Friday, January 30, 2009

Back to Workie!!

Happy Friday everyone! Did ya miss me at all, lol? I'm home safe & sound thankfully and so, so glad to have went out to CHA (Craft & Hobby Association). If you get a chance to go (next one is this July in Florida) you really should go--so many great things to see, people to meet and lots of great make & takes! I enjoyed each and every minute I was there and am already planning to go this summer too :o) I will share pics with you over the next week (don't wanna overwhelm ya with them, hee hee)!

Of course I get home and both of my kids are sick (really bad) with the flu and I'm so exhausted between the time changes and all the walking I did---now I think I'm getting sickie-poo too! And we have snow & ice on the ground---a big change from the 70 degree weather in California, lol!

Me, Marti & Catherine (my CHA roomies) at Joe's Crab Shack the first nite in California! Don't we look cute in our awesome bibs? Bwahhhhahhah! We called ourselves the 3 goofy musketeers--I haven't laughed so much in years! I miss 'em already!!!

Okay, long story short (well kinda, hee hee)! I always have a celebratory drink after flying to celebrate my making it there safe (not a big drinker by the way so don't worry). Catherine & I decided to have these humongous pomegranate margarita's with Pop-Rocks. Well the waiter did not inform us that the Pop-Rocks would literally explode into the air & all over us---I laughed so hard--oh my gosh too funny. Walking back to the hotel that nite we found them in our hair, stuck to our bottoms & everywhere else!

This is me, Marti & Amy Sheffer at the SCS Cupcake Reception! All 3 of us live here in Loudoun County, VA---and believe it or not, but I had to fly to California to actually meet Amy cuz' we're both always super busy, lol!

Above are some of the new paper packs from DCWV (which you know I adore)---the kitchen & whimsy packs are my favorite! There is also 2 called Taj Mahal & Tahiti which were also very pretty. These 4 will definitely be on my very, very LONG "want list"!

Okay, anyone that knows me well knows how much I LOVE zebra print anything. Notice my zebra shoes above, lol---I got this cute lil' zebra & zebra print necklace from a very nice sales guy at MIMI(great totes & bags) who adored my shoes, LOL! And with my new zebra IPhone cover I was set---hee hee! That's my lovely crown all my friends made me wear (for some reason they called me queen the entire time, hee hee)!

Some flashy, cool paper from Rusty Pickle!

I wish I had gotten a picture of these stacked for you but they are AWESOME. They are new FLAT punches from EK Success--they have a button on the back that releases them into a punch and they punch as easy as a stapler! They stack in these cool storage bins on top of each other so they take up no room---FABULOUS!! They have tons of punches & border punches--so keep an eye out for these babies!

Me & Marianne (Copic Guru lady) at the Copic booth. Super talented & super nice lady! She convinced me I need a compressor and airbrush tool (ok, she didn't have to twist my arm very hard hee hee)!

This is me & Kimberly Crawford--she's fabulously talented & super nice and also one of my H&M Design Team sistahs!

Okay, the first 2 days in California were cool & rainy (blech) but on Sunday I woke up to this view out my hotel window and SURPRISE there were mountains (Santa Anna Mts) that I hadn't noticed cuz' of the dreary weather! Cool!

I will be back tomorrow with more pictures for ya! Please make sure and check out my DT sistah's for SUINK--they have lots of sneak peeks for ya and the new stamps will be available on Feb.1st! Today is Kristen & Amber's turn (check out the SUINK blog for all the projects you might have missed this week)!!



  1. Ohhh I'm sooo jealous, sounds like you had a fantastic time. I was drooling over the gorgeous DCWV stacks, very yummy indeed.
    Michele x

  2. Wow Suzanne TFS your experiences with us,it looks like you had a fab time, you lucky,lucky girl lol.Look forward to seeing some more pictures.
    Hope you don't catch the flu.
    Hugs Sonia xx

  3. Susanne
    All the pictures are great! I can't wait to get my hand on some of the new items:-)
    I am thinking of being in Florida for the summer CHA it looks like you all had a wonderful time:-)
    Hope the kids are felling better soon for you and that you don't get too sick yourself
    Michele Spera

  4. hi suzanne, sounds like you had a scream! :D LOVE the view from your room, can't wait to see more pics too, take care :D xxxx

  5. I want the paper! Looks like so much fun. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip. Hope you're feeling better and can't wait to see more!

  6. Oh my goodness Suzanne, it looks like you had a blast hunny. Look at all those gorgeous goodies, those DCWV papers look gorgeous can't wait to get my hands on some of those for sure!! and those rusty pickle papers - fabbulous! good to see you back home safely though. Hugs LInda x

  7. Loved seeing your fun picks Suzanne!! Looks like you had a fantastic time! Sorry about the sick family though. Hope everyone heals up real quick!!

    It was such a honor meeting you!! You are just as sweet in person as you *sound* on your blog! Loved your zebra picture the best. The crown is awesome!!!

    I'm so glad you got to enjoy your trip in California!!


  8. Oh I have loved reading all about CHA and I am so envious it will be ages before we get all these gorgeous papers and craft things here in the UK. I love DCWV and those papers look good enough to eat!!! Sue :o)

  9. I wanted to go soooooo bad, but did not work out. Thanks for sharing your pictures and experiences.

  10. I can spend hours in one little craft store...I can't even imagine CHA! I would be dreaming all night! It looks like you had so much fun...and that pop rock drink...too funny! I can't wait for the DCWV papers! Thanks for tuning us all in!

  11. This looks like the best time!! I can't wait to see all these fabulous products in stores! Sorry to hear your kids are sick. But I am glad you made it home okay!


  12. Fantastic pictures!! I am a stack addict as well, I can't wait to see these in person!

  13. Great sneak peeks. Glad that you had such fun on your trip. I will pray that everyone gets well quickly.


I appreciate all your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by! hugz,Suzanne

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