Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Contemplation & Happy Pinks!!

Hello friends! Ever have one of those days where you just wanna closet yourself away from the world and take a break? Yeah, I'm having one of them--yesterday was a little emotionally draining for me & I was contemplating on what makes a really great friend. I can count on one hand my really, really close girlfriends that I trust ya know--isn't funny how as you get older you get more "choosy" about who you spend your precious time & life with?

I think that as women in general one of our downfalls is that we're too judgemental of other women and too quick to cash in with nastiness & snipes. I think if we were more supportive of each other the world would change ya know---now don't get me wrong cuz' I'm not speaking about every woman (so don't be offended), but you know men never critique another man's weight, shoes or hair or successes. They're more judgemental on the character & personality of a person & I think that's great to see a person as they are & not as they "seem" because we're caught up in jealousy, envy or perverse unhappiness with ourselves that we have to react badly to others--its never good & always hurtful. Anyhow, the "Freud" in me is done contemplating with it & I've decided to clear the "garbage" that surrounds me---life's too short to deal with negativity. I choose happiness & positivity always, I'm an optimist at heart & sometimes am too naive to people's outward gestures w/o seeing what's trully behind it and then hurt when it turns out opposite of what I think. Taking a step up in life & changing that! So enuff on that & back to happy stuff, hee hee.....

-Have you heard that Flower Soft is coming out with a sparkly Polar White--I'm super excited!
-Magnolia-licious also has a fabulous deal on the ENTIRE set of new Copic colors (all extra light colors), all 12 colors for $69 (savings of almost $10)--I ordered mine already & can't wait!
-Paper Trey Inks (PTI) new releases come out on the 15th---have you seen the sneakie peekies HERE! Awesome!

So I've got too happy projects to share with you today! The first uses this lovely new Magnolia stamp available at Magnolia-licious called "Tilda Picking Lilacs" from the Chasing Butterflies Collection. The lovely old-fashioned dp is by Melissa Frances. I cut her out with my Nestabilities Labels 4 & matted her on top of 2 more Labels 4 cut-outs. The border of the white cs & corners were done with my favorite MS Doily Lace border punch (buy here)--I will warn you though that her border punches do not punch thru thick cs like PTI's (bummer). The charm can be bought in a package right HERE and the flowers are white Petaloo Mulberry's that I sprayed with Shimmerz Spritz (in Bed of Roses)-then I added a small Prima rose to the center. Love to spray things with my spritz, hee hee--too much fun!
I had to add some flower soft (baby pink) to her flowers, stickles to her shoes/hairbands and then Shimmerz Spritz (baby's breath) to the entire card! Pink pearls(blush) finish the corners off! (Copics used were dress/G00, G02,G07; pinks R20/R21; hair Y21, YR20, YR23)

Second card is a fun kinda rock-n-roll, teeny-bopper card I made for my daughter's friend! I had won this stamp from my super talented friend Katie Cotton who is the owner of Paper Makeup Stamps--fabulously cute fairy stamps that you should check out! This one is my fave and it's named after "Katie" (she's a make-up artist to boot, the real live Katie that is, giggle). I colored her with Copics to match this fun dp from Dovecraft "Glamour Prints" and of course added baby's breath Shimmerz Spritz to the entire card--love me that shimmer! I added lots of black to make it more teen-cool & some fun black rhinestones too. Alexa's friend loved it, so I guess I did good! Make sure and check out the whole line of fairies & others at Paper Makeup Stamps, you're sure to find one or two (or four, hee hee) that touch your heart! (Thanks Katie!!)

That's all for me today--I'll see ya back here tomorrow!




  1. beautiful cards I love the little charm that you have used on the Magnolia card

  2. I am excited to here about the white flower soft. I love your Tilda card she looks so sweet and the design paper is gorgeous and so are those flowers. Great card! The second card will be great for a teen girl super job as always.

  3. you must have had a bad day! You know, as humans, we always want to think the best of people, even though there's something tugging at us inside that says.... be cautious! But, women are unique! I always describe us as jealous, insecure creatures and if one understands this, we can not only deal with other women better, but ourselves better. I thought your words were so accurate and so well put.

  4. Hi Suzanne. I support you decision to clear you life of negativity. My only hope for you is that you come to peace with your decision, because it can be very hard to follow through. I can truly say "been there done that" and I wish you the best of luck with you newfound happiness... 8)
    You make lovely cards and I am so happy to be a steady reader of your blog. Thank you for inspiraring me. Hugs from Denmark

  5. Suzanne, thanks for your thoughts that you wrote in your first paragraph. Good luck as you maybe make a few changes in your life. I can tell by your posts that you are a very upbeat and optimistic person.

    Now, your cards are darling. All the details are amazing, especially on the first one.

  6. Hmmmmm! Sounds like yesterday was really bad for you! I hope things get better. It is always very disppointing when people show their true colors and it turns out to be the very opposite of what we thought. However, the colors on your cards are quite another thing! ALWAYS lovely and they show your true spirit, kind, optimistic and generous. Anyone who puts so much into their work must be a generous soul!

  7. Thanks for sharing your artwork! I always seem to like everything you do! Kudos for staying postive! I always strive to be cheerful and let not others bring you down! its hard sometimes but less stress to worry about the small stuff! Enjoy Life! Thanks again for sharing your creative work!

