Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Dancer!!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am on my way home, so yep I am flying across the country once again---how many miles have I racked up this year? A LOT--to tell you the truth I'm afraid to count them all up LOL!  But I have earned some free hotel rooms and flights so I'm saving them up for a family trip next year :)  I had a wonderful time "somewhere in the US"--the weather was perfect and the company was great!  But the traveling was NOT SO GOOD--for any of you that follow me on Facebook you probably know some of the story about my trip this weekend and the DISASTER that it was to get there, LOL!  I kid you not I HATE CHICAGO O'HARE AIRPORT, every single time (and I mean every single time I've ever been here) I've had a flight delayed by 5 or more hours or cancelled.  I start my trip off at Washington Dulles airport my hometown airport, arrive 2 hours ahead of time and sit down to work.  Not there more than 20 mins and I hear my name announced on the speakers LOL--now I know you are thinking "what did she do now?".  But they wanted to bump me up to first class (uh yeah) to accomodate a family traveling together---I said sure (duh) as long as I got a window seat.  I slept the entire flight to Chicago (2 hrs) so not too eventful after that.  Arrive in Chicago and board says FLIGHT IS ON TIME and I literally had 20 mins to get from 1 gate to the next--if you've been there you know what a trek that can be.  So I'm running with my bags in my heels (yes heels duh cuz I wear them always and I had a meeting to go to straight off the plane so don't shake your heads lol) looking like a maniac I'm sure!  Sit down and they announce the flight is delayed 30 mins-1 hour due to "mechanics" ummm yeah.  If you travel a lot you know this usually means ONLY TWO THINGS---1 they have to fly in a new plane which could take HOURS (or) 2 that the flight will be cancelled.  And yep the darn thing was cancelled---so the mass of people run to the counter me included and I literally (no lie) trip on someone's bag and fly forward into this huge guy who catches me LOL.  Thanks to him I was #10 in line hee hee--and yes I have a tendency to trip and fly into people A LOT.  Alexa is hoping its not a hereditary trait LMBO!  As I'm standing there I'm reaching out to a few people to have them look up alternate flights for me and contacting my American Express travel agent (perk of having a gold or platinum card so if you do remember they will help you out in time of crisis and they are GOOD at it).  Counter lady announces that she can only accomodate the first 8 people--WHHHHAAAAATTT???  Ummmm no not working for me, so everyone goes running to other terminal to the United Customer Service Desk.  At this point I might be SLIGHTLY SWEATING AND HAVING A SMALL MELT DOWN IN MY HEAD.  But by the time my turn comes up I have 3 flights booked alternatively by Amex, my hubby & a friend LOL--and I'm updating peeps in the line with other options cuz' nothing was leaving O'Hare until 6:30 pm and it was 10:40 am at that point.  It was like I was a freaking TRAVEL AGENT for our flight LOL!  Best choice of flights happened to be.....yep you guessed my fave Southwest (why oh why did I abandon you for United this time) which only flys out of .............yep Midway Airport which is at least 45-50 mins away.  So Suzanne decides to make an executive decision and go for it---this flight would get me in at 3 so I could still do my meetings and not be too delayed.  YEPPERS, I tore outta that line like a bat outta hell and raced down to the taxi stand (now United tells me my bag will be sent ahead of me to my destination like normal).  I give the taxi stand guy a big tip and tell him to find me the fastest taxi to Midway cuz it was 11:05 and flight was leaving at 12:30 and I had to get thru security.  So he's like "Oh I know a guy" LOL (it was a like a corny movie at this point and I was the unlucky star of it)---so I get in and tell the guy "if you can get me there in 25 mins or less I'll give you the biggest tip of your life!".  His response "YOU GOT IT!!"---we went 95 mph all the way and at this point panic had seized my body so severely that I don't remember much other than asking the driver if he had "tequila" in the cab so I could have some LMBO!  Well he got me there in 21 mins FLAT--whoo hooo--excellent so he got an $80 tip.  He was so excited he got out and grabbed me, hugged me and kissed me on both cheeks and said he was taking his wife out to dinner--aww! See I do believe some things in life happen for a reason even if they are sometimes a PAIN & DETRIMENT to ourselves LOL.  Run into the airport, grab my boarding pass and get thru security in 5 mins flat---gotta love Midway, never over crowded and easy to navigate (my home away from home).  So yes I made my flight and yes it was on time and yes because I was booked so late I was the BUTT LAST PERSON to get on the plane but I couldn't care less.  I actually got a middle seat in an exit row that was fabulous.  BUT wait.....wait.....this is not a conclusion.  THIS WAS THE LOUDEST FLIGHT OF MY LIFE---I kid you not and you know how much I fly so this is not an exaggeration.  There were so many crying babies (16 to be exact & yes you can shed a tear for me now) and it was like "Battle of the Crying Babies" on that flight which was over 3 hours lord help me.  PEOPLE WERE DRINKING LIKE IT WAS AN OPEN BAR LMBO---I've never seen so many alcoholic drinks on a plane--it was FRIGGIN' TERRIBLE, LIKE A SLOW TORTURE OR DEATH FOR SURE!!  I really wanted to sleep but there was no way, the lady beside is like "hey you better start drinking now" but I had to land and work so I couldn't--I stuck to my Coke.  I had my headphones in and was working on my laptop but it couldn't stop the news of crying from infiltrating my system.  There were 2 sets of twins on the plane both under 1 year and they were behind me and beside of us, it really was like torture.  The military should look into using this human-friendly kinda of terrorists for sure---they'd break in no time---hell I'd tell them anything to shut the noise up myself LOL.  Now I'm a mom and I feel for the parents but REALLY, REALLY--most of them weren't even crying they were SCREAMING---yeah like for fun kinda SCREAMING. My kids NEVER did that, never, never! I would've smothered them for sure---NO--I'm just kidding but for real they never acted like that.  I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY to land somewhere in my LIFE-I wanted to kiss the ground, kiss someone.

