Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Fun!

Happy Saturday to ya!  It's a busy day for me so I'll keep most of my chitter-chatter to a minimum for ya, hee hee!  The ghost in my house has been back--last night I went to bed and woke up to hear a weird noise and the dogs growling, so I smacked my hubby real good (u have to understand that FIRST I'm a scaredy cat big time and SECOND he's a very DEEP sleeper), LOL!  So I made HIM go and investigate in all his grogginess and ALL of my craft room lights were on, all my cupboard doors were wide open and all my punches were on the floor out of their pockets!  Can you say CREEPY???  IT SCARED THE crappola outta me--I never did go back to sleep--I'm really not quite sure what's going on, but as skeptical as I am I'm just not sure, although hubby asked ME if I might have done it, err no I don't sleepwalk, you big silly-head!!  Even my very serious & practical hubby was a lil' thrown off by it all especially since everyone was asleep and the house was quiet.  And the cats will NOT go in my craft room at all now---they usually come and sleep in the chair or whine at me to feed them, but they're steering clear---WEIRDY I tell ya!  WEIRD!!


-I will announce when the classroom site for the Copic Classes is live.  It will hopefully be the middle of next month, but I will let you all know, you won't miss the announcement, I promise!!

New Products, New Projects!

So today I'm just sharing a few projects that I did for the Viva Decor Release yesterday for my friend Susana's Store.  If you haven't checked out these products yet, you really should--I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't LOVE them myself.  They are easy to use, fun to use and so many ways to use them it will BLOW your mind (and they're economical to boot)!!  You can see my videos below which show you how I did these projects and how to use them all:

-Glass Effects Gel and Glitter Liner Video HERE
-Pearl Pens Video HERE
-Paper Pens Video HERE

This is a vase that I decorated with Staz-On ink, stamps, glass effects gel, pearl pen in silver and glitter liner (find all of these products HERE).  I had recieved this vase w/ flowers, washed it real good and then decorated it!  It was soooooooooo easy to do and took me maybe 20 mins--lickety split.  Can you imagine all the fun things you can make for gifts and for yourself!  The glass effects gel dries semi-transparent and leaves a stained glass look--it's so darn pretty!

Up close you can see the dimension from the silver chrome pearl pen that I used and then the glitter liner (in holo irridescent) on the swirls that I had stamped.  I just love the way it turned out!

These are square glass votives that I picked up at Michaels for $1.50 each (how's that for cheap) and then I used a Viva Decor stencil to make the pattern on the votive and the Glass Gel Pens in blue and transparent.  I then went back after that had dried and used my Holo-Irridescent Glitter Liner to create some glitter pearls for accents!  This took me all of 5 minutes to do and they can be hand washed (NO DISHWASHER) or put outside on your patio table--COOL!  Can you imagine the gifts you'll make---I sure can!

Here it is lit with a battery tea light I had on hand--this set of votives has been claimed for my daughter's beach themed bedroom LOL!

This is a little notebook (from Target) that I stamped and then decorated with my Paper Pens and Pearl Pens (in lilac and silver chrome)!  There are so many possibilities with these products, I promise you will love them all!  And you can find them all HERE!

See ya back here tomorrow!


  1. Very nice tutorial and great project.

  2. Happy weekend Suzanne,you are very clever,I never knew how to keep the ink on glass.Thank you.Leave a note in your craft room and ask your ghost to make a nice card for you,after all, thats why it must have been there.Lol

  3. I have to say, after today's "ghost" stories, I'm really intrigued. That would have freaked me out!

    Great projects, too!

  4. Suzanne, wow you are now scaring me, I would be to afraid to go back into craft room. Love your projects. have a great weekend and hoping it's ghost free for ya. hugs Jodie from Oz

  5. OMG!!! You totally freaked me out! Dogs growling, cats won't go back in there.. ooooww. Are you sure YOU didn't try and get some projects done while you were sleeping? You are just so darn busy!! I can't believe you had all this inspiration left in you to decorate all this lovely glassware. It looks amazing! All I can think about is garlic and salt circles!!
    Take care and when you're stamping let your dogs IN!!

    Kylie ox

    It sounds like I'm trying to scare you but hey, who scared who first!!

  6. How creepy is that!!!! I would have a hard time going back in unless all the lights were on.
    On to your projects which are amazing!!! Will have to look for that little notebook next time I am in it!!!

