to you! Too funny! Hope your head is better. I can so see you trapezing down the hallway in your PJ's! It is a little scary thought because you are are alone when you hit your head. Thank goodness you didn't hit your head harder or maybe I should say thank goodness you have such a hard head KWIM!

  4. What are we going to do with you? I'm so sorry you hit your head, I do hope it is better now. You really need to slow down my friend. You have an A personality and those kind of people always do things fast and in a hurry all the time and think later you need to think first so you do not hurt yourself. Glad you are back.

  5. I would love to travel with you! Not a dull moment for sure! I am thinking that woman and her oils is the cause of your unicorn horn, lol!

  6. Never a dull moment for you. This post requires your picture, you know that right :)
    Glad you are okay.

  7. Oh my gosh! I love to read your blog posts when you travel because I always end up LMBO! You have the strangest things happen to you! I'm sorry you banged your head, though! That is awful! I fell in the shower a couple of years ago and hit my head. It is really a scary experience, especially when you are alone (I did it when DH was out of town!). Hope your head is feeling much better?

  8. I just love all your stories. To bad your freaky friend was not with you when you bumped your head..she could of anointed you with some of her oil!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ohhh You go Girl!
    I just love to read your funny and strange stories.
    Just take care of yoursefl.
    Enjoy , I am sure you are doing that every sencond.
    Such an energy in one tinny person.

  10. Suzanne, I swear your experiences always make me laugh! You are a freak magnet and seem to always have the most unusual things happen to you. Take care and I hope your head is okay. If it had happened sooner, your seatmate could of oiled you up to make you feel better! Glad you are home safe.

  11. I'm sorry that I got my laugh today from your travel story. Between the "whatever she was" on the plane and your unfortunate bump on the head I"m afraid I was LOL. I can hear your voice in my head relating the story eventhough we have never met. Try to stay away from Freaky,overdressed,oil packing people.

  12. BUT... since I was there to nurse you back to health the NEXT day... all is well. Hee Hee Hee... *HUGS*

  13. Oh how I love your stories...you always make me laugh!
    Barb g


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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