Go to get my luggage and guess what---yeah---NOT THERE.  They tell me it will be there on the 8:40 pm flight---ok I can deal until then, so I left for my meetings.  Get to hotel before dinner and no luggage, ummm now I'm worrying.  I "con" (no not really but I do find that if you ask hotel shuttle drivers nicely they will take you anywhere lol--yes I do this a lot) the hotel shuttle driver to take me to Target to buy some "essentials" so I can clean up for dinner.  He was so nice, he waited for me while I ran thru Target (see a running theme, this is why I HAVE to work out so I can keep up during my travels).  Grabbed some stuff, cleaned up & headed out to dinner with friends---get back and yep NO LUGGAGE at 11:30 pm.  I'm not a happy girl at this point, no way jose! Morning comes and I'm due to meet people for breakfast at 9 am---NO LUGGAGE--OMG!  Thankfully I had bought underwear and a shirt from Target (just in case, cuz I'm a "just in case" kinda gal, thankfully right) and go meet for breakfast.  Call hubby to see if he can get a hold of someone because they promised it would be to me the night before----well I won't get into it but I'm pretty sure hubby got some people fired or gave them a bad day because 1 hour later they arrived with my very, very late luggage.  Whew----yes that's a long story I know, but trust me you had a much EASIER time reading it than I did living it LOL!  But I got to see some sites that day, had a great dinner and went to movies to see "Crazy, Stupid, Love" with a friend, which I HIGHLY recommend.  It was fantastic and a great way to end the night.  So now I'm writing this from the airport (my mobile office) and headed home hopefully with no delays, no issues at O'Hare (yes I have to go thru there again, pray for my soul).  Tomorrow is a new day right?  Live and learn, live and have fun and just live and DEAL WITH IT I say :)  Hope your weekend was trouble free and pain free LOL.


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Happy Dancer!

Today I'm sharing a very sweet "Gilli Stamp" with you all -- this line is designed my one of my BFF's Anary Baumgarth.  This one is called "Girly Gilli 2" and she is from the newest summer collection---I love her hair and dress, fun to color!  Images that give me lots of area to color are always good in my book ;) 

**The layout is for my current sketch challenge at House of Gilli---hope you can participate in it!!

I'm entering this into the following challenges:

Send a Smile 4 Kids (punche/die cuts)
Cuddly Buddly (swirls & bling)

I love this color combo too---the papers are from Kaisercraft and I loved the funky mix of patterns.  If you have trouble putting papers together those 6x6 paper pads are a easy way to do it quickly.  Just match tones, and mix prints by sizes and you're good to go.  The swirls are from a Heartfelt Designs dies (Bella Rose)--they actually are hooked together in one large pattern with leaves but I like to chop my die cuts up to make them more versatile.  The flowers are layered Prima and that polka-dot paper is flocked which makes it even more textural and fun.  The aqua mat behind her is done with patterned paper that I embossed with a CB folder.  Some PTI ribbon and pearls done with my Viva Decor Pearl pen in Graphite finish it off.  She was colored with Copics and then I added some more Viva Decor pearls to her dress to add a bit more detail along with Stickles on her underskirt and shoes.

Alrighty, I'm getting ready to board but just heard storms are headed to the DC area so pray my next flight is on time, no funny bizness and of course no crashing LOL!  See ya soon!


  1. Ohhh..gosh if we only could get a copy of that security camera...we could edit slow motion you flying over...focus on the face of ..the guy...and then..Happy landing : ) LOL

    Girl you are a riot!! word can describe how beautiful this card is!!!!The color combo is so sophisticated! Oh...and those pleats are to die for : ) Huggies!