  7. I just love the pens. All of them. I actualy wanted to know if I can get them at wholesale price to put into my mortar store.

  8. ooooh, thanks for the enabling Suzanne! I'm goig to have to check out these pens...hmmmmm. Gorgeous projects!

  9. Great videos ... I think these products are just awesome ... can't wait to try them! Good luck with your craft room. I really hope your ghost is friendly.

    Jo xx

  10. Wow Suzanne, I was freaked when I watched the products fall on the table during your video. But WOW, cats that won't go into the room, lights on. cubbards opened up with out you doing it....I think I would be on the phone to my priest ASAP....That is just too weird. I know we tell ourselves that there is a logical explanation...but, WOW! Sorry freaky. Love your projects and the videos on them. I am so getting some come payday. Have a super weekend. Lisa G

  11. Ok Suzanne, I have to officially list you as an "enabler," I saw your post on the pearl pens and other products last night and immediately went and ordered (shhhhhhhhh don't tell my hubby).

    Can't wait to try these products!

  12. wauw suzanne that realy sounds creepy!!! i hava house ghost to sometimes, and when i sai it enough! loud enough it stops, and leaves me for some time. did you loose a reletive or friend lately, maby theye are trying to say something to you without you even notising it!

    i'll keep you in my thoughts and hope it will all blow over soon


  13. OMG! Your post made the hair stand up on my arms! If that happened at my house, I would have left immediately! I don't do ghost!!!

  14. I would probably be at a motel by now! Ummm have you tried naming and talking to your ghost? Maybe getting on the good side of him would be a good thing. At least he is crafty! Maybe you could invite him to make cards with you.

  15. These projects are awesome!! I'm going to have to make another trip to Susana's store!
    I am loving your ghost stories!! I once lived in a haunted house- ok I am the only one that thought it was haunted but I KNOW it was. A few years after we sold it the new buyers were landscaping the front yard and found a completely intact headstone! My father said it somehow wound up as filler because my grandparent were the original owners of the house and it was built back in the forties and he knows it wasn't built anywhere near a cemetary but that is weird. I can't remember the year that was on the stone but it made the local paper. Creepy stuff, those little ghosts!

  16. I love your art - the projects are wonderful!

    I'm kind of freaked out by the ghost story, though. I totally believe that cats sense things we do not. I was with my Mom when she died, and her sweet kitty was there, curled up on her chest, keeping her warm. The moment my Mom left, so did kitty. In fact, we didn't realize she was actually gone - kitty knew first.


  17. Sounds like someone needs to sage their house! Love the projects btw!

  18. I believe there may be powers out there that we we know is there and no one wants to believe you! My husband would be the one that says I am nuts! Those pens are amazing and seems to be endless fun to work with. If I boo boo how is repair easy? I know I goof up from time to time. I see holiday votive gifts...

  19. So funny that you husband actually went out to see what was husband no way! He would make me go do that! Strange noise...hunny what was that you better go and check it out. I am like WHAT you are the man you go well you better come with me! WHAT! So off I go to find out what noises are. For years we would hear this clicking in our kitchen sink. For years we seemed to have a mysterious kitchen sink leak. Well I finally found the clicking dripping culprit...the retractable faucet hose had a tear in it but never bothered to show itself till one day we moved it the wrong way...the clicking we figured out was when the water leaked out enough it would ping around in a circle. So maybe there is something strange there and a cause for it!

    Denise Wells

  20. Well Suzanne, you can cancel the rest of your private lessons!! Nobody's going to be coming to your house :0 Just kidding! They must be very smart & creative ghosts...just coming to learn from the best!

  21. Girl...I don't know what to say!! I'm just going to pray that your ghost goes away!!

  22. Hi Suzanne...I'm not a fan of the dark and your ghost stories are making me keep as many lights on as hubby will not gripe about. Sorry you are having this "visitor" hope it doesn't stay. Love your new project. This one really does seem to be a good idea for gifts!!!!

  23. First I want to tell you that I LOVE your blog and U tube video's. Thanks to you I have spent a small fortune on Copic Markers. Haha. I even started a blog! It's a work in progress. I wanted to suggest you set up a camera to catch the ghost in action. I have to say it spooks me out! Please keep us informed!

  24. YIKES, Suzanne! I don't know about your other ghost stories... is this a 'frequent visitor' for your craft room? You should talk to Gina about that... she has some stories too! lol!


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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