  8. Hi Suzanne
    Oh I love the Tilda!! You used flower soft, my favorite:-) really nicely done!
    I like the other card too but the Tild is my favorite! Cute charm and I especially love the added border punch!
    And with your blog before the cards, You are so right about the positives in your life! I was truely blessed for 17 years of having 2 very best friends that I unfortuatley lost within 2 years of each other to lung cancer:-( I know there must be some purpose that they were both taken from me, but it has been a rough two years finding that reason, that is part of why I started my blog:-) there is no way they will be replaced in my heart and some days are so hard not to be able to pick the phone up to dump my problems on them for them to help me through.
    So out with the negative in life I say!! and surround yourself with positive and cup half full friends instead of cup half empty!!
    Have a wonderful day:-)

  9. Oh Suzanne, you know that I love the Tilda card as it is on its way to me. :-) I also love Katie's stamps. I take classes from her here in Greenville, SC. She is such a sweet person as are you. I completely agree with you about all the negativity that some people have and the need to take yourself out of it. I have to do the same thing. Six and 1/2 years ago, I was diagnosed with some really serious health issues. I am better now, but recently have another come up, so I truly don't want to live in negative vibes and try to stay away from them. God bless you in your decision and may He give you peace to follow through. Many Hugs, Pat

  10. Your card is beautiful, love EVERYTHING about it. All your cards are absolutely beautiful, hope your day is great today.


  11. Suzanne - My DH is my best friend and we have three daughters and they are my next best friends. I've had so many bad experiences w/girlfriends over the years and their hidden agendas that I just don't even go there anymore! If I have to travel w/a friend, I get my own hotel room, etc. I am friends w/a lot of wonderful gals, some are more kindred spirits and we know the boundaries and respect them between us and the others, I just don't get close to.
    I travel the best w/my DH for sure! Crazy!

    Your Tilda is lovely - love all your care w/the details! I'm still buying copics and haven't started collecting the flower soft.
    If I ever see it IRL, I bet I'll be buying it too! lol
    Pam Going Postal

  12. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like to think of myself as an optimist at heart myself and look at the bright side of things. Whatever you decide to do to make your life happier, I'd say go for it!
    Gorgeous cards, both of them. But of course since I'm a Tilda addict, luv that one. Wonderful effect with those flower softs.

    Hope you're having a better day.
    Big hug.
    Norma xx

  13. Can't wait for the flower soft. I only have two colors right now. Both your cards are absolutely darling. Love what you did the that MS border punch. So pretty.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about friendships. My very best friend is my daughter! We can share everything about our lives and know that it stays within each other's hearts. I consider myself rich because of our friendship.

  14. Great cards, both of them! And the flowers are wonderful!
    Hugs Jacqueline

  15. my hubbie sez you are BAD! I juat came back from Many Horses. Oh, bad, bad, bad! Tee hee, hee.
    Sharon L

  16. Sue, your cards are beautiful, both of them!!

  17. Hi Suzanne! I LOVE your Tilda card! The added FS is so perfect for this image! Glad you're back, we've missed you. And, I totally understand how sometimes people truly amaze a person and not in a good way. It is best to let these things go, although sooooo hard. (hey, i'll beat them up for you if you'd like!) lol

    Great card! Big hug, Mary

  18. Stunning work as always! It's always inspiring to drop in here!

  19. OMG I LOVE them (both cards!) but that paper you used on the katie card is PERFECT and I need me some. :) I'm a total teenager at heart and am just recently coming to terms with the fact that i've been an "adult" for a decade now! And i need to move on. haha. but i cant help it! :) Much love again! :)

  20. Aw man, I am sorry that you are having a rough time with a 'friend' right now. Sometimes it is hard to let people go even when we know they are not good for us. Sometimes its not so hard!! LOL! Hopefully the trash man will take away your "garbage" soon! ;)
    Anyhooooo--your cards are awesome, as ALWAYS!

  21. hiya dah-ling! i agree we women can be the pits! i have always been *one of the guys* which is just easier. tho i do think you, me and cat made a good gang at CHA!

    the cards are fab - really love the tilda one....if i ever had more than three minutes of peace a day i would love to do more with my cards the way you do with yours! big hugs GF - lemme know if you need to vent!! i've got a goody bag for ya too! *giggle*

  22. With your attitude I've no doubt that you will be fine and that you treasure your friends.
    this is a darling card you've made. Love the flower soft and I'm super excited about the polar white too! Just in time for Christmas card making!

  23. Your cards are BEAUTIFUL!!! I have to agree with you on the Shimmerz Spritz - I LOVE that stuff. Your work is always awesome!! Hugs, T

  24. your wonderful projects. Always beautiful and a great source of inspiration. HUGS!!!

  25. Fab projects! Have a fab weekend! Hugs,moni

  26. Suzanne,
    Sadly, dear friends are usually few but very precious. My motto is to stay positive and happy and not to let anyone steal that away from me! I'm sorry you've had such a bummed week.
    I love your new cards! You are one immensely talented lady and I think you are greatly blessed.
    I know you will survive the teenage years (I did!). I always hurt with each life lesson mine had to learn but was always thankful that they did not have to learn from harder lessons.
    Keep being such a great inspiration! I love your blog and the great ideas you share.


  27. Amazing creations as always and so inspiring. You go girl! Good decision on your part and you stay strong! So hard to accept disappointing behaviour from people we thought to be friends, but as long as you can look yourself in the mirror and like who's reflected back, you're doing great. Hugs, Maria


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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