  2. Sorry you had some mishaps during your vacation, but glad you had good company and weather! Stunning card - the papers are just utterly fabulous and love the color combo. The flourishes and flowers could not be any sweeter!

  3. Oh my! Your story just makes my heart cringe and tired just from reading it. Praying you get home safely. Stunning card! I love the colors.

  4. Not only does Suzanne have trouble flying but she transmits it to her students. When I attended her class in Grand Rapids in May, I purchased a big bag full of supplies from Cindy Echtinaw. At O'Hare we were sent to 3 different gates, each one farther away than the last one, to catch our plane out of Chicago. I had carry-on luggage and at one point I was going to drop my clothes because I sure wasn't going to drop my bag of new really heavy craft supplies. So, beware when you fly to take her class, it rubs off.

  5. Wow! You seem to have a story wherever you go. Thank you so much for sharing as I'm sure you know it puts a smile on our faces to read about them. So glad you made it through AGAIN. Your card is beautiful. Love the colors and that Gilli stamp is too sweet!

  6. You need to write a book. A travel book. A how-not-to-travel book. Yeah.



    P.S. Love the card! :^)

  7. That little girl sure is gorgeous and the colours are a fab combo too.
    I don't read a lot of books but your adventures are a read in themselves. I love hopping by to see what predicament you have got yourself into, or where you have been. You really do have an eventful life - I am positively in slow motion nearly reverse compared to you. Hugs SarahSx

  8. Suzanne, I would just love to see you in an airport!! I'm sure it would be a hoot!! Love the card. Awesome colors!!

  9. Your card is beautiful Suzanne - and over the last year and a half since I have been following you, your coloring has become exquisite!! Save all this writing oh talented one, I feel like your Mum - but you should consider writing a book. But I have told you this before. Love your work Suzanne and I do not know how in the world you find the energy!
    Big Hugs,

  10. Yet another terrifically hilarious "Suzanne" story!!! I SO look forward to reading about your adventures when you travel!
    As an aside ~ the card is beautiful! Love that color combo!

  11. All I can say is WOW.. That goes for the card of course and your life.....
    #1 I bet your hubby just sits home and shakes his head about all your delimas .
    #2 I bet the Military Academy that you attended is thankful that you are out of
    #3 I bet your kids sit and laugh their heads off at your stories but die of embrassement if you tell them to any of their friends......
    You are sooooooo funny and I love all your stories. Keep them coming. Just don't get hurt in the process...

  12. Oh, Suzanne, don't you know that rule #1 of travel is to avoid O'Hare like the plague! We never, ever fly through there unless it is the absolute only way to get somewhere! That said, we recently had out share of travel blues that didn't have anything to do with O'Hare! Flight out canceled 2 hours before take off. We were notified as we were backing out of our driveway (we live near the airport!). Had to switch to a flight the next day from a different city 90 miles away! Coming back we had a mechanical problem with the plane that made us two and half hours late getting back to our departure airport, which of course required a drive back home, arriving at 2:30 AM! Ugh! I love to go places but the travel is such a pain!
    Hope you got home OK! Can't wait to hear what this big travel adventure was all about. No doubt something exciting!
    Cute little girl and fabulous paper!

  13. LOL, Love the story. (SORRY), And so sorry I missed your class in London Ont. it would have been Awesome to meet you and see you in action with the copics,
    I don't know you find the energy.
    Have a safe flight home.


  14. Suzanne, First of all I love your blog. I do not believe I've left a comment before. If you are interested, Bose makes a great noise cancelling headset. My hubby and I both got one for a trip to Australia. Not only do they shout out all the crying babies, they shut out all the noise engine sounds too. All I can say is bring on the kids as I don't care - ha ha. They run about $250 but they are worth every penny to us. Someday I hope you make it out to western canada for a class, I will book the class, book the flight and me and my wonderful headset will come out and see you. If you are interested in looking at these, Best Buy has them. Back to crafting, card is wonderful as always. Thanks for being real with your blog.
    Cheryl from Victoria BC

  15. What a crazy trip you had. I would have been so ticked off. I hate going through Chicago too. Good thing you had a back up crew to help you out finding a new flight.

    I love your card. The colors are awesome.

  16. Hi Suzanne,
    Here is my tip of the day as a retired Public Speaker. I wore sneakers to the airport and carried my heals in my bag. And somewhere along the way someone from North American Bear Company must have seen me because about a year later they came out with a bear that had a navy blue pinstripe suit with a pink blouse wearing tennis shoes. It was my airport outfit exactly! LOL Hmm I wonder if I still have that bear. It was given to me as a gift when I was Union President. LOL
    Thanks for the laugh. I sooooo look forward to your daily antics:)

  17. As always you keep me entertained, Suzanne, both with your travel adventures and with your gorgeous paper creations! I would love to meet you someday and if we happen to cross paths in an airport I'll try to make sure I'm behind you!!

    Love your Girly Gilli 2 card...She is darling! Beautiful color combintaion too!

  18. First time here...Had to comment...this is too stinkin cute! I just love this image and your coloring is awesome!! Please tell me where you got the swirls...or flourishes...I just love this! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Sorry, I just saw the Bella Rose...Thank you again~

  20. Hi Suzanne!
    When I read your posts they are just my morning cup-a of smiles and joy. I write about your problems so nice , it's look like I am ready a funny book.
    Have a safe trip.

  21. i avoid o'hara like the plague. midway only and lately southwest only. i don't know what is worse crying baby or an obnoxious kid, kicking the back of your seat that the parent says he doesn't have to stop when i asked nicely for the kid to stop kicking. big guy next to me got the job done. told the kid he squish him like a buy. lmbo.
    ellen a (cdn)

  22. Glad you made your meetings. I would have had melt down for sure. I can not stand flying to start with and have not done so since 2001!

  23. OMG - Suzanne! I don't know how I would start my day without your blogs! You have to be the worlds greatest traveling funny. I pray daily for your safe returns...

  24. Love your cards, and your coloring. I have taken your online classes, and would love to take a live class. Maybe someday....
    On your travelings, you have to be my sister from another life, if we were traveling together, OMG, we would probably be having our hubbies bailing us out of jail. lol

  25. You are amazing! I was roaring while I was reading this. I feel badly that you had to go through all this. Every time you travel...This just confirms why I don't fly. My personality just isn't suited to it. I would have had a nervous breakdown in the airport and it would not have been pretty:)When is your book coming out;)? We would all love it read it.
    Hopefully you are home safe and sound. Rest up for your next adventure.

  26. I am really sorry, but I am laughing my butt off right now!!! I would love to be a little bug on your shoulder for just one day! lol

    My last flight was with United and it was such a freakin mess!!!!! I will NEVER fly with United Airlines again!!!! I was trying to get to Allentown, PA from Denver, Co and even thinking about it now makes me want to cry! lol

    Love how you can take any situation and turn it into a comedy! :)

  27. What an adventure! Glad you finally made it there. Love the card, so cute.

  28. wow what a traumatic trip!!!!
    Love your card x

  29. Your travels are always so interesting. I do not know what you would do if everything just went as it should. Love the new Gilli girls. Anary did a wonderful job creating these girls. Love how you colored Girly Gilli 2 she is so cute. Stunning job on here dress and hair.
    Hugz, Pat

  30. Absolutely perfect card. The colors choices are spot on and you did black hair to perfection. Thanks for joining us at SAS4Kids!


  31. I can't wait for your next story!! Just love them. From where I sit they are so humorous, but maybe not from where you sit. Really like your card. Love the colors.

  32. oh my goodness, what a tale. I do know what you mean and I HATE chicago airport and UNITED! I will do anything to avoid them. as I'm reading this i don't have a clue who i am reading about as i'm just locked into the name suzanne from clicking on the thumbnail over at MFP and i get about 3/4 the way through and i think, is this SUZANNE DEAN???? Ha ha, i don't know what made that come to my mind but anyway, I wish you peace in life and in the airports. We have traveled a TON and i DO know what you mean but i have never ever been on a flight with that many babies and kids ever ever ever. Sending you PEACE as I said! :D Thanks for entering the Embossing Challenge over at Speedy the Cat's friends and Mark's Finest Papers.

  33. Your card is awesome! Love the coloring and the image is darling! Thanks for joining us at Send a Smile 4 Kids and please come back again soon!

  34. Oh Goodness! I am exhausted just reading your post! =) But, your card is just adorable. I also love her dress - love those ripples! Thanks so much for joining us over at the Send A Smile 4 Kids challenge. Good luck and I hope you will come back and play again with us!
    Hugs, Sarah

  35. Great story suzanne I don't know how you do it thank you for joining us this week at cuddlybuddly with this fab card Hun she is adorable

  36. Your coloring and color choice is just AWEsome, love all the added details! Thanks for sharing your work with us @ Send A Smile 4 Kids :)

  37. Wow Suzanne, your card is absolutely stunning. Your coloring is so outstanding, and your use of color is fabulous!! Thank you for playing with us at Cuddly Buddly!!

  38. Suzanne--what an adorable card!!! And as always your coloring is fabulous!!! Thanks for playing along with us this week at Speedy the Cat's Friends challenge this week!

  39. such a pretty card Suzanne ... and I just love your travel stories!!!

  40. Wow, this is amazing. I just love the beautiful color. Cute image too. Such a sweet card. Thank you so much for playing along in Speedy the Cat's Challenge. It is a pleasure to come and visit and see your work. Hope you can play again with us next week.

    Bear Hugs,


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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